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MacBook Air :: Connecting To Wireless Printer - Adhoc Network?

I just bought a wireless printer (Samsung CLP-315W) and would like to connect it to ma MacBook air. The instructions says that first of all U should create a adhoc network on my Mac: System Preferences, network settings, open the network name list and choose "airportthrue". But there is no "airportthuru" -possibility in the list. What do I do to create the adhoc network?

Mac book air
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Aluminum :: Connecting To Printer Via Wireless Network?
I have a wireless network via cable modem with some PCs attached and a printer but am having trouble connecting my new MacBook to the HP LaserJet 2100 printer via wireless. I do not have airport express and not sure I need it to have the MacBook print to this printer.

Mac OS X (10.6)

Posted: Nov 3, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Wireless Printer To Network?
My MacBook Pro is connected to a wireless Belkin network with no issues, but I cannot seem to add the printer to the same network. 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Posted: May 31, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To A Printer Through A Wireless Network Running Windows 7?
I'm trying to connect to my printer which is connected to my Windows 7 desktop. I am having no luck. All the help articles I have found don't address this with the new OSX 10.6.4 and Windows 7. I was hoping someone here has some suggestions.

Macbook pro 13" 2.66ghz

Posted: Aug 3, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To LanierLD145 Printer Via Shared Wireless Network
I am a new intern with a small company and am trying to connect my Macbook Pro's printer settings to our office printer, which is a LanierLD145. We halso have an HP3600 on the same wireless network which my Macbook can detect and print to just fine via the shared network server. However, when I try to find the LanierLD145 I can't find it anywhere on my shared network or via a wireless to connection in order to print to it from my laptop.†

I have access to the desktop I believe the printer is routed to the server through and have "shared printer with network" via this computer. However, I still cannot find the LD145 icon on my macbook when I try to connect and print, even when going through the "Windows"-> (shared server) route. I've also installed apple's "general lanier printer driver" in hopes have luck finding the printer if I have the driver installed, but that has not worked either. How I can connect the macbook to the LanierLD145 via my wireless server connection?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Jun 6, 2012

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MacBook Air :: Can Remote Disk Using An Adhoc Network?
So if I have a G router am I limited by that when using the Remote Disk feature b/w two machines that support the N draft?

MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.33 ghz
Mac OS X (10.4)

Posted: Feb 26, 2008

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Windows On Mac :: Connecting To Printer With Wireless Network With Another?
I am running Win XP Pro, and my wife is running OSX with the printer connected to that via USB. How do I allow my comp, running Boot Camp, to see the printer connected to her comp?

Posted: May 16, 2009

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MacBook Aluminum :: Connecting To My Wireless All In One Printer
I have a wireless LexMark x9350 all in one printer on my home network and the Macbook located the printer and i installed the printer but it gives me the following error messages. I sure could use some help in this matter.

Attempting to connect to host ET00200003601D.local. for printer prt0Network host 'ET00200003601D.local.' is busy; will retry in 30 seconds.


Posted: Nov 13, 2008

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To Network Printer?
My daughter just got a MacBook Pro for Christmas. We are all on PC's and have a network with a router. Two printers are on the network with print servers. I've tried to print to these printers after installing them using IP and inputing their IP addresses. Does not work. Not familiar with Apple terminology but from all I've read on the Apple website I think I'm doing right. The print servers are little Netgear PS 121 USB print servers.

MacBook Pro

Posted: Mar 22, 2010

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OS X :: Switcher - Connecting Printer Over Network To Macbook Pro
I just switched to my MacBook Pro and I just had a quick question. I have a printer hooked up to my desktop PC and it runs over our wireless network. I was wondering how to connect my macbook to the printer, because when I go to the printer and fax section in System Preferences, I can go to the computer on the Windows section, but it won't find the printer.

Posted: Jun 21, 2010

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MacBook :: Wireless Printer Not Connecting After Changing Time Capsule Name?
I have an HP office jet J4680. I have used it wirelessly by being connected to my time capsule network and printing from my macbook for over a year now. I just moved and changed the name of my time capsule and the printer is no longer connected.†I have looked around on how to select the new network but I don't see this option.†How can I link the printer with the network again?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2 ghz intel core 2 duo, 2 gb, ddr3

Posted: Apr 1, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To HP C4680 Printer On Home Network
I'm brand new to this forum, and Mac's as a whole. I'm trying to connect our new MacBook Pro to a HP Photosmart C4680 printer through a wireless network that we purchased yesterday. Both the MacBook and printer were purchased through at the Apple store.

