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ITunes Mac :: Apple TV Music Sync Option Missing?

I have been having some iTunes issues and therefore did a rebuild. I have reconnected the Apple TV and can not sync any content other than pictures to the Apple TV. The only options given me in the Apple TV tab in iTunes are Summary and Photos.

iMac 20 inch
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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ITunes Mac :: Sync Address Book Contacts Option Missing All Groups?
I had a problem with multiple copies of contacts on my iPhone so I deselected the "Sync Address Book Contacts" box in iTunes before synching. The popup said that all contacts would be removed from the iPhone, and I clicked to proceed. When the sync was complete, I verified that all contacts had been removed from my iPhone (they were).

Then I reselected the "Sync Address Book Contacts" but noticed that all 15 of the groups from my MacBook that normally appear in the box with the All Contacts/Selected Groups button were missing. I opened Address Book and they were all there.

iMac G5 1.8 GHz, iBook G4
Mac OS X (10.6.5)

Posted: Dec 19, 2010

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ITunes :: IPad Is Syncing Music Even Though The Option To Sync Is Disabled
I'm using iTunes 10.5.3 (3) on Mac OS X 10.7.3 When I drag and drop music from my iTunes library onto the iPad the iPad will first start to 'sync' but I'll notice that it immediately starts to try and sync up all of my music (I have more music than I have space on my iPad so that would just fail eventually but it starts the slow wi-fi sync of all my music). I check the settings for the iPad (via iTunes) and I notice that the Music tab's "sync" option has suddenly been enabled again (when I've previously turned it off). 

This is very strange and annoying as all I want to do is copy music from iTunes onto my iPad. I can do this no problem with my iPhone (has the same sync settings turned off and that doesn't re-enable the sync setting when I drag and drop music from iTunes to it? The only difference from my iPad is that i have the apps tab 'sync' option turned on - see P.s below for more on that) 

if I turn off syncing of apps for my iPad I get a message that tells me 22 apps will be deleted and that all data will be lost as well. I'm assuming because some apps I've paid for and some are free I'll be able to re-download them no problem, it's just that some apps have extra settings/configurations on them that I'd rather not lose and I just don't see how turning off the 'sync' option would affect them? Just leave them on the iPad device and stop trying to sync them with iTunes??

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo ~ Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

Posted: Mar 24, 2012

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ITunes Mac :: Finding Missing Music And Music Videos?
I just had to replace my system HD last night. My entire itunes library is on an external HD. Once I got the new HD up and running and restored everything via my Time Machine back up, I noticed some of my purchased songs were gone and 3 recent Music Video purchases were also gone. I did a search for them all on my external drive and they were listed right there in my iTunes Music folder on that drive! Why are they not showing up when I open iTunes then? I had to manually drag the songs back over but I am having an issue getting the 3 music videos to show up. If I hook my iPod up will it delete them from my iPod?

1.8 G5 PowerMac & 2.33 Dual Core Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
6gigs of RAM, 250g & 1TB HDs, Final Cut Pro Studio3, Fotomagico Pro

Posted: Nov 19, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: No Sync All Playlist Option In 9.2.1 (4)
In the previous itunes version, there was an option to sync all playlists, now there is only sync music library and no playlist. Is there any way to have all playlists sync without manually do it?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Aug 9, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: No Option To Sync Docs To IPhone
I have iTunes 9.2 (build 61) installed on a Mac, along with iOS4 on my 3GS. I also have iBooks 1.1 installed on the phone which is supposed to allow syncing of PDF's. However, the option to add documents does not appear. If I connect my iPad I get the File Sharing section on the apps tab.

Mac Pro
Mac OS X (10.4.7)

Posted: Jun 23, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Missing Itunes Music Library Xml.?
i've been rocking itunes on an external hd for a few years. at some point something happened to my itunes music library xml and it no longer exists. it doesn't appear in a search and iConcerCal (itunes friendly app) can't locate it.

iTunes functions fine and udpates fine. but it appears i'm going to be hampered with outboard applications.

even if i have to export the music library and import into a new version of itunes?

macbook pro
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Nov 16, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: How To Sync A Folder With ITunes Music Library
How do I designate a watched folder so that music in that folder is synced with my iTunes music library?

