OS X :: Can I Just Restore Apps From Time Machine?

Jan 10, 2010

I'm relatively new to macs, about a year in, but I've never gotten around to using Time Machine. Mainly because its not my primary machine so I'm not using it for anything serious at the moment. That being said, I somehow managed to corrupt OSX to the point where it needs to be re-installed. Basically what happened is I tried to resize my Bootcamp partition and either Disk Utility crashed or I did something wrong that caused it to during the resize.

Now whenever I click anywhere on the menu bar, the current app crashes. So what I want to know is, If I create a Time Machine backup today and then reinstall OSX. Can I then access my backup but only reinstall the apps? Or will the new version of OSX be overwritten with my corrupted one?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Possible To Restore Apps From Time Machine Backup?

Apr 5, 2012

If you can restore applications from a Time Machine backup? I know it can restore files and folders or the entire system, but, this MacBook was just updated to Lion and only needs the applications restored, not the system.

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OS X :: Unable To Do Time Machine Restore / Calculating Space Required To Restore Data

Jun 19, 2009

How long should I be stuck on the screen "calculating space required to restore data"? I've been on this screen for about 20, 30 minutes. The "hash mark wheel" is spinning, but just not seeing anything new. Is this normal? My backed up data is ~100 GB.

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IMac :: Backup Image Restore Current Apps / Data On New Machine

Jan 9, 2011

I've got a 4 year old iMac. I have a Time Capsule and make daily backups. My question is if, err when, this iMac dies and I spring for a new shiny one, will my backup reconstitute my new machine with my current apps and data, or just the saved data?

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Software :: Time Machine/Restore To A Different Machine?

Sep 17, 2008

I have a desktop G5 that I'm in the process of selling. I have been using Time Machine for my backups and am picking up a MacBook Pro to replace it as my requirements are now much more mobile.

My question is simply this; can I restore my system, backed up from my G5, to my new MacBook?

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Mac Pro :: Mac Pro Showing Wrong Time After Time Machine Restore?

May 24, 2009

i've got a niggling problem that i'd like to get sorted. I've searched the forums, but can't find anything that relates exactly to my problem.

I restored my pro from a time machine machine backup and now it displays the time incorrectly (-1hr). 'Set date & time automatically' is checked in system prefs which makes the problem even weirder. I'm using the Apple Europe sever too.

I've read somewhere about deleting a hidden file to solve the problem, but there isn't enough information to execute.

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OS X :: Time Machine - Restore To Another Mac?

May 7, 2008

My MacBook (Early 2006) is faulty and is soon to be replaced by Apple. They are replacing it with a MacBook (Early 2008).

I have 10.5.2 on my MacBook, and back up regularly using Time Machine.

My question is, when I receive the replacement MacBook, how can I restore my data from my faulty MacBook to the new?

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OS X :: Restore Using Time Machine?

Nov 23, 2008

I am replacing a hard drive in my Macbook pro.

How do I restore everything onto the new drive.and how do I format it.

I have an external drive (with some stuff on it) with enough room

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OS X :: Can't Restore In Time Machine

Dec 15, 2008

When I enter time machine, I see all of my previous back ups, usig the slider at the far right i can scroll to an of my previous back ups, yet at the bottom right the restore button is greyed out...how do i restore if i want to?

Also what is the difference between time machine, and time capsule ?

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OS X :: Won't A Restore From Time Machine?

Jan 11, 2009

just signed up for the forum today and plan on stopping by often.... but I have a question.

Recently my 15" MBP has been very sluggish, especially when it comes to browsing the web. I can scroll with my mouse wheel, and wait a few seconds, then I see it actually scroll. Flash video lags and drop frames, etc. Same type of stuff outside of the browser as well, just feeling slow.

So I've got my awesome Drobo (with 2 1TB drives I might add) as my Time Machine backup, and my question is that if I just do an erase and install of OSX, and restore my computer from my previous TM state, won't that just restore all the problems I had?

Would it be worth just starting over for real and install all my software, import my music, etc. manually, or should I trust Time Machine?

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OS X :: Time Machine Restore 10.5.6 To 10.5.5

Feb 17, 2009

So I upgraded my hard drive to 500gb and thought that the easiest way to transfer would be a fresh install and let time machine do it's magic. Well it kind of worked. Everything went smoothly until I tried to load itunes. itl database is from a previous version. Hmm... I thought Time Machine was supposed to back up EVERYTHING so I don't have to go reinstalling s*&^ again. Nevermind, update in Software Update and everything should be grand right? Wrong (arnie voice)

There were loads of updates still in there and 10.5.6 was a biggie. So install that one first. It hangs, I try again, it hangs on install. So approached it from another angle. Use Carbon Copy Cloner. So out with the new drive and in with the old drive. Begin Clone, it failed at 33%. Stuff that. Use something else. Super Duper. It copied superbly, althought it took ages. And then I could even boot use using the clone as the startup disk. So cloned the drive to the new 500gb disk. Took 8 hours...

