Windows On Mac :: High Pitched Noise When Starting Bootcamp Windows

Sep 1, 2010

after i get to the windows loading screen my mac just throws out a consistent high pitched sound and shows a black screen, i can only get into bootcamp windows when i unplug the computer and start it up with the running windows normally option. is this a virus?

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MacBook :: Brightness High Pitch Noise In Bootcamp With Windows

Jul 18, 2009

I have a macbook ALU. When I stay in bootcamp with windows if I put the brightness between 30 80%
I listen a high pitch with nvidia drivers if I uninstall the drivers I don't have this problem.

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OS X :: High Pitched Noise Through IMac's Internal Mic - How To Fix It

Oct 22, 2007

iMac CD 1.8 here. W/e using my iMacs internal Mic I get a really high pitched noise on the recording. I'm assuming its from the computer. Is it normal or should I get it fixed?

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MacBook Pro :: High Pitched Noise When The Fans Are Running Around 6.2k RPM

Jul 1, 2009

It's the 2008 model MacBook Pro with the 9600m gt 512 card.

So, I just noticed that when I have my MacBook Pro in High Performance mode it emits an high pitched noise when the fans are running around 6.2k RPM and the CPU and GPU is around 63c. The noise follows the speed of fans, and at idle the noise is gone.

I have uploaded a video of it on youtube here:

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IMac :: Screen Making High Pitched Noise

Oct 24, 2009

I just bought and received a new 21.5'' iMac and love it but the screen is making a high pitched noise, similar to a dog whistle. It's that sound that isn't loud but pierces through your brain. And the brighter the backlight is, the louder is gets. I love this machine but I don't think it should be doing this and it bothers the heck out of me. I called Apple and all they said was to bring it to the Genius Bar.

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MacBook Pro :: Odd High Pitched Noise Like Mosquito Ringtones

Nov 20, 2009

My 13" Macbook Pro has started making an odd, high-pitched noise, kinda like one of those 'mosquito' ringtones. It's pretty quiet so I can only hear it at night when the computer is beside my bed on the nightstand. However it's odd in that, it's always present UNLESS I scroll in Firefox. As long as I'm scrolling in Firefox, the sound stops. It seems to be coming from the left side of the computer.

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IMac :: High Pitched Noise Heard On Adjusting Brightness

Jul 29, 2010

Just got my new i7 in the mail today after waiting for the refresh for 5 months and it has that stupid high pitched noise that you get when you adjust the brightness. I returned four of these things at the beginning of the year (2 HD failures, 1 power source failure, 1 DOA), one that had the hd failure also had this same high pitched noise.

I love these computers (minus the complete lack of quality control), so I don't want to switch back to PC, but I am at my wits end here. Apple already gave me $150 off this computer for me trouble, but I just don't know if its worth the hassle anymore. I am returning it for sure, but would you ask for more compensation, maybe a ram upgrade or something? I don't like to be the guy who asks for free crap, but the way I see it, they can give me another hundred $, or I can go back to pc and they lose a customer for life.

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OS X :: Strange Noises Coming From System / High Pitched Noise Near The Keyboard

Mar 27, 2009

I have a Macbrook Pro, one generation old. In the past week, it started making a high pitched noise from the upper left hand corner, near the keyboard. When I pick the computer up and change the angle, I can eliminate the noise.

Just in the past day I noticed that in addition to this high pitched noise, periodically a much louder, different noise comes from the same area, which again, if I move the computer around, I can minimize the noise.

My guess is that there is something loose in the computer, maybe a fan? Should I bring it to apple? My computer has been running pretty slow lately, could this have anything to do with it?

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MacBook :: Left Fan Giving High-pitched Whine / Noise Coming When Computer Is Running Off Battery

Dec 26, 2010

This is my first post, and I apologize as it's a little long. I just wanted to get the whole story on the table and clarified.I've had one of the new Aluminum 13" MacBooks (2.0GHz C2D) since Christmas Eve. A few weeks ago, it accidentally fell off my desk at work (not a far drop , but far enough for my heart to stop for a few minutes) when I got tripped up in the power cord under the desk.

For all intents and purposes, the MacBok seemed to work fine. I had one of our IT staff, who happened to be a trained Apple repair tech, take a look at it; the only real damage was that the display hinge had been knocked a little out of alignment. Just ot be on the safe side, I took the machine to the Apple Store, where they told me not to worry about attempting to get the hinge fixed (because I'd be paying a lot of money for such minor work), and the Genius sold me a hardcover plastic Speck case for the MacBook.

