Applications :: HTML & Meta Tags For IWeb

Jan 13, 2010

I have worked hard at creating my businesses webpage with iWeb and now and have a hard time getting it recognized by Google and other search engines. I have an immediate problem and a secondary. First. I am working with Google Webmaster Central and they are trying to verify that I am the owner of the site. I have two options--insert a meta tag on my homepage or upload an HTML file.

After working through the Help menu, I was able to figure out how to add HTML snippets from the media bar. However, when I update the website, and go to the link they ask me to go for, it is not recognized as having it on the page. I think the problem is this: I am putting it on the page, but the directions from google have a very specific area that they want it in the code. So, is there any way of seeing the code so that I can literally copy and paste it in there? I can't seem to figure it out. Second: I want to add meta tags to increase organic search results but have no clue how to with iWeb. How do I add a meta tag? Here is my website:

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Applications :: IPhoto Can Add Meta Tags But Don't Into Spotlight

Jan 8, 2009

I am wanting to index all my 9000+ pictures in spotlight by adding meta tags. IPhoto can add meta tags, but they don't add it into spotlight, which is a problem if I ever move my pictures to a different program besides Iphoto. So what I am looking for is something that updates meta tags that you type in right into the spotlight info box, without having to open up info for each individual photo. Hell, I don't even know if something like this exists.

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Applications :: IWeb And Inserting Meta Keywords

Mar 31, 2007

iWeb and inserting meta keywords. I give up, how do I do it within iWeb?

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Software :: Add Meta Tag Information To IWeb Created Website?

Aug 12, 2007

My question: is there a way to add meta tag information to an iWeb created website? I know iWeb 06 (and I assume 08) does not natively allow you to do this. Is there a workaround? If so, if you could point me to a URL that explains, in some detail, how to do it, that would be amazing....

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Applications :: IWeb - How To Add A HTML Shout Box

Jul 19, 2010

iWeb - How to add a HTML Shout Box? Seems like iWeb is all design only.. I know in dreamweaver. You could click the mouse somewhere on your design, go the HTML page of it, then paste your html code in there, the go back to teh design tab, and see your shout box there. Just wondering how I would edit some stuff into HTML with iWeb.

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Applications :: How To Make An HTML Redirect In IWeb

May 27, 2008

anyone here know how to make an HTML redirect in iWeb

never mind I found that it works if I manually edit the HTML file on my iDisk

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Applications :: Can Use IWeb HTML For Facebook Pages

Sep 26, 2009

To all those of you out there that have a custom tab on your Facebook Fan Page ... I was wondering if there was a way to use the HTML exported from iWeb '09 (into a local folder) for a FaceBook Fan Page custom tab (using "static FBML" application)? I don't really want to purchase Dreamweaver if I don't have.

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Applications :: Open HTML Files In IWeb?

Nov 26, 2009

I have a group of students who want to use iWeb to create a website to show off some of their art work for university interviews. They have been creating the site and saving it before logging off a machine. They have been wanting to do more work on their websites, but have found no sign of the pages they created when they log into a machine and load up iWeb. Initially I thought it was because they were logging in on a machine different to the one that they had started creating the site on, so I got them to log onto the original machine, but still nothing. I then got them to export the files to HTML and then to re-open them in iWeb, but it won't let you do that. Any suggestions on how I may solve this problem? The students have network accounts, rather than stand-alone machines that they work on, so I know it's something to do with that.

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Applications :: Possible To Use IWeb HTML For Facebook Pages (FBML)?

Dec 30, 2010

To all those of you out there that have a custom tab on your Facebook Fan Page. I was wondering if there was a way to use the HTML exported from iWeb '09 (into a local folder) for a FaceBook Fan Page custom tab (using "static FBML" application)? I don't really want to purchase Dreamweaver if I don't have.

