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MacBook Pro :: Why Does Run So Slow On Flash Games

I have recently purchased a second hand MBP from a friend, its one of the older models with the silver keyboard, has 2.33 GHz intel core duo processor, 2GB ram, 160GB HD and runs fine. I have one problem though, when I load flash games or when I try to play a flash game it slows right down and runs slower than crawling speed. Is there any way I can speed it up or will it always be like this?

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Software :: Flash Websites Run Slow On Mac?
Has it been anyone's experience here that Flash based web sites run slowly in flash. Even Macromedia's new site is clunky as H*&L.

Posted: Mar 31, 2003

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MacBook Pro :: Flash Games Extremely Lagging
Not sure why, but during the last couple of days flash games have been lagging on my 13" MBP to the extreme. My MBP has 4GB of RAM and was built in late 2009. It has only been doing this for the last couple of days. Before that flash games were fine, no lag at all. But recently they lag even when I've just started playing. Right from square one.

Posted: Nov 19, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Keyboard Does Not Work In Java/flash Games?
my keyboard doesn't work in any online flash and java games.

The trackpad works fine, and all the volume, brightness, dashboard, etc buttons do work.

Posted: Sep 9, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Performance On Sims3 Vs Flash Games
I am planning to buy a new 13" MBP but I am kind of concerned on the battery performance.
a) 2.26 GHz CPU
b) Upgrade RAM to 4GB
c) Upgrade HD to 500GB 5400 WD
d) Brightness at 70% / with keyboard backlight / Bluetooth OFF

Questions: (Can you give me an estimate on the following)
1) How long will the battery last if I play Facebook games nonstop (poker / mafia wars / cafe world / etc.)
2) How long will the battery last if I play Sims3 nonstop?
3) How long will the battery last if I watch a DVD movie nonstop? (from the drive)
4) How long will the battery last if I type documents nonstop?
BTW, can this MBP 13" play sims3 in the default normal settings?

Posted: Oct 19, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Games And Itunes HD Programs Run Dark?
Ok my first bump on owning new mac. Seems a game i bought ( neverwinter nights 2 for MAC) runs really dark.. If turn up gamma it looks distorted. Hard too see anything. Also bought an HD episode of Heroes from Itunes, just see how it looks and while resolution is great, the dark parts or just plain just to dark. Looks better on my iphone. Ive maxed screen brightness, tried different configurations in the energy saver. Things look fine if i stream them online.Just seems dark if run video from a dvd, downloaded, or a game.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.6)
MPB 2.93 4G ram 320 HD 7200

Posted: Apr 2, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Run/install Games Onto An External HDD?
I would like to either install Windows on another partition on my 256GB SSD on the new rMBP and run games off an external, or install Windows on an external and games as well. What would be the most efficient (price wise) way to do this without having to sacrifice speed? I was thinking I could use an external thunderbolt hard drive, but it seems like they are all over $300 and over 1TB. I would only really need around 500GB with preferably 7200RPM speeds. Would USB 3.0 be fast enough or would I need to use thunderbolt? I prefer not to have to install 30GB games on the Windows partition on a small 256GB SSD, though I guess I could uninstall and reinstall them as I need (but does this wear down the SSD write speeds over time?) I couldn't get myself to pay another $600 to get a 512GB SSD logic board on the rMBP. 

Posted: Jun 21, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Run Games On Boot Camp
I have a MacBook Pro late 2011 with low end spec (Processor: intel i5 2.4 GHz - RAM: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 - VGA: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB) I want to play some games with my macbook like Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.  

I've succesfully installed Windows 7 64 bit in my macbook but when I click the game this note appear: 

“Warning:Your Computer does not meet the Minimum System Requirements to run this software.As a result, you may experience errors during operation.Your Video Card does not meet the required specifications. (GPU:VRAM 128 MB)” 

How come I don't meet the system requirements? It is said that I have 384 MB memory. 

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Posted: Jun 24, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: How To Make Online Games Run Faster / Smoother
I have a 2010 13-inch Macbook Pro and I love it. I also recently fell in love with Team Fortress 2. How would I be able to make my (online) games run faster, smoother, and all around better?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Posted: May 12, 2012

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IMac Intel :: Games Run Very Slowly - How To Make Run Smooth
I am a new Mac user and purchased the new iMac 21.5" in mid December. I do alot of gaming and was told by the sales clerk that I would need to purchase the 2nd 21.5" model because it was the "gaming version" with the ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics with 256MB.

Anyway, I am playing Command and Conquer 3 and after about 3 minutes it begin is lag a lot, sometimes for 3 minutes at a time. So often to the point where it makes the game unplayable.

I was just wondering if there are any things i can do to reduce (or remove) the lag from the games. Any applications running in the background i can close. (Yes, Mail and safari etc from my task bar are all closed).

