PowerPC :: Swap TiBook VGA LCD For DVI Screen?

Jul 30, 2006

Does anyone know if I can swap a VGA Tibook LCD screen onto a DVI Titanium Powerbook? Is the higher resolution in the screen set up itself? I actually wouldn't mind at all if it would work because I actually like the lower res screens of the earlier tibooks. Just wondering if it can be done.. and I don't mean taking out the actual LCD screen itself from the Tibook case and frame, I mean actually SWAPPING the LCDs and plugging them in. I just wonder if the older LCD could be plugged into the logic board or not. It seems that they would fit the case. I'd really like a faster DVI Tibook with the lower res screen because the font sizes are larger.

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PowerPC :: Putting A 400mhz Tibook Screen On A 1ghz Tibook Body?

May 26, 2008

My former, babied, 400mhz overclocked by Daystar to 550mhz Titanium Powerbook has a fried logic board. Can I put a the old low resolution Tibook screen on a 1ghz Tibook body with a higher resolution screen?

Would it just power on at the lower resolution or is this just idiotic?

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PowerPC :: TiBook Screen Colors All Off / Green Vibrating Pixels In Background

Dec 7, 2010

My tibook .867Ghz was working fine this morning, but now when I restarted it this afternoon, the colors are all off (lots of green and rapidly vibrating pixels in background). The computer works, I can run programs and so forth. There are no changes to the displays settings, still 1280x854 and colors "millions". When I switch to thousand or 256 colors there is no significant change.

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PowerPC :: TiBook 867 Run 20" External LCD?

Mar 5, 2008

I am (or was) sure that I could - be a recent experience with a new (TN panel) LG LCD monitor 20.6inch 1600 x 1050 native res. (LG L204WT) has sown some doubts. Basically, the external monitor would go blank after a few minutes or secs after scrolling around opening windows etc. Not to powersaving mode but just blank. Only unplugging the DVI cable, rebooting the powerbook and reconnecting the DVI would bring it back to life, only for same thing to happen.

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PowerPC :: Old TiBook Wont Startup?

Dec 23, 2008

I have an old Titanium Powerbook that wont startup. I haven't used it in about a year.
I've tried keeping it on charge for a day with and without the main battery inserted (which was knackered before I stopped using it anyway).

Any thoughts on what could be wrong with it? An internal battery problem?

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PowerPC :: TiBook 667 MHz - Replacement CDRW Needed

May 11, 2007

Fixing up my old TiBook to sell and discovered the CDRW is playing up reads some dics OK but makes a horrible crunching noise when ejecting, not good. The original drive is a Matshita CW-8121 but I can't find any for sale, what can I replace it with that's current and supported? And pref cheap on Ebay.

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PowerPC :: Leopard On TiBook - Battery Dead

Apr 24, 2009

I have the 1GHz Ti Book, 15", 1GB PC133 memory, 60GB 4200 RPM drive, Tiger, and it's awesome. Battery is basically dead (10 min). I do typical web/email stuff.I also do some music recording and it works fine. Watching video is difficult on [URL] though. I need to upgrade to Leopard as I want to start doing Web Development using Rapid Weaver. The new version of Rapid Weaver requires Leopard. So, while I'm planning on purchasing a new machine soon, I wonder if it's worth spending the money to:

1) buy Leopard for my TiBook (are there performance issues?)
2) buy a 7200RPM drive (for performance)

in order to run Rapid Weaver 4.0 or not.

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PowerPC :: Apple Laptop Configuration -1Ghz TiBook

Dec 18, 2007

So my Pismo died shortly after I added an addtional 133Mhz 256MB RAM module to it. Don't know if the daughter card CPU connector socket is no longer making excellent contact, or I just static electricity shorted it (RAM transfered to new TiBook works just fine, so probably something more serious like logic board or PS gradually dying was what lead to kernal panics and finally only booting up to chime sound and black screen)...but long story short after lots of searching/troublshooting, I got a used 'dealer refurbished' 1Ghz TiBook from Wegener Media. Cost more than a alum PB, but it's the fastest dual boot (yes, I know, but I still want OS9.2 bootability) laptop in Apple's line. Only problem when I received the system, I did Apple Profile on it, and found no Airport Card installed. Sent an email to Wegener and got a reply that there were at least 9 different configurations of 1Ghz Tibooks, and that Airport Cards where a "CTO (configure to order) optional, not stock, item"...in Wegener's words.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook G4 TiBook Logic Board Upgrade?

