Applications :: Sync ICal With 2 Google Calendars / Using Ical Calibration Tool?

May 7, 2009

I just used the ical calibration tool to sync ical up with my google calendar and it works like a charm. I love how i can just click on dates in Mail and add them to my iCal which then pushes i to google calendar for my wife to see...that way i can sneak tennis or a round of golf in and she can't say she didn't know

At any rate-i would like to know if there's a way to pull her cal stuff to my ical. I can see all of her stuff on my google calendar, but i dont have the "right" to add her account to ical. I assume i could just have her enter in her login info - but i would like to know if that's the best way.

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Applications :: Sync My Existing Calendars On ICal With Google Cal?

May 21, 2009

I know that you can add Google Calendar to your iCal this way. Is there a better way? I just don't like how it is a separate calendar instead of syncing with the calendars I already have in iCal, I guess I'm looking for something that will sync my existing calendars on iCal with Google Cal similar to what Mobile Me does. Any suggestions or should I just try tailoring the above method to what I want it to do?

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OS X :: Sync Established Calendars In Ical With Your Google Calendar?

Mar 7, 2010

How can you sync established calendars in ical with your google calendar. I have followed this process (URL) and it only brought my empty google calendar into my ical. How can i merge these calendars?

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Applications :: Unable To Sync Events In Ical / Not Syncing From Ical To Google

Mar 29, 2010

Trying to get them to talk to each other - I've input the Google account into iCal preferences, and it shows up fine. But I seem only able to sync one way - if I add an appointment in Google Calendar - then sync - it shows up fine in iCal. But if I add an event in iCal and then sync - it doesn't show up on the Google Calandar.

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Applications :: Sharing ICal Calendars Via Google Calender / Mobileme Not Available

Sep 5, 2010

I want to share a calendar or two with another person but the person does not have Mobile Me so are there other ways to share my calendar? Note, the person does use google calendar, is there a way via google?

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Applications :: Unable To Sync ICal / Syncing Subscribed Calendars With IPhone

Feb 19, 2009

I use iCal together with MobileMe and I have noticed that none of my subscribed calendars sync with MobileMe/iPhone. I installed Delicious Library a couple of weeks ago (which places a subscribed calendar in iCal) and that syncs but not my others, such as "Birthdays" (through AddressBook) or my RememberTheMilk ones

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Applications :: How To Sync ICal With Google Calendar

May 25, 2009

I set up the syncing through CalDav but in iCal it creates a new calendar (which is the Google Calendar). Would I have to delete my original calendar called "Home" and just make the Google Calendar (in iCal) my main calendar? Does it do a good job of syncing both ways? Also, if I do this, does it also sync through MobileMe?

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Applications :: Using ICal Sync With Google Calendar?

Feb 26, 2010

I've followed the tutorials online to sync my Google Calendar with my iCal.The problem however, is that, after doing so, only the calendars that are in Google Calendar are synced.What I mean is that lets say I create a calendar called Birthday in iCal. This would not appear in my Google Calendar! To fix this, I actually have to create the calendar in Google, then sync it!

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Why Doesn't Ical Add All Of Google Calendars On Same Page

Apr 20, 2012

why doesnt ical add all of my google calendars on the same in gmail, i have different calendars that all show up together on the same page..i see that they are there in ical when i click window. but the are not all see together on one page.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Applications :: Sync My ICal With Google Calendar Without Paying?

Jan 8, 2009

But don't want to pay for it...What's the easiest way and cheapest way.

I don't really want to spend money on something that should be standard.

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Applications :: Sync ICal With Google Calendar / Procedure For Syncing?

Oct 22, 2010

After hours of research, I'm finally making a thread about this. It's very simpleI know you can sync Google Calendars(GC) with iCal, so anything you change on your GC will sync to iCal, but I need a way to do the opposite. iCal››Google Calendar.

I know there is a $60 service that does this, but there must be a free way! I've had no luck searching Google for answers... Why I want to sync with GC is because I want my family to be able to see my calendars, but I don't like using GC, I much rather enjoy using iCal. Much nicer user interface; unlike Google which is very bland. (As is Google's way) Anyone able to help me out?

