Applications :: Notes Won't Delete In Mail / Keep Reappearing In Reminders?

Jul 21, 2009

So I've recently migrated back to Mail after a long hiatus and set up my Gmail account with IMAP. I like Mail 3.0, but one bug could be a deal breaker for me:I don't like the notes feature and don't plan to use it. However, there are four mystery notes that keep reappearing in my Reminders. I don't remember creating them, and whenever I delete them they reappear about 5 minutes later. They are all blank and always have the same timestamp, too. I've tried junking them, I've tried deleting the Notes mailbox itself, even deleting it on google's end.

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OS X :: Notes Won't Delete In Mail?

Jul 20, 2009

So I've recently migrated back to Mail after a long hiatus and set up my Gmail account with IMAP. I like Mail 3.0, but one bug could be a deal breaker for me:I don't like the notes feature and don't plan to use it. However, there are four mystery notes that keep reappearing in my Reminders. I don't remember creating them, and whenever I delete them they reappear about 5 minutes later. They are all blank and always have the same timestamp, too. Where are these notes coming from? Why won't they stay deleted? It's very frustrating.

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OS X :: Can't Delete Duplicate Notes In Mail?

Feb 19, 2008

My notes get synced to an email address. So i click the notes icon in mail, not the email inbox they are associated with and i see every single not ever created. On top of that there are two instances of each note. So i deleted the ones i don't need anymore and closed my notebook, went on my way. come home. open mail. clicknotes, and they are all still there. two of each notes, includeing notes i've never written anything in. ones that i just clicked not was about to write something, and didn't save it. How do i get rid of this stuff?

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Applications :: Mail Notes Folder Options

Feb 5, 2010

On my laptop, in Mail, I have two folders under each reminders (notes and todos) called "on my mac" and "mobileme". On my imac, I only have the one folder (just named notes and todos). When I add a note from the imac, I get it on the laptop. When I add something from the laptop, it goes into the mobileme folder and the imac can't see it. I have notes set to sync automatically with mobileme on both machines. I want to eliminate the extra folders on the laptop (like the imac) and sync both folders automatically.

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OS X Mavericks :: Junk Mail Reappearing After Deletion

Jun 24, 2014

I delete messages from the Junk Mail box, and after about 10 minutes it's back.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Reappearing Deleted Messages In Mail Inbox?

Jul 5, 2012

Recently, whenever I've deleted messages in my Mail inbox, they keep reappearing in my inbox minutes later.I've tried deleting my deleted messages, but that hasn't worked.

Mac Pro

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Software :: Mail Going Absolutely Nuts Sending Old Reminders

Jun 27, 2010

Today I had installed Netflix's Silverlight app to watch some movies on my 27" iMac running 10.5.8. Last night I had installed Developer tools. Today, after a restart my date/time was set to a date in 2000. On opening date/time it then showed the correct date. Later I started the computer up and Mail with iCal is sending out hundreds (up to 240 now) of old reminder emails (the system date is showing as today). I Force Quit Mail and it immediately starts up again. I got rid of my Mail and iCal prefs, restarted and immediately it starts up again. First the iCal reminder box pops up, then it launches Mail and then there it goes. Force Quit mail and it comes right back to life line in a horror movie. How can I kill this gosh darn thing. I am running a permission repair with Disk Utilities and it is finding many many permissions to fix. When it is done I will restart.

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OS X Mavericks :: Unable To Allow Apple Mail To Create Reminders?

Jul 2, 2014

I just upgraded to MacOSx 10.9.3 (Mavericks) from Mountain Lion. Apple Mail can no longer create a reminder by dragging an email into the reminders icon on the bottom app bar. This was a great function. Was it discontinued in Mavericks, or is this a flaw that I can fix by changing a setting somehow?

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Applications :: Won't Work With Deleted Photos / Reappearing In IPhoto

Aug 23, 2010

I have 7,000+ photos in my iPhoto library, many of which have been painstakingly edited. However, when I noticed yesterday that pictures I had deleted (and emptied from the iphoto trash) have reappeared in the library under the relevant 'Events' folder. Why oh why oh why? I have spent six hours already redeleting and editing. Why did this happen? How can I repeat it from happening again? Do I need to "rebuild" my library by holding down the command + option keys when opening iphoto?

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MacBook Air :: Notes Duplicate And Unable To Delete Duplication?

