MacBook Pro :: Battery Won't Charge To 100%?

Apr 23, 2010

ijust calibrated my batttery and my charger light is green which signifies its not charging anymore..and the icon at the top of my screen says charged..BUT Coconut battery says my current battery charge is as follows:

Current Battery Charge: 5807 mAh

Maximum Battery Charge: 5853 mAh


Current Battery Capacity: 5853 mAh

Original Battery Capacity: 5770 mAh


Additional Info:
Battery-Loadcycles: 6
Age of Mac: 7weeks
Charger Connected: yes
Battery is charging: no

so my battery charge is stuck at 99% and its been plugged in for the past 3 hours, and its saying my current battery capacity is higher than my original battery capacity.. is that normal?.. i cant seem to get my battery to 100percent and its not charging..

here is a screenshot of coconutbattery after calibration, i just got my macbook last week..should i be worried about the battery at all?


MacBook Pro :: Battery Doesn't Charge At 100%

May 3, 2012

Well, as the same title says, the battery of my macbook, when I'm charging it with the mac turned on, arrives to 99%, and when remaining 5 minutes, after this point, the time starts to increase, 6 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes.... but doesn't charging at 100%. 

Note: Cocconut Battery shows that the battery maximum capacity is at 88% with just 10 loadcycles !

Mac Pro

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MacBook Pro :: Its Battery Won't Charge

Feb 5, 2012

Battery not charging with power adapter hooked up.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Got Wet Battery Won't Charge

Apr 16, 2012

my Macbook got wet, the battery is dead, when is it safe to charge it?

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Sometimes Won't Charge After Being Unplugged For A Few Hours?

Mar 19, 2012

I've tried two brand new adapters and neither work after my MBP is unplugged for a few hours and then plugged back in. Eventually it'll work again, but occasionally it doesn't acknowledge the power source. Will AppleCare cover this?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Charge If It Runs Out Of Battery Power

Apr 25, 2012

My macbook pro won't charge again or even start up if it runs out of battery power, so I use my wife's power cable it charges and starts ..  I have to charge it with her's for 20 min, then I can use mine and it works fine ..

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook :: Battery Died - New Battery Won't Take Charge?

Apr 22, 2012

My 2008 MacBook's battery finally died.  I have purchased 2 new batteries and neither of them will take a charge.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro 13' Battery Won't Charge

May 23, 2012

I'm using a MacBook Pro 13' and it's one year old. I bought it last year March. But after I purchased it, few months later, my laptop started playing up. First, it's faulty hardware, and i sent my laptop in to get a new hardware. Not long later, the battery won't charge. Whenever I touch or drop the adapter or connecter when it's charging, my laptop will shut down itself, and resetting. (when i tried to switch on, the date has changed) And it won't charge anymore. I get frustrated when ever I ask for repair and it seems nothing happen in Apple Care, and they refuse to repair it.

MacBookPro, iOS 5.1.1

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Won't Charge / Have Tried Multiple Chargers And Outlets

Feb 22, 2012

I was using my computer, running windows 7 through bootcamp, when suddenly the light went off on my charger and my battery stopped charging. I've tried using a different charger and several outlets without success.

MacBook Pro, Windows

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OS X :: Macbook Battery Won't Charge?

Mar 9, 2009

having problem charging battery . sign just shows a cross on it.the lead shows green and will not go to orange,hence it is just working off the mains.Bought new battery, worked for10 days now having same problem.

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MacBook :: Its Battery Won't Charge

Feb 1, 2012

Power cord will not light up and charge battery on my mabook. I have already taken the battery out and gone through the steps for resetting. Worked along time ago when this first happened and now its not. Do I need a new battery?

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MacBook :: My Battery Won't Charge

Jun 6, 2012

My cat knocked over a glass of vodka/sprite onto my 13" white MacBook (the older version, from 2007 I believe). I let it dry out and took the battery out and everything and let it sit for a few days. It turned on when plugged in but the battery was dead. I purchased a new battery to replace it thinking it was just that the battery got ruined. However, the new battery I purchased will also not charge. It came partially charged and it worked and my MacBook had power without the power cord... until the battery died, and now i cannot get it to charge back up at all. Is this something that can be fixed? If so can I do it on my own or would I need to bring it to a Mac store, and what would that cost me? My concern about taking it in to get fixed is what it would cost me and if it is worth it seeing as my MacBook is pretty old.

Info:MacBook, 13" white MacBook from 2007

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MacBook :: Battery Won't Hold A Charge At All?

Feb 13, 2012

i have a 09 13in macbook. the battery won't hold a charge at all. my is how many charge cycles can i have before i have to buy one thats not covered under the protection plan

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook :: Battery Won't Charge - Getting "Not Charging" In The Menu Bar Battery Status?

