OS X :: Airport Extreme Base Station In Place Of USB Wireless Adapter?

Jun 16, 2009

I have the AirPort Extreme base station 802.11n and was thinking of using it as a way to access a wireless signal since my newly acquired G5 tower doesn't have a wireless card.

Is is possible to use the base station as a wireless access instead of the card?

Caveat: I have a MacBook Pro that I use with a built in wireless card. I get my signal from a wireless signal from my upstairs friend/landlord's network. He uses a Linksys router and modem from the cable company.

Is there a way around buying a wireless card or USB adapter for this G5?

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Hardware :: Poor Wireless Speeds Using Airport Extreme Base Station?

Jul 22, 2010

I've recently upgraded into a faster Internet Provider, but for some, I'm still getting poor internet speeds using my Airport Extreme Base Station (Model # A1034) when using my Wifi.

When connected via Wifi, I'm getting at least 1-3/Mbps downstream while I can achieve 10-15/Mbps when wired.

What's causing this drastic downstream speed difference between Wifi and wired? Do you think it's time for a new wireless router?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Base Station As Wireless Access Point For Xbox 360?

Sep 15, 2010

I'm trying to use my AE (Airport Extreme) Base Station to give my xbox 360 wireless. Has anyone done this? My setup is as Follows: Netgear WGR614 v7 Router connected to my Cable Modem AE Base station connected wirelessly to the Netgears Network Xbox 360 connected via ethernet to AE. It's not working though. My AE gets an IP automatically from the Netgear fine, but the xbox won't connect. I have my AE on "Join Wireless Network" mode and it's LED is solid green but it still doesn't give the xbox any internet.

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Mac Pro :: Airport Extreme Base Station Information?

Dec 2, 2010

I've been looking here for the answer without any success. Well after 8 yrs I decided upgrading my linksys's router and I was able to setup my new airport extreme wireless and add my ethernet printer without using the USB option.

I noticed after using my daughter macbook pro under her log in and I was able to see my airport router and was able to change settings under airport utility.

I don't want that to happen as I want to manage everything from my Macpro and I'n afraid that anyone with another pc from outside can have access to it.

I don't have any share files except sharing the printer in the network.

Also I noticed that I can't have two seperate network name's with individual passwords for 2.4 GHz and 5GHz but I have a separete one for the guest network which I did okay.

If I add a hard drive in the airport router via USB can I use that for time machine for my daughter macbook pro?

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OS X :: Can't Connect To Airport Extreme Base Station?

May 2, 2009

It's a two year old 802.11a/b/g Airport Extreme Base Station.

I've tried connection via wireless and ethernet from two different Macs (one with an 802.11a/b/g Airport Extreme card and one with an 802.11a/b/g/n AE card.) I can ping the base station successfully, but I can't connect to it with Airport Utility.

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OS X :: Setting Up AirPort Extreme Base Station

Apr 14, 2010

I have an airport extreme base station and I heard you need a modem to connect it to, I have a bt homehub and need to just get the internet setup. I can't seem to set it up how hard I try. It shows this when I try to plug it in without the bt hub [URL] and I dont know if I have a modem or not?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Base Station As Router?

Feb 12, 2009

Just bought an Airport Extreme from Apple. Is there anyway I can use it instead of my existing netopia router.

I'm getting mixed reports on whether I can do it. The AEBS appears to be able to take a dsl line.

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Hardware :: Get An IMac And An AirPort Extreme Base Station?

Jan 16, 2010

I want to get an iMac and an AirPort Extreme Base Station. I already have a 2WIRE wireless router using 802.11b/g. Do I need to get the AEBS, or will an iMac work with my existing router? And I need to keep my 2WIRE router, so how would I hook up an AEBS to the 2WIRE router? I've heard that you have to set the AEBS to 'bridge' mode or something. Can you also give detailed instructions on how to set up the AEBS with the 2WIRE router?

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Hardware :: Open NAT On Airport Extreme Base Station?

Nov 13, 2008

Every time I play Xbox Live, it tells me that my NAT setting is not open and that Matchmaking may be slow. So my question is this, how do I open up my NAT? I went to Airport Utility>Internet>NAT tab>and unchecked both "Enable default host at:", and "Enable NAT port mapping protocol", but it still says that my NAT is Strict. So what to do?

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Hardware :: How To Use Airport Extreme Base Station As A Router?

Feb 12, 2009

Just bought an Airport Extreme from Apple. Is there anyway I can use it instead of my existing netopia router.
I'm getting mixed reports on whether I can do it. The AEBS appears to be able to take a dsl line.

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Hardware :: Does IPhone Use 802.1n On AirPort Extreme Base Station?

Mar 20, 2009

In the next few days my setup will include an iMac that is n compatible, two apple tv's and two iphones. I also have a powerbook that won't use 'n', however this will be of nominal use.

