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OS X Leopard :: Unable To Connect Via AFP Or SMB To Other Machines

I get my MacBook in a buisness ethernet online. It works fine, I got Internet, Lotus Notes does fine and I have access to some applications using Citrix.But I need to share some files. With MacOS 10.4.11 I simple used the point: Connect to server from the Finder menue and choosed my sever.Also I was able via SMB to get access to shared folders on local Windows machines,

Also I connect to the Apple of our Print Service office via AFP, like

Some of you Novell Servers used Novall native file access, and so I was alos able to connect some server volumes via AFP....

But equal which service I use, I get the error message, the the thing I enterd is not a valid URL syntax...

But as mentioned above, I have the correct and valid connection information entered, with the given SMB:// or AFP:// and the given Server / Workstation Name, Company informations.... Same if I enter a IP Adress, like the IP Number of our PrintService Apple. Also here the error occurs, that I haven't entered a valid URL information.

MacBook 13" white
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

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Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Can't Connect To OS X Server 10.6.4 Using AFP - But Can Via SMB
OK, I'm stumped. This is a brand new Mini server running OS X Server 10.6.4. I can connect from 10.5 and 10.6 clients using SMB but not AFP. Access to all services is set to 'Allowed' so it's not a service restriction.

Server has good DNS resolution for itself. This happened using OD and then I demoted it to Standalone to see if that would make any difference. None. Rebooted several times.

The AFP logs show this when a user tries to connect:
IP - - 29/Jul/2010:22:24:28 -0500 "Login adam" 0 0 0
IP - - 29/Jul/2010:22:24:30 -0500 "Logout adam" 0 0 0

But on the client side you get a dialog "There was an error connecting to the server. Check your connections and try again."

Possibly related to this, not all folders show up in the share when connected via SMB. All folders are there when viewed on the server though. Have forced share permissions down the tree several times..

Never seen this happen before in many years of OS X Server work.

too many
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Sep 22, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: Unable To Connect To SMB - Windows - Share
I attempt to connect to my SMB (Windows Shares) server at home from my new macbook and I receive the error: "Connection Failed - You do not have permission to access this server" and sometimes but not always some error regarding read/write issue and gives me I believe "error -34"

This frustrates me because I know the server which is a Ubuntu Samba server works perfectly with:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Ubuntu 8.04
OSX 10.4

Just not with OSX 10.5.5.

I have attempted to connect the Macbook to the Vista Box's shares it I do receive a login prompt so it seems the problem is between 10.5.5 and Ubuntu's implementation of Samba.

Posted: Dec 15, 2008

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: How To Get AFP And Not SMB
i am trying to set up a chronosync between my laptop and desktop and i am being told by the good folks at chronosync that i am having an issue because i have an SMB connection and not an AFP connection.they have provided pretty specific instructions on how to change this but i am feeling like a caveman trying to do this.i /attempted/ to disconnect my macpro and my time capsule from the left pane under "shared" but this did not seem to work so i simply turned off the wifi. then i deleted my network passes in the login section of keychain and am in the Connect To Server section but all i am seeing is a "Favorite Servers" listed as "SMB:// understanding is that i am supposed to find an AFP now i am looking in the little gear icon for recent servers (there is one named "Mirch's Computer" in there which seems odd...) anyway can i CLEAR these recent servers and ADD my MacPro as AFP.

Posted: May 3, 2012

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OS X Leopard :: Unable To Connect Macs With Afp File Sharing?
I am suddenly unable to connect my MacBook Pro to my Mini using afp file sharing. I've done this successfully many times in the past, most recently about three weeks ago.

After using Go -> Connect to Server and picking the previously used Favourite Server entry, I get the Connecting to Server window, then after about a minute I get a pop up that says:

Connection failed
The server may not exist or it is not operational at this time. Check the server name or IP address and your network connection and try again.

Then the Finder icon jumps about and in the Connecting to Server window the message is:

The Finder cannot complete the operation because some data in "afp://aragorn" could not be read or written. (Error code -36)

Both machines are connected by Cat-6 cable to the same router, File Sharing is enabled on both machines, and Airport is switched off. I can ping each machine from the other, and both otherwise work fine. I've also tried connecting using the IP address instead of the machine name, with the same result. I've even tried another router, with the same result.

