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IMac :: How To Reformat My External Hard Drive

I have 2 WD External Hard Drive Im trying to copy files from one to the other it wont let me because its read only..

If i Reformat the one with the files so i can copy it using my imac would i lose my files in there?

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IMac Intel :: How To Reformat My External Hard Drive - Fat 32
i just got a WD My Book Essential and the box says you have to reformat it for it to work with macs. There were no directions inside on how to do this, i followed the install directions and never saw anything about formatting it, and now its on my desktop as if its already installed. my last hard drive is formatted as fat 32 b/c i never saw anything about formatting it and i dont want to mess this one up. So how do i format it for macs and not as fat 32?

Posted: Apr 9, 2010

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IMac :: Unable To Recognize External Hard Drive / After Reformat
Yesterday I reformatted my Macintosh hard drive, partitioned it, installed Snow Leopard on one partition and Windows 7 on the other. I installed all the drivers for Windows 7 from the Snow Leopard disc.

When I plug in my 1TB Seagate external hardrive it's not showing up in Snow Leopard or Windows 7. Not even in Disk Utility. I tried plugging the external drive into my Windows laptop and a pop-up comes up saying "USB Device Not Recognised. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognise it." I think that this may just be because it's formatted to Mac OSX?

The hardrive had all of my photos, videos and music on so I hope it's salvageable. I find it hard to believe that the hard drive malfunctioned at the same time I reinstalled the software onto the iMac.

Posted: Jul 7, 2010

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IMac Intel :: How To Reformat External Hard Drive From NTFS To HFS+
I was wondering how I would reformat my external hard drive from NTFS to HFS+.

imac intel(early 2009)
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Apr 21, 2010

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OS X :: External Hard Drive Or Reformat Old One?
On my vista / xp machines, I have several external hard drives, Seagate, WD, HP, and 1 enclosure kit which contains some old internal hard drive.I don't really need all these drives on my VISTA/XP machines, as I'm trying to migrate to MAC.

I mostly use my mac for photos & creating home movies. So backing up the priceless pictures of my kids is critical.Do I really need to buy a MAC based external hard drive? or can i simply reformat one of my old drives to use on my mac. I know macs have their own file system (as pc's have fat32&ntfs).

Will apple time machine work with a generic re-formatted external hard drive.I also notice their are fewer choices for MAC ready external hard drives ...less specials than PC based externals.

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

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OS X :: New External Hard Drive Reformat Methods?
I've never done anything but plug a HD in and get right to work. Now that I've got an Apple, I'm a total nervous Nellie.I just got a WD external hard drive that is FAT32. I understand that the Mac can read/write this format. Would you recommend that I change it to HFS+ or should I leave well enough alone?

Posted: Jul 16, 2008

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OS X :: Reformat External Hard Drive - Formatted For MSDOS?
I try erasing it again and making sure it is formatted for MSDOS and still no luck. So I try partitioning and that is also no luck. 1 part for mac, other free space because no windows option was present

Posted: Jul 22, 2009

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Hardware :: How To Reformat External Hard Drive From PC To Mac
I have a SimpleTech external HD that I want to reformat from PC to Mac. I went to disk utilities and selected "erase", but it will not erase the HD so that I can reformat it.

I have since attached it to my PC, but do not know how to erase/reformat on a PC (I'm a Mac user that only uses my PC for running specific programs). How can I erase this hard drive and reformat it?

Posted: Apr 28, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Reformat External Hard Drive?
I have been using my Seagate external hard drive for movies on my Windows PC and now I have a MacBook. I want to add more movies from my Macbook to the hard drive but it's read only. I want to drag these movies to the harddrive without loosing what's already on there. Can I reformat without loosing everything?


Posted: May 13, 2012

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Intel Mac :: External Hard Drive Reformat?
I purchased an external hard drive ( a Seagate 2 TB Expansion Desktop Drive) and was told by the MAC rep in the store to perform the following simple task to reformat the disk so I could drag and drop files from my iMAC and store them on the external hard drive: 

1. Go to Disk Utility

2. Choose the External Hard Drive

3. Select Erase

4. Select MAC OS Extended (Journaled)

5. Click on Erase button 

Unfortunately when I do this, I get the following error: Disk erase Failed with Error: File system formatter failed? I have Mac OS X (10.5.8)...

