OS X :: Late 06 Macbook / Freezing, Random Restarts, Kernel Panics, Running Hot?

Oct 5, 2009

my late 2006 macbook running 10.4.11 has been acting very strange since yesterday. first, it freezes while i'm recording something off of isight and i have to restart. works fine for 30 minutes until it randomly restarts (probably due to heat) and takes me two reboots and some time to fix it (i have to put an ice pack to keep it cool). then later in the night, it randomly restarts again and takes two reboots to get it back. then in the past hour, the screen has frozen, it went into a kernel panic and it randomly restarted again while i was trying to post this the first time. and also, it's been running very hot despite having no applications running.

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OS X :: Kernel Panics And Random Crashes On 09 Macbook Pro?

Nov 13, 2009

I got a new macbook pro a week ago. The first time I shut the machine down it experienced a kernel panic right after I selected to shut down the computer. Programs randomly crash while I am using the computer. The apple store said that crashes are most likely due to CS3 because it was not properly updated for the system, so they installed the CS3 updates. The next time I used the machine after installing CS3 updates, it experienced another kernel panic upon shut down. I would like to hear about known issues with the Summer 09 macbooks. I am trying to determine if this is a hardware, software, or an OS issue.

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MacBook Air :: Kernel Panics And Occasional Freezing

Dec 15, 2010

Regarding the black screen issues, kernel panics and occasional freezings upon wake, I'm curious. After the EFI update I still had these problems (on an already replaced 11" from the apple store). But as soon as I uninstalled flash, they disappeared.. Anyone else with this apparently "rare" issue notice this?

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MacBook Pro :: Late 2007 15" Kernel Panics - Screen Flickering

Feb 5, 2010

Late 2007 MBP 15" kernel panics upon boot up and requires two /sbin/fsck -fy filesystem checks in single user mode/safe mode in order to get it to boot. Once you are at the login screen, it hangs after a bit/login and the screen starts flickering fast and visibly. There is also a faint visible "blotch/ink blot" like transparent area on the screen when it flickers (just to let you know, the screen looks FINE, no black blots (common for broken LCDs) and there does not appear to be any physical damage.

Anybody know what the heck might be going on? So far, I can already tell you that I DON'T KNOW if the machine was dropped or what the user did do to it (I'm only fixing it).

Also, during the fsck, I commonly get this: "Incorrect block count for pcscd.pub" it should be 16 (or 17) which gets me scratching my noggin (googled it, not much that I was able to do to fix the machine though). Fsck fixes that, but upon the next reboot after the kernel panic, I get it again in fsck.

We called the machine but of course when it was not bought the AppleCare was not registered (even though we bought it for the user) so right now we're waiting for Apple to register it (had to fax the receipts/POs) which usually in my experience only took few minutes to complete before we can even take it to the store.

My questions are:

1.) What is going on.

2.) Hardware problem? Bad Logic Board/GPU? Hard drive going bad?

3.) Software issue? Reinstall OS X?

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Software :: Experienced Kernel Panics At Random Times

Feb 14, 2009

I have experienced these kernel panics lately, at completely random times, I don't know what the problem is. All I really have so far, is the panic.log.

My specs are:
Powermac G4 MDD 2003
1gb ram
80 gb hard drive
1.25GHz PPC G4


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Safari :: Its Causing Kernel Panics And Random Shutdowns And Overheating?

May 11, 2012

However Safari is causing all kinds of hangs restarts kernal panics overheating with my machine and yet if I use google chrome for the exact same web sites these same problems are not present.  I much prefer to be able to keep using safari and I realise that I haev not got the most up to date software since Lion is not supported on my machine but it is as up todate as snow leaopard allows. 

I also realize that a more than 5 year old machine is doing very well especially since it is rarely off. It has outlasted 2 timecapsules and countless airport express but the anomyly between 2 browsers is weird. I doubt this has a solution but maybe the odd apple tech who read this might find it a challenge to know why one browser causes heart issues but another doesn't.

Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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IMac :: Getting Kernel Panics - Freezing / Locking

Jul 14, 2009

Our 1st gen 24" iMac was giving us Kernel Panics under Tiger 10.4.11 recently it all started two months ago. We took it into the Apple store for a Cleaning and fresh install of Leopard.
When we received it back it locked/froze up immediately, forcing a hard restart. When I called the store they said one of my sticks of ram was not techinically bad but still suspect. This is what I did after that call.