Macbook Pro 2.66GHz
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Sep 14, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Missing Songs In Music Folder?
I recently found that I have missing files in my iTunes music folder. The missing songs seem to be random. For instance, Abby Road is missing tracks 3 and 6. My music folder is on my main hard drive and I also have a Time Capsule backup.

When I look for the songs in my backup disk, I find I have to go back as far as 4 months to restore some of them and I just now found a song that was there yesterday but gone today. This leads me to believe that a few songs are randomly being deleted every day. Anyone else with this problem?

I'm using iTunes 10.1 but apparently I've been having this problem for at least 4 months now so I believe it was an earlier version when it started happening.

MacBook Pro 13"
Mac OS X (10.6.5)
iTunes 10.1

Posted: Dec 16, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Missing Music Files And Exclamation Point?
iTunes on my macbook is a copy of from my desktop. I have not added any music to it and only use it to play music when I am travelling.

Last night I opened itunes and it was updating album covers..i think this is the first time i opened it since updating to 9.1? Anyways every track had an exclamation point and could not locate the file.

I updated to itunes 10 and that did not fix the issue.

I checked where my music should be stored (users/shared/itunes/itunes music) and the only files there are 2 folders called "Automatically add to itunes" and another called "Incomplete". In "Incomplete" are 2 files "downloads.bak" and "downloads.dat"

MacBook Aluminumum
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Oct 11, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Organizing Music And Adding Missing Artwork
I started to organize my music and add missing artworks. But it doesn't work very well... I fixed about 5 albums, it was working, but with one album it wasn't. I selected all songs from album, Get info, add artwork, OK, but nothing has changed. I tried another image, I tried restart itunes, restart mac, remove album from itunes library and add it back but nothing changed. Another problem: if I change (also in this album) the "Artist" and confirm it, it is changed. But when I "get info" again, artist will change immediately back. Where is the problem? Could be the files "locked" or something like this? How could I change the artwork? I use iTunes 10.0.1

MacBook Pro 13"
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Dec 13, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: How To Sync Over Music To New MBP
I want to sync over my music off my iMac to my MacBook Pro. I have a Belkin Firewire 800/400 9-pin to 6-pin cable. I used this cable to sync over info from my MacBook (3yrs old) to my iMac. I don't remember how I did this procedure. Plus I only want to put the music to this MacBook Pro, nothing else. Not sure where to go to start the process, and to only check that I want the music.

macbook pro 15"
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Jan 4, 2011

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ITunes Mac :: No (None) Payment Option When Setting Apple ID
I want to set up a free iTunes account but in the Ireland iTunes store there is no "None" payment option on the setup screen. I did it before but now it seems to have been removed. Is there a way to set up a free account?

2.53 Ghz
Mac OS X (10.6.5)
4 GB

Posted: Dec 23, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Sync To Different Library / Account For Music?
I have my iPhone sych'ed to my Mac iTunes (apps, podcasts) using iTunes account "itunes_mac_account". Unfortunately all our music, including purchased iTunes music, is on our Family PC, purchased using iTunes account "itunes_family". QUESTION: How can I, from my Mac, get music on my iPhone from the separate iTunes library (running on the Family PC, with "itunes_family" account? Is it possible? Ideally there would be away to have my iPhone, upon a sync: (a) get apps/podcasts automatically sync from Macbook "itunes_mac_account", and (b) music sync'ed from remote Family PC iTunes "itunes_family" account.

MacBook (Intel)
Mac OS X (10.4.9)

Posted: Dec 7, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Missing / Vanished Feature- Search Function In App Sync Tab
I just discovered that in iTunes 10.x I can't search for an app in the sync app tab anymore.

That's extremely disappointing when you are looking for an app that you want on your iDevice and have to browse through over 400 other apps to find it.