Jul 1, 2012

I have a Mac 10.6.8 running Snow Leopard. My battery won't charge: all I get is "Not Charging" in the menu bar battery status; the power adapter doesn't light up either. It's not a problem with the battery—when I put my battery in my friend's MacBook, it worked just fine. His battery, however, wouldn't charge either when it was in my computer. I have tried resetting the SMC several times, following the instructions exactly. I've reset the PRAM, run disk repair, and fixed disk permissions. I don't have the money to take it to a repairman—even if I did, I need my computer every day for work.  

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Air :: Battery Won't Fully Charge?

Dec 29, 2010

I just got a new macbook air, it was working fine for a couple of days until yesterday.

The battery seems to be stuck at 98% - or was. I rebooted because I started to lag, and was updating, then I unplugged it and plugged it back in, then it went down to 97%. What confuses me is the fact it had been plugged in (while shut off), for about 8 hours and it should have been charged by the time I got around to using it. When I right click on the battery icon, it says the computer is fully charged.

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MacBook Air :: Won't Hold Battery Charge

May 12, 2010

In the last two weeks, my Air will not hold after I Shut Down or Suspend, battery seems to work fine if I'm using it (drains normally). When I turn it on it's at 0%. Plugging it in will charge to 100% in ~30 minutes. Did SMC reset did not resolve problem. I don't believe there are any hardware issues.. Will a format fix this? All software is up-to-date.

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MacBook :: Won't Turn On - Battery Wouldn't Charge

Jul 22, 2010

I don't have a warranty anymore. I got my Mac three and a half years ago. At first two days ago, I had a hard time turning it on. The charger didn't have a glowing green light. Then, once I got it on, the battery sign said it wasn't charging, had an X or something. But I got by by just leaving the charger on and it must have been charging some because I could use it for more hours than my usual 100% charged. My battery have always been damn awful because of the edition. But last night, I couldn't get it to turn on at all. The fan makes noises and so does the computer and sometimes, I can see very faintly that it goes to the sign-in. It could just be out of batteries and doesn't turn all the way on, just shuts down after a minute.

But since I don't have warranty, I am wondering how much it'd be to visit the Apple Store. And also, if anyone know of any way to fix it...could it be some other issue aside from the battery? This happened right after a storm that we had while I was at work and left it plugged on. But there was no lightning.

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MacBook :: 2.1 Won't Hold Charge But Battery Indicator Is Full

Jun 7, 2012

My wife's Macbook 2.1 is acting strangely. The Battery indicator led's are full (green) the charger led is also green and the software shows 100% battery is charged. After a couple of seconds after disconnecting the charger it switches off. I've tried resetting the SMC and this allowed a full nights use without the charger but on the next day it went back to only holding for a couple of seconds. I don't want to have to reset the SMC every day. It's running on 10.5.8 and is all up to date.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo 3GB SDRAM

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MacBook Pro :: New Battery But Health Isn't 100%

Feb 8, 2012

I reccently bought a new MBP late 2011. I took it out the box and charged it to 100% but the battery health was 94%(iStat) is it normal for a new battery to have 94% health? shouldn't it be 100%? I asked this question because when my brother bought his MBP early 2011, it had a 100% health out of the box.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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PowerPC :: IBook G3 Won't Charge Battery

Mar 14, 2009

I just tried to charge my iBook, and it won't charge. If I unplug the charger from the mains socket, and plug it back in, the ring around the charger will turn green for about a second and then turn off. I've tried to restart the iBook, and I've removed the battery from it also.

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Hardware :: New Battery Installed - Still Won't Charge

Jan 25, 2010

I just got a new to me macbook. The previous owner said that it would not hold a charge because it needed a new battery. Today I installed a new battery, but the symptoms are all still the same. The unit will work just fine when the power supply is hooked up. If you disconnect the power supply, the unit will instantly turn off. I looked up the "power" settings under system profiler and this is what it showed:

Model Information:
Serial Number:XXXX-YYYY-0-0
Charge Information:
Charge remaining (mAh):0
Fully charged:No
Full charge capacity (mAh):0
Health Information:
Cycle count:0
Battery Installed:No
Amperage (mA):0
Voltage (mV):0

AC Charger Information:

So based on that info, I'm thinking there must be some kind of internal problem with the mac. Opinions?

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PowerPC :: IBook G3 800 MHz Won't Charge Battery

Mar 14, 2007

My iBook G3 800 MHz will not charge any more all of a sudden. I have tried plugging it in to several power sockets and it won't charge. Whats more... I tried charging it with just the normal charger, and I even tried charing it with the extension wire! I am not sure if it is the charger, or my iBook. If it is the iBook, should i rip it open and get a new part for it? If it is the charger, where can i get a new one?

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Hardware :: Apple Battery Charger Won't Charge Full?

