Applications :: Hide Desktop Icons In Certain Spaces?

Dec 31, 2010

Does an app exist that hides all desktop icons in certian spaces? For example, I use space two for all my non-work things and would be great to hide the messy desktop this space.

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OS X :: How To Hide The Ext. HDD Icons In Desktop

Jan 20, 2009

How can I hide the ext. HDD icons in desktop?

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OS X :: How To Hide Desktop Icons

Jun 17, 2010

How do I hide desktop icons?

I was searching for ways, but it seems that was with older versions because I can't find a general button under preferences on my imac.

I found how to change the size of them and arrange them, but I can't find a way to hide them..

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OS X :: Moving Desktop Icons To Spaces?

Apr 28, 2010

I am quite new to mac os x,

I have got a few questions

1. How can i move my desktop icons to other spaces ? For example I want to create a new space for image files on my desktop so whenever i go to Space 6 i will see different desktop icons. Basically, as we separate apps in different spaces, can we separate icons ?

2. How can i get the benefit from my scroll wheel ? In safari, i want to click on mouse wheel and scroll up and down the page.

3. Zoom function in photo preview and iphoto is not user friendly, i cannot use mouse wheel to zoom in and out like i do in picasa ?

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OS X :: Can Hide Specific Icons On The Desktop

Aug 27, 2010

I've got an external HD hooked up to my iMac and it has some software on there that brings up a CD icon on the desktop.

Is there a way to hide just that specific icon?

I know you can go to Finder and uncheck so that it doesn't show CD/DVD icons on the desktop...but that would mean anytime I pop in a CD it wouldn't show up and I don't want that, just want to hide the specific App icon.

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OS X :: How To Hide Drive Icons On Desktop

Feb 13, 2009

Attached is a picture of the desktop, the new drive icons are a result of a new drive partitioned out. I would prefer not to see them on the desktop but want to see the Macintosh HD, what method would I use to do this.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Hide The Harddrive Icons On Desktop

May 1, 2010

I have three drives on my desktop, i was wondering is there anyway to hide them?

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Applications :: Adding Widgets To Desktop Spaces?

Feb 11, 2010

I was wondering if anybody had a solution to this problem which involves placing a widget onto a particular Space on the desktop, I have tried opening the widgets folder when Spaces is activated to add it to a particular space but it does not recognize it. I would have thought that a solution to this would be available, but having searched the internet for any 3rd party app or solution I have found it very difficult to get any answers. I just want something that that allows me to work on different Spaces without having a widget appear all the time, except in an allocated space on my desktop.....

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Applications :: How To Hide Firefox Disk IMG On Desktop

Jun 16, 2005

I downloaded Firefox but now it has the Firefox drive on my desktop. How do I get rid of it?

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OS X :: Best Way To Hide Dock Icons?

Jan 14, 2011

I don't want some applications to show their dock icon when they're running. Preview is an example. I've used the freeware app "Configure Dock Application Tile", but it always gives me an error saying I don't have permission. Is there another app that can do this?

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OS X Yosemite :: Hide Toolbar App Icons

Dec 7, 2014

Is it possible to hide/disable third party apps from showing in the toolbar but still be running in the background?

Mac mini, OS X Yosemite (10.10)

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OS X :: Any Way To Hide Menu Bar (Third Party) Icons Completely?

Sep 1, 2009

Does anyone know a way to hide/get rid of third-party menu bar icons? It seems like every developer out there wants to create a menu bar icon for things that are completely unnecessary, and only half of the time do they have an option for turning it off. Does anyone know of a way to just hide the icon completely? Or hack the application's resources to not display it?

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Windows On Mac :: Hide Bookmark Icons In Firefox?

Dec 4, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to hide the bookmark icons in Firefox in Windows so it just appears like bookmarks in OSX. I just want the icons to go away to save the space. Not sure if there is a preference or some other way.Here is a snapshot of Windows 7 with the icons present

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Delete Or Hide Icons From Launchpad

Apr 9, 2012

I recently installed an application to my macbook pro. However when I installed it the uninstaller also shows in the launchpad. It is so unattractive and I was wondering how to get rid of it? Everytime I open lanchpad I see it. Dragging to the trash does not work, it only works if I want to uninstall it.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Unable To Delete Icons / Application Showing Icons On Desktop

Oct 24, 2009

On my desktop the little disk image icons are coming up when i open certain applications. I wanna make them disappear, but still be able to see ipods, cds, and external drives.

Also(somewhat irrelevant), occasionally when i open firefox, it asks me to drag it in the applications folder, but it's already there. please help. its so annooying

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Software :: Desktop Doesn't Show Any Icons - How To Get Back Icons

Sep 29, 2008

i am a tad stumped by this issue i'm having right now with my new imac. i noticed one day that none of my desktop aliases show any longer. in fact if i go to the desktop folder through finder my files and such show in there however none of my aliases nor those files show on the actual desktop. another thing i've noticed is that whenever i now try to drag and drop anything to the desktop whether it be a URL from safari or an alias i made in finder the dragged item simply just drags itself back to where i pulled it from.

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OS X :: No Icons/no Desktop On Imac - How To Get Back Icons

Dec 15, 2008

Powered up my Imac today..goes through the usual gyrations get to a blue background but no icons present..not locked just no icons and cannot pull down any menus..

ran disk utility off off OSX fixed some block count on a .pub file but still get same thing after restart..

