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MacBook Pro :: Display Is Wonky After Being Used With A Projector?

my wife borrowed my Macbook Pro for a conference. Now the display seems very wonky and my photos are not looking as sharp as previously which is making it very hard to do editing.

Is there any way that I can restore the display settings back to the factory settings ?

Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6)

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MacBook Pro :: Mini Display Out To Monitor And Projector?
I currently use my MBP with mini display port at work with a 24" monitor. Works great.

I also want to see the same output on a Projector with an HDMI input.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Nov 13, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Cable For Connecting External Display (Projector)
I need to connect my mac pro (new series, just bought it 2 weeks ago) to an external display (projector). What is the correct cable I must buy?

Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: May 14, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Display Profile On Projector (Sanyo Z800) Through HDMI?
I have a MacBook Pro 15.4/2.4 GHz (Mid 2010) that is connected to a Sanyo Z800 home cinema projector through Dr. Bott's Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter and a HDMI-HDMI cable, set to output 1080p and to "Mirror Mode".

At first, the image looked way too dark and washed out until I realized, that the "Display Profile" in the "Displays" settings of the Systems Preferences was (automatically) set to a "Z800" Profile. Switching back to a general RGB profile helped to have a normal picture again.

Some questions:

1. Did anybody else notice this?

2. Who provides the "Z800" profile showing up (I didn't install any additional software from Sanyo or Apple)?

3. Why is the image so dull (e.g. not viewable) with this profile?

4. What is the best profile to use?

5. What would be the best way to calibrate the projector?

6. (a little off topic) What is the best way to have iTunes show movies in full screen on the connected projector (a part from mirroring the Macbook Screen)?

MBP 15.4/2.4/CTO
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Sep 17, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Mini Display Port To HDMI Connected To LG HX300G Projector?
I have a MacBook Pro and a Mini Display Port to VGA adaptor, and XVGA cable. I connect that to my LG HX300G Projector which has a resolution of 1024x768 XVGA. That connection works fine, but I'd like to get a crisper picture. The LG projector has a HDMI port also. Would I get a sharper picture if I connect my MacBook Pro to the projector using a Mini Display Port to HDMI adaptor and a HDMI cable?

iMac 27" i7, MacBook Pro 13", iPod Touch
Mac OS X (10.6.6)

Posted: Jan 13, 2011

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MacBook Pro :: Sony Data Projector Doesn't Display Desktop?
I love my MacBook Pro -it's used all the time in schools, without hassle.

However, when I try to connect to a Sony VPL ES1 data projector, the screen resizes (normal and OK) but the data projector shows a completely different desktop image and I can't see a cursor.

Presume this is a bug, but is there a work-around I'm missing?

Posted: Jun 23, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Changing Projector Resolution When Not Using A Projector?
This morning I turned on my MBP and it was acting like it was plugged into the projector! My wallpaper and resolution were all changed! I tried restarting the computer but that didn't fix anything. I manually changed the resolution but my toolbar is still the same large size! I can't access the projector until Monday morning so do you know of anyway I can fix it without the projector?

MacBook Pro 13"
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Nov 25, 2009

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MacBook :: Can't Display On Projector
purchase mini-dvi to video adaper, tried both ports, tried control-f2, still can't work.

macbook is early 09 white edition, projector is infocus 74

btw,also tried on lcd tv.same result.

should i try a hdmi connector? worry abt wasting money.

Posted: Mar 8, 2009

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MacBook Aluminum :: Can't Display Video Out On A Projector
I needed to show a powerpoint presentation at school but was unable to because the "viewsonic PJ513DB"projector would remain blank. (mini display to VGA) even after I restarted the computer and the projector, it stubbornly remained blank. even in preferences there were no options to configure. I have already tried it on my external samsung display at home and it worked. maybe it was after i changed the settings to extend my desktop and changed it to a higher resolution on that samsung monitor... also when i booted into windows vista the projector would display my desktop but the resolution is too low to display anything, yet alone a powerpoint.

Aluminum Macbook (2.0GHZ)
Mac OS X (10.5.6)
Mac mini G4 1.5GHz

Posted: Jun 6, 2009

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MacBook Aluminum :: What Is The Ideal Display For A Data Projector
I would like to connect my macbook to the data projector for using the Smartboard at school. When I do this the screen on the macbook and what is shown on the Smartboard gets very large. I need to change the display settings. What is the ideal setting for use with a data projector so my image doesn't get distorted?