MacBook Pro, Mac Mini
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Oct 28, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: SMB And AFP Connections To A NAS Box?
I've recently installed an Iomega 150D Nas box on our network. I had problems saving quark files using the SMB connection which our MACS connected to the box automatically with.

I disconnected the SMB connection, created a new AFP connection using command + K and typing in the IP address of the server.

This worked great, and we want to stick with AFP. However when we restart our machines in the morning they come on but they restore the SMB connection. We then have to remove this and recreate the AFP connection. This is because our quark files can't be read when we've saved them via AFP and open them via SMB.

Is there a way to force the MAC not to load the SMB connection to the file server and automatically load the AFP connection instead?

Posted: Jan 5, 2009

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Server V10.5 Leopard :: AFP/SMB Vs. FTP?
I switched back to Apple about 6 months ago... so far so good. My major issue that I have been unable to resolve is file transfer speeds between our Windows File Server and my MacBook Pro. I have literally tried every network configuration / every DNS setting / etc., all with very little success. Basically the deal is this:

If I use either the SMB protocol or the AFP protocol (which I have setup on my Win 2003 Server), the file transfer speed is terrible... we're talking about 5 minutes to transfer a 100MB file... maybe even longer. I have Cat 6 / Gigabit connections running from all of the jacks / switches, etc.

If I connect a PC to the same network connection, it takes about 1-2 seconds to transfer the same file.

Now here's the crazy thing. If I connect to the server using the Apple FTP protocol (on my MacBook), the file downloads in 1-2 seconds (vs. 5 minutes on SMB/AFP). The only problem with Apple's FTP protocol is that it's Read-Only meaning that it won't let me write back to the server.

So I'm at a loss. I know my connection is good. I know my Apple is capable of pulling the file off of the server at lightning-fast speeds (through FTP), but I cannot for the life of me get decent speeds out of the AFP or SMB protocols.

MacBook Pro 17" 2.93Ghz / 8GB RAM
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Sep 2, 2009

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Server V10.5 Leopard :: Difference Between Afp And Smb
I'm running OS X server 10.5.8. unlimited license with only file sharing enabled.

When a large number of users (more than 7 or 8) try to log on the server at the same time, the server goes AWOL. A few users get on and that's it. When I check the server preferences, file sharing has turned off by itself. When I try to restart it, it just turns off again. After waiting a while, I can turn it on again, or it'll turn on again by itself after a good long while.

This is in the setting of a computer lab. The users get on via afp. Would smb work better? What's the difference between the two?

Intel iMac 2 GHz Core Duo, 1.5 GB, 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Sep 23, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: Connection Failed When Using AFP On Two Machines
I have just upgraded my MacBook Pro to Leopard and then ran Software Update to download and install the 10.5.3. And now my file sharing between my two Macs no longer works. Prior to the upgrade, I had Tiger on the laptop. At that time, my iMac, which also runs Leopard 10.5.3, could access the files on the Tiger system. Although the MBPro running Tiger could not access the iMac running Leopard, at least I could partially share my files between the two. Now none of the two machines can connect to each other. They appear on the Finder window, they are recognized as a MacBook Pro and as a iMac respectively but when I click on one using the other's Finder, it stays there on "Connecting..." and after a minute or so, it shows "Connection failed".

I tried already to disable the Stealth Mode of both firewalls. No good. Tried also to set Firewall to allow all incoming connections, then restarting the AFP server and then setting the Firewall again to allow only essential services (AFP is listed on both machines, by the way). Also no good. It only works when I set the firewall of the other machine to allow all incoming connections and leave it there. But I am simply not willing to leave my firewall open that way. Has Apple published something on this already? Does anybody know a bypass to this, perhaps changing specific files of the firewall? (If so, please advise in details how to do it as I am a newbie in the Mac world.)

