PowerPC :: Disconnecting Built In CRT?

Nov 17, 2007

First of all here are are the Specs on it
Blueberry Colored
iMac DV
PowerPC G3 400 MHZ
MAC OS 9.1
10/100 NIC
56K Modem
4 X Slot load DVD-ROM Drive
two USB Ports
USB Keyboard/Hockey Puck mouse (Which I hate luckily any USB Mouse will work)
External VGA Port

It was given to me because the built in CRT came on purple every other start up Now it will not come on at all even though I can still hear the loud noise from the Degauss cable and the Power Supply and I feel the tube still throwing off alot of heat like a CRT does. I can get a picture on an external monitor as a mirror but not as a main monitor. So three questions is it safe to use this way with an external monitor and the built in CRT still attached? and how would I go about disconnecting the Built in CRT?, is there any way to fix this? Currently the HDD is blank as thats the way it was given to me but I was also given the restore DVD of OSX 10.4 from another Mac.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Will Not Power On - Disconnecting The PRAM Battery?

Jun 22, 2007

My Powerbook will not power on. I have followed some instructions on disconnecting the PRAM battery and that did not work, any ideas? I just stopped coming on without any explination.

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PowerPC :: Use Powerbook With Built In Mic As An External Mic?

Jan 31, 2007

For my mac Pro? It would help me out a lot. Any way it could work?

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PowerPC :: How To Turn Off G5 (No ISight) Built In Display

Jan 28, 2010

I have an out-of-warranty 2005 iMac G5 running OS X 10.5 in my bedroom. The screen is very unreliable to the point where it stayed off all the time or gave weird colors and I had to purchase an external monitor (via mini-VGA). I have installed (successfully) spanning tools to allow both extended desktop (2 dual monitors) and mirrored display (2 monitors showing same thing).

However, after hooking up the external display, the iMac's bright display lights up my bedroom. I want to turn OFF my built-in display (i.e. no backlight) and have my external monitor act as my main display --- avoids having two displays eating electricity. Is this possible? (using any Terminal commands?) I don't want the computer to sleep, just to turn off the main display (even manually removing wires will work, if I can find a how-to guide on this!)

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PowerPC :: Boot G5 Dual 2 GHz Using Built In Software Raid 0?

Aug 31, 2007

Is it possible to boot a Powermac G5 Dual 2 GHz using the built in software Raid 0? I know that this can be set up using disk utility but wondered if it was possible to boot from the RAID set.

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OS X :: Macbook Pro Keeps Disconnecting From Internet?

Jul 14, 2010

I recently bought a Macbook Pro (my first Mac). I'm having a problem whereby it keeps disconnecting (a few times a day) from the internet. When I click on network preferences -> Assist Me -> Diagnostics... the ISP, Internet & Server lights are red. I click continue under airport, select my network and it then says my internet appears to be working which it does until the next time.

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Intel Mac :: It Keeps Disconnecting From The Internet?

Mar 28, 2012

if i leave my mac for a couple of minutes it disconnects from the internet.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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Intel Mac :: Internet Keeps Disconnecting SL 10.6.8

May 17, 2012

Have an iMac running SL 10.6.8 and every few minutes my internet connection is interrupted. But airport shows connected to my network. I have to open network preferences and it shows airport connected but ISP and Internet will be yellow or red. Then I have to go to the Diagnostics button and Airport will be green. I then hit continue and wait for my network to show up in the list and then rejoin. Then I have internet for a bit until it happens again. All other computers and devices on this network are fine. Must have a corrupted file on this iMac.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Why Does It Keep Disconnecting From WiFi

Dec 8, 2014

After downloading Yosemite, my computer (macbook pro) keeps disconnecting my home wifi.  I had no problems with my wifi before and my roommates have no problems with it still (they do not have macs).  This is only happening at home though, when I go anywhere else, my wifi stays connected.  I have tried deleting/forgetting my wifi network and reconnecting, restarting my computer, i searched through my settings but I don't know what to do. It disconnects like every two minutes. When it disconnects and i go to reconnect, the wifi is still there and has full bars, my computer just doesn't stay connected to it.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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OS X :: Disconnecting From Netgear Router About Every 10 Minutes?

Mar 22, 2009

The trouble I am having here is on my 2.4 MacBook Pro, disconnecting from my netgear router about every 10 minutes. I also have a G5 that is on wifi with the same router but never gets disconnected, I do not know what to do, I am getting sick of getting up to reset this connection every 10 minutes there has to be a way to stay connected.

