OS X :: How To Disable Journaling

Oct 22, 2007

Using a new MacBook (C2D, 2.16 GHz) but am multibooting with number of Linux OSes. To make OS X writable from Linux, I need to remove journaling from the OS X partition.So, I go to Disk Utility and here's the info available about my Mac OS X partition: Quote:

Mount Point :/Capacity :113.0 GB (121,332,826,112 Bytes)
Format :Mac OS Extended (Journaled)Available :54.2 GB (58,217,304,064 Bytes)
Owners Enabled :YesUsed :58.8 GB (63,115,522,048 Bytes)
Number of Folders :115,197Number of Files :436,726

t looks like it's journaled so I should be able to disable journaling, right? now I go to File and look for a Disable Journaling option. But it's not there. What's there is Enable Journaling but even this is grayed out.


OS X :: Disable Journaling For Media Drives?

Jul 6, 2009

Does anyone have Journaling Disabled on their external Media Drives? I hear it helps with encoding of Video & such when editing.

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Hardware :: Small Recording Device For Journaling?

Jun 28, 2009

I would like to find an inexpensive mini recording device for journaling... audio quality not a big concern... but something I could speak into then easily transfer to and archive on my MacBook. I would transfer like this often, so would like something that came with an app to capture it easily, via USB, for example, or wirelessly via BlueTooth.

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OS X :: How To Disable Bonjour

Feb 11, 2009

Not Finder > pref > sidebar

I want to disable MY mac from showing up on other peoples Macs "shared sidebar" at school. We use the same network or same wireless router. I went to my shared folder and disabled EVERYTHING and made sure I have a password now not in the dictionary.

So. Can my Mac be accessed, viewed or seen now? Can someone view my screen remotely (hack) using Bonjour WITHOUT ME KNOWING IT?

I see tons of other computers on my side bar but i am worried they see mines and can some how control it without me knowing. I do know not to click any strange links from emails and such.. Like I said I've disabled ALL sharing and just made a password.

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OS X :: Possible To Disable Dashboard?

Jan 20, 2010

Is it possible to disable the dashboard? I never really use it, and it would be nice just to disable it altogether and use the key for something else.

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Software :: How To Disable Spotlight

Dec 20, 2010

i recently read that disabling Spot will make a minor boost to game performance. my question is: how do i disable it?

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OS X :: How Do I Disable Internet In AirPort?

Sep 27, 2010

For one of my Macs, I want to disable the internet only but still want to be on the LAN. How do I do this?

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OS X :: Ibook Need To Disable The CD-ROM?

Oct 30, 2010

i have a cd stuck in my old ibook G4 making a lot of noise trying to come out but its stuck, is there a way i can just disable the cd so i can continue using my ibook to read emails.

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OS X :: Wants To Disable Warning Messages ?

Dec 12, 2010

if it's possible to disable these annoying warning messages that pop up when trying to open certain files on the Mac? I work a lot with web files and constantly have to click "Open" on this dialogue box when opening a new file has become a bit tiresome.

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OS X :: How To Disable ICal Alarms

Apr 15, 2006

I have a Treo 650, and I use Missing Sync to sync to my Mac.

I don't need iCal to alarm me, my Treo does that perfectly fine.

So is it possible to disable iCal's alarm feature?

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OS X :: How Can I Disable The Password Window

Jan 31, 2009

When I install a new program I get a window that pops up asking me for my password. I don't have a Master Password for my computer, I left it blank intentionally so all I have to do is click on OK and the program installs. Likewise, sometimes when I delete some items on my computer this same window pops up.How can I disable this most annoying Password Window?

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OS X :: How To Disable Mouse Gestures

Mar 28, 2009

How do I disable the mouse gesture for spinning things in 10.5? I just upgraded and I hate this "feature". I use it all the time accidentally in Photoshop and it's driving me crazy.

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OS X :: How To Disable Remotes On MacBook

Mar 29, 2009

I am trying to use the remote for my Apple TV but the gad damn thing keeps activating things on my Air and my wife's MacBook as well. I am going to throw this freaking thing out the window...

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OS X :: Disable Trackpad On Available Mouse?

Apr 9, 2009

I got my new MacBook Late 2008 and I'm looking for the option, that the trackpad gets turned off when a mouse is connected. But this feature got removed on the new Macbooks. But I still want this feature. Is there a command in Terminal to enable this option anyway?

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OS X :: How To Disable Secure Trash?

Oct 4, 2009

Since I got SL and had a small trashcan, opened it up, and instead of emptying it via dock and just hit the "secure" button in the window out of laziness, every time I empty the trash, it does it securely, which takes a lot of time. I have a very large trash load and don't particularly feel like devoting the full CPU to writing over files I simply don't need anymore (mostly old downloads). Is this a feature? How do I disable it?

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OS X :: Disable Yellow Tooltips In 10.6?

Dec 16, 2009

does anyone know how to disable these annoying tips that pop up all over the place in snow leopard ? I've found a few terminal hacks but none of them seem to do the trick.

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OS X :: Can't Disable Hibernation

Feb 6, 2010

it took so LONG to sleep my macbook when closing the lid, and I wanted to eliminate security concerns with the sleep image being on the hard drive, so I tried that SmartSleep preferences panel, latest version. It worked for awhile (this is on Snow Leopard. But now it hibernates every time again! I've tried resetting the setting to something different, then back to just "sleep".

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OS X :: How To Disable Spell Checker?