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.3)

Posted: Feb 1, 2009

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Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Auditing For AFP And SMB?
I had post this same question before, but it has been archived. So I bring this back.We need to implement Auditing in File Sharing level.
Does anyone knows a tool besides the server logs? We prefer an opensource one, since Casper costs.

Dual 1.25 PowerPC G4 - MacBook Pro 2.16
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
ACT 10.6, ACTC 10.6, ACMT, MCP

Posted: Aug 31, 2010

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Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Wants To Reshare Smb Mount Via Afp?
Is there a way to reshare an smb mount via afp in 0S 10.6 server ?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
Xsan-XRaid-Xserve-MacPro workstations

Posted: Oct 8, 2010

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Server V10.5 Leopard :: AFP Works Fine, SMB Denies Access To All Folders?
Just having a few dramas trying to get our Windows 7 and Mac clients to connect to our 10.5.8 server via SMB.

AFP works fine, you can connect to the share and open all the subfolders and their contents, as per the permissions set in Workgroup Manager on the OD master back at head office.

However if you connect to the same server via SMB, you can connect to the share, but all the subfolders are crossed out, ie no access.

The server experiencing this issue with is running 10.5.8 Server, and is a remote replica of the master server. I have also tried changing it to "connected to a directory system"

Multiple XServes
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Nov 15, 2010

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OS X :: SMB Vs AFP - Both Slow?
I have a QNAP TS-209 Pro, a NAS drive that's a bit of a swiss army knife that can handle WINS, AppleTalk, NFS, Bonjour etc. It's a relatively fast unit with gigabit ethernet, I get about 11-12 MB/s without using Jumbo frames and I'm OK with that.

When I access it via Windows (in Boot Camp on my MBP) it's always lightning fast via both WiFi and, obviously, ethernet. Browsing it is instantaneous like it was a local drive. If I double-click on a folder, the Explorer window is filled with content in a matter of milliseconds. You won't know it from a local drive until you start some big file transfer.

But when I'm in OS X it's kind of slow. It's not an issue of network speed (I get rougly 160 Mbps with Airport in both Mac and Windows). The lagging manifests itself in different ways depending on protocol:

If I use SMB, navigating the folders is relatively snappy. Not as quick as in Windows, but still. Except when I go into a folder with a large number of files, then I have to wait forever staring at an empty Finder window before the file list appears. And copying to and from the drive is horrible, if I drag some large folder to my desktop I can basically go out to lunch while OS X is "Preparing to copy NN,NNN files". Once this infernal file counting is over, however, the actual copying is as fast as on Windows.

If I use AFP, navigating the folders is universally laggy. If I double-click on a folder with 10 subfolders, it takes about 3 seconds before I see them. It's kind of like browsing a remote FTP rather than a local NAS drive. On the other hand, the delay doesn't increase if there's a large number of files, like with SMB. It's the same 3-second delay no matter if there's one or a thousand files in the folder. Also, the "Preparing to copy..." part is much faster, it takes a coffee break but not an entire lunch like it does with SMB.

Is there any way to, um, make it suck less by optimizing something somewhere? Basically I'd like the navigation snappiness of SMB but without the insane delays when there are many files in a folder, and without "Preparing to copy..." moving at snail pace.

Posted: Sep 3, 2009

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Software :: To Migrate From AFP To SMB ?
Is anyone aware of a way to migrate files/folders from an AFP share on a Windows 2003 server to an SMB share on the same server?

This has been a thorn in my side for almost a year. Nobody seems to have an answer, so I've tried my own thing:

In the AFP shares, which is legacy from OS9, the OSX 10.4 Macs can see the files properly. But, if they try to use them in an SMB share, to the same location on the same server, the special attributes of the files are gone. All of the files look like they are broken, etc.

I've tried to copy the files from the AFP share, through an OSX machine, to an SMB share on the same server and this does work, but the number of files, and levels of folders, seems to choke the copy and the speed is brutal, even on Gb. They have 800GB in 650K+ files. I tried the copy in the GUI and from the terminal. It would work for a while and then choke on various files for various reasons.