Macbook Air [4GB RAM], Mac Pro 2x2,8 [10GB RAM]
Mac OS X (10.6.5)

Posted: Dec 3, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Music Keeps Uploading The Same 70 Songs To My IPhone On Every Sync
I just had to restore my 2008 iMac from time machine backup due to a HDD failure. I restored and now whenever I sync my iPhone it takes forever. I notice that in the iTunes window it says "uploading 70 songs to iPhone". It does this every time. I believe they are the same songs from what I can tell. Also, it takes forever doing a backup each time. I believe this is due to iTunes thinking it has to RE-backup those 70 songs again. Before it settled on the 70 songs it would randomly sync different songs to upload to iPhone. Example: I would press sync and then it would upload 20 songs and then say sync complete. i would immediately press sync again and it would sync 8 songs and then say sync complete. etc. I do have the box checked to convert songs to 128 AAC. Until I restored from backup, I had no problems. I also have performed a complete restore on my iphone recently and it still re-uploads the same 70 songs. Sync is taking too long and this is driving me crazy.

iMac and MacBook
Mac OS X (10.6.3)
Late 2008 Models

Posted: May 13, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Way To Sync Music / Contacts And Calendars On Same IPhone 4?
I'm using my work computer for managing contacts & calendars and my home notebook for music. Both computers are MacOS.Is there a way to sync music, contacts and calendars on the same iPhone 4?

Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPhone4
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Jul 29, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Music From Iphone Unable To Sync To MacBook?
Two days ago, i got a new MacBook, never had one before. I go to try to add my music from my iphone to itunes, it said that i had to update my itunes 9.2.1, i did. now when i sync my phone, it only syncs for like maybe ten seconds, and does nothing. i tried to go to the one on one site on apple, it had nothing that helped me.

So how can I get my music from my phone to my itunes on my mac?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Nov 10, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Won't Sync Music To My IPhone 3GS 4.0.2
After I upgraded to iTunes 10, my iPhone will not sync any music apart from ONE album that I have purchased over the iTunes store.

All my other music I have in my iTunes will not sync, no matter what I try!

Is this a know problem and is there a way to make this work again?

And if not, how do I revert back to iTunes 9?

Posted: Dec 21, 2010

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ITunes :: Music On Ipad 2 Won't Sync With It On Mac-book
I bought a song on my iPad 2. Tried to sync it with iTunes on MacBook.It won't work. The song doesn't show up in the  MacBook's iTunes library listing.   

iPad 2, iOS 5.1

Posted: May 18, 2012

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ITunes :: Videos Missing In Library On Mac But Visible In Apple TV
I have the new 1080p Apple TV and have converted videos using Hand Brake (with the old Apple TV preset). My problem is that when I drag these videos into my iTunes library on my Mac, they don't show up in the Movies or TV Shows sections, but then when I go to Computers -> Movies -> Unknown Genre on the Apple TV, the videos show up there. If I go back to iTunes on my Mac and go to Movies, that movie isn't showing up even if I turn on the Column Browser and look at the All section.Is it possible that I'm making videos that are compatible with the Apple TV but not iTunes? I don't get any error messages or any indication that the file got added to the library. The video in question is an M4V, with "H.264, AAC, AC3" listed under codecs in Finder's Get Info, 1280x720, 2,083 total bit rate.I'm on Lion and have everything up to date.

Posted: May 16, 2012

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Applications :: Itunes 8 Missing Converted Tracks To Mp3 Option
In preferences you could choose which format itunes converted your library too. This option appears to have disappeared.

Posted: Sep 13, 2008

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Applications :: Convert ITunes Songs To AIFF - Option Missing
I regularly receive songs in WAV format. In the past, I have always converted them to AIFF to overcome tagging limitations with WAV. Up until recently, I converted songs from WAV to AIFF by right-clicking them in iTunes, then choosing "make AIFF file" (that's not the exact wording, but similar). Just tried to do so today and found that this option is now missing! Was this removed in the latest version of iTunes [I'm running 9.1.1 (12)]? Could it perhaps be restored by some command-line entry in Terminal?

Posted: Jun 4, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Apple Doesn't Fix Itunes Store Connection Issue / Alternative Site To Buy Music From?
If Apple doesn't fix this Itunes Store connection issue, I'm going to find a new source to buy music from.
This has been going on for some time and it looks like lots of people are affected.
I'm tired of waiting for Apple to get their act together and LET me spend money on them.
Anybody know a good alternative?

Posted: Nov 24, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: How To Sync IPod/iPhone And IPad With Music Listed In Home Sharing
1) You have all your music stored on an external HDD off a Mac Mini that drives the TV.