While the Speck case certainly looked nice and madethe already sturdy laptop feel sturdier and "protected", I was a little concerned about the amount of heat the machine was giving off within the case. On Sunday, I unplugged the machine from the MagSafe charger for a few hours and left it closed in sleep mode. When I woke it back up, the fan on the left continually gave off some sort of high-pitched whine whenever the computer was in idle mode.

I Googled, searching this site and others, and read about the "CPU whine" in the previous generation MacBooks and MacBook Pros. I also saw where a few people with new Aluminum MacBooks were having this same issue or something similar:


It seems to only make the noise when the computer is running off of the battery - plugging in the MagSafe charger makes the noise quiet 85% of the time (I've found that plugging, unplugging, and replugging will not stop the whine from occurring).

I tried installing QuietMBP as was recommended in some posts, but the only setting that will stop the computer from whining is the "highest" setting (that is, allowing the processor 0 seconds of idle time), which causes QuietMBP to eat up 30% of my processor usage in Activity Monitor and to start the fans going (and, presumably, to significantly lower my battery life).

I don't know whether all of this was the result of the MacBook falling, from it overheating in the case, or something that "just happened". I set up an appointment with the Genius bar for today at 4 PM, but Idiscovered another odd occurance when I set up a new account for the Apple Store (rather than give them my password)

The noise never happened under the new account. Never. I left the machine idle until any and all initial processes were done. No noise. I checked Activity Monitor for stray processes. None. And no noise.

Now I'm bewildered. Could something have gone wrong somewhere in my account, leading to a corruption of a power management utility or process? I'm not canceling my appointment, but I am going to try a few things before I leave. I've already repaired disk permissions, and I'm about ot reinstall the 10.5.6 OS X combo update. Should I try to reset the PRAM too? What other options should I be looking at?

Or should I just wait, and let the Genius Bar folks look into it? As a note, I'm aware I may have to pay for any repairs because they may or may not blame them on the MacBook having dropped (despite two to three weeks passing between the fall and this issue arising), and I'm okay with paying for reapirs (though I will try my best to argue my case, of course).

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Mac Mini :: High Pitched "silent" Noise At Idle?

Jun 2, 2010

I'm getting this softly high pitched sound at idle. I did not have this sound before until this month. I bought this thing in January 2010, yes this year. Does anyone know what could be going on? It does not make that sound when I'm using it, it's only at idle. I can even hear it when I'm lying in bed since this is in my room. Check out my signature to see what I have.

It sounds like a idle fan issue? The computer works fine, but it's just that high pitched noise that bothers me. I should take it to the apple store huh?

I decided to keep my current set up and use my mac mini as a desktop that mostly works as a media server like set up that holds my media for my apple TV if I run out of space on the ATV and later use it as a home theater computer when i get another HDTV. this is just fyi on why I have my mbp and mac mini still yet instead of having only one computer...

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MacBook :: Low Pitched Electrical Whistling Noise / Crackling Noise Emitting From Magsafe

Dec 20, 2010

I just got my 2.0ghz Alu Macbook a few days ago and everything works perfectly well, the thing is that after day one the magsafe started to emit a low pitched electrical whistling noise. It tends to be there a few minutes after booting into the OS and then it turns down to almost unhearable, but I experienced it returning after a few hours of use and then disappearing again. If I move close to the escape key I can hear a crackling noise emitting from the magsafe.I'm not trying to be overly nitpicky or anything but I read somewhere that if it's doing that it would be a faulty Mag-Safe board or something.

Does any one you guys know anything about this? I have the 14 days to return it as I bought it online from the Apple Store so if it's a faulty part that might die/break/ cause problems later I might have to.

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Windows On Mac :: Starting Windows Without Password Option?

Mar 6, 2008

Is it possible to set fusion to start windows when i turn the mac on without having to put in passwords ect. this way, i can turn the mac on, and when i come back both operating systems will be running.

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PowerPC :: G5 IMac / High Pitched Whine?

Dec 13, 2008

I have a 1.8ghz G5 iMac with ambient light sensor. When it is on there is a noticeable high pitched whine that is quite loud. It gets even louder if the fan runs more.

If I replaced the fan would this solve the problem or could it be the power supply?

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MacBook :: High Pitched Sound When MBA Connected To TV And Hi-Fi?

Mar 2, 2010

When I connect to an HD TV using the Mini DisplayPort (via a Monoprice Mini DP-DVI dongle and a Monoprice DVI-HDMI cable) and to a Hi-Fi system using the headphone out, the Hi-Fi speakers emit a loud and persistent high-pitched whine.The whine disappears when I disconnect the Mini DP dongle, and also when I disconnect the audio cable so that the sound is playing through the internal speakers. There's no whine when I connect earphones to the MBA instead of the Hi-Fi. I don't have another external display with which to test the issue, so I'm not sure if this sound exists when the computer's connected to, say, an ACD.I'm surprised that this problem doesn't seem to have been mentioned on this board, but it's well documented on the Apple boards (1, 2, 3, 4). The consensus over there is that it's a fundamental design flaw in the MBA and that the only solution is to get a ground loop isolator. Has anyone here had the problem and been successful in getting it fixed by Apple?