As I said, this has been an impossible task. There is no information on the Internets. Someone out there must have gone through this.

Posted: Feb 24, 2009

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OS X :: AFP And SMB Shares Messed Up - How To Fix
The AFP and SMB shares provided by my machine (OSX 10.6.5) seem to be messed up. Specifically:
1) There are shares which are visible from other machines which do not exist in System Preferences -> Sharing -> File Sharing
2) There are share listed in System Preferences -> Sharing -> File Sharing which cannot be deleted
How can this be cleaned up? What drives the set of shares? /var/db/samba/smb.shares is clearly a generated file. What generates it?

Posted: Nov 18, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: Way To Find Auto Connect To AFP Share
I'm using Ubuntu as an AFP server (c/o netatalk) and everything is working fine as far as seeing the server in Finder and connecting to the shares. Whenever I first select the server in Finder, it briefly says 'Connecting...' and about 3 seconds later it says 'Connection Failed'. Obviously Finder is attempting to connect to the share and my question is whether it's trying using the current account credentials or is it trying using guest credentials. I would like to automatically connect without the need of selecting 'Connect As...' and entering my credentials over again.
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Jan 6, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: Failure To Connect To SMB Server Since 10.5.5 Update?
Ever since I updated to 10.5.5, I have no longer been able to connect to my school's SMB server [URL]. If I use "Connect to Server..." [URL] I get the message that the server could not be reached and I should check the server name or IP address. I know everything is correct, as I have been connecting in this same way for months. Also, I can use mount_smbfs on my FreeBSD machine and everything works fine.

iMac 24" 3.06 GHz
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Posted: Feb 23, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: Auto Connect Using AFP On Startup Or Wake From Sleep?
I have a macbook pro that's running 10.5 and a tower running 10.4 server. Is it possible to make my laptop auto-connect to the desktop on startup or wake from sleep using AFP?

Macbook Pro 17 Inch
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Posted: Jan 5, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: How To Connect To Machines On A Local Network
I want to be able to connect to a windows xp machine, and more importantly an ubuntu machine on my network, but I can't even ping either machine from my mac. I can ping [URL], I can ping my router but when I try to ping the ubuntu box I get:


PING ( 56 data bytes

ping: sendto: No route to host

ping: sendto: Host is down

Same for the windows xp machine.

How can I fix this?

Mac Air
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Jun 23, 2009

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Server V10.5 Leopard :: WinXP AD Users Cannot Connect Via SMB
Server is an Intel Xserve, 10.5.8. Windows users get authentication errors when attempting to connect via SMB on the Mac server. The server is bound to Active Directory, and the Mac users are able to connect via AFP just fine. Macs also cannot connect via SMB. I get the error message "NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD" when the user attempts to log in. Local users are able to connect via SMB, but I don't want to re-enter a dozen or so PC users on this server if I can avoid it.

In the /var/db/smb.conf file there is an entry for a password server that may not be correct, but if I change it to the password server I've been instructed to use, the file flips back to the original setting when I stop and start the SMB service. I think if I make changes to the /etc/smb.conf file outside the END section, where the comments say to make changes, they will carry over to /var/db/smb.conf, but I'm not sure of the syntax.

Posted: Dec 21, 2009

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Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Can Not Connect To SMB Shares?
I have an xserve bound to active directory and no one can access the the share points via smb. When attempting to connect users (on both mac os x and windows 7 and xp) are prompted for username and password but authentication fails, for both domain and local users.

Server has 4 NICs utilized two on semi-isolated subnet (that has domain access) with two IPs and the third one is on a our "public" sub-net with is a separate IP (also has domain access. fourth is for LOM.

General - Role: Domain Member
Access - Client Connections: Unlimited
Authentication: NTLMv2&Kerberos
Logging - High
Advanced - Code Page: Latin US (437)
Services: Workgroup Master Browser
Domain Master Browser
WINS Registrations: Register with WINS server:
Enable virtual sharepoints

2 x 3.0GHz Xserve
Mac OS X (10.6.1)

Posted: Sep 21, 2010

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Snow Leopard :: Smb Won't Connect After Sleep / Get It To Work?
Macbookpro mid 2009 osx 10.6.4, windows 7

having this prob since the first day i got my mac .
it Sim that after sleep the smb connection dropped and only hard reset will solve the prob .
Ive been in many forums and this issue sim to be very popular .
im very disappointed that apple don't have any mail service for applecare users .