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OS X :: MobileMe Sync - Calendars Being Duplicated In ICal

Jun 3, 2010

For a long time I've successfully (and happily most of the time) synced iCal, Address Book, bookmarks, etc. with MobileMe. So my desktop (Mini), laptop (Macbook Pro), iPhone, and iPad stay together. But yesterday syncing went nuts. I was alerted that more than 25% of my calendar items were changing and 1,600 items would be added. I canceled that sync. Then it said 3,800 items would be added, then 11,000, then 85,000! And whole calendars were being duplicated in iCal. (I think most problems occurred in iCal but Address Book seems to have had a few problems too.) Mostly I was able to stop syncing before too much damage was done. But as soon as I turn syncing back on, it goes nuts again. I've deleted as many .plists as I think safe.

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Applications :: Using Google's To Sync IPhones/iCal/gCal For Multiple Users?

Jun 3, 2009

I am trying to set something up for my wife and myself in which she has full read-write access to my iPhone/iCal calendar and I have the same for her calendars...

I know that at one point in the past I came across a tutorial that showed how this could be done using Google's free Calaboration application, but strangely I've not been able to find this tutorial since, nor can I find any tutorials that go over all of the steps to accomplish this task.

I've used SpanningSync and BusySync in the past, but had issues with each of them, and I would really appreciate any suggestions that anyone has that DO NOT involve the use of either of these paid third-party sync apps...

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OS X :: Sync Multiple Calendars Between ICal And Gcal / Works Only Between Primary Calendar

Sep 3, 2009

I was thrilled to discover the (advertised) easy integration in Snow Leopard between iCal and Google Calendar. Additionally, I use Mobile Me to keep everything sync'd between my computers and my iPod touch. But, upon tinkering between iCal and Google Calendar, it seems there is no simple way to integrate multiple iCal calendars with multiple calendars in a single Google Calendar account, in way that allows it to all still sync with Mobile Me. It seems that the sync only works between the "Primary Calendar" of the Google Calendar (the first calendar created in the account) and iCal -- there's no way to also.

The closest I can seem to get is to have my primary account with google calendar sync'd (say, with my personal calendar), and then have "Delegate" calendars linked up with my work, class, etc calendars. But, none of these calendars "delegate" or "primary" seem to want to sync with Mobile Me. I'm hoping the MacRumors Army might have some ideas... Is spanning sync the only solution?

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OS X :: Unable To Upload Ical Backup File / Not Exporting ICal To Google Calendar

Jul 22, 2009

Everytime I upload that ical backup file... nothing happens in google calendar. It does nothing in Firefox... and safari I just get 0 was transferred. I just want to bring over my calendar to google. Does anyone know what is going on? Anything I am missing?

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ICloud :: Sync Ical With Google Calendar?

Jun 17, 2012

I am trying to sync my ical with my google calendar. It doesn't work.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Sync ICal With Google Calendar Without 3rd Party Software?

Jul 28, 2008

URL You can know sync iCal (Leopard) with Google Calendar without 3rd party software.Updated NotesiPhone/iPod Touch 2.0 currently does not support CalDAV.If you're having trouble authenticating your password, quick iCal and relaunch.

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MacBook :: ICal Is Frozen On "upgrading ICal Calendars"?

Mar 12, 2012

My iCal is frozen on "upgrading iCal calendars".  I can't quit out of iCal or restart my computer because of this.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X :: Unable To Update Ical Into Google Calendar / Exports From Google Calendar Into Ical

May 12, 2009

I've downloaded CalDav. It will export from Google Calendar into Ical, but not the other way.Any tips on how to get information onto Google Calendar from Ical?

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OS X :: Unable To Sync ICal With My Google Calendar / Send Publish Email Is Grayed Out

May 19, 2010

am having trouble trying to get my iCal to sync with my Google calendar. I want it so when i make changes to either ical or google calendar it automatically updates the other one. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

i had looked at the option to publish my iCal calendar but when i click on calendar in iCal to choose "send publish email" it is greyed out.

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Applications :: Share Ical Calendars Without Mobileme Account?

