Applications :: My Blog Is Not Publishing/unable To Do Pop Up?

Jun 30, 2010

It has been almost a week and I am still not able to publish. I have tried everything. I have deleted the files that iweb help said I should. I go and "publish all" but just before the Archives finish loading ... up pops the error that it can't publish & I should try again.

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Applications :: Blog Writing Software For Mac?

May 16, 2008

What is the best blog writing software for the Mac (besides TextEdit ). I am looking for something to the equivalent of Windows Live Writer on the Windows side.

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Applications :: Website / Blog Backup?

Mar 31, 2010

looking for an app or online service that backs up a website or a blog.

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Applications :: Uploading Images To Blog - Getting Error 500

Jan 20, 2009

I'm having an issue when I come to upload images to my wordpress blog using an application called blogo (mac program), I'm getting the following error message:

An unknown error occurred
When uploading Picture_031.jpg.
Please check your server's configuration or contact the site's administrator for more assistance.
Error 500

I've tried turning off mod-write security in the .htaccess and have chmoded all the upload folders to 777. The wordpress install is brand new and there are no plugins installed at all. It is the latest version of wordpress 2.7. Its weird because I can see that the images are infact being uploaded to the folder but something doesn't seem to be working.

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Applications :: No One Can Comment Anymore On IWeb Blog?

Jan 22, 2009

I have had a website running off of iWeb 08' for some time now with two blogs. Both I have enabled so people can leave comments. But All the sudden I am having problems and people get an error when they try to post a comment. This is what they get :We're sorry. We are having a problem processing your request.

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Applications :: How Can I Add A Photo Or Video To An IWeb Blog ?

Jan 31, 2009

I know this is probably really simple, but I cannot figure out how to add media to my blog posts.Say I drag in a photo or something, it doesn't actually show up on the actual post.And I don't know how to add an html snippet (such as a Youtube video) to my blog post?

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Applications :: Searching For An App That Would Et Me Open WordPress Blog On Mac?

May 3, 2010

I've been searching for an app that would let me open my WordPress blog on my mac, is their such an app? On the wordPress site their is a software download called WordPress 2.9.2. Who here uses this? What are my option?

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Applications :: IWeb Publishing Via FTP?

Feb 23, 2009

I have been trying for the past week to publish a website using FTP. I have a great piece of software to publish it, but no FTp space, as AOL (my ISP) has shut theirs down. I have been browsing google for ages with no luck, so does anyone know if it is possible to obtain FREE ftp space to publish an iWeb website to, and if so, how and what...?

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Applications :: IWeb Re-publishing?

Mar 7, 2009

Has anyone had problems with re-publishing to a folder, after updating web pages with iWeb? What happens for me is that iWeb creates a 2nd 'site' folder within the already existing 'site' folder, duplicating all the web pages, which seriously confuses the server! The only way I have so far found to avoid this is to delete everything from my website folder before re-publishing. I'd be grateful if someone has an answer to this.

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Applications :: Can Change The Order Of My Iweb Blog Entries

Sep 23, 2009

I posted 2 items to my blog--the first one is in February 2010 and the next in august 2010. it has the august one first. I can't seem to get the feb one in front.

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Applications :: Safari Malware Warning - Xtorrent Blog

Aug 16, 2010

Both Google results and Safari warn that contains malicious software. Does the warning dialog appear for you too?

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostics reveals this: which leads me to believe that third-party advertisers may be responsible for this. The developer David Watanabe is very well respected which is why this warning came as surprise.

Curiosity got the better of me and I browsed at my own risk, now I am extremely paranoid. Here's hoping it's one of those 'Windows things'.

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Applications :: IWeb (3.0) FTP Publishing Settings?

Dec 6, 2010

I'm glad to have a more seamless solution with iWeb (ditching Transmit) but even though I have the 'Directory/Path' set to '/' I think it's needlessly duplicating my URL name and I can't remove it. I'll explain.

