Software :: Setting Up Multiple Websites?

Sep 4, 2010

I am trying to setup two websites on my iMac and have created

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OS X :: Using Parental Controls - Setting Websites Permissions

Feb 15, 2010

I'm in the process of picking out a new imac for myself and will pass on my old one to my six year old daughter as soon as I upgrade the ram and install snow leopard. Now that she can read and get on the computer on her own, can someone give me a few quick pointers on making my computer a little more safe for her. Meaning: are there parental controls in snow leopard or safari that would block adult websites. I don't even know if they rate sites like tv shows and if its even possible to block any part of the internet.

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Applications :: Multiple Websites In IWeb?

Jan 24, 2009

I am trying to set up a website not using mobileme. I already have one website via mobileme that I've made using iWeb. Is it possible to not have them connected?

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OS X Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Multiple Websites: Only 1 Connected To Mac?

May 7, 2012

I recently took a position where the previous person didn't leave much in the way of processes or instruction. There are several existing domains, purchased from GoDaddy, hosted locally on our server. I am working on adding a new site and purchased the domain below.  I have changed all the zone settings in GoDaddy's DNS manager and have duplicated an existing *.conf fie in the Apache2 folder making the changes within the file to the directory and the domain name.  I have also added the directory and set it to be a sharepoint as well as adjusted the permissions. 

Mac OS X (10.6.8), Mac OS X Server

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MacBook Air :: Get Multiple Websites And Information From Safari On Computer At Same Time?

Feb 10, 2012

how do I get multiple websites and information on my screen at the same time? I am learning wordpress and need to have its instruction page up beside my blog to learn.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Multiple Websites Using File Sharing On Server?

May 2, 2012

I recently started a position where the previous person left me very little information. I am not familiar with hosting locally as I have always used GoDaddy.   There are several sites set up, so I have some "template" to go off of, but I need the basics.If i purchase the domain somewhere and the multiple sites are hosted on a single IP, how can I direct to a specific folder? Do I just create a folder within the volume all others are then make it a shared folder?  Set the protocol options to match one that is alread there?Is there a beginers guide to this, and all the settings and options available somewhere? 

Mac OS X (10.6.8), Mac OS X Server

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OS X :: Setting Multiple Languages For Different Accounts?

Jun 29, 2009

The way I understand it, is that it is possible to set difference languages for different accounts. I set up an account for my girl and set her language, Slovenian to the top of the list, with English next. However, only the calendar showing dayname is in Slovenian, rest remains in English. Do I need to download some xtra language packages? Slovenian keyboard setup is working fine...

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OS X :: Setting Up The Dock For Multiple Users?

Sep 25, 2009

I am setting up a MIDI Lab with five computers, to be used by many students with a unique user name. My IT dept has given me administrative privilege since they no nothing about Macs and basically just told me "you set everything up. We're not touching them."

I spent hours installing software, including Finale 2010, getting the MIDI set up just right, which can be a tedious process. The problem is, when a student signs on to any of the computers, finale doesn't show up in the dock, and the MIDI settings need to be setup. Once the studnet sets themselves up correctly on one computer, the settings only apply there. Should they end up on a different computer the next day, they need to do it all over again!

Is there some administrative trick to making sure the settings I change, apply to all users?

They are iMacs running Leopard.

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ITunes :: Apply An Equaliser Setting To Multiple Tracks?

Jun 22, 2012

I am trying to dispense with my Bose speakers - they clutter things up with too many wires. I can get acceptable sound quality from my Mac speakers if I adjust the equaliser settings but adjusting the setting track by track will take forever. Is there a way to apply an equaliser setting (say, Bass Booster) to several tracks at once? If not I guess I will have to invest in wireless speakers.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Setting Up Mail For Multiple Return Addresses With Just One IMAP Account?

Jul 2, 2010

What's the right way to setup mail so that it has multiple return addresses with just one Gmail IMAP account.

For example my Gmail Imap account is (example). I also send mail as [URL]. How can I set up that return address in Mail?