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Sep 1, 2010

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Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: SMB Shares Will Only Connect Using Admin Accounts
I'm running a new installation of 10.6.5 running on a Mac Pro with Dual Quad Core processors and 10G of RAM. The SMB shares will not allow any user account to connect unless it's an administrative account. Below is the message in the SMB Logs from Server Admin. I'm not sure where to begin to look for this

smb_pam_account: PAM: User <userid> is NOT permitted to access system at this time
2010/11/26 14:02:16, 0, pid=45685 /SourceCache/samba/samba-235.5/samba/source/auth/pampass.c:smb_pam_accountcheck(784)
smb_pam_accountcheck: PAM: Account Validation Failed - Rejecting User <userid>!
2010/11/26 14:02:34, 0, pid=45688 /SourceCache/samba/samba-235.5/samba/source/lib/opendirectory.c:get_opendirectory_authenticator(247)
failed to read DomainAdmin credentials, err=67 fd=19 errno=34
2010/11/26 14:02:34, 0, pid=45688 /SourceCache/samba/samba-235.5/samba/source/auth/pampass.c:smb_pam_account(567)

Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Mac OS X (10.6.5)

Posted: Jan 26, 2011

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Server V10.5 Leopard :: Can't Connect To Smb Share When Connected Via Pptp Vpn
I have an XServe behind an AirPort Extreme router that I've just configured for PPTP VPN so that a windows client can connect to an smb share on the server. We can connect fine when we're on the same LAN, of course. When connected via VPN, it connects fine and gets a valid 192.168.2.XXX ip address but I am not able to connect to the smb share. In the office, I would type \10.0.1.XXXshare and the authentication screen would pop right up. When connected remotely through the VPN, I cannot connect to either the LAN ip or the XServe's gateway IP When I click on connect, nothing happens for about a minute and then I get the error "Windows cannot find the server...." I have even tried turning off the XServe's firewall completely but no changes. If I setup the Airport to forward port 139 to the server, it works great but I'm concerned about security issues of leaving that particular port open.

Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Jul 17, 2009

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Snow Leopard :: Apple Machines Not Able To Connect To Our Windows Server 2008 Box / Fix It?
I just recently moved over our file server data from a Windows 2003 box to 2008. Everyone can connect to it just fine except for our apple machines.

The machines connect using server finder (connect to server) that's builtin. It's able to connect to all of our servers except the new file server which sits on Server 2008.

The only way it's able to connect to the new server is by using Command K and entering smb:/IPADDRESS.

At first I thought it was a DNS issue but it's able to ping the server by host name just fine.

I understand that this may be a server issue. But if anyone can provide any insight

Mac OS X (10.6)

Posted: Jan 3, 2011

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Server V10.5 Leopard :: Unable To Ping Other Machines On Same Subnet?
I have a Leopard server where the router gives the public address ( to the server on one Ethernet service, and the internal ip address ( is on another Ethernet service. This works very nicely, as services from the internet (like voip SIP) hits the server directly. And I can also connect directly to the internet from the server, and other machines on my local subnet can connect to the server by both the public and the local private ip address.

But one thing I am unable to do, is to connect from the server to other devices on my subnet. That fails. I can not e.g. do a "ping" which is my PowerBook.

Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Aug 4, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: Can Only Connect To Smb Share From Windows As "nobody"
I'm trying to share some folders on my Mac using samba. When I connect from Windows, I do not get asked for a username and password, and I get connected as a guest user (nobody). What do I do to get connected as a real user? I've tried playing with /etc/smb.conf, but I'm not sure what to change.

Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Feb 10, 2009

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OS X :: Cannot Connect To Windows SMB Share
I've recently bought my first mac (mac mini) and frequently access a shared driver that is hosted on a Windows server. Until today I have no issues by going into finder and typing
smb://ip or hostname here
However, today I get:
"There was an error connecting to the server "server". Check the server name or IP address and try again".

The same problem occurs when I try to access it by IP address. I can ping the particular Windows computer just fine in terminal by both host name and IP. I know that sharing works because it's fine on other Windows computers. It seems the problem is in Finder. I have made no changes at all since the last time it worked.

Posted: Jan 13, 2010

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OS X :: Can't Connect As Guest Via AFP Or FTP
I've MRoogled my heart out and each "solution" is left open ended (gee thanks) so I want to ask for help in my specific case.

I have 3 computers on my network, a MacBook, a MacBook Pro and my Power Mac G4.

When I connect to either the Power Mac G4 or MacBook it auto-connects as a guest with limited access. However I CANNOT connect to the MacBook Pro as a guest no matter what I do. I have to be a Registered User to access ANY files on my MacBook Pro.

The MacBook and MacBook Pro both run 10.6 and the Power Mac is running 10.4.

Posted: Feb 19, 2010

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Cannot Connect To Mac Through AFP
I cannot connect to my MBP (2007 model) running 10.7 (10.7.4 at the moment, but I had this problem since upgrading to 10.7) using the AppleFileProtocol.I shows up on the network, it let's click on it, asks for my login and after hitting »connect«, it gives a error stating »The server XXX will not allow any additional users to log on. Try to connect again later.«. Connecting through SMB works fine. SSH also works fine. Everything else on this machine is fine, too.What's wrong with AFP.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2.2Ghz, 6GB, 500GB

Posted: May 10, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Connect To Windows SMB Shares After Sleep
After my MBP has hibernated, I cannot connect to my SMB shares on my Win7 media center. I can relaunch finder, turn airport on and off, etc, but it will not connect to the server until after I restart the computer. It sees the Win7 box in Finder and lists it under "Shared," but even though I have a button for "Connect As," pressing it does no good. Finder just says "Connecting" and will never get any farther.

If I use the "connect to server" dialogue in finder rather than the shared list in the sidebar, the effect is the same, it come up with a "connecting" message that never succeeds and I cannot close.

The computer is a late 2007 MBP running 10.6. Its connecting wirelessly to an Airport Extreme, and the Win7 box has a wired connection to the Airport Extreme. Since it will reconnect just fine after a reboot, I'm certain the problem is with the MBP, and not the server or the router.

Posted: Apr 9, 2010

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IMac :: Transferring Data Between Two Machines - How To Connect
How do you transfer all of your files/ music/ photos/ videos/ etc. on to your new Mac? Is there some cord you need to plug in to transfer everything, or should I go to the local Apple Store and have them do everything?

Posted: May 15, 2010

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: AD Accounts Can No Longer Connect To AFP File Shares
I am running into an issue where AD users can no longer connect to AFP file shares. If you attempt to authenticate with one of our Lion server's local accounts, you connect without any issues, but if you put network credentials in then you get the window shake denial. This issue just came up this morning. I attempted unbinding and rebinding the machine, updating from 10.7.2 to 10.7.3, removing and re-adding share point permissions, turning file sharing off then on, and still no network account authentication. 

how to get network credential authentication to AFP filesharing working again?

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Server

Posted: Feb 22, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: OS X Lion 10.7.4 Will Not Connect To Windows 2k3 Server With AFP Protocall?
I am having issues commecting my late 2011 model MacBook Pro to a Windows 2003 server on my internal network using the AFP protocall. I am able to connect to the server using SMB however. I have a am running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 operating system and the server can be found and pinged but when I try and connect to it using AFP I get the error: There was a problem connecting to the server "<my server ip address here>" The server may not exist or is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection and then try again. 

On this network my roomate also has a late 2011 model MacBook Pro which is able to connect to the server no problem using both protocalls. He has completely disconnected his computer from the server to double check there was not at overload of traffic on the afp. The only difference in his machine vs mine is that he is running Mac OS X 10.7.2 which is pretty close in versioning. 