21.5" iMac
Mac OS X (10.6.2)
ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics with 256MB

Posted: Jan 7, 2010

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Make White Macbook Run Better With Games
what can i do to make my white macbook run better with games cause right now how it is most games lagggg

magic mouse, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Mar 16, 2012

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MacBook Aluminum :: How To Run Games For Windows In Bootcamp
so can i run games for windows in bootcamp? and will they work properly?

Posted: Jan 25, 2009

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MacBook Air :: Looking For Games That Run Decently On System
I know the MBA isn't a gaming computer, not by a longshot. However, I was wondering if folks think that there are some games out there that could run decently if not well on the MBA. Specifically I'm looking at Civ 4 and Age of Empires 2.

Posted: Sep 29, 2008

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MacBook Pro :: CPU Temp Is Between 65c To 67c Whenever Run Flash Video?
Whenever I run a flash video, according to my istats program, the CPU temp is between 65c to 67c. Is this normal? I never noticed this high temp on my previous 2.4 umbp. There are other sites that have flash video that makes it go up to 80-85c.

Posted: Jan 5, 2010

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MacBook Air :: Run Games (FPS Based Off Lowest Possible Graphics Settings)
Note: These are games tested on a MacBook Air with the following specs: 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR3 Integrated Ram, 256MB Shared nVidia GeForce 9400M Video Card, Windows Vista SP2 Business x86. This DOES NOT include the Rev. A (1.6GHz/1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR2 Integrated Ram, 144MB Shared Intel X3100 Video Card) models. Rating scale: 1-5 (FPS Based off lowest possible graphics settings)

1 - Poor/Won't Run. (>10 FPS)
2 - Runs but poorly (10-15 FPS)
3 - Playable (16-25 FPS)
4 - Very Playable (25-40 FPS)
5 - Go crazy (40+ FPS)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 5
Call of Duty 5: World at War - 3
Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 - 5
Counter Strike: Source - 5
Day of Defeat: Source - 5
Colin McRae: DiRT2 - 4
Grand Theft Auto 4 - 2
Left 4 Dead - 4
Left 4 Dead 2 - 4
MotoGP 2008 - 4
Need for Speed Undercover - 5
Sid Meier's Civilization 4 (All expansions) - 5
Sins of a Solar Empire (Includes Entrenchment Expansion) - 5
Star Trek DAC - 3
Star Wars Empires at War - 4
Test Drive Unlimited - 4
X3 Terran Conflict - 4

Posted: Dec 8, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Games In Boot Camp Smooth Versus Games In OS X Choppy?
I have a Late 2008 Macbook Pro, mid-range model. I have Call of Duty 4 for both Mac OS X, and Windows XP through Boot Camp. I have all the proper drivers installed on Windows.

When I run CoD4 on Mac OS X, the framerate is choppy even on the lowest graphics settings. On the higher graphics settings, forget about it. I have the high-end graphics card enabled.

When I run CoD4 on Windows XP, you would think I was playing an Xbox 360. On the highest settings, the game runs at at maybe 40fps, smooth as butter.

Why is this the case? Is it the quality of the Call of Duty 4 port itself that causes the game to run poorly? Is it a driver issue?

(I have also tested other games on Windows XP, and they all without exception ran amazingly fast. Gears of War and Bioshock, both on highest settings, ran almost perfectly.)

Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Jan 18, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Run Google Chrome - Processor Slow Down?
I wanted to have chrome run on my MBP but every time I install and use it, the CPU skyrockets and becomes very slow. Can anyone tell me why this is so?

Posted: Apr 10, 2010

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Software :: Macbook Pro Running Really Slow/how To Run Smooth?
I installed Snow Leopard about a week ago and since then, my Macbook Pro has been running sluggish. Especially when I open iChat and start a video, the whole system runs really, really slow. Also, my fans have been kicking on more and more, louder and louder even though my computer isn't running that hot (and I have it sitting on a chill pad).

Posted: Oct 12, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Full Screen Flash Videos Becoming Choppy And Slow...
I have the mid-2010 MBP and recently took notice that watching flash videos in full screen causes the video to become choppy and slow (low framerate). This is regardless of the picture/rendering quality.

As soon as I hit escape to leave fullscreen, the framerate jumps back to normal.

MBP 15" 2.53GHz i5

Posted: Nov 10, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Youtube Videos Run Slow In Safari / Speed Them Up?
Mine runs in slow motion. The audio is fine but the video is not.
No vids are really out of sync.

Posted: Oct 13, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Suddenly Started To Run Slow - Up To Date With Lion
My MacBook Pro is running on Lion and is up to date. Suddenly, it has slowed down. Why or what to do?

