MacBook Pro :: Backing Up 3rd Party Apps With Time Machine

Mar 22, 2012

After what started out as a simple question...why won't my iChat stay connected now that i have installed OS Lion and spending over 2 hours with Apple Phone support and trying all the known trouble shoots, they told me the only thing I can now do is Back Up my MacBook Pro and do a HD erase and reinstall everything. So, this has me a little freaked out! I have never done this and am afraid of the results. In particular, my 3rd party applications such as all my Adobe Suite applications. I no longer have access to the initial start up and install Creative Suite CDs! At first apple support said Time Machine WOULD NOT back up 3rd party apps. Then I get an email and said they were mistaken and it WILL with a link to an article. Yet I see nothing about it with in the article I was sent. SO, has anyone successfully reinstalled their Mac from a Time Machine Backup along with any 3rd party apps?  

I could just go back to Snow Leopard since I had no issues with iChat using that OS. I was told I would have to do the same erasing of my HD either way to reinstall that OS.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Backing Up Everything Via Time Machine?

Sep 18, 2010

So my MBP has some funky display issues so I'm going to bring it to the Apple Store this weekend. Before I go I want to make sure everything is backed up on time machine incase they need to replace the whole unit or keep it for a few days to repair it. If they lost my data or had to give me a replacement one would I just be able to hook up my USB HDD and let Time Machine bring the new MBP back to it's old condition?

Would all of my program and settings be just as I left them? Bookmarks in Chrome?

Would all my iTunes purchases still exist as they do now?

Would I need to authorize iTunes again (using up another one of the five allowed.

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MacBook Pro :: Backing Up Using Time Machine / CCC Etc

Apr 29, 2010

Am a Mac n00b here so just wana ask if i were to change the hdd and if i were to use time machine to backup the old hdd to my new hdd, would the bootcamp partition and all the files in windows be backed up too?

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MacBook Pro :: Time Machine Not Backing Up?

Jun 4, 2012

i am having trouble backing up my data to the time machine. the log says the data cant be mounted.


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MacBook Pro :: Backing Up The SSD And The HDD To A Network Using Time Machine?

May 16, 2010

If I put an SSD in and use the OptiBay to replace the Superdrive with an HDD will Time Machine being able to deal with backing up the SSD and the HDD to a network backup using Time Machine?

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MacBook :: Time Machine Backing Up Two Drives?

Mar 20, 2012

I have a larger external harddrive that I purchased to use as a Time Machine backup drive, and I want it to back up not only the harddrive of my MacBook, but also a small external harddrive that I use as a "media drive" to hold all my iTunes and iPhoto content.  If the small media drive is plugged into the MacBook while the Time Machine back up is ocurring on the larger external drive, will it back up both the MacBook harddrive and the media drive, or do I have to manually select this somewhere? 

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MacBook Pro :: Backing Up Time Machine Drive?

Mar 31, 2012

It's not paranoia, it's just being a computer user long enough to see damaged drives. I'd like to backup my Time machine drive, but I can't. Neither using my backup software, Chronosync, nor simply manually, just drag and drop from the origin Tima machine to the destination (time machine backup). Time machine is a backup, so I'm doing a backup of a backup. I had my time machine drive failing once, so I want to have this extra protecion.

This is the error message I get when I want to drag and drop the "Backups.backupdb"  folder, which is where all my Tima machine bbackups are: 

"The backup can’t be copied because the backup volume doesn’t have ownership enabled." I'm the only user, in Admin level. When I get info from the folder it says "You can only read".

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Time Machine Backing Up When Pref Is Turned Off?

Mar 7, 2012

I noticed yesterday and today, after replacing my TimeMachine with a new one, that even though I had temporarily turned off the Time Machine backup in my system prefs because I didn't want it running while I was editing a video, it will still backing up. And backing up a huge amount of data. A Google search using "time machine backs up when turned off" as the search phrase led me to:[URL] in which I learned that TM is doing local backups to my laptops' hard drive. Don't want this, but as usual Apple is assuming most people would welcome this safety feature and so don't offer (a) information on it or (b) the option in system prefs to turn it off. Anyway, on that page there is a command for the Terminal which will turn off this feature:  

sudo tmutil disablelocal 

One could easily be fooled into thinking your computer had less disc space than you actually have due to this feature. Pretty well everytime there is a "smart" application within the ever expanding OS, there is a downside to it. If only there was an "I'm no dummy" mode which would allow users to tailor various features without mucking about in the Terminal, which I know little about and try to stay away from, except for the occasional "fsck -fy" command at startup.

MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2.26 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Time Machine Not Backing Up Since Installing Lion?

Apr 15, 2012

Since installing Lion, time machine get stuck "preparing for backup" but never goes through with it.

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Hardware :: How To Use Time Machine With A 3rd Party External Hdd With Windows

Dec 25, 2009

So I have a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard, and I am looking to buy a large external harddrive (1+ TB) to back up my computer with (using Time Machine). Can I do this wirelessly, even though I do not have Airport Extreme or the Apple external harddrive (I will most likely buy a Western Digital or some other big-name brand).

Also, my family PC is running Windows XP. Is a way I can wirelessly back up that computer as well to this external harddrive, or will I need to plug that in to the PC.

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MacBook Pro :: Backing Up Data From Time Machine / Router Not Detecting HDD?

Aug 11, 2010

I currently have a wireless router with a functionality called ReadyShare and I also have a 320GB external USB HDD. I would like to be able to plug my HFS+ formatted HDD into my router and be able to use it as a wireless backup solution for Time Machine. The problem is that the router doesn't even detect the HDD so it is unable to share it throughout the network.

Another solution I had thought of was to connect the device to a Windows tower downstairs and then share it throughout the network. The problem here is that there is no free (read: FREE) software that I know of that allows Windows to detect HFS+ formatted drives in Windows Explorer in order to share them.I do know of software that lets Windows read them but there isn't anything that I know of that lets them be mounted in My Computer and treated like a normal drive.

This got me thinking... What if I install the Boot Camp drivers onto the machine downstairs. If I recall correctly, the Boot Camp drivers let Windows do exactly what I am trying to do. But I don't know if this is possible due to hardware differences, etc.

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OS X Mavericks :: Third Party Email (Postbox) Does Not Show Up In Time Machine Backup

Jul 1, 2014

I am running Time Machine under Mavericks. When I looked at my Time Machine Backup files, I could not find the mail boxes in the appropriate Application support folder. It should be under Library/Application Support/Postbox/Profiles.I am also running Carbonite and have my POP mail accts getting backed up. I should have my email set up as a IMAP. I tried to go that route and after three weeks of dealing with my provider (and level 3 support) they informed me they could set it up for me for another $50.  

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MacBook Pro :: External Hdd As Network Time Machine Drive / Backing Up On Snow Leopard?

Oct 1, 2010

I have 2 macs in my house.. a macbook pro and a macbook air. I have an old dell desktop running windows 7 that has a terabyte external harddrive hoooked up to it. I want to be able to use it as a network time machine drive. Both laptops are running snow leopard. I was wondering is this possible and if so, how can I do it. Currently I am able to see the desktop and the external hardrive on my network from the macs, and I am able to drag and drop onto them, however I want to be able to use time machine.

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OS X :: Time Machine Backing Up Everything?

Sep 8, 2010

I have tons of pics and does time machine really back up ALL of it and keep the same quality???? I cant seem to retrieve or look at the files individually when Im browsing thru the time machine backup hard drive.

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OS X :: Time Machine Not Backing Up Everything?

Sep 9, 2010

I needed some extra HD space, so I deleted the 1.5TB hard drive I've been using as my TM backup and thought I'd partition it and re-run TM in the partition.

I erased the drive and created two partitions: 1TB and 500GB. I transferred 250GB of files to the 500GB partition and then set-up the 1TB partition to be used as the TM backup. I ran TM and it told me that it had backed up 264GB...the problem is that my internal HD has 478GB of data on's not being backed up.

My only thought at this point is to erase the HD again, re-partition it, and run TM first...and then transfer the data to the other partition.

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OS X :: How Can I Tell When Time Machine Is Done Backing Up

Dec 1, 2008

I want to know when I can disconnect the external hard disc.