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MacBook Air :: High Pitched Whining Noises Coming From CPU?

Feb 1, 2009

I have a 1.86ghz 128GB SSD Rev B Macbook Air. The first one I had made a high pitch whining noise when the processor was idling or under light load. It was a very very high frequency noise, and you could only really hear it when the room was totally quiet - or unless you put your head near the top left side of the keyboard (where the CPU is located). A bit of googling and it seemed that older Macbook Pros also seemed to have had this exact problem.

I took it to the Apple Store and a Genius there took it back and said he could hear it as well. He offered to go through the repair process but since that would have taken awhile, I got an exchange instead from where I bought it from. Unfortunately, this new MBA also makes the same noise but to a slightly lesser degree (though it's possible that the frequency range isn't as high so it's not as piercing... hard to tell though).

Since this is my second RevB Macbook Air with the problem. I realize most people have lower noise sensitivity than me, so you might not notice it unless you place your ear to the top left of the keyboard. (And just to be clear, this is not a fan noise or a noise from the SSD - which don't make noises anyways. I am 100% sure this high pitched noise is coming from the CPU or somewhere on the logic board.)

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Hardware :: G3 Has Loud Whine / Constant And High Pitched

Apr 7, 2009

I have been presented with an iMac G3 400Mhz. It has an annoying loud whine. The whine is constant and high pitched. I am thinking exhaust fan. Is my thinking correct? Is it hard to get to and replace?

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MacBook Pro :: High Pitched Whine And Freeze Ups From Mid-2009?

May 1, 2012

I've heard of people having issues with high pitched whining coming from the left-side of the keyboard due to the backlight inverter. There isnt much that can be done about it from what i've seen. My issue is slightly different, as I get the high pitched whine nearly at all times, and it changes dependent on the angle of the screen and level of backlight brightness.The biggest problem is that at certain points where the whining is happening, everything on-screen will freeze until Ive messed with the screen angle and played with the backlight buttons, then as soon as i've done that, it almost 'snaps out of it' and things on screen start happening again.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Random High Pitched Chirps Emanating From Keyboard

Nov 30, 2009

I've been getting these high-pitched chirps (beeps? cheeps?) emanating from the upper left quadrant of the keyboard. They seem to happen when I'm doing some heavy photo processing or such. They're not the chirps that have been reported with some MB and MBP on booting up. I've had them now for months, and while I don't think they've got much worse, they've not gone away. I can't seem to make them happen, either.

I've called in to Apple (Applecare runs out in two weeks) to get a case started and will be taking it in to a genius bar to have them run a hardware test. I just wanted to do some due diligence and check in this forum to see if others know about this and what it might be. My suspicion is that it's a logic board issue (though I think this may be something I'd read when it first came up and I was checking on it then). The sound is very electronic, not mechanical, and it has two or three parts to the sound (not one pure beep); it is short, but sometimes happens several times over a few minutes' time.

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OS X :: IMac G5 Speakers Don't Seem To Be Able To Handle High Pitched Sound In A Movie?

May 20, 2010

I have a 24" aluminum iMac G5. I have never had a problem with sound before, and feel like this problem is isolated to a certain DVD but the DVD works on EVERY other player I own. Everything pretty much plays DVDs, so that's many!

So here's my problem: There's parts of this movie that have very high pitched sounds, like electronic sounds that are just sound effects in the movie. Whenever I get to those parts in this movie (maybe even other movies for all I know, I don't play many) and the sound goes quiet, like the speakers can't handle that high pitched sound.

I feel there must be something I can do about it, right? I just use the regular default DVD player application that pops up when I put a DVD in. I tried playing with that equalizer but nothing changed.

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OS X :: Horrible High Pitched Sound Coming From My IMac 27"?

Aug 17, 2010

If you're having this problem, try adjusting your brightness. I was experiencing this issue today, and depending on where my brightness slider was... it got worse, better, to non-existant.

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MacBook :: High Pitched Whine In Boot Camp XP Affected By Brightness?

Nov 1, 2008

I know this happened before in the old Macbook Pros by the look of things when I searched around.Basically there is a noticeable high pitched whine when the screen brightness is either not completely off or max.

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Mac Pro :: Mac Pro And Windows 7 Bootcamp Error / Apple Memory Controller GPE Event Is Not Compatible With Windows 7

Jan 22, 2010

A question about windows 7 and a Mac pro 3.1 edition 2008. I have installed windows 7 and all is fine and dandy everything works, except in the bottom right hand corner there the error flag showing on the tool bar.