Posted: Mar 19, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Hard Drive Upgrade Making My Computer Run Slow
I got a seagate Momentus 7200 500GB an after many tries it slows down my laptop ALOT. I got it so I can install Starcraft 2 (I filled my other 250 with alot of music and video editting software)....first time installing Starcraft 2 it keeps crashing the install...but then noticed it slows down ALOT (the loading rainbow comes up too much randomly) are a few things I've tried with this HD

I've tried cloning using the Dosk Utility and Carbpn Copy...the last thing I tried was a fresh install of 10.6....still runs slow and still can't install Starcraft 2 lol (keep in mind, I went back and made room on my old drive and installed it successfully and MUCH quicker since it would stop halfway through installation)

Posted: Aug 8, 2010

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IMac :: I3 Run Games Well?
I am either going to get the 13 inch macbook pro intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz or the Imac i3 3.06 intel.... but I know the intel chip is better in the Imac, and I can upgrade the RAM to 16GB!!!(: But is the Imac i3 going to be SUPER slow for SIMS3 online and Modern warfare 1...?? like this 06 macbook is? am I going to see a big difference?

Posted: Dec 10, 2010

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OS X :: Run Windows Games In 10.5?
other than dual booting, whats the best, easiest, cheapest way to run windows apps (games mostly) inside osx? vmware fusion? wine? ive found this: [URL]

Posted: Aug 18, 2009

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Mac Mini :: Run A Few Games ?
Can someone run a few games on CAN YOU RUN IT And to post pictures of your tests...I'm just very interested to know what it can actually run and what it can't.

Posted: Jun 17, 2010

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Intel Mac :: How To Get Pogo Flash Games To Work
Pogo sweet tooth 2 and poppit and wordwhomp uses Flash and they want always load on my IMac. I have did evrything I know to do and can't get to work right.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Mar 13, 2012

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Software :: Run Windows / PC Games On The Mac
Many people are using virtual machines or bootcamp to run there games on the Mac. Virtual machines cost money and a windows license. Well there is a solution for many games and thats wine Read everything about it on [URL]. Nice thing about it, is that it is open source and freee! But the source itself is quite technical, so there some solutions like Crossover or Wineskin. Wineskin is free And makes it possible to install your favourite games to the Mac and export it in an .app which you can start easily with an doubleclick. I made some step by step installation guides for some games so you can enjoy those games freely on the the Mac Made the for the following games an step by step manual and many many more are about to come!

- Company of heroes
- FIFA 11
- Fallout 3
- Caesar III
- Need for speed Underground 1 + 2
- Settlers V, Heritage of Kings
- Dune 2000
- Trackmania Nations Forever


Posted: Oct 18, 2010

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Windows On Mac :: Which Would Run Games Better (OS X Or Bootcamp)
i have the newest black macbook i was wondering is it better to run games, ie: the sims 2,3.... on mac OS X or on windows via bootcamp??

Posted: Jul 1, 2009

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Run Games On OS X 10.5.8
What I have: MacBook Pro. Mac OS X 10.5.8. Leopard. 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3. Video card. NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. What I installed: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2B for System Builders - 1 Pack [OLD VERSION] Games that are suppose to work with Windows XP but: Do not install after repeated attempts. Ones that did install do nothing load when double clicked or give me a message "We can not locate a video card to run the game. Operation: Hostage Rescue Close Quarter Combat Vietcong: Purple Haze Includes Full Version of Vietcong and the Fist Alpha Expansion Pack Vietnam: Black Ops

Posted: Jan 5, 2010

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OS X :: How To Run A Microsoft Games Game On My Mac
I recently bought Fallout 3 for the computer. It says that it is a "Games for Windows" game but I need to run it on my Mac (specs are in my signature). I have the newest version of VMware Windows XP and when I put the game in it automatically opens it up. When I try to play the game it works for the menu but the screen goes black when I click start and after a few seconds it goes back to the desktop. I have not done anything with boot camp assistant if that is important.

Posted: Feb 10, 2010

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Snow Leopard :: Flash Application - Type A Text In Cyrillic During Games
I am playing a number of flash games online. And I usually need to type a text in Cyrillic during games. Everything was alright on Leopard. After installing Snow Leopard when I am typing in Cyrillic it shows hieroglyphs.Was it caused by updating the system?

Posted: Sep 16, 2009

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OS X :: Unable To Save An Online Flash Game / Saving Games In Safari?
a friend showed me this game a couple days ago called curveball. since first playing i have become extremely addicted. on my windows laptop, I used to save flash games and movies that ireally liked to my computer by accessing them in my temporary files folder and by copying them to another location. i have tried to do a similar thing using safari and IE, but i can't figure out how to do it...