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OS X :: No Desktop Icons - How To Put Icons Back On Desktop

Feb 20, 2008

Okay, I'm having some problems with my Powerbook. Yesterday, I upgraded Firefox. When re-opening after the upgrade, I had a kernel panic. I restarted my computer and figured I would be good to go. Well, after logging back in, I found that Finder was acting up and I no longer had any desktop icons. Now, clicking the Finder icon in the dock will open a new Finder window just fine. If I go to the Desktop from there, all my icons are still there. So, I decided to restart my computer and see if that made a difference.

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OS X :: Different Desktop Backgrounds With Spaces

Mar 2, 2010

Having discovered spaces as a result one of the threads down below and loving them, we wonder if it is possible to have a different desktop picture in each space? Done a few searches, know widgets won't go, but you might be able to "customize" the space a bit... Don't know why, but would just like to if I could.

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MacBook Pro :: Desktop Icons Disappeared - Can't Drag-and-drop Anything (at All) To The Desktop

Jun 6, 2012

They're still accessible through finder, but now I can't drag-and-drop anything (at all) to the desktop. It was fine a minute ago before I shut down and rebooted my laptop. Restarts and switching users does nothing. I'm using Mac OSX Lion 10.7.4.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Can Hide Individual HDDs On The Desktop

Dec 17, 2009

I have two partitions of the same drive on the desktop and I only want one volume to show up. Is it possible?

I've tried a . in front but it won't let me do it.

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OS X :: Desktop Icons Disappeared / Unable To Do Right Click On Desktop?

Jul 23, 2007

Anyone come across a problem where all the desktop icons disappear? I also cannot right click on my desktop to bring up a contextual menu, my machine appears to be running faultlessly apart from that. I have run Onyx to reset permissions and have checked the disk but cannot seem to find anything wrong.

Running OSX 10.10 on a quad core 2.66 Mac Pro.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Hide Desktop Folders Until Needed?

Apr 15, 2012

MacBookPro screen real estate limited. Folders and other junk on my desktop can be distracting on top of that.Is it possible to hide them until I need them?

Info:27" iMac quad core, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 24" IMAC, 20" IMAC, MACBOOK, IPHONE 3GS

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MacBook Air :: Hide Account Picture From Desktop

May 28, 2012

I just bought a MBAir for my daughter, and I created an admin account for myself and a managed account for my daughter. I don't want my daughter feel uncomfortable that her old dad appears sharing her computer and monitoring her. Is it possible that my account icon/picture is hidden or removed from desktop while I am still able to use the account?

MacBook Air

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OS X :: Four Finger Swipe Up Calls Spaces Instead Of Show Desktop?

Mar 24, 2009

Title says it all. Unibody MBP just came in the mail, I love it Really does make my SR WhiteBook look like shiz.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Hide Time Machine Volumes From Desktop

May 7, 2012

My last enquiry was with regards backing up Time Machine to an AirDisk connected to an AirPort Extreme Base Station, but this is not a recommended solution. Now that I have been able to afford a new HDD that works with my iMac, this is my current setup, which I established using the excellent website by Pondini: 

- HDD connected via USB to iMac 

- iMac backs up to its OWN PARTITION on the USB HDD 

- Several Portable Macs back up to the other partition on the USB HDD using sparse bundles via WiFi (drive shared by iMac) 

Now on my iMac, I have both partitions appearing on my desktop. However these partitions are SOLELY for TM backups and I don't want them to appear on the desktop (mainly due to other users perhaps fiddling around with them). 

I know that I can use Finder to hide all connected drives from the Desktop, but I DO want USB drives that I connect to actually appear on the desktop. How can I hide ONLY the TM partitions (specifically) from the Desktop?? 

I have found something which suggests that I can use the chflags command in order to hide specific HDDs/partitions, but will this have any effect on Time Machine backing up LOCALLY and also via NETWORK? I was reluctant to "hide" these drives without checking first whether it would cause any problems for Time Machine backups. 

Time Machine, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X :: Unable To Link Smackbook With Spaces / Installing Virtual Desktop?

Nov 8, 2007

now that I have leopard installed and ready on my computer, I'm just itching to link up Smackbook with Spaces. has anyone been able to get this to work? I mean, installing virtual desktop at this point seems redundant and in leopard, the options for customizing the sudden motion sensor seem almost endless.

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Intel Mac :: Dock Spaces Desktop Picture Screensaver All Crashed And Won't Work

May 21, 2012

The Dock doesn't appear. Spaces is greyed out and won't stay enabled. Desktop picture cannot be selected (stays standard blue screen). Screensaver does not work and cannot set hot corner. 

I have deleted the dock plists, restarted, repaired permissions, updated to 10.6.8, restarted again. Still no dock, no Spaces, no desktop picture change, no screensaver. 

How did this begin? I had lots of large-memory apps running (eg. Photoshop, Garageband, Pages, Audacity, etc) and then there was a freeze, I can't remember which app – probably Photoshop) and I had to shutdown using the on/off button. 

After that startup, all the problems were present. :-( (I've looked at related Dock-crash posts here: I do not have installed: Parallels; Fusion.) 

2.8GHz Intel Core i5, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 4GB; 1TB ; 27"

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OS X :: Can Lock Desktop Icons

Sep 21, 2010

Does anyone know if there's a way to lock my desktop icons (so my curious kids don't mistakenly - or not so mistakenly - move stuff around or into trash). My desktop is kept fairly simple (icons for the various HDs and folders for homework). We've also had the issue of items going *poof* from the dock - which is an easily fixable issue - but a little bit of a nuisance to have to retrieve from time to time.

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OS X :: Icons Gone From Desktop - How To Restore

Oct 19, 2010

I have a mac ibook G4. Okay all the icons on my desktop have vanished, including my hard drive icon. I cannot access finder. I cannot open CD's when I put them in the computer.

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