1. Checked the ram physically (the Apple store had placed my 512mb Apple ram stick in slot 0) which I thought very strange.
2. I corrected the ram, meaning I put the 2gb (suspect) stick in slot 0 and the 512 Apple ram in slot 1. Things were better it would take 10-15 minutes of use before locking up not 1-2 minutes.
3. I placed a new stick of Crucial (2gb from OWC) in place of the supect stick. that has had ZERO affect, our mac still freezes.
4. I pulled out the 512mb Apple (Micron) ram and replaced it with a 1gb Micron stick from OWC and that gives us roughly 20-40 minutes of time befroe freezing.

The software is up to date, I've max'd out the ram (new ram per Apple's request) and all we have running is iTunes in the background to stream to AppleTV and a few tabs of Safari open when this locks up. Right before it freezes we notice lines arcoss the application windows almost as though there a distorted pixels. When we took it in (running Tiger) the Apple Tech did check the drive and boot from their network and said our HD was not the issue, but it wasn't up long enough to cause kernel panic.

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MacBook Pro :: 2.4 Unibody - Random Restarts?

Dec 22, 2009

So I recently purchased one of the discontinued unibody MBPs from my local Apple reseller, got the warranty reset to the proper date, etc etc. However, I have had this thing randomly, without warning, restart on me. There's no real rhyme nor reason to these restarts. It has happened twice now. Once while I was opening World of Warcraft and another just while the computer was sitting idle. The only warning sign is that my USB mouse goes all wonky and jumps around then BAM restart. Currently I'm running the Apple Hardware Test on it and typing this from my iMac across the room, it hasn't failed anything yet, but then again it's only been running for a few minutes. Does anyone else know of a possible fix? Is this something I'm going to have to ship off for repairs? I'm a little unhappy that one of my speakers sounds as though it is failing as well, so I should probably just buck up and send it off anyway while it's still under warranty. Ran the Apple Hardware Test and it came up with nothing. I performed the extended test so as to be certain, no failures.

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MacBook Pro :: (Late 2009) Restarts Instead Of Shutting Down - How To Avoid

Jan 15, 2010

I have a late 2009 model MacBook Pro and lately I've noticed that it sometimes - seemingly at random - restarts itself when I tell it to shutdown (through the Apple menu then Shut Down)

Anyone encountered this or know how to fix it? I haven't had any other problems except for a month or two back it did an update then stuck on a blue screen with a little loading icon like you get under the apple when it starts up normally. After half an hour of waiting, I performed a hard reset, and it worked fine.

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MacBook Pro :: Retina (Mid 2012) Display Doesn't Work Occasionally / Random Restarts

Sep 4, 2014

I have some issue with my 2012 Macbook Pro Retina. The screen intermittently decides to just not work. Sometimes on startup i hear the start up noise but the screen doesn't turn on. I am able to remote into the computer when the screen doesn't work. I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason as to when it works and when it doesn't. I've reset the PRAM and SMC sometimes that will bring the screen back sometimes not.  

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Air :: How Many Kernel Panics Too Much

Jan 9, 2011

I have had the Macbook air 11.6 for five weeks now and it has been rock solid except for a couple of kernel panics. Once when I first got it I got a kernel panic in Safari. I only use google browser now. I got a kernel panic two days ago. I went to open the lid and it did not come on. I found out there was a kernel panic. I am afraid if I take it to the genius bar they will have me reinstall the OS and add one app back at a time to see what is causing it but since they are so infrequent this is obviously not convenient. Also I have had my IMac 24 for three years and have tons more junk on it and have never got one panic.

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MacBook Pro :: What Does It Mean When Kernel Panics

Nov 23, 2009

What does it mean when a kernel panics? People talk about it all the time, what does it mean?

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MacBook Pro :: Kernel Panics On OS X 10.6 With 6GB RAM

Apr 3, 2010

I am currently planning to upgrade my 2gb RAM and I heard that my model supports up to 6GB of RAM, hence I am planning to upgrade to that size cause Aperture uses lots of memory and I use Aperture a lot. I am planning to get it from here: OWC 6GB PC5300 DDR2 667MHz DIMM Upgrade Kit. Everything is cool and all until I find out that some users are having kernel panics on OSX 10.6 with 6GB RAM (which is what I am using). It is now 10.6.3, so anyone care to report if it is safe to use 6GB or the problem still exist?