Here is our setup:

HP printer is shared, but is connected via USB to a Dell desktop. I have successfully been able to print from my Dell laptop through our home's wireless network. Both the Dell desktop and laptops are on Vista.

Posted: Jul 6, 2009

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MacBook Aluminum :: Not Connecting To Wireless Network - Not Getting IP
I have been connected to my wireless network for months without problems. I now cannot connect. It's saying it canning get an IP address and is assigning it's own so I can't get Internet. I have other computers connected wirelessly to this network working fine. It's just my Mac.

MacBook White
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Mar 11, 2010

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OS X :: Connecting IMac And MacBook To Same Wireless Network?
So a friend of mine just bought an iMac and is trying to use it on her wireless network. Before the iMac was bought she could use the wireless network I. Her house fine but since the iMac got hooked up the computers can't be online at the same time.

If the MacBook is on and the iMac is off the Internet works on the MacBook and vice versa. Is there anyway a firewall is preventing both computers from connecting to the same wireless network? If so, is there anything you can do to help me out to get them both working properly?A netgear router that was provided by time warner is being used and I'm not sure if y'all need anymore information than that.

Posted: Feb 21, 2009

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Hardware :: Connecting Non Wireless PC And Printer, MacBook Pro With Airport Extreme?
I need to know how I can set up a system so that I can use the printer and browse the internet wirelessly on the MacBook Pro and have the non-wireless PC connect to the internet and use the printer as well.

It sounds confusing, so hopefully one of you guys will be able to understand it and maybe quickly draw a labeled diagram to show me.

Posted: Nov 23, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To HP1200 Printer Through Wireless Home Group?
I have a home wireless group with a pc desktop and hp1200 printer.  I have been unable to connect my macbook pro (0SX 10.6) to either.  I am able to log on to the home wireless network.  And my pc laptop can access the printer and desktop files.

Posted: Mar 19, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Not Properly Connecting To Wireless Network
Recently my Macbook pro stopped properly connecting to my university's wireless network. The MB recognizes the signal, and it says it's at full strength, but safari/firefox pages won't open, I can't run software update, and no other program that is able to connect to the interent is showing signs of doing so. My girlfriend's computer still connects to the university's network, along with about every other computer around me. I ran a network diagnostic, but at the end it said the network diagnostic could not fix the problem. I tried restarting the computer, but to no avail.

Macbook pro 15", bought new in may 2009
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Feb 21, 2010

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OS X :: Auto-mount A Network Drive After Connecting To A Wireless Network?
I am trying to figure out how to automatically connect a MacBook to a network drive after connecting to the wireless network that the drive is connected to.

Here is the situation:

I back-up my wife's MacBook via Time Machine to an external hard drive that is connected to my Apple desktop. It works great! I even have her system setup to automatically mount the drive upon log-in. Unfortunately, after leaving our wireless signal and then coming back the time machine drive isn't automatically mounted since she isn't "logging back-in". Is there an automator script that can be built to automatically connect to drive X after connecting to wireless network Z?

Posted: Sep 22, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To Win7 Home Network For File And Printer Sharing
I just bought my first Macbook pro (13" 2.66ghz w/ OSX 10.6.4) and it is my first apple product. I was under the impression that it would be able to connect to my home windows network so I could file & printer share. So far I have only been able to connect to the internet wirelessly but have been unable to connect to the home network. All the online help keeps telling me I need to turn on windows sharing but where they tell me to look there is every other type of sharing but windows sharing.

Macbook pro 13"

Posted: Jul 31, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Wireless Network Has Been Connecting For A Few Minutes Then Dropping?
In recent months I have been encountering more and more problems in connecting my Macbook Pro to my home wireless network. It has been connecting for a few minutes then dropping. The connection could sometimes be re-established by restarting hardware (Macbook and/or Wireless hub) or by re-inputting network details in the Network "Assist Me" wizard. Now, the connection will not establish at all wirelessly. I believe I've established the following:
1. Broadband is functioning: A fast, stable connection is established if connected via an ethernet cable.
2. Wireless signal is functioning: My iPhone 4, my wife's iPhone 3GS and my wife's Windows XP laptop all connect to our broadband wirelessly.By finding similar threads on Apple forums, I've tried the following with no success:
1. Systematically turning all hardware on and off in sequence.

2. Deleting the network from "preferred networks", deleting password from Keychain, repairing disk permissions in Disk Utility, restarting the laptop and re-inputting wireless network settings.As far as I can tell, a functioning wireless network with other devices mean that this isn't a problem with the specifics of the wireless network (channel, security etc.). When I try to re-input network settings on my Macbook, an error message appears "Invalid password" (or similar). This is definitely the same password that works on all other devices and has previously worked on the Macbook.I have read about similar problems with Macbook Pros over the last couple of years without a definitive fix, which is disappointing.