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Software :: Setting Primary DNS In A Internet Key Setting?

Nov 11, 2009

I've an Internet key (settings requested: phone number/web address/primary DNS): I put only the first 2 because with the third one (needed to speed up the connection) it doesn't works. I put the primary DNS requested on MACUSBmodem (DNS page, on the left).

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MacBook Pro :: Merge Multiple Files And Multiple File Types Into A Single PDF?

Jun 20, 2012

Can I merge multiple files, and multiple file types, into a single PDF with my MacBook Pro?, Can I merger multiple files, and multiple file types, into a single PDF with my MacBook Pro? 

I need to combine word docs, .jpgs, .PDFs, .pptx files from multiple sources into a single PDF.  In the past I've used software such as Nuance but I'm wondering if there's something in the MacBook Pro OS or applications that support this function. 

Mac Pro, iOS 5.1.1

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Automator Workflow To TAR Multiple Files In A Single Directory Into Multiple TAR Archives In Succession?

Jun 12, 2012

I have set up an automator service that TAR's a folder into an archive for me and it works quite nicely. Idealy however, I would like to be able to highlight several folders, right click and have automator tar each folder into it's own TAR archive, but do it one by one.  


I'm not 100% sure so I guess it would be a good time to verify, is there a problem with having the system try to TAR multiple folders at one time? If it is not a problem then I guess this discussion itself is pointless and I can simple right click on each folder and select "TAR Folder" and just wait until they're all finished. I would think that it would be ideal for the system to do each one individually and not try to do them all at one time. 

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ITunes :: Setup Multiple Users With Multiple Devices?

Mar 12, 2012

I'm trying to find the easiest solution to our family music situation.  4 users, 4 devices (ipods, ipad, imac, pc laptops), and 4 different musical song interests.  I'm sure there are millions of households that have the same exact situation.  I want to be able to pull up only my musical library, not my kid's music, and then easily synch it to my ipod.  Everyone in the family wants to do this same thing.  I have spent alot of time trying to search the forums/internet and there does not seem to be one "most popular" solution.  I did setup iCloud for each family member using a different Apple ID than my main Apple ID, and I'm happy that ALL the music shows up on my ipad.  But between iCloud, MobileMe, Home Sharing it all gets very confusing.  Some say to setup multiple computer login accounts, and others say to setup 1 playlist for each family member and synch from that playlist.  

I would think 1 itunes account allows you to easily share a purchased song with 4 users, instead of buying songs twice. 

So here are a few of my questions-

1-Is it best to have only 1 itunes account and then synch all devices off of 1 main computer?   

2-Or since we each have iCloud accounts, will they be able to synch their ipods from their own pc laptop? 

3-And when they synch, what is the easiest way to exclude other users music in itunes? (other than unchecking hundreds of artists) 

4-Or setup 4 separate computer login accounts on the imac and then keep 1 itunes account?  If so, how does this work when they open itunes?  

Imac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)

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ITunes :: Integrate Multiple Devices For Multiple Users?

May 26, 2012

I have a Mac that my wife and I share.  We own and iShuffle, iPod, iTouch and two iPhones.  My wife's iPhone is her own and my iPhone is through work.  We only have one Apple ID and we share our iTunes.  What do I need to do to make all devices work together on iTunes with relative ease?  Do I need to create multiple Apple IDs?  Can we link them together so we don't have to log in and out of iTunes, yet keep it so that what she does with apps / music on her phone doesn't effect what apps / music I move on my phone? 

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OS X :: Multiple Burn Errors With Multiple Programs?

May 7, 2009

I'm on a Powermac G.5 dual 1.8 with an upgraded superdrive running 10.5.6

About 3 days ago I noticed that I couldn't burn a dvd using Roxio's Toast 10. I would receive a medium write error.

I tried a second time with the same results.

I then moved to itunes which I have updated to the fullest version and tried to burn a playlist to cd and also received a medium write error.