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MacBook Pro :: Two Kernel Panics In One Day So Far

Apr 7, 2010

Haven't had panics before but that's 2 today so far. Running 10.6.3 on 13" MBP.

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MacBook :: Getting Kernel Panics Every 60 Seconds

Mar 9, 2010

Can anyone tell me what's going on? My MacBook gets a kernel panic every time I boot it up. Should I reinstall the OS?

I just repaired disk permissions and that did nothing.

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MacBook Pro :: Keep Getting Kernel Panics On New 15" I7

May 10, 2010

I got a new 15" i7 MBP w/7200 RPM and hi-res anti-glare last Thursday and since then I've had a number of kernel panics, three today

Any suggestions on what it could be or what I should do?

From the looks of it it has something to do with the graphics card, maybe the auto switching feature.

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MacBook Pro :: Ram Related Kernel Panics On A MBP?

May 25, 2010

i have a 2.2GHZ intel core duo 2007 MBP, which once ran Tiger and is now running 10.6.3I had the graphic card break down associated with such models, and it was replaced thanks to the extended care plan-I originally had 1Gig of ram, but 1st got an extra 2Gb of danelec ram, and finally another 2GB- it ran fine for a year or so-then I started getting these kernel panics, which seem to be ram related-on tiger- I changed the HDD, switched to snow leopard, and they continue, they're apparently RAM related, yet what is odd is that they can be reproduced with any RAM combination involving 2 sticks- the original apple 1Gb + any of the two GB ram sticks, the 2GB ram sticks together-- it's all the same, the screen goes grey and i'm told to shut down the computer

with one ram stick it works, apprently avoiding the issue-i've moved the ram around, checked the slots, reset the PRAM,yet the issue is still there.now i know that I should be using paired ram, and will do so in the next coming months when I can afford it- yet what has happened to make the make the MBP seemingly refuse two sticks of RAM when it didn't before ?I'd also need to know that this is not a logicboard issue if it's possible- the logic board was changed due to the NVDIA bug, so it's a year old or so-I'm running it on the 2GB danelec as I type, no issue, the samsung ram works as well, and so does the 1GB apple ram, in any slot, yet two slots of ram causes the kernel panic crash- the area near the ram slot also seems to get very hot

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MacBook Pro :: Getting Retina Kernel Panics?

Jun 17, 2012

Recently got my Retina MBP and love it, but have been getting quite a few kernal panics. Not sure why. I am suspecting Chrome Canary as the culprit but I never had any issues with it on my previous Macs. Here are two of the kernal panic logs: 

Sun Jun 17 00:00:53 2012
panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80002c4794): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f823d57b1, type 14=page fault, registers:
CR0: 0x0000000080010033, CR2: 0x0000000000000010, CR3: 0x000000005db1a03e, CR4: 0x00000000001606e0


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OS X :: Strange Random Automatic Restarts

Feb 20, 2010

Process: AgentDaemon [4926]
Path: /Applications/Network Magic/Network Magic.app/Contents/MacOS/AgentDaemon
Identifier: AgentDaemon
Version: ??? (???)
Code Type: X86 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [1]
Date/Time: 2010-02-20 05:50:01.697 +0700
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.2 (10C540)
Report Version: 6
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
Crashed Thread: 11
Thread 0: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
0 libobjc.A.dylib 0x9744ceee objc_msgSend + 46
1 AgentDaemon 0x0002ad0b -[SMBConfig getSectionDict:] + 223
2 AgentDaemon 0x0002af47 -[SMBConfig getSectionValueForKey:key:traceErrorIfNotFound:] + 37
3 AgentDaemon 0x00006e6d -[Agent initWithData:mountHelper:stateDict:] + 938
4 AgentDaemon 0x00003ad1 main + 1286
5 AgentDaemon 0x000027aa _start + 216
6 AgentDaemon 0x000026d1 start + 41..............

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OS X Yosemite :: Random Shutdown / Restarts

Dec 2, 2014

Randomly my Macbook will shut down and restart... has no pattern or initiation... Here is the Panic Report:  

*** Panic Report ***

panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff7f9dbc6f63): "GPU Panic: [<None>] 3 3 7f 0 0 0 0 3 : NVRM[0/1:0:0]: Read Error 0x00000100: CFG 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0xffffffff, BAR0 0xd2000000 0xffffff80c3535000 0x0a5480a2, D0, P3/4
"@/SourceCache/AppleGraphicsControl/AppleGraphicsControl-3.7.21/src/Apple MuxControl/kext/GPUPanic.cpp:127


Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 2.53 GHz Intel Core i5 4GB RAM

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MacBook Pro :: Using 2.2Ghz - Starts, But Then Only Kernel Panics?