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Jun 29, 2012

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OS X :: Reformat External Hard Drive For Time Machine Methods?
I have a Western Digital 500gig external hard drive (model wd5000c032) which I'd like to completely reformat to use with my macbook pro and Time Machine (running os 10).As it is now, my mac can only use 147 gigs, and often gives an error message saying it needs additional space to backup. It was previously used on a pc to hold pictures, but I doubt it used anything near 357 gigs for that.

Posted: Mar 29, 2009

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MacBook :: Reformat A Toshiba External Hard Drive To Work?
I purchased a Toshiba Canvio 3.0 external hard drive and I need to reformat it to work with my Mac.

Posted: Feb 5, 2012

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OS X Leopard :: Reformat External Hard Drive - Does Time Machine Erase
I recently backed up my MacBook through Time Machine because I wanted to delete all of the multiple iPhoto Libraries/Photos/Thumbails/Extras. I backed everything up beforehand and everything is where I want it to be.I was wondering if, when I back up my MacBook again, does Time Machine erase what I have erased on my original hard drive?

Posted: Dec 27, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: How To Reformat An External Hard Drive After Time Machine
I have an external hard drive upon which I put movie files that I view through a Sony box (like the Roku box). I brought my MacBook in for a repair and connected the same external HD and used Time Machine to make a back up. It did reformat it in order to do so, but since the Sony box isn't a pc or mac I didn't think it would make a difference, but now the Sony box won't recognize HD. Is there a way to reformat it on my MacBook so that I can use it on the Sony box again, or do I need to reformat it with a Windows computer? I had no issues when transferring files only and using the Sony box.

Posted: Feb 18, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Reformat My External Hard Drive With OS Extended Using Desk Utility?
How do I reformat my external hard drive with Mac OS extended using desk utility?

Info:Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Reformat Hard Drive If IMac Locks Frequently?
My Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 is 3 years old. I am having major problems with it. For the past 3 weeks now, everytime I try to use the Creative Suite 4 applications, the computer locks up...spins and spins and spins. I force quit when I can and oftentimes I cannot. I ran the disk utility from the Installation Disk and ran disk repair. The message that I received was a minor one but the problem continues....Vol Bit Map has minor problems. Does reformatting the hard drive is a good idea? It seems that I can get online with no problems. I have backed up all important files and am ready to reformat but want to make sure first that this option is the only one I have.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Feb 19, 2012

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Hardware :: Unable To Transfer Music From External Drive / Reformat The Internal Drive?
I recently bought a macbook pro and am making the transition from a pc to mac. It's all gone well so far, but I'm not sure what to do with my music. I currently have about 200 gb of music on my external hard drive (connected to my pc.) The internal hard drive on my pc does not have space to accomodate the files on my external.

I do not have the "Copy files to iTunes music folder" currently enabled because my internal doesn't have space. (And I like having the original music files in a separate location as I have over 30,000 songs). I don't know how to transfer my external and music to my macbook, since I will have to reformat the drive (which would erase everything on it, therefore I somehow have to make a backup either on my mac or on my pc. but what to do about the iTunes .xml file and iTunes folder on the internal pc drive??).

Posted: Jun 13, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: What Format Shall I Use To Reformat External Hard Drives
I have two external Hard drives, for the sake of arguement I'll call them 'old' and 'new'.The old HD has already been in use for additional storage space ion my old PC laptop. It is FAT32 format.I wish to use it to store extra files on but also to transfer large amounts of data to other computers, and therefore it needs to work well in both PC and Mac environs. As FAT32 it sort of worked on my macbook but encountered some annoying niggling problems (such as not recognizing when stuff was trashed etc etc).

Posted: Dec 13, 2008

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Reformat An External Hard Disk
How do I reformat a USB external drive with two partitions one of which is corrupted.

Disk Utility will not work because the faulty partition prevents unmounting of the disk.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Macbook Air bought August 2011

Posted: May 11, 2012

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IMac PPC :: Make Hard Drive Into An External Hard Drive
I've had a lot of problems with my iMac G5 power supply and since I have newer computers I've decided to get rid of this computer. 

I want to save the hard drive and put it in a case, then use it as an external drive on my other Macs. 

What sort of case do I need to shop for? Should I look for SATA or what exactly is the proper nomenclature. 

Is USB 2 the preferred choice, or Firewire, or what? Is there a USB 3? I use a mid-2010 27 inch iMac with the intel processor, and I needed to buy an adapter to use my older Firewire external drive. Is Firewire a dodo? 