And eventually.... it loads to the apple logo and then reboots after abotu 60 seconds. Infinite reboot loop.

So am I doomed to using the 160gb drive forever?!

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OS X :: Time Machine Restore

Jun 8, 2009

Maybe I'm missing something...

Backed up the MB on an external using Time Machine. Erased the HD and performed a new, fresh install of Leopard. I'm now attempting to restore all the files I previously backed up, but when I click on a file or folder to restore I'm not actually given the "restore" option in Time Machine.

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OS X :: Will Time Machine Restore Everything?

Dec 29, 2009

I think my iMac disk may be a bit defragmented after three years of use including large video files. I did a test by installing a new copy of OS on external drive, and it was noticeably faster.

This makes me want to try reinstalling Snow Leopard as a clean install.

Can I then just use Time Machine to bring back everything *exactly* as it was? Will it do that? Emails and everything will be exactly as before?

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OS X :: New Mac Using Time Machine To Restore?

Dec 29, 2009

ive got a new imac with snow leopard installed and a time machine drive with all my data/applications but its taken from a machine with just leopard installed (my old one )

what process will i have to take get my data onto the new machine ?

cannot use migrate assistant as one machine has only 400 firewire the other 800 only

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OS X :: Cannot Restore From Time Machine?

Jan 21, 2010

I got Time Machine backed up on a Seagate external hard drive and now I have clean installed my Mac and tried to locate the Seagate external hard drive that is formatted Mac OS Extended Journaled and GUID mapping, it cannot find it. It keeps searching for the disk in migration assistant.

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OS X :: 10.5 Time Machine Restore To 10.6?

Aug 2, 2010

So I've been on 10.5.8 for the last year, and I have been using Time Machine to back everything up.

My computer won't boot, and I'm going to initialize the drive and install Snow Leopard. My question is, what is the best way to restore all of my applications, data and preferences?

Will I be able to just do a complete system restore using Time Machine from the Snow Leopard disc, after I do a clean install of 10.6?

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OS X :: Time Machine Restore Failure

Oct 10, 2009

Following my internal startup disk failure (System v. 10.5.8) on a G5 (mid-2004) I am trying to restore it from the Time Machine backup folder Backups.backupdb located on an external 1TB WD called Time Machine Backups also containing additional folders with other backups.

The internal startup now has only Sys. v.10.5. installed from Apples disk.

Using Leopards start-up disk to Restore System from Backup it finds the 1TB WD disk called Time Machine Backups. After clicking on continue the next window reads No Mac OSX System Backup Found.

The backup folder called Backups.backupdb begins on 5-13-09 with 7 day backup intervals to 7-30-09. The month of August only contains 4 backups. The month of September shows daily backups.

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OS X :: Time Machine Restore To New HD And No System DVD?

Dec 7, 2010

I bought a new HD to upgrade my iMac. I have everything backed up on a USB drive via Time Machine. This should be simple, but now I can't find my Snow Leopard system DVD. I've looked everywhere but no luck. My current HD is starting to give me "no more space" errors, so I'm having to delete some stuff.

Is there anything I can do? Every site I've looked at says to use the system DVD to start up the computer and then restore from Time Machine. Is there some kind of DVD I can create myself? I do have an old OSX DVD from my G5, version 10.7.2. That won't work with Time Machine "automatically", so I don't think it would be helpful. Or maybe it would work, I don't know.

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OS X :: Time Machine Restore On New Macbook Pro

Oct 24, 2008

I just got a new Macbook Pro and would like to transfer accounts/data from my old machine that was backed up using Time Machine. On the initial boot, I chose to transfer over my entire account and did not check off the options for applications or files and folders. Right now it appears that its transferring everything, including documents which is what I want.

My question is I am assuming it will transfer over my applications too (they reside in the Applications folder under my account, right?) Will all the applications transfer over and if so, will they be accessible by all accounts or will I have to do it over? If I screw up will I be able to try another restore from the same backup or will it be overwritten?

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MacBook Pro :: Time Machine Restore To New

Dec 12, 2008

I had a late 2007 MacBook Pro which I sold, and now I have a Late 2008 MacBook Pro being shipped to me. Before I shipped my old one off, I made sure to backup with Time Machine. Will I run into problems if I just pop the Leopard disk into my new MacBook Pro and restore from the Time Machine backup? If so, what are my options? I neglected to make a Carbon Copy Cloner backup from which I could use the migration assistant...

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OS X :: Selective Restore From Time Machine?

Feb 10, 2009

My MBP is being repaired and a new HDD is being put in. Is there any way to do a restore from Time Machine that I could only select what I wanted to restore? I'm assuming the computer will come with a fresh install of Leopard and I guess my question is: Can I migrate docs/media/software from my time machine backup or is it an all or nothing restore?