Sep 3, 2014

I have made notes and there is a duplication of each note up to 10 times.  I am unable to delete the excess notes.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Applications :: ICal Birthday Reminders

Jun 18, 2006

I have looked extensively to no avail. Is there any way to have iCal give me a reminder or alarm when people's birthdays that are in iCal are coming up? This would be of great help if it is possible.

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ICloud :: Mail / Notes Can't Be Enabled

Apr 20, 2012

When I'm trying to turn on Mail/Notes sync on my macbook a have this:Mail/Notes can't be enabled at this time.Wait a moment and then try turning on Mail again.on my iPhone all is ok.Photo stream, Calendar, Contacts is syncing on mac, but not mail & notes.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X Mavericks :: Why Does Notes No Longer Appear In Mail

Jun 22, 2014

Why does Notes no longer appear in Mail?

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Software :: Attaching Notes To Mail Messages

Apr 16, 2010

Is there a way to attach a Note or To-Do to a mail message (OS 10.6.3 Mail Version 4.2 (1078)) ?

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Applications :: Getting ICal And Address Book Birthday Reminders On Mac?

May 31, 2009

Unless I am incorrect, the Birthday calendar does not seem to allow for reminders on the Mac. If that is the case, are there other options? If it can do reminders, how do I do them?

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Applications :: Office Reminders 2008 - Can't Click Em Or Open

Jun 1, 2010

I recently switched to mac. I am using Entourage and these Office Reminders pop up on reminders on emails or calendar events. Well, what's annoying, is that I can not click these events or open them. E.g. I am alerted to a conference call, I click it to open and grab the dial in number and nothing happens. I even tried command+O and nothing.

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Software :: Create Marginal Notes And Anchored Notes?

Sep 14, 2007

can anyone suggest an mac os x app (or mac os x-supported software like OpenOffice et cet.) that will allow me to create marginal or anchored notes in a text document?

i am not interested in MS WORD, not out of any ideological dislike of gates or ms word, et cet. (although i do not like word), but i am tired of paying steep prices for it and upgrades and wish a simpler program for someone who writes, period. i do not need 90% of word's features (although it, and openoffice alternative, does have the "insert note" on reviewing toolbar i like - see below)

if anyone is familiar with what is called "critical apparatus", it would allow me to add what are essentially footnotes in a visible (Jer's Novel Writer) or invisible (WORD and OpenOffice) notes to the text. (btw: here is what i mean: [URL] and click on screenshot at bottom right of screen)

such a feature would be immensely helpful for some translation projects i am doing as well "to check" reminders within creative projects, from essays to novels.

i may be wrong but i don't think bookmarks are what i want and i prefer to avoid footnotes or endnotes (yes - i am selfish. i want it all) although a footnote is not so terrible a work-around.

i have looked at following options in respective apps:

postit/stickies type note - openoffice has a WORD type feature (like the critical apparatus popup window in url above) which is accessible but i would love to have a smaller simpler program to do this

marginal notes - i love Jer's Novel Writer for this but if you write a long note or lots of notes anchored to the same small stretch of text, these marginal notes become cumbersome and piled on top of each other in the margin, unless there is a way to do this i am doing wrong. (am open to suggestions how to use JNW better. i have not written to Jer - maybe i'll do this)

flags: supernotecard has flags but limits them to one per card where a card is funtionally synonomous with a paragraph. thus one can not annotate multiple words in same paragraph with individual markers

links: i am using DEVONthink more and more as a word processor with its multiple windows, database/search/concordance capabilities and extremely rewarding flexibility. i could use their links to separate windows but don't like this as much.similarly voodoopad does this well but same objection

separate windows: many programs facilitate a new window that could hold my notes. they are not anchored or easily tied to the text in question without altering the text, e.g., DEVONthink, Smultron, et cet.

i think i have looked at almost everything, i think, e.g., supernotecard, notemind, nova mind, tinderbox, notetaker (which i love), ulysses, avenir, z-writer, scrivener, smultron, textwrangler, subethaedit, mi, copywrite, bean, textmate (a great "project format" for composite documents like journal or book with chapters), mellel, mariner, JNW (which i also love), nisus, tex-edit plus, all the omnigroup apps, journler, storyist, writeroom, abiword, but may have missed something. programs like curio (which i like, along with omnigrapple pro) and mindburn are not really what i need either.

i guess if i knew enough i could write an applescript within some of these programs. but i am not very facile with scripting and do not want to take the time to become so. i do not think TeX et al. are the way to go and the same comment about time versus learning curve applies.

