Applications :: Website / Blog Backup?

Mar 31, 2010

looking for an app or online service that backs up a website or a blog.

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Safari :: Cannot Open The Blog On The Website In It

Mar 15, 2012

Safari (version 5.4.1 and earlier) cannot open the blog on the website[URL].  The webmaster tells me he uses Wordpress for that blog. Is this a known Safari problem (Firefox and Opera open the blog) and if so is there a solution to correct this ?  I use an iMac running on Lion.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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Hardware :: Stream Webcam 24 / 7 To Website / Blog?

Feb 11, 2009

I want to setup my webcam (Logitech Orbit) which is connected to a mac mini and stream the live video (and audio if possible) to my website, using a constant, always on feed.

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MobileMe :: Save Blog Entries From Website?

Jun 9, 2012

How do I save my blog entries from my mobileme website after June 30th?  That's all I'm care about saving and/or accessing after June 30th.

iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Software :: Website With Blog To Add Comments With Photos / Videos

Oct 29, 2009

I want to create a website with a blog that has the ability to add comments and easily insert photos or video. I've been debating back and forth about using iWeb '09, Rapidweaver or Wordpress. Wordpress seems the most customizable but I'm somewhat intimidated how complicated it is to simply insert a video. Especially with iWeb's new features like custom domain name, simple insertion of pics and videos, plus Google Maps widget I'm seriously settling with iWeb, with the hopes that I don't outgrow it. I'm fairly computer savvy but know nothing about HTML hence my concern about user friendliness and convenience.

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Applications :: Good App To Backup A Website?

Mar 16, 2009

I have 3 websites that I wish to backup... most are just a few hundred MB - but have MySQL - and have been hunting around... Looking at SpiderOak and Mozy - but would like something a little less pricey or "free" if possible? Also, I'm a mac n00b - so - a decent GUI would be nice...

My host went belly up over xmas - and lost allot of data... hence the search... can't count on anyone these days

PS: Carbon and SuperDuper are cloners - not backup apps (subtle differences).... and I need something more NAS traditional - to get "changed" files and such....

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Applications :: Blog Writing Software For Mac?

May 16, 2008

What is the best blog writing software for the Mac (besides TextEdit ). I am looking for something to the equivalent of Windows Live Writer on the Windows side.

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Applications :: My Blog Is Not Publishing/unable To Do Pop Up?

Jun 30, 2010

It has been almost a week and I am still not able to publish. I have tried everything. I have deleted the files that iweb help said I should. I go and "publish all" but just before the Archives finish loading ... up pops the error that it can't publish & I should try again.

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Applications :: Uploading Images To Blog - Getting Error 500

Jan 20, 2009

I'm having an issue when I come to upload images to my wordpress blog using an application called blogo (mac program), I'm getting the following error message:

An unknown error occurred
When uploading Picture_031.jpg.
Please check your server's configuration or contact the site's administrator for more assistance.
Error 500

I've tried turning off mod-write security in the .htaccess and have chmoded all the upload folders to 777. The wordpress install is brand new and there are no plugins installed at all. It is the latest version of wordpress 2.7. Its weird because I can see that the images are infact being uploaded to the folder but something doesn't seem to be working.

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Applications :: No One Can Comment Anymore On IWeb Blog?

Jan 22, 2009

I have had a website running off of iWeb 08' for some time now with two blogs. Both I have enabled so people can leave comments. But All the sudden I am having problems and people get an error when they try to post a comment. This is what they get :We're sorry. We are having a problem processing your request.

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Applications :: How Can I Add A Photo Or Video To An IWeb Blog ?

Jan 31, 2009

I know this is probably really simple, but I cannot figure out how to add media to my blog posts.Say I drag in a photo or something, it doesn't actually show up on the actual post.And I don't know how to add an html snippet (such as a Youtube video) to my blog post?

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Applications :: Searching For An App That Would Et Me Open WordPress Blog On Mac?

May 3, 2010

I've been searching for an app that would let me open my WordPress blog on my mac, is their such an app? On the wordPress site their is a software download called WordPress 2.9.2. Who here uses this? What are my option?

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Applications :: Can Change The Order Of My Iweb Blog Entries

Sep 23, 2009

I posted 2 items to my blog--the first one is in February 2010 and the next in august 2010. it has the august one first. I can't seem to get the feb one in front.

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Applications :: Safari Malware Warning - Xtorrent Blog

Aug 16, 2010

Both Google results and Safari warn that contains malicious software. Does the warning dialog appear for you too?

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostics reveals this: which leads me to believe that third-party advertisers may be responsible for this. The developer David Watanabe is very well respected which is why this warning came as surprise.

Curiosity got the better of me and I browsed at my own risk, now I am extremely paranoid. Here's hoping it's one of those 'Windows things'.

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Intel Mac :: Going To A Website That Automatically Reverts To A Different Website?

Apr 16, 2012

I am going to a website that then automatically proceeds to an unknown website, how do I prevent this?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Cant I Backup Multiple Days Without Using The Same Size Of Backup?

Feb 1, 2009

i am having a minor problem with TM

i use 1 external tb to back up everything

i back up about 725 gb if stuff and when i go to run my TM it tells me i only have 150 or so GB of space to back up the aforementioned 725gb.

Maybe i misunderstood TM, but cant i back up multiple days without using the same size of backup? i.e. i back up january 1st, december 1st and november 1st and it wont need 2.175 TB of space?