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OS X :: Using Time Machine To Restore To Another Computer?

Mar 2, 2009

I plan on purchasing a new Apple computer within a few days. Currently, I have all my information backed up using Time Machine; I'm wondering if it would be possible to use the external hard drive (Western Digital 500GB) to restore (transfer) everything to my new computer. My desire to is to have my new machine have everything on it just as it was on my old computer, but it being a new machine of course.

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OS X :: Complete Restore From Time Machine?

Mar 10, 2009

My superdrive in my macbook pro kicked the bucket and I have to hand the whole thing over to apple to fix. Following the advise of many people online, I will be wiping my hard drive before dropping the machine at their doorstep. I have the machine backed up via Time Machine on an external drive. Will I be able to restore it to its current state using Time Machine and my backup after it returns from Apple.

I have sensitive and important data on the laptop...this is why I need to be sure to get it all back.

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OS X :: Using Time Machine To Restore Data?

May 13, 2009

I currently have a 120GB hard drive in my macbook and want to put in a 500GB one. I have a ton of stuff already installed and don't really want to re-install everything from scratch on the new 500Gb one. Question is can I use Time Machine on an external drive that already has stuff on it? Or do I have to use a freshly formatted one for it to work?

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OS X :: Time Machine Restore To Different Drive?

May 29, 2009

I just setup my mac pro, and started to install my applications. Then I realized I had an older drive from way back that might have some useful stuff on it. This drive was my boot drive, with old apps installed on it. Is there a way through Time Machine (or otherwise) to install these apps on my new boot drive? I can't find the proper install dmg's.

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MacBook :: Using Time Machine To Restore New HD?

Jun 4, 2009

I have a USB HD that I plan on using for Time Machine because I am going to replace the HD just one thing I want to get straight can I use Time Machine to 'restore' my new harddrive?

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OS X :: No Sound After Time Machine Restore?

Jun 10, 2009

I had one user profile set up on our family iMac. I recently added to more user profiles via a Time Capsule migration. The original user profile has sound, but the two 'migrated' accounts have no sound?

I zapped the p-ram, restored permissions, updated all software, etc...

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OS X :: Restore Backup Without Time Machine?

Jul 18, 2009

the other week my internal hard drive crashed after lasting for 5 years, and now its at the point of no return unless I spend hundreds of dollars on data recovery. So instead I went to [URL] and got a brand spankin new 5400 rpm 320 gb western digital ultra ata drive and after hours of painstaking formatting problems I finally am able to get on the internet and reach you guys. Here are my specs

Powerbook G4 Aluminnum 17"
1.5 Ghz
2 Gb Ram
10.3.3 (As of now)

Now, I had an external drive that I kept my back ups on daily through use of Time Machine on 10.5.6. My problem now is, I have no idea how to restore my computer and utilize those back ups! Needless to say I lost my tiger AND leopard disc so I'm left with this crappy 10.3.3 version. If I finally end up restoring my computer using my latest backup, will it install leopard along with all of my information? Or do I need to go and acquire leopard before I can restore my files.

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OS X :: Time Machine Restore After HD Crash?

Aug 3, 2009

The hard drive in my MacBook died, and I replaced it with a new one. I'm trying to restore everything from Time Machine. First thing I did after installing the hard drive was boot from the OSX DVD and format the drive GUID and Mac OS X Journalized. I then selected to restore from Time Machine from the Utilities menu. It detected my backup, but it did not detect the new empty hard drive to allow me to restore it to (It did however, detect the other partition I have on my external drive).

I thought it wouldn't let me restore directly from the Time Machine backup because the drive did not have OSX on it. So I clean installed OSX onto the drive, and now the migration assistant is restoring from my Time Machine backup. Why was it not allowing me to restore from the backup? Is this how it's supposed to be done?

I suspect that this migration assistant restore isn't the same as restoring from the Time Machine backup after booting from the DVD. Would I have to reinstall OSX updates again?

It's also taking an extremely long time to transfer; it estimated about 35 GB to copy and it says about 14 hours remaining. It might be because it's a first gen MacBook that only supports SATA, and I'm using a SATAII hard drive, but I don't really think that should matter. I want to cancel this and try restoring from the Time Machine backup directly if that would make it go faster, but there is no cancel button. If I manually shut it down, would it cause damage?

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OS X :: Time Machine Restore - Asking For Password

Aug 30, 2009

I just did a clean install of Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro and I'm at the part where it asks if I already own a Mac. I choose restore "From a Time Machine backup", I select the backup volume but then the system is asking me for the passoword to my Time Capsule. What? I don't remember giving it a password. I tried my system password from my Leopard installation along with a bunch of common passwords I've used and none of them work.

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