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OS X :: Kernel Panic When Disconnecting Monitor (10.6)

Oct 25, 2009

I'm just upgrade to Snow Leopard and it work great except one problem, when I turn of my second external screen (a TV using HDMI) I get a kernel panic and there is no crash log for it in /Library/Logs/PanicReporter I've done the "usual" resets on PRAM, NVRAM and SMC however this didn't do the trick. I didn't have any of this problem in Leopard, so anyone else have the same problem in Snow Leopard or have any ideas of how to solve it, I would love to hear it. I thought I should mention I using HDMI for images and TOSLINK for audio that goes to my receiver and then to the TV So when turning off the receiver or the TV I will get kernel panic.

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OS X :: Time Machine Backup - HD Keeps Disconnecting

Nov 16, 2009

For the past day of so I have been trying to backup my files, I am not using the Time Capsule but an external HDD for backups etc. But since the new update of 10.6.2 it keeps disconnecting my hard drive after about 10 seconds. I have tried to quickly do a disk utility check on it, but its not on the list. Is there anyway to get a new driver for it or something as i have important documents on there that need to accessed.

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Mac Pro :: Crashes When Disconnecting And Reconnecting Mouse?

Dec 14, 2009

I have a 2009 Mac Pro ("Cyrus").

Connected to it are via USB and video an Apple Cinema Display.

Connected to the Cinema Display are an apple keyboard and to it an Apple Mighty Mouse.

Sometimes the mouse pointer freezes (or rather is found frozen when I return to the machine and the screen saver was on) and the only way to get it back to work is to disconnect the mouse and reconnect it.

However, every second or so time I do this, the Mac Pro crashes. The screen turns darker and in the middle a multilingual text tells me that I have to restart my Mac.

Does this happen to anybody else?

How can I prevent it and why does Mac OS X crash over a USB event?

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OS X :: Mac Internet (disconnecting From WiFi When Asleep)

Jan 31, 2010

i have an imac 2009 edition, and every time that my computer falls asleep, it gets disconnected from wifi. When it gets disconnected then all my downloads get interrupted, and thats really annoying!

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OS X :: Bluetooth DUN Internet Connection Disconnecting?

Apr 18, 2010

I have a Bluetooth DUN connection setup with my Verizon cell phone (EnV Touch). It works great most of the time. It will randomly lose connection (data will stop transmitting), but it will not disconnect or tell me it stopped working. It looks like it is working fine on the top right menu bar, but data will not send back and forth.

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Hardware :: Bluetooth Keyboard Keeps Disconnecting

May 4, 2010

My magic mouse is fine, but everytime I wake up the computer the keyboard gets a lost signal. When it finally connects after several attempts the battery meter reads 93%.

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Intel Mac :: Lion 10.7.3 Keeps Disconnecting From Network

Feb 20, 2012

I work wireless and I my IMac disconnects from the network several times in the day. It is pretty frustrating. My internet provider did every thing even changing the wires out side my house. The rather is located two matters from my computer. It is new as it is my IMac. I took my IMac to Futureshop and they said every thing is fine.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Intel Mac :: Usb External Drives Keep Disconnecting?

Mar 4, 2012

when i connect my external hard drive (2 partitions, 1 for timemachine 1 for storage) it keeps disconecting it self unapropriately.

I have the same problem with a couple of usb flash drives. There are no usb hubs involved they are inserted directly in to my mac!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Intel Mac :: Wifi Keeps Disconnecting And Looking All Wireless AP's?

Mar 7, 2012

I have a month old iMac 21.5" running Lion and a 17" Macbook Pro on SL From out of the box, I have had wifi issues with the iMac that have become worse since installing the wifi update last week. While my Macbook connects and stays connected with no issue, the iMac dropps the connection and looses all Access Points every 30 minutes to an hour. This is becoming a real head ache as I do allot of Facetime / Webnars. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Wifi dropping

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Mac Mini :: Connecting To The Internet / Keeps Disconnecting?

Mar 28, 2012

My mac mini has problems connecting to the internet it keeps disconnecting from the preferred network. When trying to reconnect, it says there's an error trying to join the network. When it can connect, it's only for a brief period. I bought it a while back and had this problem back then. I stored it away, and only recently dug it out again still having the same problem.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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MacBook Pro :: Bluetooth Mouse Keeps Disconnecting?