Dec 11, 2010

I have a 2.2Ghz Macbook Pro 15" (2007) that suddenly can't get past the startup screen and ends up with a kernel panic and the You need to restart message. Happens 100% of the time now. I had Leopard on it when it started kernel panicking. I managed to boot from an external drive and installed Snow Leopard, but it started okay once or twice, then started having the kernel panics at startup again. Tried SMC reset, but no go.

I then tried going back to Tiger, thinking it might be a problem with the RAM. Tiger actually installed okay, and after it worked okay for a bit (2-3 times, maybe half an hour), I tried to install Leopard again. And got only kernel panics. And I can't install Tiger now either.

It occasionally starts up from an external disk that I use for installs (has Leopard and Snow Leopard on it), but that's not 100%. And I can't even get thru an install now. I started up with it in Firewire Disk mode, wiped the drive and cloned a system from my iMac, but even though it seemed to go okay, when I shut it all down and tried to restart the Macbook Pro, I got another kernel panic. Any ideas? I've switched 3-4 different RAM modules, and I don't think they're ALL bad. But no go. I've changed hard drives too.

Seems weird. I mean, it doesn't seem broken, as it starts up, goes thru the startup screen, seems to pause a bit and, instead of going to login, stops with a kernel panic. I assume it's HARDWARE, not software. But hardware problems are usually the RAM, sometimes the hard disk; and if the MBPro doesn't start up at all, then the logic board is probably fried. So what else can cause these kernel panics? A bad keyboard/trackpad (top case)? Bad PRAM battery?

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MacBook Air :: Kernel Panics After Software Update?

Aug 22, 2009

I am running a Rev A Macbook Air. I performed a software update today on all of my Macs and only the Air is having problems. Nothing but Kernel panics telling me to restart. I tried booting into safe mode, single user mode, reset the PRAM, tried to reinstall via remote disk. I get nothing but Kernel panics.

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MacBook Air :: 4 Kernel Panics In 3 Days / Using Safari

Sep 13, 2009

recently I've been getting a lot of kernel panics. They usually happen at random times when I'm browsing Safari. Most of the time I can reboot normally but once I got 3 repeating beeps when trying to start-up.

This is from the problem report:


Originally Posted by Problem Report

Interval Since Last Panic Report: 1793 sec
Panics Since Last Report: 2
Anonymous UUID: C34C5139-B7F4-46C2-8CA4-C69C21CC73FD

Sun Sep 13 11:29:39 2009
panic(cpu 0 caller 0x2a6ac2): Kernel trap at 0x00000001, type 14=page fault, registers:
CR0: 0x8001003b, CR2: 0x00000001, CR3: 0x00100000, CR4: 0x000006e0

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MacBook Pro :: Kernel Panics After 10.6.2 Combo Update

Dec 7, 2009

I have just now received my purchased 13.3 inch Macbook Pro model, with BTO 4Gigs RAM, and 250 HDD.

I opened the Macbook pro, and it worked just fine. First thing I did was to enable the WiFi, perform a software update, and update the system using Software Update with the combo update to Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (it was 10.6).

Immediately after performing the update and restarting, the computer crashed on startup 3-4 times, and still refuses to boot. It appears this is a kernel panic, with the first line saying "Panic Version mismatch between Kernel and CPU " and some other things like the version of the system and darwin, and the CPU model.

I booted from the DVD without problems, and performed a Disk Repair (which found no problems) and a repair permissions (which also found no errors).

Strange thing: When I selected the "startup disk" application I selected my internal HDD but it displayed 10.6 instead of the recently applied 10.6.2!!

Rebooting still crashes the computer, with the same kernel panic.

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MacBook :: Connecting To LCD TV Causing Kernel Panics

Feb 26, 2012

MacBook 2.1
Intel Core 2 Duo
OSx 10.6.8 Snow Leopard

I've had my MacBook for almost 5 years, first Mac I ever purchased, and have told everybody since then how I've never had one single problem with it, virus, or anything. My desktop PC would crash about every 6 months prior to getting my MacBook & the employee at Best Buy talked me into getting a Mac. I've been extremely satisfied in every way with it until now.

