Choose A Macbook Pro For Music Editing

Feb 20, 2012

so ive just started TAFE/college doing sound production and i can't decide if i should get the high end 13" 2.7GHz i7 MBP or the low end 15" 2.0GHz i7. both refurbished. or if i need one at all? my current pc is abit old and i would like a new computer to run either logic or cubase depending what i end up with (pc/mac) so i can do music edits and mixing (maybe with visuals) for TAFE and possibly for my future career, i also plan to do home recordings when i can get the equipment. Nothing too fancy just basic home recordings. I can afford the 15" but wuld i be better off getting ther 13" and saving the money to buy the recording equipment i.e interface, cond mic.


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ITunes :: How To Choose What Music Goes Onto IPhone

May 17, 2012

My iPhone has finally hit capacity, mostly with music.I don't want to delete things from my library, because my comptuer has plenty of space, but I want to limit what gets sync'd to my iphone. I.E. There is old music that I don't listen to regularly anymore that I don't want on my iPhone, but I would still like to keep.I know one option would be to create a playlist and just sync that playlist, but I don't want to have to drag new stuff into a playlist every time (Because I know I will forget.)

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MacBook Air :: Production - Handle Heavy Music Editing With Logic Pro - Lack Of External Port?

Mar 23, 2008

I do not own any Mac at home, but looking into one for college. I have read up on all the pros/ cons of the MBA (non-removable battery and RAM, lack of ports and optical drive, etc). I am not a computer gamer, so I stick to the consoles. I was wondering if a MBA is ideal for any kind of music production. Can it handle heavy music editing with GB or Logic Pro? Is it ideal with the somewhat "lack" of external ports? share your opinions and/ or experiences with music production for fun or work on a MBA. (By the way, I am asking this to decide whether I should be looking into a MBA or MBP for college September of 2009, so I have LOTS of time to wait for newer models).

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Software :: Editing Music Files?

Aug 6, 2008

This might be silly but i really dont know how to do it.

Its simple,

You know in Windows, if you want to rename a music file, you can simply right click on it, then you go to properties.

Then you can go to Summery, then after clicking on Advanced you can edit every information about that music file, such as artist, album, gender, year and so on.

in the mac, i tried clicking command+I to open the info for that track, but i couldnt change any of the information just like the windows.

Please note that even if you edit these information with iTunes, its still not change the original file.

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Applications :: Editing Two Videos To One Music Track?

Dec 31, 2010

Currently using iMovie or iMovie HD to edit two videos of my friend and I playing classical music. There is no obvious way to edit two videos to an audio track. Do I need to buy Final Cut? I really only need this facility once or twice a year.

Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory; 4Gb 1067 MHz DDR3
Mac OS X 10.6.5

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Applications :: Software For Recording And Editing Music?

Apr 13, 2010

i have written a pretty cool song..and a friend of mine has a mic, which i can plug into my macbook. My question is , whats the bets software for recording it. and also editing it?

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Applications :: Editing Software For Creating Music Sets

Oct 27, 2009

I need a music editing software for creating music sets for my bellydancing sets. I need to be able to cut pieces of songs to create intros and exits. I want to be able to fade the beginning and end of songs. I also want to be able to add a recorded introduction to the beginning of a song. I've tried audacity, but it required another software to put it in the right format for burning to a cd. too many steps. I want a software that can read the songs from itunes and create the set in a format that can be easily burned to a cd.

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Applications :: Music Editing Software For Mac - Itunes Songs

Feb 21, 2010

I have a good number of songs (and will continue to have) that I love, but they have just 1 or 2 swear words. That just ruins the whole song for me. I would really like to know (as well as friends who have asked me) where or IF I can get a music editing application for my mac so that I can edit iTunes songs. I just simply want to make it so that there is the classic *beep* sound instead of the swear word, or even just mute the vocal while the sole beat of the music is still going on (like how the radio stations do it).

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MacBook Air :: Choose Between Rev C And Rev D

Jan 1, 2011

I just got a refurbished MacBook Air from apple. What they didn't tell me when I ordered was that it was Rev C. I got the 13 with the 2.13 processor. It was $200 less than the Rev D. Question is should I send it back and get Rev D with 1.86 processor for $200 or keep Rev C. Biggest difference I see is SD card slot.

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MacBook Air :: Can't Choose Between MB MBP And Air?

Oct 15, 2008

Well I have some money from a research grant to buy a new laptop as my trusty old Dell Latitude D610 is really starting to give up the ghost. I decided after I bought my Pro that I really didn't want to go back to crappy PC laptops, and I'm really psyched after the notebook update to get one of the new models, but I really don't know which.