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OS X :: Mail Opened When Visiting NY Times Blog

Sep 18, 2009

This happened this morning. I did not open the mail application. I was checking email via web mail in the Camino browser, clicked on a link to a NY Times blog, it went to the blog and I got a notification sound. Mail had opened. But I use Thunderbird as my default, and Camino is set up for that. I quit Mail, got out of that window, dumped the cache in Camino, quit Camino and ran ClamXav. No viruses or malware were detected.

I'm concerned about having an app open up on its own. I don't have any calendars synced to Mail. Does anyone have any ideas about why this would have happened, or what else I should do to ensure that everything is ok? I apologize if someone has addressed this, or if it is in the wrong place. I did a search and couldn't come up with anything.

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OS X Server :: Blog Software With Simple Setup?

Oct 16, 2006

I've installed apache 2 on my system so I am not running the default apache server. I'd like to get some type of blog ability. I could not figure out how to tie in to the existing blog software that came with Mac OS X server. So, I'm curious if anyone knows how to do that. And if not, does anyone have any suggestions of a blog software package that is simple to set up.

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OS X Server :: 10.4 Tutorial - Blog To Document Process

Dec 14, 2007

I recently set up OS X Server 10.4 (Tiger) on an old G4 for my home office use and so far it's been running beautifully. As I was learning how to get it up and running, I created a blog to document the process. If you're starting off on a similar endeavor, it might be helpful. If anything, it'll give you an idea of what setting up OS X Server entails. The link to the OS X Server 10.4 tutorial: [URL]. I also put together a tutorial on setting up the AMP package (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) on OS X client and server: [URL]

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OS X Mavericks :: Convert Blog To Paper Magazine

Jun 28, 2014

I have a macbook pro retina. I have adobe lightroom, powerpoint. I DON'T want to download some new application that'll take me years to figure out. or charge me. I have a blog and I want to make it into a magazine. I tried to minimize the screen to take a screenshot and load it manually, page by page, but I can't get the page to zoom out far enough. I don't feel like what I want to do is that unorthodox, yet there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this. The blog is at Ideally, I'd like each article to be one page and the front page to be the cover.

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Applications :: Possible To Open Website Without Using IE?

Mar 16, 2006

As you know IE is gone. Is there anything I can do to open this site with out using IE. I tried Safari, Mozilla...
Also when I had IE for OSX it didn't work the way it should. What other choices do I have besides using a PC?

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Applications :: Possible To Run More Than One Website With IWeb 09?

Jan 27, 2009

Is it possible to run 2 websites or more now with iWeb 09? I could not figure it out in 08 but I thought I read that you can in 09. This is using one MobileMe account btw.

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Applications :: Website Builder For Mac OS X

Apr 19, 2010

I would like to know what applications you guys use to build websites. There are tons out there and I would like to hear which one's you guys like and use. I am gonna start building a website for a friend of mine, shes a Realtor so the site would be about that. The application would be for Mac OS X.

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OS X Server :: Enabling Web Objects Including Wiki And Blog?

Nov 30, 2008

I enabled the web and web objects including wiki and blog in server admin. I set the domain undr dns and enabled dns but when I try to enable it on the group level I run into issues. From the server and my mac book pro work group manager does not see the site. From my IMac I can enable it but when I hit save and refresh the changes are gone. I am running server 10.5.

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Where Can Find A Users Blog Webpage On The Server

Mar 12, 2012

I know I can access the blog from the internet [URL]. I have a link on our web site set up for surfers to access this blog. I want to add a last updated line but the code [updated: <!--#flastmod virtual="" -->] obviously won't work because I need the actual web page name. Just what is this name? Where can I find it?

XServer and more, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Trying to move to 10.6

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MacBook Pro :: Put Text Into A Movable Type Blog Document?

May 1, 2012

I'm trying to put text into a Movable Type blog document and when I insert the html code, it throws in a bunch of rogue characters (into the code).  Any tips on how I can do this? Perhaps insert code before I past into Movable Type??? I'm a real novice at html--just trying to follow instructions I've been given to get a document onto a blog.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Intel Mac :: Airport Slow To Recognize Blog Updates?

May 17, 2012

I manage a lot of WordPress sites, and during the rare occasion I move a site from one server to another, requiring a change of DNS numbers, I find that my MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad will see the change in a browser almost instantly yet my iMac may not see the change until as much as 24 hours later. I have cleared browser caches with no joy. Everything is running from the same WiFi router. So, what's the issue with the iMac. Is there a cache in the iMac airport that needs to be cleared? 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 21.5-inch

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Applications :: How To Save A Website To My Top Sites

Sep 8, 2010

I thought all I had to do was drag the URL to whichever blank Top Site I wanted it to be on.

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Applications :: Band's Entire Website Gone

Nov 16, 2008

Just a few minutes ago, I pulled up iWeb to work on my band's website, only to find that it's nearly all gone. Only one page of the site remains, and everything else just shows a blank screen. When I try and publish it to a folder, it gives me "Publishing error, an unknown error occured." I simply can't have this happen. This website has taken me over a year to create, and now it's trashed. Where does iWeb store the website? Is there some way I can get it back? I've tried everything, but have had no luck.

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Applications :: Looking For Website Building Software?

Jan 11, 2009

I'm trying to find a free or trial version of software.

Something where I can work in html or switch to a website view to fine tune things without learning all kinds of code.

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