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MacBook Pro :: Modify A Note In The 'Notes' Mailbox In Mail?

Mar 6, 2012

Everytime I modify a note in the 'Notes'mailbox iun Mail, an email appears in my inbox.  Is there anyway to remove the email without removing the note from 'Notes'?

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Intel Mac :: In Mail, How To View Both Notes And Emails At Same Time

Apr 3, 2012

Is it possible to view the notes pane and the email pane at the same time?  I keep notes about each project I'm working on so it helps to have them up as I'm replying to emails and setting todo's.  If this is not possible, can I move notes out of Mail?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: How To Delete Mail From Server

Feb 24, 2006

So, similar to use on a PC, I have my POP3 accounts setup so that any computer that I download mail to, and then DELETE this mail from the deleted items folder, it will update the server and not show it for download to OTHER computers or clients that I use to access the POP3 account.

but, on the program, I cannot seem to find this very common setting. Is it somewhere that I am missing?

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Applications :: Mail Won't Delete Sent Messages

Jan 5, 2008

For some reason Mail won't delete my sent messages - deleting them just changes the subject / sender line colour from black to grey but they don't go anywhere.

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Applications :: - Can't Delete Mailbox

Jan 31, 2008

I have a Mailbox that I want to delete from

I can right click it, select delete. And it gives the warning. I select OK and it does nothing. I have tried it through the menu system too, and the same result.

Any idea how to delete the mailbox? The deal is I set it up to an email that I cannot access via POP and it is constantly trying to access it but can't, obviously.

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Applications :: Delete Account On Mail

Jul 19, 2010

i dont use my old email account anymore and i wanted to get rid of it, how do i do that?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mail: Notes Visible In Inbox View - Turn It Off?

May 2, 2012

Since switching to Lion, I've noticed that Notes are now visible in the Inbox view in Mail. Every time I create a new one (and I use Notes a lot!), it is visible in the Inbox  

I want to switch this off - I only want to see Notes if I click on the Notes mailbox! 

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Mail Delete Obsolete Address?

Sep 29, 2010

I have a few friends who have changed their email addresses, but Mail keeps auto completing the old addresses when I type their names in. The old contacts were deleted from the Address Book program, but Mail's auto fill keeps putting the obsolete ones in.

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Applications :: Does Automatically Delete Old Emails

May 25, 2009

I just looked for an email from 2006 and it isn't there. In fact, nothing is in my Mail inbox past Nov 20, 2007. I'm pretty sure I didn't delete them, so does anyone know if automatically delete emails from your inbox after a period of time? If so, how does one change this behavior (preferably to 'never').

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Applications :: How Do I Delete Duplicate Emails In Mail?

Nov 24, 2009

Could some one please tell me how to delete duplicate emails in Mac Mail?

I am using Leopard 10.5.8, and Mail 3.6.

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Applications :: Can't Delete Corrupt Messages In Mail?

Feb 18, 2010

This is something I find really annoying. I cant stand the clutter of old messages, so junk mail made a permanent fixture urks me even more.

I work on 2 machines and they are having similar isues

1) A Dual 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5

I have one message stuck in my inbox, when I select it and click delete, it just turns grey. and if i drag the message to the trash nothing happens. When I classify it as junk mail it disapears (does not go to the junk mail folder), but when I go back to the inbox its there again. This message contains no data, nothing shows in the preview panel and I cant find a file for it on the hardrive (Home / Library / Mail)

2) New 17" macbook pro laptop

On this machine Im having the same problem as above, but with a couple messages. There is also a bunch of messages in the junk mail folder I cant erase.

Does anyone have any ideas here? I really dont want to backup / wipe / restore Mail on both computers.

And with this happening on both my machines, I cant be the only one having this problem...

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Applications :: Finder Won't Delete Files Sent By

Mar 17, 2010

If I send a file (images, docs, etc.) through, and then try to trash that file through Finder, I get an error message when I attempt to empty the trash: "The operation can't be completed because "filename" is in use." I can do a secure empty trash but want to be able to use the shortcut keys. Thanks for the help.

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Applications :: Unable To Delete Mail Message

Aug 4, 2010

When I delete a message from my inbox in Mail I'm used to the following message being current. Mail always moves to the prior message.

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