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Applications :: Does IWeb Change Published HTML Snippets

Feb 4, 2009

I've just "upgraded" from iWeb '08 and published some changes to my home page, but now none of my html snippets show up? The only page I've uploaded to the server is the "welcome" page, but now none of the html snippets are showing on that page. I can see the html snippet when I "visit the published site" via the hard drive, but not on the web. Does iWeb '09 put the html snippets somewhere new? If so, where? Should I upload my entire site again now that '09 has updated all of my files? (I'm afraid my entire site will be rendered unusable if all the snippets are erased).

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Safari :: Reader Not Displaying Some HTML Tags?

Feb 27, 2012

I'm wondering why some websites when turned to the "Reader" option in Safari, some html characteristics are missing. One that I noticed was the <hr> tag that creates an horizontal line across an html page. Is that a normal thing for Reader to do? Can it be forced to display that somehow? 

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: IWeb Wont Start After Trying To Open HTML Files

Jan 31, 2008

I tried to open a HTML file in iWeb not thinking it wouldnt open it. It said no it couldnt do it then closed. However everytime i open iWeb it now says the same thing."The Document "index.html" could not be opened" (With the iWeb icon and a big yellow "!" triangle.)Then i get a second box just the iWeb logo now "Can't open file "~/desktop/index.html."Then closes its self. Ive done two reboots. Deleted the file and still the same thing happens. Ive opened the package but cant see any preferences or anyhting to delete. Though i have deleted the iLife preferences form a folder. If i run iweb from the package contents i get a terminal window

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Applications :: ITunes Automatically Replaceing Custom Tags With ID3 Tags?

Jan 22, 2009

I recently ran into a big problem where I had to completely erase every ID3 tag in my library to restore aobut 5% of my library (confusing, I know). This was no big deal because my iTunes XML file contained all song information.

Everytime I click a song to play it, my custom iTunes song tags for that song are replaced with the "updated" ID3 tags. I am losing all of my song information each and every time I play a different song in iTunes.

I've already tried deleting all songs in my library and re-importing using my backed-up XML file, but to no avail. The songs are imported with their correct custom tags, but they change when I go to play the song.

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Software :: HTML Code Writing For IWeb

Mar 14, 2010

We are designing Web website and we know about the snippets wreaking copy and paste but are there templates to your knowledge out there on that that would be like a questionnaire that already made up their work would I web I do not have to pay someone to do a custom build for? For instance I'm going to have a 31 question and answer survey. At the end of the survey there will be a review button. This will pop up in the client will be held to review all information and input. After they hit submit it will pop open to PayPal. Then the form will be e-mailed to the client and want to myself and with a database are you familiar with any websites that offer this template already designed that's compatible with my web?

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Software :: IWeb - How To View Source Code Of HTML

May 19, 2006

I just recently bought a new G5, so I started to use iWeb and at first I was impressed with it, but I am used to working on Macromedia Dream Weaver.

Anyways, I could not find a way to view my source code in iWeb to make changes that aren't possible normally. I wanted to put some PHP and counter code.

How do you view the source code of the HTML using iWeb ?

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OS X :: Embedding Airtight Autoviewer Gallery (from Lightroom 2) As HTML Snippet In IWeb?

Jan 9, 2011

I have created an Airtight Autoviewer gallery using Lightroom 2 and have exported it to my iDisk/Web/sites

When trying to embed the Html: in the Html Snippet on the page i would like the slideshow to appear:

A window comes up saying that the URL is not available - i have not managed to get past this part.

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OS X :: Does Editing Tags In Itunes Edit The Tags Of The Actual File

Aug 2, 2010

Does editing tags in itunes edit the tags of the actual file.

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Applications ::sneak-replace Songs Into My ITunes Library While Preserving Meta-data?

Sep 22, 2009

So here's my conundrum: I use the play/skip count as variables in several smart playlists, and I've been closely monitoring it for around 4 years. I just got the new Beatles remixed albums, and I want to insert them into my iTunes but keep the meta data of the old versions of the song

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Applications :: Lost IWeb Pages - Puting Latest Website Back Onto Iweb?

Nov 9, 2010

I accidentally double-clicked on a file named "Domain" which was really a backup file of my Site. My problem is that I had backed up my site a long time ago, after which i have made many changes. Now when I open iWeb it takes me back to the original days of the site. I still have the desired folder in "Sites", but can seem to get in onto iWeb. Is there any way to put my latest site back onto iweb?