This is the error.

Apple Memory Controller GPE event is not compatible with windows 7.

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Windows On Mac :: Reformating Pre-existing Win7 Bootcamp Partition And Reinstall Windows 7

Oct 12, 2010

i'm using macosx 10.6.4 and bootcamp assistant 3.1

now here is the problem my windows 7 is infected with virus (thats why windows suck big time) and i need to reformat my windows 7 and reinstall a new windows 7.

how am i supposed to do it? insert the installation disk and do like how we initially installed windows 7? just format the partition and reinstall again? i just want to make sure so i ask before doing anything.

or can i do this? i use winclone to restore? any1 have any idea? i'm new to all this i dont know how to do it. i have backup using winclone but how do i do it? do i still need to format then only use winclone?

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Windows :: Windows 7 Bootcamp External Display? - Connecting Through DVI/HDMI Connector

Dec 3, 2010

I've tried re-installing and updating every possible graphics related driver for Windows 7 i cannot for love or toffee get the bloody thing to even recognize my display. I am using a 26" tv as an external display, it works on OS X (very easily), windows XP (also very easily) and even Vista (also easily) and connecting through a DVI/HDMI connector. Why not windows 7? I've scoured the web for answers but can't find anything. Is anyone at least in the same boat as me? I really need this solved soon

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Windows On Mac :: Way To Get The Wireless Mighty Mouse To Work In Windows 7 Running Via Bootcamp?

Sep 12, 2009

Is there any way to get the wireless mighty mouse to work in windows 7 running via bootcamp tried to pair it but no luck.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows 7 + BootCamp Media Buttons Don't Work Universally In ITunes?

Sep 13, 2009

Does anyone know or have the same problem where pressing the F7, F8, F9 keys (which are previous, stop/pause, and forward) doesn't work in iTunes unless iTunes is the "active" window? I know that in OS X that if i pressed those buttons, it would do it even if I was in another application, but in the Windows 7 version it won't do it if another application is "active." Also, the same applies to the Apple Remote.

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IMac :: Using Windows With Bootcamp And Parallelism - Can Both Programs Access The Same Instance Of Windows

Oct 25, 2009

If you set up boot camp with run windows and then also want to run windows with parallel, do you need two licenses of Windows to do this? Or can both programs access the same instance of Windows?

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Windows On Mac :: Open Up Bootcamp Partition (running Windows 7) In VMWare

Sep 4, 2009

So I am trying to open up my bootcamp partition (running windows 7) in VMWare and I get this error message: Cannot open the disk '/Users/brandonquirarte/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp/%2Fdev%2Fdisk0/Boot Camp partition.vmwarevm/Boot Camp partition.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. It was working just fine before the upgrade to Snow Leopard but I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. I had to reinstall Windows 7 after I tried installing the Bootcamp 3.0 drivers so that may be more of the issue. I didn't test to see if would work still when I upgraded to Snow Leopard.

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Windows On Mac :: Sound In Windows Vista (64bit) Not Working Right Under BootCamp 3.0?

Sep 24, 2009

Last night I installed Windows Vista to run a game on here, but I got several issues. I already installed the drivers from the Snow Leopard DVD, but the problems still persist.

The issues are:

1. Sound is very very low and uneven. I have the volume all the way maxed, but the loudest it can go is less than half than the potential volume in Snow Leopard.

2. Headphones don't work. I've tried like 3 pairs of headphones and none of them work. When I plug them in, the sound still comes from the left speaker (I can barely hear the right speaker) on the laptop and not on the headphones. Also, the headphone jack is emitting a red light out of it.

3. The lights on the keyboard won't shut off. I used the F5 key to turn off the keyboard backlighting, and while it goes very dim they won't shut off.

I already tried the suggestions on this thread but none of those fixes work. I need help! Especially with the sound! Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running a MacBook Pro 13" from June 2009, 2.26GHz Intel, 4GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce 9400M. I instlled a 64bit version of Windows Vista (OEM).

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Windows On Mac :: IMac I5 27" Windows 7 Bootcamp Display Port Out?

Jan 18, 2010

I have installed Windows 7 on a Bootcamp partition and use VM Fusion as well, I am trying to get my Windows 7 desktop onto my Plasma TV when I have only Windows 7 booted.

I have a mini displayport to DVI adapter (not worried about sound right now) but when boot into Windows I cannot find the TV as a output setting.

It used to be with my old PC I would see the TV as a possible output and I could chose either Dualscreens or simply set the Plasma as the main display.

Could someone please help me achieve this with my iMac? Am I missing a driver or just missing a setting?

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