Aug 11, 2008

I've searched high and low for any and all alternatives to working with my, shall we say, "experienced" Powerbook Titanium, despite it's age(it's not old, it's chronologically advanced!). After looking things up and being able to think of nothing, I figured I'd finally register here and hope for some good advice from people who possibly know more about Mac hardware than I do.I received my laptop in June of 2002(it was likely bought either that month or April) from my father. As far as I was aware, it was a brand new Powerbook bought from Comp USA...with the latest specs and peripherals at the time. After 7 years of using and loving my laptop(despite the fact the battery is completely dead, both hinges are broken and removed to keep the wires from accidentally being cut until I can afford new ones, and the CD drive no longer working), it's come to a point where I'm needing to try to breath even a little new-found life into my true love...or be stuck using "The Rex", my overbearing Desktop PC with its snooty Windows XP and massive noise-creating fans.

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PowerPC :: TiBook G4 Won't Recognize Sonnet Aria Extreme In Cardbus Slot?

Mar 9, 2007

My TiBook 15" G4 (OSX 10.4.8) has an Airport slot but no Airport card. I got a Sonnet Aria Extreme card but it shows nothing on the TiBook � not in the menu bar or in System Profiler. I've tried restarting with and without the card inserted. The Sonnet support guy suggested everything I had already done and then came up with "Check under the keyboard to be sure the cardbus connection was intact." Seems fine. I'm assuming the card has the Broadcom chipset because they swear it works fine on the 15" TiBook G4.

Also, Airport software is updated, but doesn't show or function because it doesn't see any wireless capability.

Like everybody else who gets frustrated, I've also done everything again 4-5 times, just in case the computer or the card might forget that it doesn't work.

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PowerPC :: Unable To Get G4 HDD Swap

Feb 13, 2008

So I recently upgraded the RAM and installed a 7200 rpm hard drive into my powerbook 1.33. Everything went smoothly, but now after waking from sleep, the spinning wheel shows up and the computer goes unresponsive.

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PowerPC :: G3 To G4 Logic Board Swap?

Sep 19, 2010

Would it be possible to get a logic board with a 1.33ghz or faster processor out of a 12.1" G4 and swap it in to a G3? Are the parts even compatible? I know from building engines that certain years and parts are interchangable but I don't know about computers.

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PowerPC :: Swap G4 Case To Standard Atx One?

Nov 2, 2006

i know that this may sound very crazy. I am wondering if it is possible to take everything out of a powermac g4 computer and put it into a standard atx case. i am trying to make a huge data server and need a lot of drive bays. i found 2 that i am considering: coolermaster with 11 bays or lian li huge case one other thing- is it possible to use a regular power supply or is that propriatary? I think with all of the drives i am going to put in it, i am going to need a more power.

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PowerPC :: 1.25 GHz Processor From A MDD G4 Would Swap Into A G4 Quicksilver?

Apr 20, 2007

I can't seem to find specific information that would tell me if a 1.25 GHz processor from a MDD G4 would swap into a G4 Quicksilver (733 MHz) I have sitting in a corner.

They are both single processor machines, but I question the compatibility. I don't have the MDD machine with the 1.25 GHZ processor yet, so I can't look at them both for comparison.

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PowerPC :: MacPro & PowerMac G5 Swap?

Feb 13, 2009

Colleague and I at work are swapping desktops as I need ot run VMWare and he no longer does so I will be having his MacPro and he my PowerMac - whats the quickest way to swap? He's suggested swapping the HD's over but I dont think that will work due to the PowerPC and Intel software differences... right? If that wont work then how can we do it as painless as possible?

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PowerPC :: Ibook Battery Swap - Dead?

Dec 31, 2006

I have just bought an old ibook g3 on ebay, the battery in it is dead, if the battery is one of the ones effected in the recall will I apple just send me a new one even thought the battery is already dead?