2) You have a MacBook and a MacBook Pro on the wireless network

3) Both Laptops have iTunes and both Laptops iTunes Library's point to the External HDD.

The ISSUE is any media bought on iTunes via the Laptops is stored on their respective HDD and is not synced back to the main external HDD.

macBook Pro 17"
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Jul 29, 2010

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OS X :: Itunes Shuffling Music And Option Not Selected
For starters, I have 15000 songs on my itunes. I upgraded to itunes 10 in an effort to resolve my problem, but that did nothing. I also deleted all my playlist I had. My itunes is shuffling my music, and I do not have that option selected. It is also choosing from 3 artist from the many I have and it keeps playing the same artist and songs over and over again. Have any of you had this problem or do you have any ideas on how I might fix it?

Posted: Sep 10, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Where Did The "Sync Selected Movies" Option Go
I upgraded to the new version of iTunes (10.1 (54)) this weekend. However, the new version no longer has the "Sync Selected Movies" option in the pull-down menu under the Movies tab. The only options provided are "all" or "unwatched" etc. How do I regain that functionality from the previous version? Or how do I set it to only sync the movies I have selected? I do not have enough storage space on my iPad to utilize either the "all" or "unwatched" options currently available.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Nov 29, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Merging All Music On Apple Devices
I have 4 apple devices, mini, ipod, ipad, iphone and my wife has purchased music/video etc separately on them. In other words, she has songs on the ipod that aren't on anything else, some video on her iphone that isn't anywhere and some stuff on the mini. how do I get everything on the mini and then back to all the devices? I heard you couldn't from one person and then someone else said you could but wasn't sure how.

Mac OS X (10.6.5)

Posted: Jan 4, 2011

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ITunes :: Purchased Music Is Missing
The purchased music folder in iTunes has only 2 recent purchases on it, and is missing all of the other albums.When I go onto iTunes Store, tha purchases are there, but do not appear in iTunes under purchased music.

Info:G5, Mac OS X (10.4.8)

Posted: Jun 16, 2012

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Applications :: Itunes - Copy Music To Library But Not Video Option?
So I love keeping all my music in Itunes, well organized and on my local machine, so I have this checked in preferences. I however never want iTunes to save videos in the libary.

I have a large external hardrive that I am using to backup my entire DVD collection in friendly .m4v format. Playing them on my Mac however opens iTunes and copies a file that is nearly 1GB to my local hard drive.

Posted: Aug 6, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Apple TV Sync Doesn't Happen Automatically?
I have an ongoing annoying issue with the sync between iTunes and the AppleTV. When I launch iTunes after a restart, my AppleTV gets synced automatically. But as I leave iTunes running over a series of days, automatic syncing to the AppleTV just stops happening. I can sync manually by hitting SYNC but that defeats the purpose of automatic syncing. I recently did a full system reset on the AppleTV to see if that would make a difference, going back to 2.1 and then performing the instream upgrades.

MacPro Quad 2.8, MBP 17, MacBook Air
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Jun 29, 2010

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ITunes Mac :: Sync Ipod And Apple Tv To A Library Transferred To New IMac?
I have a question regarding moving an itunes library to a new computer and what happens to the devices that were synced with it.

I moved a clients entire iTunes folder from the user-music folder on one iMac to another iMac, replacing it's itunes folder.

I then opened iTunes and it read the library just fine, all content intact.

The issue was with syncing the ipods that were originally connected to the previous computer.

I thought that I could just hook up their iPod to the new iMac, since it is essentially the same iTunes folder/content/data and all should continue syncing just fine. Nope.

The ipod (touch) would show 'syncing' yet no data would move between it and the new iMac.

Same thing with their Apple TV - it was originally being synced with the older iMac.

I had hoped, once moving the entire itunes folder to the new imac, that itunes would just go on talking with the Apple TV. Not the case.

So far, the only thing I can do is to do a 'restore' on the ipod touch, then treat it like a new ipod and sync it with the new computer.

I haven't dealt with the Apple TV issue yet - it would not be fun to erase the entire contents of the apple tv, then resync with the new imac. Lots of data to move around - but perhaps this is the only way?