Posted: Nov 2, 2005

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Other Resolution To Run Games On My Maxed IMac?
I have the fully loaded 3.06GHz iMac with the upgraded video card. The native resolution is 1920x1200, which even with the iMac's decent specs, is a hefty performance dump being forced to run games in this high resolution. When I try lowering the resolution, literally every other resolution option looks like crap, while 1920x1200 looks crisp and perfect. Most of the other options aren't a matching aspect ratio for the widescreen monitor. Is there a good resolution you recommend, and if it isn't available in my game, is there a way to make it available?

Do I need to hack each game to display other resolution options that match my aspect ratio? How can I get better performance besides turning the graphics to crap? I would be happy running in a lower resolution with all other settings maxed, rather than most settings low with such a high resolution.

Do I have any options here or am I screwed? I'm sure some of you guys must have come across this issue! I'm a new Mac convert who can't get rid of my PC gaming.

Note: Preferably I would like to find an alternate widescreen resolution, rather than finding a way to use 4:3 with black bars, but either would be better than how it is now.

Posted: Feb 1, 2009

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Mac Safari :: (espn - Time Magazine - Addicting Games) Hangs Up - Flash Player
Constant problem with Safari 4. It is similar to the report about flash player problems that is now archived. On certain sites with flash content (found so far specifically: espn, Time magazine, addicting games) Safari hangs up. The page appears to be loading, but keeps loading continuously. Any movement of the mouse generates the color wheel and the app is unresponsive. Must force quit. In the archived thread, the workaround suggested was renaming the hard drive. Tried it. Didn't work. I have isolated the problem to the Flash plugin. Removing it from the plug-ins folder while having plug-ins enabled prevents the problem on these sites. But it certainly seems that other sites with flash content work OK. Since renaming the hard disk did not work for me, has anyone discovered any other workarounds to attempt?

iMac (Intel)
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Nov 8, 2009

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Windows On Mac :: Games Run Very Slowly In Parallels - Gives Error - Won't Open
I recently installed windows 7 32 bit via bootcamp. When I run the bootcamp partition via parallels games like warcraft 3 and ancient wars sparta boot up properly. The games run very slowly in parallels so when I go to run them in bootcamp from that same partition it gives me errors and they won't open. Warcraft 3 says something about directx not being able to initialize. I installed all of the drivers for windows and directx 11 is installed. I've also read online that a fix would be to go to the dxdiag.exe and enable shading or something but when I go to the utility there is no option to disable/enable. I'm really lost and would hate to reinstall everything. Could it be because i installed the games via parallels and not bootcamp the first time?

Posted: Mar 24, 2010

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MacBook :: Slow Speed Causing Programs To Run Incorrectly
Over the past month or so I've noticed my Macbook has slowed down greatly. I am using a blackbook, 2.2 GHZ, 4GB ram, santa rosa. Many of my programs are failing to close completely causing me to force quit. I'm having several troubles with iWeb(uploading). I've tried to repair permissions several times, and executed batch tasks with Main menu and still it's buggy, freezing, and slow. I have about 30GB of HD space left, don't know if that could be an issue.

Posted: Jun 3, 2009

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Mac Pro :: USB Flash Drive Transfer Speed Extremely Slow?
I have a 32GB Verbatim USB Flash Drive. The speed is 480Mb/sec. My mac is a MacPro running 10.5.8.

For some reason the transfer speeds from the computer to the flash drive is really slow. 2gb file takes 3 hours to transfer. I tested the flash drive on another MacPro and the transfer speeds were normal.

I have reformatted the flash drive (as FAT32) but it doesn't seem to help that much.

Anyone have this problem before and know whats up? This thing is basically unusable right now...

Mac Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Sep 29, 2009

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OS X :: Slow Startup Speed Of Mac Pro Due To Flash Card / Reader
I have a two year old Mac Pro ( 2GB memory and 2GB RAM) which up until now has worked very well, extremely well really. Alas for some inexplicable reason it has decided to takes it's time coming out of the starting gate. It has gone from around 15 seconds to around 5 minutes. So far I have eliminated apps which I have not been using as well as a few startup items that I didn't really need.I have cleaned up my desktop so that there is only one Icon on it.

I have also de-fragged my startup drive.I have used Disk Utility which tells me that the disc is fine, and it seems to be working just fine when it is up and running. I have also unplugged my firewire and USB connections. I have run my cron scripts deleted all rotated log files and repaired disc permissions. Maybe I didn't need to, but heck, who knows, I am no expert. Maybe a reinstall may solve the problem or resetting the Pram may work. I don't really know for sure but I'll try anything just in case.

Posted: Feb 24, 2009

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MacBook Air :: Spore Video Settings - Run Slow On Full Screen
I have a macbook air and bought spore im just wondering what video settings are best for running the game because i put it on low for everything but i still want full screen. When i put it on full screen it ran slow.

Macbook Air
Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Sep 12, 2008

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