Aug 22, 2010

I have brought Apples new battery charger. But when the battery is charged and i use them in my mouse, they are only charged up to around 69%-74%. I have tryed it two times, and both it is between that number.

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Software :: IBook G4 Won't External Battery Dock Charge

Jan 29, 2009

I am looking for an external battery dock to charge the battery. The Mac people said it's an internal problem in the computer and it will be $300 to fix. Are there any external chargers for Ibooks out there?

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Doesn't Charge It

Mar 13, 2012

I got a Macbook pro 13" and the battery don't charge.

Info:MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Apple's Battery Is Removable - Battery Hold No Sufficient Charge

Mar 14, 2009

If you look at apple's battery life page it states the MBA battery is removable, I thought it wasn't supposed to be?Battery Lifespan For Apple notebooks with removable batteries ? such as the MacBook, MacBook Air, and 15-inch MacBook Pro ? a properly maintained battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 300 full charge and discharge cycles. You may choose to replace your battery when it no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs.

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MacBook Pro :: Laptop Won't Turn On And Won't Hold A Charge?

Aug 18, 2010

I put my 17" Macbook Pro to sleep overnight without the power adapter two nights ago, and when I woke up yesterday it wouldn't turn on, even with the power adapter plugged in. The battery was almost dead when I put it to sleep (2% charge), but after leaving the adapter plugged in all day yesterday the battery indicator on the bottom only has one light glowing solid.I've removed the battery and tried to start it with just the power adapter, I've tried Ctrl+Cmd+Power Button, I've reset the PRAM, I've reset the SMC, and it still doesn't work.

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MacBook Pro Won't Turn On Won't Charge?

Mar 13, 2012

My MacBook Pro's battery died yesterday, so like I always do, I put it in its charger. But for some reason, the LED light won't turn on.So therefore, my computer won't charge. I purchased my MacBook pro in July, so the battery shouldn't be replaced now And when I use my charger on my friends MacBook pro, it works fine.

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.0.1

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Charge Complete Battery / Service The Battery?

Nov 15, 2010

been using my older MBP with windows 7 for a while and have never notice oddies with the battery until now. Then recently after replacing the failed HD and re-installing Snow Leopard on my 2007 MBP, the battery panel is telling me "Service Battery"; it's battery health according to coconutBattery is fair for it's age (50%).

the unit (battery) has been replaced previously due to being considered 'under performing'. Is Snow Leopard trying to encurate it's users to replace the battery more frequently? If not, does anyone know why this appears? I'm at lost, since it appears to work fine, if not charging completely.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Charge Battery / Battery Completely Dead?

May 20, 2010

I just want to make sure nothing else is wrong with my Macbook..have never replaced the battery in 3+ years...Always says not charging and once the magsafe is removed Pro shuts completely dead battery the only problem..?

Battery Information:

Model Information:
Serial Number:Sony-ASMB012-3856-4ebc
Device name:ASMB012
Pack Lot Code:0000
PCB Lot Code:0000
Firmware Version:0110
Hardware Revision:0500
Cell Revision:0303
Charge Information:
Charge remaining (mAh):0
Fully charged:Yes
Full charge capacity (mAh):0
Health Information:
Cycle count:218
Condition:Check Battery
Battery Installed:Yes
Amperage (mA):0
Voltage (mV):10209

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Charge Battery / Charging Stucks At 99 Percent With Service Battery

Aug 20, 2010

I calibrated my battery for the first time since Dec. When I plugged it in this morning, it took 3 hours to charge all the way, and now it's stuck on 99% full, 0:00 till completely charged, and I'm getting an error when I click on the battery in the menu bar that says "Service Battery". When I click on the error, it tells me that it may not be functioning properly and to take it to an authorized apple service retailer. Before I waste 2 hours by going to the Apple store and back, has anyone else had this problem, and is there a way to fix it without having it looked at?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Charge It Up

Apr 6, 2012

Went to charge up my notebook and said 'not charging'

Info:Mac Pro

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MacBook Pro :: It Won't Take Charge

May 23, 2012

I've looked through some other discussions, but can't seem to find my problem. When i plug my Pro in, the green light comes up saying fully charged, however my onscreen icon stays at whatever percentage it was at when plugged in, with the fully charged icon appearing in the battery

Info:MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: 13" Battery Not Getting 100%?

Feb 2, 2010

My brand new Macbook Pro 13" battery seems to go super fast (3hrs) and Im just surfing the web. Also it charged all night and day but doesn't hit 100% it was 98% or so. aybe my imagination but my other older Macbook 15" held a charge a lot longer.

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MacBook Pro :: When Open It The Battery Went From %100 To %73

Apr 14, 2012

I charged my MacBook and it was turn'd off Note(the LED flash was green) When I open it the battery went from %100 to %73

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), iOS 5.0.1

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