Posted: Mar 1, 2012

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OS X :: WD Portable Hard Drive Reformat?
I have a WD Passport Portable hard drive which I use as a Time Machine for my iMac.I'm close to filling it up and I will be getting a bigger hard drive for it.I would like to use my WD hard drive again on my daughters PC so she can save her school work. I know it needs to be re-formatted to work with a PC again but I dont know how to do it.

Posted: Oct 1, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: How To Reformat External Hard Drives With Utility Application
I am a liberated PC user of 25 yrs, having just installed my new iMac. All went well, but I am not able to figure out how to reformat my old external hard drives (FAT32), which I've been told I need to do to use them for auxiliary photo backups.

iMac 24" 2.66
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Aug 4, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Reformat My Hard Drive?
How do I reformat my hard drive?

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Feb 5, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: How To Reformat Hard Drive (OS X 10.7.3)
How do you reformat a MacBook Pro (OS X 10.7.3) 2011s Hard drive? I already backed up all the files I wanted to save. But since I have the new Macbook pro 2011 (only a few months since I got it) it didn't come with an installation disc, but instead already came with all the applications. I'm wondering how to reformat the hard drive so it wipes out everything and I can start fresh and what would happen to all the applications?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Feb 16, 2012

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MacBook Air :: Reformat An External Hard Disc, Before Used As Time Machine?
How do I reformat an external hard disc, before used as time machine?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Freecom hard disc

Posted: Mar 24, 2012

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IMac :: External Hard Drive Or External Dvd Drive
my mac has a pioneer dvd drive in it and it wont read my dvd+r dl and I am wanting to burn a mac os 10.5.dmg to it and install 10.5 but the dang thing is ejecting it. So what should I do to get it to work get the external dvd and run it from it or get a external hard drive and try it that way.

Posted: Dec 31, 2009

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Reformat The Hard Drive On MacBook Pro 10.5.8
how do i reformat the hard drive on my macBook Pro 10.5.8 - dvd player doesn't work - otherwise what is the best way to delete stuff off the hd  I want to keep the os on it.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Mar 27, 2012

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OS X Leopard :: Will Time Machine Erase / Reformat External Drive
I'm installing 10.5 on a MacBook for a friend. The external drive he has already has a bunch of files on it. I assume that when I restart the MacBook in 10.5 with the external drive plugged in it will ask if I want to use the drive for Time Machine. Will answering yes cause the drive to be erased/reformatted, or will it just add the sparse image to the hard drive?

Intel iMac
Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Jan 31, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: Can't Reformat Hard Drive After Trying To Install Windows With Bootcamp
I have a serious problem (or at least I think I do) after trying to install Windows XP through Bootcamp. It seems that OS X has been completely overwritten during the process 100%. When starting up the iMac, it just goes to a black screen, and states that it cannot boot at the top of the screen. The only way to access anything is by holding down C while starting up, but that won't allow me to do much either. I've tried to re-install OX X using the proper original grey disc that came with the computer, yet when it asks me to choose a place to install it to, it doesn't offer any choice at all. So when I then go to Disc Utility I can't even re format the hard drive. Erase won't allow me to do anything, as none of the options can be pressed, they aren't available at all. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what's happened, and I'm going round in circles trying to fix it. I thought I'd just be able to reinstall OS X, but apparently not, there's nowhere to install it to, and I can't remove the Windows crap, because Disc Utility doesn't let me do that either.


Posted: Feb 12, 2010

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IDVD (iLife 09/11) :: Moved Those Files From IMac Hard Drive To An External Drive?
I created a DVD, using iMovie and iDVD, ending up with 6 movies in the iDVD menu window. Then, I moved those files (images, iMovie events and projects) from my iMac hard drive to an external drive. Now when I open the DVD project, I'm told (of course) that "the following files could not be found" and 12 missing files (audio and video for each movie) are listed in a window. The window gives me the option to "find file." That's more than iMovie does, by the way.

So I select the first file, and bingo! it's restored---but populates all 6 windows in the iDVD menu. I figure I can select all 12 files from the "missing files" window by using the control, shift, option or option keys, but nope, only one. And, once I have restored that one file, I cannot get the "missing files" window to reappear when I close/reopen the DVD, so I can select another.My question is: how do I restore ALL those missing files? So my question is: how can I use the "missing

Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Nov 6, 2009

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IMac Intel :: External Disc Drive (not Hard Drive) Compatible With 27"?
I have a few hundred mini CD-R discs that have pictures on them shot with a Sony CD350. The camera died. I have been transferring the pictures from a Dell computer to a Compact Flash card, then from Flash card to iPhoto '09 on the iMac. This takes a lot of time but does work.