Mac OS X (10.5.7)
also have a Power PC G4 running OSX 10.2.6

Posted: Aug 1, 2009

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MacBook Air :: Send Display To A Projector Via HDMI?
I recently purchased a projector and I want to use my Macbook Air to display presentations via my projector. With PC, I think I used  "F8". How do I on Mac? 

MacBook Air

Posted: Jun 4, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Computer Recognizes Projector But Projector Doesn't Recognize Computer?
I am trying to connect a video projector to my new MacBook Pro (specs see below). I have tried with two different projectors and failed. Both projectors used a VGA cable, which I connected with Apple's DVI-to-VGA adapter (bought with my previous 2006 MacBook Pro), which I then connected with a third party (LogiLink) Mini DP-to-DVI-I adapter, which I connected with the MacBook Pro.

The projectors DO show up in the "Monitors"-menu, so they are recognized by my computer. The MacBook Pro also immediately went into sync mode and adjusted its screen resolution to that of the projector. However, both monitors only displayed their blue screen "searching for input" message, so both didn't recognize any signal coming from the computer. When connected to a Wintel laptop, both recognized it immediately, and displayed its mirrored image. Connecting back to my MacBook Pro, again only the blue "searching for signal" screen. Even putting the MacBook Pro to sleep and waking it up didn't resolve the problem.

I am at loss to what is the reason. From my 2006 first generation MacBook Pro I am used to plug&play when it comes to projectors. No restart, no keypress needed on the computer. Has that changed somehow with the newest generation? (I am also missing the F7 monitor switch key, but that's a different matter, isn't it?)

I have activated the firewall and the stealth mode. Can this play a role? I wouldn't think so, however.

McBook Pro Core i5, 15, 2.4 GHz, 4GB
Mac OS X (10.6.5)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

Posted: Feb 2, 2011

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MacBook Aluminum :: Connecting To An Old Projector - Projector Doesn't Have USB Connector
I'm trying to connect my new MacBook (13" aluminum, late 2008) to an old projector (InFocus LP755) from 1999. The projector doesn't have USB or FireWire connectors. It has:

15-pin VESA
composite video
a 36-pin connector

Apple says that my MacBook won't connect to composite video or S-video. Apple says I can buy two adapters for my MacBook:

mini-DVI to VGA adapter
mini-DVI to DVI adapter

The VESA connector looks exactly like a VGA connector. Can I connect Apple's VGA adapter to the projector's VESA input?

MacBook aluminum 13" late 2008
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: May 1, 2009

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Mac Mini :: Unable To Use Display Port To Projector
I've just bought a Mac Mini to use as our media server. It is connected to our Panasonic projector via the Mini DisplayPort to VGA adaptor, then to a 30-foot VGA cable that connects to the projector.

The image appears no problem, just as it did when we used to use a MacBookPro for this same purpose. However, same as the MBP, the displayed image is smaller than that of the DVD player which is plugged into the projector via HDMI. Whereas the DVD image is 6 foot wide, the computer image is only about 4 feet wide. I can of course adjust the projector to enlarge the computer image to fill 6 feet. But then when I play a DVD, I'll have to adjust it back. I'd like the Mac to put out the same size image as the DVD.

Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Jan 25, 2010

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Mac Mini :: Possible To Connect Two Display VGA (Monitor And Projector)?
Have new MacMini... need to connect both a display VGA and a separate digital projector but there is only the HDMI to VGA port. Could I use the Thunderbolt port for that purpose, and if I can, do I need a special cable and connector to VGA?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

Posted: Jan 31, 2012

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Laptop To A Display Projector And Now When Log Off Or Shut Down The Screen Resolution Reverts To A Stretched View?
I recently hooked my mac laptop to a display projector, and now when I log off or shut down the screen resolution reverts to a stretched view.  I reset it to 1280x800 in System Preferences-Display, but it keeps changing back.  I'm running OSX 10.5.8

MacBook (13-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Apr 30, 2012

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Software :: Is Wonky
Does anyone else think the is wonky. It's annoying the hell out me.Constantly asking for passwords when it doesn't need them. It seems like anytime a mail server doesn't respond to a login, assumes the username/password is wrong and pops up a dialog box for me to type it in. Why is this software so stupid that it thinks a lack of response calls for a new password? It's done this since day one.