Say my site is I want to make a page called test.html. It ends up loading it to:

In this case, in the site publishing settings pane (which isn't very intuitive to find, I'll add) under Site name: it defaults to 'example' and even if I delete 'example' then save it or publish changes or do anything, 'example' pops back in there automatically and it publishes it accordingly.

I hope I've made my question clear. I definitely have a dangerously low level of understanding when it comes to FTP transfers and domain names, etc.

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Applications :: IWeb Not Publishing To Mobile Me?

Feb 9, 2009

I'm not sure if this is a Mobile Me issue or an iWeb 09 issue

I recently upgraded from iWeb 08 to 09. Made some changes to my website no problem, and published it no problem.

For the last week, however, any changes i've made won't publish to the site. Any time I say "publish" it just opens a dialogue saying "sign into Mobile Me" "Learn More" or "Cancel. so I say sign in, and it opens my system preferences to Mobile Me, where I am already signed in.

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Applications :: IWeb Not Publishing Albums

May 19, 2009

So I never had this problem before but recently, my iWeb (09) will not publish any albums. Everything else, works ok but albums are no go. At first, I thought it was the fact of 300 pics so i toned it down to like 50. No go. Then I thought, ok, the pics came from my Sony and my friends Sony and another friends Canon, maybe there was a corrupt file somewhere. So I made an album with just a single photo from an old pic, same thing. And here is what happens, when you create an Album, you can insert the photos in no problem, but when you try to save or publish to MobileMe, it just freezes. You see the bar go across to create the sit and the album and like 1-% in, Arnold dresses up as Mr. Freeze and just blasts my iWeb. Now Freeze

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Applications :: Publishing Website In IWeb?

Jan 10, 2010

I recently bought the domain (it's a joke with my friend) for 2 years, so I was wanting to quickly make a little website for it. So I popped open iWeb, having never used it, and immediately got to work. After completing the page, I then went to the thing on the side where you put ftp settings and stuff like that in. But then I realised I had no idea what the "server address" was in the ftp server settings part! I have looked all over the domaincheck website and in "my settings" on the website but I can't find that part out

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Applications :: Website Authoring/publishing Tool?

Feb 4, 2009

I am looking for a website authoring/publishing tool for Mac OS. I am by no means a web designer, I have created sites before using front page and they worked great and stuff. I also created a site using iWeb but that will not work for what I need to do. I was tasked with redesigning our intranet page so basically I just need a recommendation of a software that would help me do so. Nothing super advanced just something that would make a nice user friendly site.

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Applications :: Publishing Websites To A Folder With IWeb 09

Mar 3, 2009

Is there anyway to do it? I keep getting the option for mobile me whenever I hit publish.

I know how to FTP and all, but I cant even find the files on my computer. I want to throw them into dreamweaver and add some things.

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Applications :: IWeb Publishing Error - Times Out

Jun 15, 2010

Well, I've never had any trouble modifying my site, until last night. I made some major changes to the the site, and tried to upload it, and got the message that is attached. I've logged onto my server, and there are absolutely no error there, everything is up and running just fine. I don't know why it suddenly stopped working. One last thing, I got the error message, but all of the files still upload to my server, but when I go to my website, it just times out.

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Applications :: IWeb Publishing - Editing Websites?

Aug 1, 2010

1. I've had some trouble publishing with iWeb. The issue on Firefox seems to have gone away after my internet hosting company apparently "fixed" some DNS zones issues but the problem still exists when I view the pages in Safari. The website is [URL]. Notice how (in Safari) the "John O"Leary" at the top of the page seems to bounce but only if the page is not already in the browser's cache.
2. I've published a number of sites to folders. Is there any way to re-open these sites in iWeb to edit them or is the only way to do this to save the "Domain.sites" file under: User / Library / Application Support / iWeb?

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Applications :: When Publishing A File On Iweb , An Error Always Occurs?

Apr 6, 2009

All the sudden, after switching to iLife '09, one of my three websites WILL NOT publish. I keep getting this error: An error occurred while publishing file ?/private/var/folders/f5/f5VPsmN0HJWofkTRS0SYmE+++TI/TemporaryItems/ Try publishing again later.