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Posted: Jun 3, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Connect To Server Using SMB. All Of A Sudden Stopped Working?
I have a MBP which I used to connect to a Windows XP computer wireless using the smb server address feature in the Finder. The thing has been working for a couple of months with no problem. I sometimes take my Mac on the road and bring it back... when I'm ready to reconnect it, just go to the "recent items" under the Apple icon and reconnect.But now, I get a long delay and I keep getting the message:

"Connection Failed"
The server "XXX.XXX.X.XXX" may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again.I've tried everything...the IP address is correct and the internet connection is working on both computers, so what's the problem??

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Mar 6, 2010

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Windows Users Cannot Connect To SMB Service
I have two Lion 10.7.3 servers joined to my company's AD. These servers provide SMB/AFP file services to users. They have been working successfully until a week ago when a change in AD was made. Now Windows (7 or XP, doesn't matter) clients cannot connect to the server using the DNS name, only the IP address. Mac OS X clients are not affected by this, i.e. they can use the DNS name fine. All clients are on AD too.What I observe from a Windows 7 client is, I open Windows Explorer, type \xserver in the address bar, hit enter, & it denies my connection immediately. If I do the same thing with the IP address (\, it lets me in immediately.

For Windows clients, I have tried both the short DNS name as well as the FQDN, & neither work. The DNS name on the server itself is fine, verified by "changeip -checkhostname". Whatever changed in AD caused the Lion servers to start doing this because they both started exhibiting this behavior at the same time.The only info I've been able to get regarding what changed in AD from the domain admins was "We changed the UPN to", in other words, to their email address. In the system logs, here's an attempt to connect from a Windows client using the short DNS name:

Feb 20 09:24:39 xserver rpcsvchost[32619]: sandbox_init: succeeded
Feb 20 09:24:39 xserver sandboxd[32620] ([32619]): rpcsvchost(32619) deny file-read-metadata /Library/Managed Preferences
Feb 20 09:24:39 xserver sandboxd[32620] ([32619]): rpcsvchost(32619) deny file-read-metadata /private/var/root
Feb 20 09:24:39: --- last message repeated 3 times ---
[Log] .....

Why only the DNS name doesn't work.

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Feb 23, 2012

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Mac Pro :: Connect Via SMB To External Drives On Macpro Leo Server?
Im not getting the option to connect to an external drive that i have connected to my leopard server.Normally I would get info on the external drive, click share, then i would be able to reach this via another macbookpro.I tried to create an alias in another shared folder which i can reach, but its not accessable.

Posted: Aug 15, 2009

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Mac Mini :: Xbox 360 - Unable To See Certain Machines (not Running Media Center)
so i've been trying to use my 360 as a htpc to view media from around my network. I've run into some problems with it playing certain media formats as well as it not being able to see certain machines (those not running media center). Does a macmini running xbmc (or some other software) fare better in this regard than the 360? is the mac remote compatible with xbmc?

Posted: May 9, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: 10.5.8 Unable To Connect To PC?
So I have updated to 10.5.8 and now I am unable to connect to any PC's on my network.

I use the "GO" menu and click "Connect to server..." and I get "smb://DELL" in the Server Address Field, the "Browse" Button gives me the Finder "Network" category and I can see my "iMac" but nothing else... no PC's of which there are 2... this used to work in 10.5.6.

When I have smb://DELL showing in the Server Address field, I hit "Connect" and I get the message "Connection Failed You do not have permission to access this server" and I get the small "connecting to server" dialog which never connects and never goes away.

Any ideas why this is always so difficult to troubleshoot?And why after 10.5.8 update?

Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Xeon - 4GB - Radeon 1900XT - Apple 23" Cinema Display
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
Pioneer DVR-115D and 112

Posted: Aug 17, 2009

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Intel Mac :: Error : Unable To Connect To The Database:Could Not Connect To MySQL
Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL I just started to receive this message, when I try to go to this one website.  What caused this? and how can I fix this problem? I an geet to website using other browsers.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.0.x)

Posted: Jul 3, 2012

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