May 9, 2012

Is there any reason this would keep happening? Is there something I can do to stop it from happening?

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Intel Mac :: Keeps Disconnecting From Time Capsule

May 9, 2012

My 27" iMac keeps disconnecting from my WiFi using Time Capsule, where as all my other devices , Macbook Pro, iPads, iPhones and iPods all stay connected.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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MacBook Pro :: Shut Down Before Disconnecting Everything And Again Before Reconnecting?

May 27, 2012

I have a 2.3 GHz MBP bought in 2011. It sits on my desk with the power adapter plugged in and I have a large monitor, keyboard and mouse attached. Typically every weekend or at least every other weekend I disconnect everything from the MBP and carry it around for a day or so until the battery is less than half charged. Then I reconnect everything and let it charge up.

1. Is what I do necessary and if so is that frequency of recharging sufficient?

2. Is it advisable to do a shut down before disconnecting everything and again before reconnecting?

3. If letting the battery run down once in a while is advisable, as a mater of convenience could I leave the MBP connected on my desk and just remove the power adapter, so it would still be connected to the monitor, keyboard and mouse just using the battery, and then reconnect the adapter when the battery is low?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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Mac Mini :: Its Disconnecting From Airport On Sleep

Jun 24, 2012

My Mac Mini keeps disconnecting from the Wireless (Airport) when it goes to sleep. It didn't used to do this. I just went from Century Link Modem to Cable Modem. Is there a setting that got dropped in the transition?

Info:Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Keep MacBook Pro From Disconnecting From WiFi

Sep 12, 2014

 My macbook pro, running on osx mavericks, disconnects from wifi for no reason. This happens often, but I can't find a solution. I have tried making a new location and deleting all my networks in the network preferences. I have also uncheck "wake for internet access" in the energy preferences. I have reseted my computer multiple times.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), Macbook Pro 2009

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OS X Yosemite :: WiFi Keeps Disconnecting On MacBook Pro?

Dec 4, 2014

Macbook Pro (Mid-2012) Which I purchased 4 months ago. 

It keeps dropping the signal about every 5 minutes, only on my home network. It's only this device too, since my phone and all of my roomates' devices are unphased. (streaming videos like it's no big deal) 

This started happening after we lost connectivity with the snow a few days ago here in Seattle. I have tried all sort of troubleshooting, including the DNS thingy and restarting the router. 

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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MacBook Air :: After Using USB Ethernet For Sometimes It Keeps Automatically Disconnecting

Sep 11, 2014

I am using MBA 11" 2014. for connecting lan i use usb ethernet adapter. In the begging it works fine, but after 1 or 2 hours the connection gets automatically disconnected. at that time the usb ethernet interface says not connected while PPPoE is still connected(after some seconds it gets also disconnected for not having any connection).  after unplugging and then again connecting the lan to the port after wards plugging the usb it gets connected. but the problem continues for some times. i have to unplug and plugged it in several time for connecting the usb ethernet interface. after a while it stops. but not stops completely...

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Disconnecting WiFi In Yosemite?

Dec 9, 2014

After upgrading to Yosemite 10.10.1, my MacBook Pro has been randomly disconnecting from the WiFi access point.  Nothing has changed settings-wise, and none of the other devices have the same issue.  Here's my log when it disconnects: 

12/9/14 12:11:52.000 PM kernel[0]: AirPort: Link Down on en1. Reason 8 (Disassociated because station leaving).
12/9/14 12:11:52.000 PM kernel[0]: en1: BSSID changed to 00:00:00:00:00:00
12/9/14 12:11:52.000 PM kernel[0]: en1::IO80211Interface::postMessage bssid changed


MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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MacBook Pro :: AirPort Keeps Disconnecting And Searching For Network

Sep 9, 2010

Lately I've been noticing that my Airport disconnects about every 10 - 15 mins or so and then reconnects after it searches for a network, which is mine. 99% of the time I'm sitting right in front of my router. I've reset the router, rebooted, reset my pram, and the problem still persists. This issue doesn't occur on my girlfriends HP.

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MacBook Pro :: Wireless Disconnecting And Connects Automatically

Dec 14, 2010

I have 1.5 year old MacBook P ro with 10.6.4 OS. The AirPort disconnects several times in an hour and connects again automatically in around a miutes. This problem started happening a few days ago. When the macbook is disconnected, iPad that I have on the wireless can connect to internet.

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