Finally I tried to burn the original dvd using disk utility and it almost worked up until it hung on finishing. The funny thing about the run with disk utility was that the disk played in my home dvd player with no problems despite quitting the burn prematurely.

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OS X :: Navigations Between Multiple Windows In Multiple Programs?

Jul 11, 2009

I'm new to working on mac, I come from a windows background and I'm having a bit of a problem navigating quickly between multiple windows. Some times you need to open a lot of windows while working, like a couple of firefox windows (with tabs =)), 2 pdf documents, skype, xcode, word documents etc. In Microsoft Windows all your 'windows' are on the task bar and you can click on it to show it or alt tab your way through your windows. In mac if you alt tab it gives you like the root program not the windows and to access the windows you have to choose them from the Windows menu, and I tried expose and its a cool thing =D but still i'm not comfortable navigating with it, so i was wondering if i'm missing sth. Can you tell me what is the way you comfortably handle multiple windows?

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OS X :: Multiple Docks - Use In Multiple Spaces?

Jan 18, 2009

I was thinking that Apple should let us have multiple docks that we use in our multiple spaces. So in one "Space" you could have a "work dock" which has all your applications for school or work such as Safari, iWork/MS Office. Then in another "space" you could have a dock for "Play dock" which has iTunes, Safari, iChat, Photo Booth, iLife or any computer games you have on your Mac.

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Applications :: Can Timemachine Backup Multiple Drives To Multiple Drives?

May 21, 2009

I have searched but I can't seem to find an answer to this question...

I have 4 x 500MB drives in my Mac Pro and 4 x 500MB external firewire drives.

Currently I use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone each internal drive to it's respective backup. ie Drive 1 > Backup 1, Drive 2 > Backup 2 etc

Is it possible to use Timemachine in a similar way? so that each internal drive has it's own corresponding Timemachine backup?

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OS X :: Certain Websites Won't Open?

Apr 29, 2009

I've recently been having some trouble accessing certain websites from my macbook.

What happens is that once I enter the address for the particular website in my address bar and press return/ enter, the browser attempts to load the website, but cannot seem to do so, as if it is being blocked in some way. After a minute or so of trying, I usually get the message 'Page Load Error' accompanied by 'Network Timeout' or 'Failed to open page' in Safari. Changing browser does not seem to work (same results with Camino, FF, Safari, and Opera), and using VMWare Fusion running XP, I get the same thing.

My setup is white C2D macbook, connecting wirelessly to an AEBS. I have another desktop, and 3 other laptops, as well as an iPod Touch and PS3 on the network and all of these can access the sites as normal. Just to let people know, I also changed to OpenDNS and flushed the DNS cache.

Could anyone shed some light on why this is happening? Alternatively anything else I should be looking to do (besides reinstall of OSX)?

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OS X :: Can't Visit Certain Websites

May 6, 2009

For some reason my computer can't access a website. I just got accepted into a college and it won't let me access ANY of the website associated with that school. Also I just got denied to another website as well so now that makes it two!! I've heard of getting a virus that can change your hosts file which would make sense, but there's no way I have a virus. I visit these sites pretty frequently also. My roommate also can't get on the websites either from his computer, so I guess that would rule out the virus, and I'm guessing it would have to do with my router/IP. I've reset my Airport Express, tried using only ethernet and I still can't get to them. Anybody know what it could be? I desperately need to access the schools website!

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OS X :: Can't Connect To Certain Websites

Jul 31, 2009

So the issue i'm having is that I can't connect to certain websites. However, I know I am connected to the internet as I am posting this and web browsing. If it matters I do have peer gaurdian installed but not currently running when I try to access these websites. I also know the websites aren't down because I can access them via 3G off of my iPhone.

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Software :: Websites Don't Look Right?

May 11, 2008

Certain websites, including facebook and youtube, don't load properly. It looks like all of the information is there, but it's all just listed down the left-hand side of the page.

On my PC, these websites load and look normal, but on my mac they do not look normal when they load. I have tried opening the websites using both firefox and safari with the same results. I have also tried changing various settings on my preferences for each browser.