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PowerPC :: G4 Processor Swap - Digital Audio?

May 25, 2007

I have a couple of power mac g4s around the place and I recently swapped some of the processors around. I originally had a pair of g4 466 "digital audio" machines and a g4 400 "sawtooth". After moving them around I end up with with a 466 "digital audio" a 533 "sawtooth" and a 350 "digital audio". Does it have to do with the bus speed?

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PowerPC :: Swap IMac G3 Hard Drive

Jul 4, 2007

just got my first mac (a freebie):

iMac G3 Power PC 233
OSX 10.3.9
Darwin 7.9.0

the first two things i want to do are upgrade memory and hard drive. problem is i have none of the media the software came on. is there a way to transfer all apps (no data yet) to another HDD?

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PowerPC :: Can I Swap RAM Into A 2006 Macbook Core Duo

Jan 25, 2010

is the RAM from the older iBook working with the newer Macbook?

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PowerPC :: MacBook Pro Logic Board Into Powerbook Swap?

Apr 10, 2008

the two logic board (motherboard) of the MackBook Pro and PowerBook G4 looks very similar, but i do not have two side by side in person. this idea was tossing around in my head, so what do you guys think ? has anyone done this swap ?

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PowerPC :: Possible To Swap Hard Drives - G5 To G5 Power Tower

Oct 17, 2008

Is possible to just swap the 500g hard drive into the G5 Power Tower instead of cloning the hard drive - Both PPC ?

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PowerPC :: Using G5 And MacPro Hard Drive Swap And Display

Jul 16, 2009

Hoping someone can help me figure this out. I swapped HDDs between a G5 and MacPro this morning. The MacPro was connected to a large LCD TV via HDMI for it's display (using a DVI to HDMI adapter) and it worked great for just scrolling images of our projects (no audio). When I put it's HDD in the G5 and connected it to the display the same way, I got nothing on the screen. Thinking it was a video card issue on the G5 end, I plugged in a different monitor and rebooted the G5. This time I got the flashing question mark folder meaning it couldn't find an OS to boot. So now I can't tell what the issue is. I thought HDDs between G5s and MacPros were the same? If not does this mean the older G5 drive won't work in the MacPro tower? (I haven't tried yet).

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PowerPC :: G3 Beige Minitower Failing To Boot After Processor Swap

Jun 1, 2010

I have a G3 Beige Minitower (233MHz model) that I recently upgraded with a A/V Personality card I got from a friend of mine. It booted with the new personality card just fine. Now I got a hold of a G3 450MHz ZIF processor card and I put it into my G3, swapping out the old 233MHz one. I also took off the red jumper block and put some jumpers in place for a 450MHz processor. (Thanks to MacAddict Issue 30 for the pinouts, see "Overclocking your G3"). Now I got it booting, chiming and the power light going green, but no video coming out of the onboard video card (that came with the machine). I also have another Hard Drive, a Ultra-Wide SCSI card and a USB card, all 3rd party.

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MacBook :: Spilled Water Screen Bad. Swap For Similar?

Oct 16, 2009

I spilled water on my Macbook and now it's splotchy, bright in some places, dark in others. It's an early 2008 model white Macbook. I have an older one that's not in use. It's a white Macbook also, same size.RM5510L8U9B is the serial number. Can i swap out the screens? Will they be compatible?

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IMac :: Swap Out Screen Or Complete Replacement Of Computer?

May 12, 2010

I have the 27'" Imac with slight yellow tint on bottom and grey bar shadow running along the bottom as well. Additionally, the buzzing sound when brightness lowered below 50%. The computer works great otherwise and I don't hear buzzing when at normal distance from screen. My dilemma: Apple has offered to send a technician to my home to replace the screen, and they said that whould also fix the buzzing noise at lower brightness at the same time.
My question is have people been satisified or had better luck with screen replacements rather than simply asking for a new computer in exchange. If I'm simply swapping displays to get the same results, or even exchanging computer to only get the same results or worse, I would rather delay this interaction until a real fix is in place. My current Imac has no dead pixels, and works great except for these issues. HD makes a grumbling noise, but I think WD Black Caviars are known to be a bit noisy.
Any advice on way to go would be appreciated. Swap out display? Exchange computer? Stand pat?