Kind of a bummer. Is this correct?

It never gave me the 'this ipod is being synced with another computer/library' message either. It 'seemed' like it was going to work as I had hoped.

I looked all over the computer, preferences folders, etc. to see if I could find something that associated the ipod with a particular library. I did locate the ipod backups folder in the application support folder and moved it over to the new computer too.

I've always moved client's itunes library from their old computer to new computer without issues - I don't remember their being an issue with previously synced devices like iPods/iphones/Apple TV's.

Posted: May 18, 2010

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ITunes :: Apps Already On IPhone And Sync Music With A New ITunes Library?
I have a new-to-me MacBook (running Lion) and I just downloaded all my music into iTunes. I had been sync'd with an old PC laptop previously.  If I choose to sync my iPhone (4S) with iTunes on the MacBook, will it delete my apps and data (as the warning in iTunes leads me to believe)?  I do use iCloud backup on the iPhone, and I've got all kinds of apps installed (and arranged to my liking).  What's the best way to have my music sync with the MacBook without having to reinstall my apps? 

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4), iPhone 4S

Posted: Jun 12, 2012

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ITunes :: My Entire Music Folder Is Missing
My entire iTunes music folder is missing. An "!" appears next to every song I try to play in iTunes. My playlist is still in iTunes but I can't locate any of the music. I tried searching for a song on all my hard drives but couldn't find it. The inside of my iTunes folder looks like this

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Jun 28, 2012

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ITunes :: Lockdown Folder Missing - Unable To Sync
Since getting my iPhone 3GS just a few months ago, I have never been able to connect to iTunes. I was getting a strange error code, but when I tried again today, I got this message instead, "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. Could not allocate a resource." I have had this phone for months now, but have never connected it to iTunes, and would REALLY like to so I can back things up. I have tried plugging into EVERY USB on the back of my iMac. The same thing happens in each one. I've also tried unlugging ALL other peripherals, and still nothing. Oh, and FYI, the phone connects just fine to iPhoto.

Read this in Console: "Could not create /var/db/lockdown//SystemConfiguration.plist: No such file or directory." Tried to reset the lockdown folder as described in step #6 of this article: [URL], but it says "The folder can't be found." So, I can't continue on with the steps. Now what? 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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ITunes :: Missing Music Files On Hard Drive?
This morning I went to find a band I haven't listened to in a while and it was not in the iTunes library.  Did a quick search for the folder on the hard-drive and its not there either. The only thing I can think is maybe the upgrade to Lion did something I hadn't expected.  But not sure.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I THINK I might have it stored on an external...but what a pain to find all the possibly missing music.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Apr 7, 2012

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ITunes Mac :: Music Videos Bought From Apple Store Playing Sound Only
I have bough three music videos from the Store. I have just had to reformat an reinstall a new system on my iMac. I reinstalled all the music, registered the Computer. All music is there but the Music Videos are playing sound only and no video. The video window shows a single frame only. Any ideas on what is going on here. I can play home movies created and uploaded from iMovie but not the three music videos from Apple

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Jul 31, 2010

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ITunes :: Keeps Copying The Same Music Every Sync?
As of iTunes 10.6, iTunes has been having strange syncing issues with my iPhone. I had to delete all my backups (it said that they were corrupted), and every time I sync, I have to wait for it to re-copy the same 54 songs. The songs are weirdly chosen: some of the Halo soundtracks, plus one Glee song. As far as I can tell, the songs share nothing in common (no playlist, I haven't been listening to them, etc). They remain on the iPhone after a sync, they're there, but whenever I try to sync, they re-copy.

Posted: Mar 15, 2012

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ITunes :: Cannot Sync Music To IPhone
I can't seem to sync music to my iphone. I have done this previously without issue. 

I click on sync but then it reverts back to the previous status, and syncs only photos and apps. 

Posted: Jun 3, 2012

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Applications :: ITunes Store - Some Categories Missing (Music / Movies)
I just recently started my Itunes account, I noticed that some of the categories are missing like Music, TV shows, Movies, Audiobooks. The only categories present are AppStore, Podcasts and Itunes U. How to add the missing categories?

Posted: Aug 22, 2010

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