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Software :: Will A Modern Mac Run All Websites?

Nov 16, 2010

I asked this question a long time ago, but I'm contemplating buying a new Mac (I may wait for Lion and get a new iMac then).

Anyway if you've seen my other posts you'll know I have an old iMac G5 with Panther which for various reasons I've only recently starting actually using. This means I have pretty old browsers and I can't help more recent versions. This has meant that lately both Safari and Firefox, which are updated as far I can for Panther, seem to crash if I try and go on anything but very simple websites.

I don't know if this is a fault with my iMac or just because it's such old software now (OSX and browsers alike) and so modern websites won't work - in much the same way as more and more websites won't work on my work PC, which still has IE6 and XP, because it's such an old browser (IT won't let us upgrade because some work-based stuff we use was designed to work with IE6!)

However, it has made me a bit cautious about getting a new Mac. I mainly want my Mac for websurfing which is a pretty light activity, BUT I do use chat-rooms, inbedded videos etc. etc. a lot. I know it's not Apple's fault but I really do want a machine where I can visit any website and use any feature.

Please be honest with me - do you have difficulty on any websites using a modern Mac with up to date OSX and browsers? Chat rooms, embedded video, shopping etc? If anyone is gay I'm specifically thinking of [URL] chat rooms which can be awkward even on Windows. I really love the web and I don't want to be unable to use any site - even just a few not working would really annoy me, so I need to know if Mac is the right platform for me...

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OS X :: OS X Won't Open Any Websites Properly?

Dec 14, 2010

I can't look at any website properly. Everything seems to be so messed up, even the Apple home page.

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OS X :: Safari Cannot Connect To Certain Websites

May 11, 2008

I have three computers on my home network; A dual 1.8 G5 with Leopard, a Macbook Pro with Leopard, and a Windows XP Box. My problem with Safari started about 3 months ago, when I tried accessing a website via my g5. Safari said it could not connect to the server. I assumed the site was down. However, I hopped on my MBP and the site worked fine. In fact, I found a lot of sites that my G5 didn't want to access that my MBP could, on the same network. I have flushed my DNS cache, reset safari, cleared safari's cache, reset my router, cable modem, checked the DNS servers. Everything seems identical between the MBP and the g5. The problem happens in both Safari and Firefox

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OS X :: No Images And Formatting Out On Certain Websites

Nov 5, 2008

I have recently moved my Mac Pro from my work to my home, and since moving I am experiencing problems with certain webpages. There are no images and the formatting of the pages are completely out. I am using Firefox and have tried Safari so thats not the problem. Windows and Pcs are fine threw the same wireless lan & internet connection.

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OS X :: Email Address Does Not Appear On Websites

Feb 12, 2009

A lot of websites I go to and click on Contact us or email us nothing happens and therefore I cannot find the email address. I have found a Way around that is plug in my Mouse and right click properties and sometimes I get the email address. However this is annoying as happens alot. Yes pop up window is turned off so if pop up should work. Example of webpage below [URL]. I click on there contacts email address and it just flashes but never see address. How can I see the email address?

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OS X :: Can't Access Local Websites

May 5, 2009

I've created a few PHP websites on my mac mini before uploading them. I placed the website files in the 'Sites' folder of my user account and turned on 'Personal Web Sharing' in the Sharing preferences and could access them fine. All of a sudden, I can no longer access the sites through my web browser - I'm given the message that my browser cannot connect to the server. Any ideas why this might have suddenly started happening? I installed MySQL last week - would that affect it in any way?!

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MacBook Pro :: I Cant Log Onto Any Websites Through My System

Jun 25, 2009

I have parental control on my macbook, my mother has agreed to edit settings but we dont know what edit. I want to take the parental control offAndi've downloaded msn messenger for mac 7 but i cannot sign in.It says that the username or password is wrong, im sure people have also had this problem, but i cannot figure it out!I have a few other problems such as i cannot log in to myspace, yahoo etc. there are a few sites on google which i cannot access

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