The Search doesn't work at all. I'll type in a keyword that I KNOW is in the body of an email message and Search will return no results. Search "entire message" doesn't seem to search the entire message at all. They should rename it to "Don't Search entire message".

Posted: Sep 20, 2008

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OS X :: Wonky Wallpaper - Incorrect Folder At Startup
I've had my wallpaper set to an event within iPhoto, and for it to change every 15 minutes. For some reason on start-up, I only get the stock aurora wallpaper (which isn't in iPhoto). Restarting doesn't seem to help. I'm on a MB running Snow Leopard.

Posted: Feb 28, 2010

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IWeb 09 :: Text Created Websites Get All Wonky When Published?
what causes the sites to look different than they do when they are being designed? Is there a difference with FTP vs. MobileMe for getting fewer errors? Is there a way to check for and resolve these errors?

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Jul 2, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: How To Connect Projector To This
My company recently purchased a Samsung Pico DLP Projector to use with the office macbooks. There were a bunch of different connections, but none were compatible with the macbook. It looks like we might have purchased the wrong apple adapter cable. Does anyone know the specific cords needed to get this working?


Posted: Jul 29, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: How To Get Picture On Projector
When i connect my macbook with an vga adapter to my projector it does not work. The projector is saying: no signal. How can i do to get the picture on the projector?

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), optoma projector

Posted: Jun 8, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: While Connected To A Projector?
I was doing a presentation the other day and had some issues.  I was connected to a projector and until I rebooted, I was unable to get the projector to project the image on my computer.  instead, it was projecting the "milky way" image from somewhere on my computer.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Posted: Jun 12, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Projector Not Recognizing Signal?
I bought a mini display port to vga adapter. The projector keeps giving me the message that it is not recognizing a signal.

Mac Book Pro 15"
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: May 19, 2010

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Hardware :: Hook MacBook Pro To Projector?
has anyone attempted to hook the brand new MBP Unibody to a projector?

I saw many problems to hook it to an external monitor via VGA or DVI adapter... has anyone attempted it? Is it possible?

I have a presentation by the end of the month and I need to know if I can do it on my Mac with Keynote or have to go with the craptastic Power Point.

Posted: Feb 11, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Good Projector For MBP?
can anyone recommend a good projector for my MBP?

Posted: Oct 4, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Connect To TV / Projector / Soundsystem
Looking to connect your Mac notebook to a TV, projector, or sound system? Here's a quick guide that outlines all the things you need to make it happen - from adapters to cables to ports. Just follow the simple instructions to verify that you're getting exactly what you need. And remember, just because you setup the video side of things correctly doesn't mean you're going to get audio. If you want both video AND audio, make sure to also follow the directions indicated in the "Audio" portion of this post. VIDEO Check the ports on the back of your TV or sound system to see which of the following options are available to you. Find the port that matches below, and you're set! Remember, if you also want audio, check the "Audio" section at the bottom of the post. If you want to use composite video and you're using a MacBook (white, purchased after fall 2009), you need this adapter + a third party converter + a VGA cable + a composite (aka "RCA") cable. Aluminum unibody (black keys, purchased after summer 2009) MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, you need this adapter + a third party converter + a VGA cable + a composite (aka "RCA") cable.

Posted: Sep 24, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Connect It To Wireless Projector?
I have a Casio (XJ-A240V/XJ-A245V) data projector, and I'm trying to connect wirelessly with a MacBook Pro (10.6.8). I see the projector in my Network wireless connection menu as "casiolpj_default1." The projector's LOGIN CODE is four digits, but the Network settings on my laptop must contain a minimum of eight characters. I've also tried connecting to the projector's Server IP address via computer to computer. I can join, but no projection. The projector is set to Wireless Input. I have clicked "detect monitors" on the MacBook.  No further info is available in the projector manual.  

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Feb 16, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Possible To Connect Projector With S-Video Port?
I have the most recent Macbook Pro, and I want to connect it to my projector. The projector has an S-Video port. The new Macbook Pros don't have a mini-DVI port, so I can't use a Micro-DVI to S-Video adapter.