Anyway, I went down to the Apple Store today to play with new the new MBs/MBPs. Everything was going pretty well really - until I realised how bloody heavy and wide the damn thing is! It feels quite a bit heavier than my Dell even though it's only 250g more. I virtually always have my laptop with me, and the more I think about it, the more the weight factor might become a deal-breaker for me. Actually, not having my laptop in the bag for the first time in a while has really made me realise how heavy the damn thing is - I'm not sure I want to put up with that for the next couple of years.

If I'm honest, the Air is really what I want. But I'm not sure how well it will cope with my daily routine, which generally has some of the following:

Running scientific programming applications - post-processing data, Fourier transforming it, etc. I've been really encouraged by the two-page thread on these forums saying that MBA is capable of doing this sort of thing. The 6MB L2 cache sounds really good.Casual gaming is something I've not been able to do with my D610, and it'd be nice if it were capable of running some lower end games (for example CS:S, HL2) even at reduced resolution. I've heard the 9400M should be good enough for this, but maybe I'll wait on that. Clearly the MBP is more cut out for this.

As you can see from my sig, I like photography quite a bit. Most of my photo work is done on the Mac Pro, but often I'll find myself out and about and would like to download the photos; it would be nice to be able to run Lightroom.

I listen to a heck of a lot of music, but I don't think there will be a problem here.
I'm virtually always online, web browsing and e-mail etc but again I don't think this will be a problem.

I think I can live with only the single USB port, and the lack of a DVD drive doesn't bother me greatly. Ethernet is a bit of a pain - ideally I'd like gigabit ethernet, so I'd need to give this some thought. Nothing I have has a Firewire port on it. Generally the only thing that gets plugged into my laptop is the iPhone and my headphones, so I think I'm good on that front.

The MB is also a sensible option, with most of the pros of the Air without the drawbacks. Weight is slightly less than my existing laptop, and I guess it's probably just as portable. It also has the option of a higher 2.4GHz processor, and more in terms of expandability. Not sure whether I really want this or not, though.

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MacBook Pro :: Which External HD To Choose For It?

Jul 15, 2009

Have narrowed it down to two. G Tech G Drive Mini or Seagate Free agent Go , both have great reviews and are Mac and Time Machine ready. The G tech is a little pricier, but cost is not a factor.

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MacBook Pro :: Choose The Right HD For 13"?

May 22, 2012

It has a 250gb SATA 5400rpm drive already.  I want something WAAAYY bigger.  I just want to make sure it is the right size and can copy over my old hd.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook :: Unable To Choose Mac Book Or Pro ?

Jun 7, 2009

i want to buy a Mac book.. but i am not able to understand which one i should buy.. the purpose is just gaming, doing my office work and other recreational activities like.. watching movies.. editing phots.. etc.. so can you let me know which Mac book should i buy...

I like mac book white... so the performance of Mac book pro.. higher or too much higher than Mac book White ??? If i run application like Aperture.. can Mac book white be able to run smoothly without being slow ???

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MacBook Pro :: Almost Everyone Choose Matte Against Glossy?

Nov 22, 2009

Over the past few months of perusing my way through the forums I have noticed a lot of people prefer matte over glossy.....Of course, we all have personal preference - but it just seems a LOT of people always say get a matte screen.

Why is this? I personally prefer the glossy. I'm on a 24" Alu iMac now with the glossy display, checked out the MBP in store and prefer the glossy...

I like the glossy for the high picture quality, I did do a test side by side of matte and glossy, and glossy just looked a lot better. Reflections can be a pain at times, but its not too hard to just move your display a few inches

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MacBook Air :: MBA Pictured On Updated Why Choose Mac

Aug 19, 2010

apple updated its website to include a new page why choose mac. on the notebook page there seems to be a closed mba. i was thinking the mba was eol but the fact it is used in marketing may indicate it has life left

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MacBook :: Can Choose The Language In A Rental

Jun 2, 2012

can I choose the language in a rental movie?

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MacBook Pro :: SSD/HD In Optibay: How Do Choose Which Drive To Boot From

Aug 3, 2010

I just did the whole SSD/optibay upgrade, and now i have a question about booting from the SSD.I used CCC to clone my HD to the new SSD. After it was cloned, I installed the drives into my macbook pro, placing the SSD in the original HD bay, and the old HD into the optibay. When i turned on my computer, i think my laptop was still booting from the old HD. How do i set things so that i boot from the new SSD? I plan to use the old HD for music/movies/documents. I tried a search but didn't come across anything.

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MacBook Pro :: SSD+HDD Setup And Can't Choose A Startup Disk?