I want to set it up where it's as fast as possible - especially for the apple tv's, but thinking the iphone will slow it down. Is this the case?

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme Base Station Locked Up

Jun 23, 2009

Yesterday I decided to put WPA2 Personal encryption on my Airport Extreme because I saw that other people were using it and wanted to prevent that. Well, as a result, I can no longer access my base station to change its settings. I opened up Airport Utility, Airport Admin Utility, and the Airport Setup Assistant, and none of them are able to scan and find my Airport. I think I literally locked it up by putting this encryption on it and making it on a closed network. Does anybody know how I can reset my Airport Extreme so that I can just start from scratch and not make a stupid mistake like this again? Note that I've tried holding in the "Reset button" on the back, but it doesn't work; it simply goes back to having a green light after 5 seconds.

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme Base Station Not Working

Aug 12, 2009

I asked some questions about setting up a usb router type of set up and upon the advice of this board I went out last week and bought the Airport Extreme BS. I've plugged it in, installed the software on both PC and MBP and I can not, despite a week of buggering about, get the Airport Utility to acknowledge that the AEBS exists. Nor can I get the damned amber light to stop flashing. I've followed the instructions but I'm lost. Is the something I need to do that I'm overlooking?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Base Station Setup?

Oct 7, 2009

I just bought a new Airport Extreme Base Station from Apple and I followed the set up guide.
I set up a private wireless network and a guess wireless network.

Now, the problem is that my ipod touch 2g and my other pc can not access the private network even if I enter the correct password for the private network. Any suggestions?

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Hardware :: Unable To Use Airport Extreme Base Station?

Jun 3, 2010

So i just bought my AEBS and have been reading this forum regarding the problems that may arise and how it can be solved.

But being me, I just have to try it myself before experiencing what other AEBS users have gone through - inability to use hard disks plugged into the AEBS and being able ti read and write into it from both PC and Macs.

I wanna ask is this a possible solution to all these problems:

Use a USB hub and plug in both an NTFS-formatted ext hard disk and a Mac OS Extended (Journaled)-formatted one into the AEBS.

Install Macdrive in the PC so that it can access the Mac OS Extended (Journaled)-formatted hard disk, and the NTFS one as well.

Install NTFS 3G in Mac so that it can access the NTFS-formatted hard disk, and the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) too.

This is what I thought of theoratically, i wanna know if anyone has tried this method. if everything else fails, i'm gonna sell my AEBS away. 'cause I wanna use the AEBS like cloud computing or a wireless dropbox for my home.

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OS X :: Access Airport Extreme Base Station At Home From Somewhere Else

Jul 27, 2010

Is it possible to access my airport extreme base station at home from somewhere else? I have an external hard drive connected to it and would like to be able to access from work or on the go. If I can do this will it be secure and safe from other users accessing it? I've googled info on this and have come up pretty empty. I'm running a MBP 2.4 with OSX 10.6.4.

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Software :: Airport Extreme Base Station Disappeared?

Apr 22, 2009

I was ok with wireless connection for several years. Recently I had to change my ISP account and now I can't get my computer to even detect the Base Station, which sits peacefully blinking yellow. Airport Admin utility can't find it either.

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Hardware :: Can Block Websites Through Airport Extreme Base Station

Mar 8, 2009

I have an Airport Extreme Base Station, the newest model until the new model was released this past Tuesday. I have recently installed the new update that Apple just released.

My question. Can I block specific websites such as [URL] I want to be able to block them on all computers on my network including an iPod Touch my son has so this is the reason I prefer to block them through the router instead of on the computer itself. Is there any way I can do this?

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Hardware :: Cannot Access Work VPN Using Airport Extreme Base Station

Oct 10, 2010

I am having great difficulty accessing my work VPN via my Airport Extreme Base Station (N model, 2007), and I wonder whether anybody can help? I was getting no joy accessing my work VPN (using my works laptop) via the AEBS (i have Virgin Cable Broadband). Citrix would not connect at all. Getting very frustrated and suspecting it was something to do with my ISP, I ended up buying a cheap second hand Belkin Wireless G cable router just to double check that it wasnt a problem with my hardware. To my utter shock, I managed to connect first time using the Belkin Wireless G router to the VPN. This obviously meant there must be an issue with the Airport Extreme Base station. The question is, what? I am utterly confused, and haven't a clue where to start in terms of adjusting the settings, and what settings I actually need to change to try and solve this. Has anybody any ideas where to start? Why can I connect via the Belkin Router (which cost me �9 on ebay) and the vastly more expensive Apple router?

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OS X :: Auto Mounting Disk On AirPort Extreme Base Station?

Nov 9, 2010

I have my iTunes library hanging off an AEBS and if I start iTunes before mounting the disk on the AEBS, iTunes doesn't know where the library is and often reverts back to a default library location of user/music/itunes/itunesmusic. Is there any way to get this drive to mount automatically? Either through OS X or iTunes?