I finally bought a mini-dvi to hdmi cord to hook up my 70' Sony Bravia as a secondary display, but ever since hooking it up I'm getting constant kernel panics where I'm forced to restart my computer. This happens atleast 10 times a day and sometimes as much as every 10 minutes. It's not the TV as I have the same problem connecting to my 44' Philips TV.Am I just constrained to only using the Macbook screen connected to my laptop?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Macbook 2.1

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MacBook Pro :: Constant Kernel Panics On Startup

Jun 28, 2014

I Have a MacBook Pro mid 2009 13 inch and since yesterday the computer will not start, it simply shows a white screen, then the apple sign and then after several seconds this comes up and then it repeats again and again forever with a message that says " your computer restarted because of a problem wait or press any key to continue" but then after about five or six times it comes up wit. A screen that looks like the startup screen but in the middle of the grey/white page there is a circle with a cross through it where the apple sign should be. 

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OS X :: Macbook Having Kernel Panics And Dropping Wireless Connection?

Sep 4, 2009

I'm running OS X version 10.4.11 (Tiger). It's a 13" Macbook, two years old, from August 2007. I've recently been having a bunch of problems with it.

First, it drops its wireless connection a lot. Most of the time this happens while I'm playing World of Warcraft, but I've seen it happen even when I'm not. Everyone else connected to the wireless will have absolutely no problem with it, but my Airport icon in the upper righthand corner of my screen will go grey and then connect again, then go grey, connect, etc. I also experience a lot of latency in my connection when others don't (example with WoW... someone else will have 98ms latency, and mine will shoot up to 2500ms or so). Most of the time when this happens my entire computer seizes up. My game skips, my iTunes skips, my mouse skips or won't even move, I can't type or click, etc. Additionally, I've had it happen even when I'm connected to the internet with an ethernet cable with Airport turned off, and my internet connection will die completely until I restart my computer.

I've had problems with this computer in the past as well. About two months after I bought it, it wouldn't boot up and I had to reinstall the operating system. Then a year after I bought it, my motherboard crashed, and they couldn't really tell me why it might've happened.

Second, I've had two kernel panics in the past two months. The first one was July 18th, 2009, and the second one happened just about half an hour ago today (Sept 4th). The panic.log is as follows (both dates are included):

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MacBook Pro :: Kernel Panics On Boot Up From Installer Disk

Nov 30, 2009

I have a 2-yr old MBP 3,1 (the first Santa Rosa line) which has recently hit a slew of problems (bad fan, new display, new hdd, new logic board) over the last 3 months. I thought all was fixed then yesterday it suddenly dies, starts kernel panicking on boot, and I can't even boot from an installer disk. I took it in to the Genius Bar today and the guy puts a stick of their RAM in and it seems to work +/- ok. He won't do any more until I put the original RAM back in (upgraded to 4 gigs a year ago). I take the laptop home, and it magically starts working. I grab a couple backups and it starts kernel panicking again so I grab my original RAM and put it in. Now it's still kernel panicking and I'm effectively completely locked out of my MacBook Pro (the RAM worked fine in my wife's 3-year-old MacBook which takes memory of the same specs).

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MacBook Pro :: Frequent Kernel Panics When Waking From Sleep?

Apr 19, 2012

I have a 2010 MacBook Pro running the latest iteration of Lion. Recently, the computer has experienced frequent kernel panics (three today alone) requiring the laptop to be restarted. I have noticed that these tend to occur more frequently when I wake the computer after letting the battery drain down to near or below ten percent of its capacity and subsequently plugging it in after it goes to sleep. 

The only other clue I have is that every time the computer experiences a kernel panic and restarts, Spotlight re-indexes my hard drive (i.e., the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right-hand corner of my screen has the little blinking red dot inside of it). 

I have read a couple of things on the internet about how this may be due to Symantec Anti-Virus, which I have installed on my computer. However, that is pure speculation on my part based on a random post on a non-Apple-sponsored discussion board somewhere. 

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: 2 Months Old - 6 Kernel Panics And Applecare Useless

May 30, 2012

The first couple kernel panics I had appeared to have been caused by Trend Safe Web Surfing for MAC i have since uninstalled that and it keeps panicing.. programs i always have open

- safari

- firefox

- skype (text chat only .. never video)

- Outlook for Mac

- Adobe CS5 Dreamweaver   

there is never anything consistent about when it happens


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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