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OS X :: Time Machine Keeps Re-backing Up Everything?

Dec 28, 2008

I have a Time Capsule as my Time Machine backup, which backs up my MBP and the external drive I use to hold all my files. The initial backup was roughly 400GB--325GB of which is iTunes related.

The initial backup--which I have done numerous times now--went fine. However, the next time I have the external drive connected, when Time Machine starts up to do its hourly incremental backup--it shows XXGB of 365GB ... so it is trying to re-backup my entire iTunes library. Anybody have this problem and find a solution?

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OS X :: Way Of Backing Up Via Time Machine

Oct 30, 2009

I've been using time machine to back up to my WD hard drive but I am looking for a way that I can store photos and movies on my hard drive instead of leaving them on my laptop as well as backing up the whole laptop - when I back up with time machine if I then delete photos off my laptop can I simply pull them up from time machine at a later date and look at them from there?

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OS X :: Why Is My Time Machine Backing Up So Much

Dec 14, 2009

Time Machine has been backing up insane amounts of data, and every time it's been backing up it's been going up, It's backing up at the moment and it's currently on 21GB. Not only that but when it finishes backing up it's been getting stuck on "Finishing Backup..." and the process coreservicesd has been using 90%+ of my CPU, causing my fans to go insane.

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OS X :: Time Machine Keeps Backing Up?

Jan 27, 2010

ihad my time machine in only wifi mode for like the last month or so, then I redicided to use the backing up feature and all kinds of weird things started happening.

At first, it just gave the message "Backing up" for hours, and it would just keep at that message. (I know that at some point it can take hours to actually start the backup but it�s not this case here) Then like yesterday it started backing up but I turned down the computer as I thought it would be normal that my time capsule would work normally.

I unplugged it, and hited the reset switch several times, and nothing happened. It would not work. Am not a computer technician, I spend most of my time making music.

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OS X :: Time Machine Backing Up Too Much?

May 27, 2010

I have a Time Capsule and Time Machine on MacBook regularly backs up between 1MB and 5GB of data every hour, depending on how much data I change/delete/add to my hard drive. Over the last few days, it has tried to backup 150GB, 90GB, and 220GB, despite the fact that I'm not doing anything other than surfing the web and checking my email. The total amount of used hard drive space on my Mac is 330GB, so I suspect that Time Machine is running into a bug when it calculates what needs to be backed up. Worse yet, I see that the amount of free space on my Time Capsule hard drive is shooting up, meaning that somewhere on the disk, backups are getting deleted and I'm not being notified, even though "Notify after old backups are deleted" is checked off in the Time Machine preference pane in System Preferences.

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OS X :: Time Machine Backing Up IDisk With 10.5.2?

Feb 13, 2008

I know this question was asked for a while, but I can't find the answer for 10.5.2. My point is, I wanted my iDisk to be backed up by Time Machine just as any other folder of my computer (by that, I mean backing up the local iDisk copy on the time machine HD, NOT backing up time machine on the iDisk). Until now, the only thing time machine did was copying the .sparsebundle of the iDisk any time a single file changed. Two drawbacks: a single change = 8Gb (for me) on time machine + restauration of a single 60k word file required to restore the entire disk image before extracting the right file.

This is why I stopped using iDisk. Now has someone by any chance a synced iDisk with 10.5.2 and tested backing up with time machine? I know some of you will answer iDisk is already a back up in itself. Sure, but there is no versioning every hour, plus I'd had synced issues that lead to losing on or two files (happened twice). This is why I won't use my iDisk until I can properly back it up/restore it in TM. BTW, I'm lazy to do the test myself, as re-activating the sync of my iDisk will take at least 2 hours to recreate the local copy on my MBP (hey Apple, remember you have EU customers?

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OS X :: Time Machine Is Not Backing Up Certain Files?

Nov 16, 2008

i've been working on an important word document, word quit unexpectedly, document gone. luckily there was a copy of it in the microsoft user data.

but, my first reaction was, oh that's ok time machine would have backed it up. i go into time machine and it's not there. so i save the microsoft user data recovered file to a new file name in a documents folder. quit word. restart. do a time machine backup. it completes. but when i open up time machine, this document (and another one from 5 days ago) are not in ANY of the backups. and if i keep backing up, time machine will backup, but these files are not in any of the dates/times in time machine.

doesn't this defeat the purpose of time machine?