Question: Is there an external disk drive out there that will work with the iMac?

One more thing, I really don't want to put a windows os on my iMac. (Trying to break completely free of Windows if at all possible.) All the disk drives I'm finding say they require Windows of some sort.

iMac 27 Intel 3.06 Ghz Core 2 Duo
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Feb 26, 2010

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IMac :: External Storage - Ssd Drive - 2TB Hard Drive
I'm curious what people use for external storage on their iMacs. I have a Mac Pro which is getting a little long in the tooth. I'm debating whether to get a new Mac Pro or to get an iMac, which would be a pretty good speed bump from my Mac Pro 1,1. I'd get the ssd drive, and the 2TB harddrive and get aftermarket RAM. But what I like about the Mac Pro is the upgrades you can do. And I like the four hard drive bays, for storage and backup. I've got over 3 TB of photos and music/tv/movies, so I'm going to need an external drive. In addition, I'd like to be able to backup everything. Is there an elegant way to do this on an iMac with an external drive that isn't super loud and hot?

Posted: Nov 22, 2010

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IMac :: Freezes While Using External Hard Drive As Main Drive
Lately I've been using my external hard drive as the main drive of my imac I5 and every day it freezes when I open 3 or 4 apps or more or while doing several stuff at the same time. This, obviously, doesnt happen when using the internal hard drive of the imac, so I suppose is due to using firewire 800 or usb 2.0. Is it normal for every external hard drive to freeze when using it as the main drive or maybe is it that my external hard drive is bad?

I'm planning on buying a more quieter external hard drive to use as the main drive of my imac, but I wont do so if it also keeps freezing every day. Any suggestions? Is it normal even when using firewire 800? When using the external hard drive I umount the internal drive of the imac. Maybe this is the reason? Its a Lacie Big Disk 500GB. Would an external SSD make a difference or would it still freeze?

Posted: Jun 6, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: ReFormat Hard Drive Partition - Erase SSD Side?
I have the Seagate Momentus XT and I have a quick question. If I reformat the Hard Drive portion does that erase the SSD side as well? If not how do I erase the SSD side of it.

Posted: Aug 14, 2010

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IMac Intel :: 27" IMac Wont Read External Hard-drive
I have a 500gb external hard drive and it won't read it or even find it. Anyone know why!

27" iMac 2.66GHz i5 quad core
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: May 16, 2010

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IMac :: PC External Hard Drive To Mac?
I don't know if this was covered or not, but I couldn't find anything on it. I have an external hard drive that is formatted to my PC. I want to use it for my Mac but I can't edit, delete, copy files because it's formatted to my PC. Now, is there a way to format it to Mac without taking everything off and putting it back on?

Posted: Jul 2, 2009

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IMac :: External Hard Drive Format
I'm looking to format my external, which i did but one question under Info it says

Format : Mac OS Extended
Capacity : 999.86 GB
Available : 999.28 GB
Used : 579.4 MB on disk (579,424,256 bytes)

What is the used space about? When it should be 100% empty?

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

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IMac Intel :: Install OS X.6 Onto My External Hard Drive?
How do I install OS X.6 onto my external hard drive? Can I just drag the SYSTEM folder from my intel-based iMac into the external drive?I think I may be missing some install OS X CD's -- for the iMac. I have the iMac OSX Install disc 1 -- and -- OSX Install Disc 2.Or can I just install X.6 to the extended drive?If I do have to install directly to the extended drive, will I have an option to switch drives -- I don't remember having this option.

Mac OS X (10.6)

Posted: Sep 16, 2009

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IMac Intel :: External Hard Drive Not Visible
When I plug in my external hard drive through a USB it doesn't show. I thought it was bad so bought a new one and it doesn't show up. Where can I find it?

Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Dec 7, 2009

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IMac Intel :: External Hard Drive Unmounts Itself
I have a WD 500Gb external hard drive which I use solely for Time machine. The other day for no reason I got the error message that the drive had not been properly ejected. Since then the Mac does not recognise that the hard drive is attached. I have tried using the Disk Utility to repair permissions and repair disk but this has had no effect. There is some crucial information in Time Machine that I need to recover.

Posted: Jun 7, 2010

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