Jan 19, 2009

What are my options for sharing my calendars with friends? Do I need a mobileme account? We have one computer with two e-mail addresses and two iphones. Do we need the family plan?

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Applications :: Unable To Delete ICal Events / Calendars Reappear After 5 Seconds

Sep 26, 2009

I've tried to delete events and calendars and they just reappear 5 seconds later. This is so strange it's driving me crazy. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? TIA

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ICloud :: Can't Add Reminder In ICal For Other Calendars

Mar 14, 2012

On my Mac and in iCloud, I can only add Reminders to two Calendar types, Home and Sarah. I'd like to add other reminders for calendars labeled Work, for example. However, I can only choose to reclassify Reminders in the other Calendar types that have Reminders- so only Home and Sarah. Do I have to do something in iCloud for me to gain this ability? 

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Intel Mac :: Ical Not Loading Calendars?

May 23, 2012

I run 3 Macs (and an iPad and an iPhone). The Macs are 2 new (within last year) desktop iMacs and I have a Macbook Air.  I synchronize calendars, contacts etc through iCloud and one calendar from my Exchange Server at work.  All has worked great for months.  Suddenly my desktop iMac at work won't load ANY calendars. Zero. Most of the options in the menus are shaded out too.  The other two computers (and the two mobile devices) are all loading, synchronized and working fine.  

To resolve this I have tried the following on the offending iMac:

-exit ICal, remove "" and restarted
-reloading the iCloud account from scratch on the offending computer
-run the Disk utility (no issues)  

Still nothing.  

I have not loaded any updates or software between when it was working fine last week and when it decided to stop loading calendars sometime over the weekend.  

Do I have to wipe the entire disk clean and reload everything?  

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Applications :: Use ICal Or Google Calendar For Syncing Calender Entries?

Feb 12, 2010

Deciding on whether or not to use iCal or my Google Calendar. I like the look and feel of the ical overall, but it seems nice that the google calendar will sync over the air with my phone.

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OS X :: Deleting ICal Notebook Calibration Reminders

Jul 8, 2009

how to get rid of notebook calibration reminders? I am talking about the ones that Apple has on their page [URL]

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Applications :: Adding Alerts To Subscribed Calendars In ICal / Customizing Calender Alerts

Oct 4, 2009

Okay, I've subscribed to a couple of calendars in iCal, including birthdays from Address Book, but I'm completely stumped. If I want to receive an alert when one of these items is coming up, then what do I do?

I don't want to rely on alerts being added at to the subscription itself, I want to be able to customise on my end when I get an alert for an entry, and when or what that alert will be. Is this possible? I don't see any options for it. If not, anyone know of any good alternative calendar applications that are like iCal?

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Applications :: Ical Sync With 2 Computers

Mar 24, 2009

I am a photographer and am always booking photo shoots. Although my manager has no idea what I'M going to be booking, and what days I'm available. Is there a way to sync my iCal or ANY CALENDAR on my mac (or online) so we both can access what is available and look at the days on two separate computers?

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Applications :: Unable To View Calenders In Week View / ICal Calendars Disappearing From Menu

Feb 13, 2006

Earlier tonight I opened iCal, only to find that none of my calendars were there. it was completely empty. However, when I changed the view from "Week" to "Month" all of my events were listed (in the proper color) on the appropriate day, but I still had no list of calendars on the left. Subsequent changes between "Day" "Week" and "Month" view continued to display the events properly, but nothing showed up in the calendar menu on the left.

I repaired permissions same thing happened.I trashed pref (forgot the exact filename)�same behavior. I use .mac to sync between computers, and I use Missing Sync to sync to a Palm T|X.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: ICal 3.0.8, Wiki Calendars And SSL Are Not Compatible?

Mar 20, 2012

SSL enabled for CalDav and Web -> iCal 3 does not connect?SSL for Web only: iCal can connect but Wiki calendars are not accesible (calendar permission is greyed out)?SSL disabled: everything is working?we run Lion Server 10.7.3 and a number of Lion clients and also a few Leopard clients.I thought that it should be possible to allow iCal 3 to connect without using SSL but I found no way doing this.It looks like the server enforces the use of SSL connections only and that iCal 3 does not support SSL. 

Mac mini (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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