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PowerPC :: G3 Power Mac - (swap Out Drive With New DVD Drive)?

Sep 22, 2006

Someone just gave me an old G3 Power Mac that works fine but has OS9 installed. I'd like to put Tiger on it but it has a CD-ROM drive instead of DVD. Looking at the currect drive it seems like a standard CD tray drive. Is it possible to swap out this drive with a DVD drive or do I have to have a special type of drive approved by Apple? I'm doing this so that my kids will have a access to another computer in my office.

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Hardware :: TIbook Backlight Blanking Out?

Nov 15, 2007

So here's the deal. I have an 800mhz tIbook that I had to replace the DVD/CDrom drive and hard drive to get working properly.After I did that I've been having issues with the backlight. It worked fine for a couple of days then started blanking out. The machine would boot and it would be on for a second, then blank out (just the backlight, not the LCD itself). So I know it's CAPABLE of working. I took the machine apart a few more times and couldn't find a pinched wire or bad contact or anything.

Thoughts on what the issue could be? It's driving me up a wall. The only thing I can think to do at this point is to replace the backlight inverter board (the thing attached to the CD-Rom drive) as well as the wire that connects it to the logic board.Is there anything that I'm not thinking of? I'm so annoyed because it did work just fine for a day before doing this!

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Laptops :: Powerbook / TiBook Won't Boot Or Run Bootable CD?

Sep 13, 2009

I have a very old PowerBook that did have OSX running on it fine. Recently it has stopped working completely and when you startup it takes you to a blue screen with a question mark and a finder icon flashing on top of a folder. If you give it long enough it will just shut off. I have tried booting from a CD but I can't seem to get that to work. I boot up holding down the option key and it brings me to a window with a picture of my hard drive and a picture of the CD drive but when I click the cd drive and then click the forward button it merely acts like it's refreshing the list and doesn't actually boot from the CD at all. I've also tried holding down C during boot up but it ignores that and just goes to the same old flashing question mark and finder icon screen. The CD I am trying to boot from is the same OSX cd that I originally installed OSX on this computer from so I know it works.

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Hardware :: Replacement LCD For TiBook (Specific DVI Model)

Mar 18, 2009

I'm in the process of repairing a TiBook, 1GHz DVI. I need a new LCD, but I'm not sure if I need one from the specific DVI model, or if any 15" screen will work (from a TiBook). I think I'm going to need the DVI LCD, but the other LCDs are a lot cheaper, so I wanted to ask.

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Hardware :: 400mhz G4 TIbook - Startup Chime But No Video?

Feb 27, 2009

I have a 400 mhz Titanium powerbook I'm trying to resurrect for my teen daughter. Just replaced the internal pram battery, the external regular battery, and the a/c cord, all with brand new parts. The book was dead, and now I have power but not much more.

When pressing the power button I get one chime, and then I can hear the fan working, but no hard drive sounds. The screen is black.

Eventually, when left sitting, the thing will turn itself off. It seems as if it is not booting completely, but then I can't see anything. I am used to hearing hard drive pops and whirrs though, and nothing here.

1. I tried resetting the PMU with the button on the back of the unit.
2. I tried resetting the pram with cmd/opt/p/r before power, but no matter how long I hold I only ever get one chime.
3. Tried booting with my OS Tiger retail CD (which is what is installed) and the drive barely spins, and the screen remains black. Holding C doesn't help.
4. The new battery is charging normally.
5. I tried removing the two ram sticks, moving them around from slot to slot, and using one ram or the other. Nada.
6. Tried forcing shutdown by holding power button 10 secs, then rebooting. In fact, that's how I have to shut it down when I need to, since I can't see anything.

This laptop has been in storage for about a year. This is the same problem I had when I put it away. I think perhaps the laptop might have been knocked off the coffee table and fell about 2 feet to the floor a short time before these problems. I heard it, but the kids won't admit it. *grin* It worked fine for about a week or so, then began losing video at startup.

I just spent about $75 in parts. Should I maybe try a new PMU board before chucking the thing? Any other ideas what might be happening?

I've read till my eyes are blue, and can't seem to find a boot issue with one chime on this machine.

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