Posted: Apr 2, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Connect New To LG HX300G Digital Projector?
I just got this new computer and the connections are different. I realize that we now have thunderbolt instead of the video connection I had on my last MacBook. I have to teach a class on Friday. How can I connect my new computer to the projector? There doesn't seem to be an adaptor cable made for this. The projector is relatively new, expensive, and I can't buy another one. The video cable from the projector is a PC-type thing with two screws.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3), running Powerpoint

Posted: Jun 11, 2012

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Hook A New Retina MacBook Pro To A VGA Projector?
I am seriously considering purchasing the new Retina Display MBP.My confusion lies with some of the adapters What adapter will I need to:

a) hook a new Retina MacBook Pro to a VGA projector?

b) hook a new Retina MacBookPro to a HDMI TV so that I can move video and sound to the TV directly?

I need to do both for teaching purposes when away from home.I understand I will need a new Ethernet Adapter and a new FireWire Adapter to work with the Thunderbolt connectors.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.7)

Posted: Jun 14, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Epson Projector Setup - Primary Desktop?
Does anyone know how to set up an Epson Projector to a Macbook Pro? I have a mini display to VGA adapter. We are running Bootcamp and Windows XP Pro. You can make the 2nd screen in the display properties in a continuous page. So you can see on the projection but you can not make the whole desktop a projection. So it will work as a continuous desktop but not as a primary desktop.

Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5)

Posted: Apr 22, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Change The Projector's Default Background?
I want to be able to change my projectors default background while using my mac book pro. Currently it is showing Apple's signature background. I would like to change it to a plain black background so that when I disengage mirroring the screen the audience sees will go black; thus allowing me to make any necessary changes/switch programs and then engage mirroring.

MacBook Pro

Posted: Mar 5, 2012

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MacBook :: Connect A 15" Pro (mid-2012) To Projector?
How do I connect a 15" MacBook Pro (mid-2012) to a projector?

Posted: Jun 22, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Connected To A Projector Slows Computer's Performance?
I connected my 13" MacBook Pro to a projector and then my computer's performance was degraded quit a bit. All work was slowed down. I had difficulties using my Wacom mouse and the computer's trackpad. When I unplugged the projector, all was normal again. What might be wrong and how can I fix this?

iMac 24" 2.8 GHz, MacBook Pro 13"
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Apr 20, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Mini DisplayPort DVI Adapter For Projector
can the Mini DisplayPort DVI adapter connect the MacBook to a projector, or is it only for displays?

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: Apr 22, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Connected To The LCD Projector Displays Washed Out Images?
I lecture for a living. My old G4 connected to LCD projector worked great; image displayed on computer monitor is same as that projected by LCD. However my new MacBookPro connected to the LCD projector displays washed out images, as if I designed my Keynote lecture using pastel colors. Also my black & white x-ray images are blue & white.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

Posted: Feb 27, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: PowerPoint  Is Shown In Small Size While Connecting It On Projector?
I am having a PowerPoint  problem on Mac: When I connect my Macbook Pro to the projector by a VGA cable and I set the PowerPoint as a full screen it works on Mac but on the projector what's show on the laptop it's shown on the projector but small in the left side and a counter like the quicktime and the time increasing and some other icos that are only in Mac like the close and minimize and other things so why am I facing like that? and how can I solve this issue to show the full screen from the laptop on the projector? BTW I am using Mac OS X snow leopard   

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Apr 28, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: 10.5.8 Attached To A Projector And Won't Show The Color Red
When running through a projector to give a presentation the color red has disappeared.  The first time it happened I calibrated with the Color Munki and all was well, for a while.  Now the Color Munki can't calibrate it anymore. I've tried two different projectors (both work with another laptop)tried two different cables and two different connectors.Also tried different calibrations.Today we ran disk utilities and that worked great, for an hour or two. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Apr 24, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Macbook And Projector Land?
I recently got in my aaxa tech m2 projector to use for my canon rebel t1i. It work great when I wanted to show a few people my photos all at once.

The m2 comes with vga, so I thought why not connect it to my macbook pro. Here comes the problem. My macbook won't use the projector as a second display. I don't know if it's not detecting it or I need to change some settings around.

Posted: Dec 14, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Buying A Projector ... Are Macbook Pros "compatiible?"
I'm new to my Macbook Pro. With the proper attachment, will the LCD projectors work with Mac?

Posted: Jul 2, 2010

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