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Applications :: IWeb Google Translator Publishing From Folder

Aug 27, 2009

I used the solution for getting the google translator on my site by using MassReplacement as suggested by Giovannino on Feb. 2008. It seems to have worked in the folder I published to. However, how do I now publish that version that is saved in my folder to the web?

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Applications :: IWeb Google Translator Publishing From Folder

Jan 16, 2010

I used the solution for getting the google translator on my site by using MassReplacement as suggested by Giovannino on Feb. 2008. It seems to have worked in the folder I published to. However, how do I now publish that version that is saved in my folder to the web?

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Applications :: IWeb 08 Publishing - Page Doesn't Take Up The Whole Visible Area In The Web Browser

Jul 13, 2010

I'm having some problems publishing a site I've created in iWeb 08.

When I publish the page I notice that the colour of the page doesn't take up the whole visible area in the web browser (it appears to be "pillar boxed" with a white bar on the right and left of the screen). Is there any way to apply the page colour to this area?

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Applications :: Publishing A Second Site From IWeb/erased First Site?

Mar 22, 2009

I use IWeb to make my site with no problem. however now I'm doing another site and can't publish it (the new site). I've tried to erase my site from "sites" but cannot publish the other site!

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Safari :: Cannot Open The Blog On The Website In It

Mar 15, 2012

Safari (version 5.4.1 and earlier) cannot open the blog on the website[URL].  The webmaster tells me he uses Wordpress for that blog. Is this a known Safari problem (Firefox and Opera open the blog) and if so is there a solution to correct this ?  I use an iMac running on Lion.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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OS X :: Publishing A Book?

Sep 26, 2010

Alright so I am helping one of my friends publish a book. I plan on publishing it to Amazon using Createspace and later releasing an e-book version ( not worrying about that right now ). Now one of the problems I am having is converting the some 200 individual poems that are in RTF format into a PDF file that is 5x8 in size at 300 dpi. I can't find an easy way to do this. Anyone have any suggestions? I created the cover in photoshop CS5 which was easy enough but am I going to have to copy and paste each one into photoshop and have to adjust the text etc? if so thats going to be a huge pain. Does anyone have any experience with Createspace or selling books on Amazon? Also how do you get your book noticed? Also any other tips on publishing online would be great. Again this is not my book i am just helping publish it and of course I have full permission to do so.

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OS X :: Desktop Publishing?

Jun 30, 2009

I am new to Mac's and I'm looking for a desktop pub. program thats ree and will do some decent work helping me design wedding stationery. I'm pulling my hair out. I found Scribus...Looked cool, but I cant figure out how to run it once it's downloaded. Tells me to choose the application to run off of and I have no idea.

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OS X :: Website Publishing Via Ftp?

Oct 5, 2009

So I went to wikipedia and searched for it and had some knowledge about it!

So I wanted to publish a site from many days so I used iweb for this purpose and did a lot of hard works for it and taking care of small things like google adsense so I really could not afford mobileme so I learned to publish it in a different manner and I downloaded easy iweb publisher for publishing my wonderful site but I had to fill in the ftp.

So I want to ask that what is the common ftp provided in india please tell me that!

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Hardware :: Stream Webcam 24 / 7 To Website / Blog?

Feb 11, 2009

I want to setup my webcam (Logitech Orbit) which is connected to a mac mini and stream the live video (and audio if possible) to my website, using a constant, always on feed.

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OS X :: Mail Opened When Visiting NY Times Blog

Sep 18, 2009

This happened this morning. I did not open the mail application. I was checking email via web mail in the Camino browser, clicked on a link to a NY Times blog, it went to the blog and I got a notification sound. Mail had opened. But I use Thunderbird as my default, and Camino is set up for that. I quit Mail, got out of that window, dumped the cache in Camino, quit Camino and ran ClamXav. No viruses or malware were detected.

I'm concerned about having an app open up on its own. I don't have any calendars synced to Mail. Does anyone have any ideas about why this would have happened, or what else I should do to ensure that everything is ok? I apologize if someone has addressed this, or if it is in the wrong place. I did a search and couldn't come up with anything.

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