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Hardware :: New Airport Extreme Base Station Router In 2011?

Jan 4, 2011

I was reading through this old "Airport Extreme 2010" thread, but didn't see a discussion around 2011 yet - so I thought I'd start one.

I might have missed the news, but we never did end up getting a new version of Airport Extreme last year, right? So do you think the odds are good we'll get a new Extreme in 2011?

What's your best guess at a release date? Possibly around March 2011?

What new features would you expect a 2011 AEBS model to have? What upgrades would you like to see? Minor spec bumps? Stronger/wider range? More...?

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Hardware :: Connecting A Router To Airport Extreme Base Station?

Jan 26, 2007

Connecting a router to Airport Extreme: Will it slow down the internet access to all the computers more? I wanna hook up my Mac Pro, iMac via Ethernet and my PowerBook will be wireless. Is it gonna effect my speed?

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Hardware :: Use Airport Extreme Base Station - To Transmit Signals?

Feb 11, 2009

Somehow this is not clear to me. I am looking to make the switch from PC to Apple and would like to start with a laptop. As i live in an old farmhouse (with thick 2-3 feet walls), I don't think one airport extreme base station will not cover then whole place. Therefore, I wonder if I can use the airport extreme base station and use the smaller airport extreme base stations as a jumping point to transmit the signal.

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Hardware :: External Drives To Use As A NAS With Airport Extreme Base Station?

Apr 16, 2009

I am looking to purchase one of these external drives to use as a NAS with my Airport Extreme Base Station. I've read that these drives put themselves to sleep after 15 minutes of activity. Will this be a problem if they are connected to the APX via USB?

Does anyone have any experience with using this drive across a network?

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Hardware :: Using Airport Extreme Base Station (newest Model)?

Nov 29, 2009

I have an airport base station that was setup and working properly in my home office. I change locations within my home and now it will not work correctly. Literally, all I did was unplug and plug everything back in. The internet connection is working fine. I plugged it directly into the computer and it works.

I got frustrated and reset it back to factory defaults and reinstalled it and now it still doesn't work.

I can get the internet to work through the ethernet port, if I set the ip to

However, I cannot get the airport to work at all. I did notice that the ip when it sets it automatically, was a 169 ip.

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Hardware :: Quality Of Video Chatting With Airport Extreme Base Station?

Oct 17, 2010

i wanted to know how good the quality is for video chatting (primarily through the webcam on a macbook) when using the airport extreme base station.

also, does anyone know the data transfer rate on the AEBS?

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OS X :: Connecting 2Wire 2700HG Modem With Airport Extreme Base Station

Feb 15, 2009

I currently have Qwest DSL and have the 2wire 2700 hg modem. I have attached the picture of it. I currently have a Windows XP computer that is now a 2 1/2 year old computer (blah it was a hand me down). The Windows XP PC is currently hard-wired to the modem. I now have the 802.11n version of the AEBS. This is going to be used for my current Macbook. I have an office downstairs so I will be doing wirelessly. I want to use the 802.11n only option with my Macbook. Also another reason I want to disable the 2wire built in wireless feature and have it replaced by the AEBS is because Qwest is not doing anymore firmware upgrades for the 2wire 2700HG modem. By the way, my family sometimes visit and use 802.11g only on the devices they use. I know AEBS supports that. I just hope 2wire wireless feature can be disabled without no issues. These are the things I am wondering:

1. Has anybody run a similar setup to mine? Any things I should consider? Any pros or cons?
2. Should I turn off the 2wire modem firewall and turn on the firewall option on the Airport Extreme base station or vice versa?
3. Should I leave alone the NAT feature on the modem be left alone?
4. Does this kind of setup have to be run in "bridged" mode?

That's all the questions I have for now. I hope someone can help with this. I looked and looked for a similar question to these questions but could not find a recent forum post to mine.

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme Base Station Internet Only Works With New IMac

Oct 25, 2009

I bought a new iMac and it connected to AirPort Base Station, internet works fine on it. However, when I connect my MacBook to the wireless network, it doesn't let me go on the internet. I checked the status of the router through AirPort Utility. (Status: Conflicting DHCP Range) I don't know how to fix this.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Base Station/router Flashing The Yellow Light?

Dec 27, 2010

My router is giving me troubles all of a sudden. It's been flashing the yellow/amber light and I cannot connect to the internet anymore through it.

I've unplugged it and used a different ethernet cable through it, but it still won't connect.

However, my internet does work when I directly plug the ethernet cable into the back of my Mac. So it's not my ISP, which makes me think it's the router.

My AEBS is no more than 6-8 months old, and this is the first time I can't seem to fix it. Usually unpluging it and turning it off and back on will work.

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme Base Station Sharing To External Hard Drive

Mar 21, 2009

Have an external hard drive formatted OSX format. If I hooked external hard drive to AEBS to use as AirPort Disk, would a Windows computer be able to read this external?

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