I haven't setup time machine, I publish using Easy iWeb Publisher, I don't have have a Mobileme account

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Applications :: Lost IWeb Pages- How Can I Download The Site To MB In IWeb Format?

Feb 13, 2009

My old MB got attacked by some tea and died. So now i have a new unibody although the main thing that i have lost from my old MB is my iWeb pages.

I have mobile me, and have the site published to that. How can i download the site to my MB in iWeb format? Iv tried downloading them as HTML but iWeb can't open them.

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Applications :: How Do I Rejoin An IWeb - Created Site Back With IWeb

May 20, 2009

Here's my situation:I created a site using iWeb '08. Many months passed and I wasn't doing anything with that particular site any longer, so I nuked the pages within iWeb and have since worked on new projects.Now I need to do some work on that old site again.I have all of the created content in a folder that had been stored on my server, but I have nary a clue how to get it all back into iWeb again.

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Applications :: Will A Theme In IWeb 08 Work In IWeb 09 Even Though It Was Removed From 09?

Feb 15, 2009

I've created a site with a theme in iWeb 08 that has been removed from iWeb 09. I've put a lot of work into customizing the theme, and iLife 09 is currently being shipped to me. In iWeb 09, can I still maintain and build on this site even though the theme is not included anymore? And, if not, is there a way that I can find the theme data in Finder and copy and paste that into the theme data files in iWeb 09?

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Applications :: How To Keep IPhoto Tags When Exporting

Mar 9, 2010

When I create an event on iPhoto I usually tag the photos...When I export them to a new folder on my desktop or whatever other external support, my tags are not kept but instead replaced by the original name of my picture (i.e IMG_45, etc...) How can I keep the tags on?

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Applications :: Looking For Programs To Edit Metadata Tags

Jan 1, 2011

Does anyone know of a mac application that would allow me to alter metadata tags on audio files outside of iTunes? Basically, I want to be able to alter things like "Album Title" without using iTunes.

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Applications :: How To Fix Mp3 Tags And Remove Duplicates On ITunes

Apr 23, 2009

I have a huge music library, and a lot of the song tags include the song name, artist, and album all in the title of the song. Is there a program to fix this?

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Applications :: Finding Apps To Fix ITunes Tags?

Oct 29, 2009

What are the best apps out there to fix tags, add album names, etc...?

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Applications :: Unable To Change Tags In ITunes

Oct 1, 2004

I am having is with editing the tags on song files in iTunes. I cannot modify the text fields in the info tab of get info. So i can't change the song titles, artist names, or anything, which is really annoying. I have tried changing the file access from read only to read and write but this didn't help. Could the problem somehow be that I had all of these files on my widows machine and i burnt them off and transfered them over...

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Applications :: ITunes Writing Tags To File On Smb Share?

Sep 27, 2009

I have my files on a Windows machine in the next room, connected via Gbit (AirPort Extreme). The iTunes library is on my MacBook Air right here. But when I'm trying to add artwork to my files it isn't saved with the file. Normal tags (name, year etc) work.

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Applications :: Updated Mp3 Tags Outside Of ITune / Update ITunes With New Info?

Dec 16, 2009

So like many people I have (had) a very unorganized iTunes folder. I decided it was time to basically put all my files in the same format and add a bunch of the missing information to the files, most notably the artist name. I have always saved my files in the following format: Artist name - song name .mp3. then I would just add the files into itunes and of course it would not add any info into the artist field for those songs. Through windows explorer, I added artist names to all of my files and changed some of the file names but how do I go about updating iTunes to reflect these changes?

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Aperture :: How To Transfer Meta Data From One Photo To Another

Dec 1, 2014

Is it possible to transfer meta data from one photo to another, because I edited three photos over in Photoshop to make one wide photo but can the meta data be transfered from one of hte three to the single one so it goes to the right spot on the map using GPS data?

2.93GHz Intel Core i7, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Memory 8GB also Mac OS X now (10.7)

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