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OS X :: Time Machine Not Backing Up Properly

Dec 6, 2008

Time machine won't back up immediately when I plug in my drive, even if it's been a few days since it backed up last. It starts on its own eventually, but sometimes (like today) it waits almost a half-hour, even though it hasn't been backed up since December 3rd.

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Applications :: What Is Time Machine Actually Backing Up?

Mar 25, 2009

So, I tried a search for this but didn't really find any details or threads.

I did a nice TM backup on a new MBP, came to about 40GB total, I excluded folders like my itunes library and desktop, where I store a bunch of installers and such.

after a week, I did it again, and it added about 1GB.

Then, after another week, just internet use, a BIT of email and such, I did another backup and it added 8GB to the total, to a total now of 49GB?

WHAT THE HECK was in the newest 8GB? Is that another new snapshot or something, since I CERTAINLY didn't add 8GB of stuff?

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OS X :: Time Machine Not Backing Up Few Of Files

Jun 5, 2009

OS X 10.5.6. Time Machine won't back up a few of my files.

They're located at /Files/Truecrypt/

They are 50MB encrypted files created by Truecrypt. Time Machine is not set to exclude them.

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OS X :: How Can I Find What Time Machine Is Backing Up

Oct 2, 2009

I have noticed that my Time Machine-backups are quite big. 1+GB a day is not unheard of. How can I tell what data Time Machine is backing up, so I could determine where all that data is coming from? I don't download all that much stuff (no P2P for example), so I have no idea where it gets all that data to back up. Is there a tool I could use for this?

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OS X :: Time Machine Will Not Stop Backing Up - Why

Feb 19, 2010

I just bought an external hard drive [LaCcie Grand 1TB]...and before using it says, the manual says create a back up in case you don't want you're information erased - cause, apparently, that what happens when you first apply a "partition" to you EHD. So, I decide to back up my data in my new EHD...with Time Machine, which I have never used before since I have had this MacBook Pro (2 years). Seems pretty straight forward. I turn on TM, start backing up. Everything seems to be going fine. I had ~75 GB on my main hard drive, and that seemed to have been backing up, until started reaching 75.1 GB...then 100.1 GB! So I stop it and I notice it has created a "inprogress" document in the EHD.

So I continue backing up, and won't stop. It is like space(volume) keeps on expanding. So will TM just back up my whole hard drive? 250 GB? This how it looks like the third time I started the process [URL]. The "white" part just stays the same, while "17.76 GB of 17.76 GB" becomes "17.90 GB of 17.90 GB", "19.20 GB of 19.20 GB", "21.12 GB of 21.12 GB"...and so on. Is this normal? Should I keep it running till it stops? Am I doing the right thing by choosing my EHD as my back up disk? Even before "partitioning it"? Should I be safe if I transfer data manually to the EHD? before partitioning (is it optional)? Can I delete the "inprogress" document? I'm using a Mac OS X 10.5.8

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Applications :: Time Machine Seems To Be Backing Up?

Mar 10, 2010

I have an external HD (a partition of which was marked as my Time Machine disc) that had a bad power supply. I placed the drive in a new enclosure and it's working fine - with one exception. I don't get any errors in Time Machine, and it appears to be backing up (according to counter-clockwise spinning icon at the top), but when I open Time Machine there aren't any recent timeframes to restore from. As much as I can tell, the last update is from late January, which is when the power supply went bad on my external HD.

My external HD seems to be just fine - I can see, open, use and save data, but for some reason when I open Time Machine there are no recent saved points. Time Machine used to overwrite the oldest restore points, so I'd always have about two weeks of restore points to choose from. Now I just have two weeks from January, and it makes me nervous that my data is being backed up.

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Applications :: Time Machine Is Not Backing Up?

May 16, 2010

The last time I connected my external drive that I use for time machine was in March. I just connected it and opened Time Machine. It only shows the last update it did. Its been connected for about 2 hours and it hasn't done anything. I can't find any start or backup now buttons.

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