May 1, 2010

I only want to use spell checker in certain programs like Safari, Pages, Ms Word. But in mac os x it is always on, how can i disable it or customise it ?

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OS X :: Disable Auto Run On CD

May 21, 2010

I have a CD that opens a program on the CD every time I insert it. How can I disable that? The CD is read only.

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OS X :: How To Disable Startup Processes

Jul 24, 2010

I would like to disable some processes from starting upon login, but can't figure out how. I am not referring to the Login Items of System Preferences>Accounts. I have checked /Library/StartupItems/ (empty), /Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist (essentially empty), and ~/Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist (which only contains the things that i do want, it matches my account preferences).

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OS X :: Way To Disable Alerts In IChat?

Aug 14, 2010

I'm using iChat to connect to Facebook's IM protocol and cannot figure out how to turn off all the little notifications windows popping up in the top right corner telling me about people signing on/off/idle/etc.It is annoying to have a few hundred friends and constantly see it telling me about people getting on/off but I'd still like to be connected to the service.

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OS X Server :: How To Disable Multicasting

Sep 8, 2006

Is there a way to disable/turn off multicasting on my OSX server ?

The reason I ask is because I am trying to deploy netinstall images to client Macs and when I am trying to do this my network grinds to a halt and someone said to me that multicast may have something to do with this ?

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ITunes :: Disable IPhone From It?

May 17, 2012

I accidentally connected an iPhone with a Mac I do not want to synch with. Now when openign iTunes this iPhoen always appears and shows up inside the device list. How can I just get rid of this device without touching / loosing any datsa on teh device itself? 

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Software :: Disable Downloading From Safari?

Feb 7, 2010

does anyone know how to disable downloads from Safari 4? The reason is that the hotel that i am doing my internship had recently set up 2 iMacs and wants to prevent downloads so that guests dont download anything that can cause the system to go haywire.

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OS X :: How To Disable Borders Around New Image Icons

Sep 12, 2009

Is there a way to kill the white border that Snow Leopard puts around new image icons? They show up on the Desktop and in Finder windows. Also, now all new raw icons show as generic icons in the dock pop ups. And don't get me started on dumping prefs in Image Capture to set it to open images after download.

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OS X :: Disable Skype Launch At Startup?

Aug 27, 2010

How to stop skype from auto launching every time I reboot my computer?

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Applications :: How To Disable Swooping Windows

Oct 28, 2010

I would like to disable the effect that causes application and software windows like Finder windows and Microsoft Word to "swoop" into and out of the dock.

My preference is to have these windows simply "cut" into and out of the dock without the swooping effect.

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OS X :: Disable Spotlight On Certain Removable Drive

Nov 1, 2010

I notice every time I plug in a removable USB hard drive, spotlight will start to index files within the drive and result in my drive to take time to be recognized and become usable. Is there any option within the snowleopard that would allow me to disable certain removable drive?

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OS X :: Unable To Turn Off Or Disable Quicklook

Dec 8, 2010

Just got a new imac with 10.6. Our folder system has a lot of folders that the name starts with a space. To get around I used to just start typing the name of the folder starting with a space instead of scrolling through our long file list. Not the best system but we have thousands of folders with linked files and we are not going to change the names. Is there a way to turn off or disable quicklook so that I can use the space bar then type to find the folder?

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Applications :: How To Disable HTML Email

Jun 9, 2006

I'm switching from Thunderbird to Mail.app. How do I disable HTML email?

According to Apple, it can be done by following these directions, however the option it mentions ("Display images and embedded objects in HTML messages") is not available. The only thing I see is "Display remote images in HTML messages," which I have unchecked, but HTML email is still coming through just without the images.

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OS X :: How To Disable Connected External Monitor

Jan 17, 2007

Is there an easy way to cause a connected external monitor to be "disabled?" E.G. I have an iMac connected to an LCD TV (via VGA, spanned, external at 1360x768). If the TV is plugged in, even if it's off, the computer switches to spanning mode. The consequence of this is that, if my preferred setup is to have the external be main, for instance, I essentially have to unplug it from the iMac whenever I don't want to be using it. Even if the external is the 2ary dsplay, it means that the mouse can go off the edge of the screen on one side, and that two of the hot corners are messed up. Is there any utility that could do something like add a "disable external display" item to preferences or the menu bar?

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Applications :: How To Disable Flash In Safari?

May 26, 2007

is there a easy way to switch off flash in safari? ideally i want to switch off safari on a case by case basis. meaning it's off most of the time. but when i think i need it for a special site i want to easily switch it on without any installation.

i want this mainly because i don't like flash and it slows everything down.

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OS X :: How To Disable Spell Check In Browser

Oct 29, 2007

How to disable spell check in browser?

everytime i login using my username or google something like a name safari automatically underlines it saying i spelt it wrong

how can i turn this featuer off?

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OS X :: Is It Possible To Disable QuickLook Zoom Animation

Nov 27, 2007

Is it possible to disable QuickLook's zoom animation? I don't like it when my folders zoom, so I would also like turning off QuickLook's zoom too.

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OS X :: Disable Icon Preview In Leopard?

Feb 6, 2008

Is there any way to disable the universal icon preview in the Leopard Finder?

For example, I want my .doc, .rtf, and .docx files to appear in Finder as they do in Mail - as icons and not a tiny, unreadable preview of the file; that's what QuickLook is for if you ask me.

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