Aug 11, 2010

So I have a Solid State Drive with a OSX Partition and a Windows 7 Partition and a 320 gb hard drive formatted into journaled. I went into the "System Preferences" and "Startup Disk" and the only thing I see is "network startup". What does this mean?It takes ages to boot into OSX unless I start the computer and manually pick a partition and I'm assuming it's because I don't have a startup disk selected yet. I tried switching the position of the hard drive (SSD in hard drive bay and HDD in optical base and vice versa)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Choose The Right One - Streaming Lot Of Movies And Shows Of Netflex

Jun 20, 2012

I am trading in my 2009 macbook pro so now I am trying to pick the one I want. I stream a lot of movies and tv shows off of netflix but otherwise I'm just an average computer user.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7)

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OS X :: Macbook Is Making Me Choose 'untitled' Hard Drive On Start Up?

Nov 24, 2009

I'm relatively new to Mac, only had mine for 6 months. Everything's going well and it's working fine, however, on 3 occasions in the last 2 months, when I've turned it on, before it goes to the white screen with the circling loading icon, it's made me click on the 'untitled' icon of my hard drive (at least I think that's what it is). The computer doesn't seem to run slower or encounter any other problems following this, I'm just a bit concerned as there doesn't seem to be any reason for it. I don't have Windows as an optional operating system etc.

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MacBook :: Finding Free Music - Came With Over 2000 Music Files Is This Normal

Jun 27, 2009

I just recently bought a white macbook and it came with over 2000 music files is this normal?

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IMac :: 2.93 Or 3.06 GHz Which One To Choose?

Mar 17, 2009

Hi. I'm a composer using Logic Studio. I'm planning on buying the new Imac but i m still hesitating between the 2.93 and 3.06 GHz. Is there a major difference between both? Is it worth 160 euros to upgrade to 3.06 or is the 2.93 enough? Is there a big difference?

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Hardware :: Which Keyboard Better To Choose

Dec 6, 2010

I am receiving my new Mac Pro this week. In PC world I typically used a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. Presently I am on an original keyboard of the sort that accompanied this G4 tower. I really don't like these new keyboards that come with the current Macs. Too thin, white buttons, wrong feel. I have spent some hours researching keyboards. I would like to have a correct Mac keyset, if possible.

What are you using, the original keyboard, or have you replaced it? If you have replaced it, what did you buy, do you like it, and why? I would try one of the Tactile Pro keyboards found here, but hate the fact that it is white. It is hard enough to keep keyboards clean without them being white. I also wonder about wireless. It seems another thing to go wrong, though I may try a wireless mouse. What are you doing for a mouse?

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Windows On Mac :: How To Choose The 32 Or 64 Bit Version

Jan 19, 2009

I'm about to install Windows Vista Ultimate (boot camp), but I don't know if I should choose the 32 or 64 bit version.

I'm talking about my unibody MBP 2,8ghz 4GB RAM.

I know only the 64bit can use all 4gigs of RAM installed, but maybe there are some other things I should know about too?

A while ago, a list was posted here with all software compatible with Vista x64 (but I can't find it again unfortunately) Can anyone post a link to that list too?

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OS X :: Can't Choose Proper Resolution For My TV

Jun 10, 2009

Yesterday, when I tried connecting my unibody MBP to my LCD TV, I could not choose the right resolution which has always been 1366 x 768. I ran some updates before this issue occured.

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Applications :: To Choose A Signature ?

Feb 8, 2010

I have mail Version 3.6 (936) on my macbook. I have created 8 different signatures. However when I write a new mail and go to the drop down window to choose a sig. I am only given 3 to choose from. How do I get all 8 in the drop down window?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Cannot Choose Signature

May 9, 2012

I copied a signature from word into mail signature. However, i can not choose signature. apple does not let me change anthing none.

how do i have my signature added to my outgoing mail?

iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Final Cut Pro X :: 10.1.3 - Choose Another SAN Location

Aug 31, 2014

I have just upgraded to 10.1.3 and Final Cut Pro still cannot update ALL my projects and events that are in the Old Final Cut Projects and Events on my 2T My Passport external HD. 

I get a message that this location - My Passport - is not a valid and that I should choose another SAN location or folder. 

I'm at a loss here. I have always been able to use the external HD when using Final Cut Pro. 

I have watched Final Cut Pro how-to-update videos, have searched these discussions but to no avail. 

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MacBook :: When I Reboot My Machine And Run Disk Utility And Choose Repair Disk, It Hangs?

Nov 25, 2009

I am trying to repair my disk so I can install bootcamp, but when I reboot my machine and run disk utility and choose repair disk, it hangs. Does anyone have any ideas ?

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OS X :: Unable To Choose Drive When CD Boots Up

Mar 5, 2009

I am trying to install Mac OSX on a PC via the use of iATKOS 2.1. When the CD Boots up, I am unable to choose my drive.

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