Here are some specific details:
Macbook Pro 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
OS X 10.6.5
AirPort Extreme (Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0)
Wireless ADSL Modem Router: ZyXEL P660HW
Security: WPA-Personal
ISP: Talk Talk

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.5)
iPhone 4

Posted: Jan 26, 2011

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OS X :: Connecting MacBook Pro To PS3 - Wireless Network Setup
How do I do this? Wireless network setup, works great with my WM10 PC, but I want to set it up w/my macbook pro.

Posted: Sep 17, 2009

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MacBook Air :: LAN Monitoring For Connected Computer (AdHoc)?
How would I know the mac addresses of connected terminals, like how we monitor our WiFi routers [URL]? Is there any IP Address where we can set restrictions, Firewall (whenever possible), and the like?

Macbook Air 11.6" 128G
Mac OS X (10.6.5)

Posted: Dec 30, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Network Printer Not Print Over Wireless Connection
I bought an Epson C2800N which is a network laser printer. It is connected to my router with "ethernet" cable. I am able to connect to my printer over cable connection (when i have my MPB network connection with "ethernet" cable) but when I use the wireless connection (airport) I can't connect to my printer. It happens with my MBP17 and my bro's MBP15'.

Posted: Oct 9, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Add A Printer To It From My Home Wireless Network?
I have a wireless network that includes a printer, a pc, and my MacBook Pro.† When I go into system preferences and printers the wireless printer does not appear in the list.† What do I need to do to add this wireless printer to my MacBook Pro?

Info:MacBookPro, iOS 5.1.1 When I go into system preferences and printers the wireless printer does not appear in the list.

Posted: May 31, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Network DVD ROM Via Wireless Or Wired Ethernet?
Is there any option in the market for an external DVD-ROM connected via Wired or Wireless Ethernet?

UMBP 15" 2.93
Mac OS X (10.5.6)
8GB + 256 SSD

Posted: Apr 8, 2009

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MacBook Air :: Connecting To Wireless Internet
Just bought a macbook air and am having trouble connecting to wireless internet. It can detect and connect to the network, but when i try and use safari, it says "you are not connected to the internet". Have tried network diagnostics to no avail (it can't get past network settings), and now have an exclamation mark in front of the reception bars.

We also have a MacBook and a MacBook Pro, which have had no issues connecting to and using the internet.

Posted: Aug 3, 2010

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OS X :: Connecting To Wireless Printer Via Router
I have an eMac 1Ghz with 10.3.9 on it and I just bought a new Lexmark Wi-Fi Printer. I have no Extreme card, just a Netgear Wired/Wireless router that's obviously connected to my eMac via CAT5 cable. I set up the printer for wireless, hoping my eMac would use the router as a card-substitute type deal. Well it doesn't. Cannot connect as if it were not there.

Posted: Dec 8, 2007

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MacBook Air :: Connecting Canon Office All-In-One PIXMA MX330 Printer
I purchased my Macbook Air a few months ago, and I selected theCanon Office All-In-One PIXMA MX330 printer to go along with it. I have tried to install the printer a few times in various ways. Initially, I used my Macbook Air superdrive to attempt to load my new printer with the included disk. However, installation requires that the printer be connected to the Macbook via USB. Since the superdrive was occupying my only USB, I tried to connect my printer wirelessly with another computer. The laptop I used was not a Mac, and I simply could not get his computer to recognize the disk for my Macbook. So I tried something else; I borrowed my school libraries USB splitter in a last attempt to connect them both to my Macbook Air at the same time. However the superdrive does not react when not directly connected to the computer...

In short, I cannot find a way to connect my Canon Office All-In-One PIXMA MX330 printer to my Macbook Air.

Macbook Air
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Jun 13, 2009

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Best Wireless Printer For MacBook Air
I am a new Mac user and have the new MacBook Air. I want to buy a wireless printer but have no idea which one would be best. I have always liked HP printers for my PC.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Mar 7, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Connect To WPA-PSK Wireless / Safari Not Connecting To Network
Airport sucks. A lot. It works just fine in WEP or unprotected networks, but WPA-PSK it doesn't do a damn thing. It shows it as connected with a full signal, but Safari, iChat, etc... won't connect to the internet. For some reason Azureus works, but it's going at an amazing 146 bytes/sec and then back down to 0. What's going on here guys? This is my first Mac and I am sorely disappointed in Airport.

Posted: Jan 11, 2007

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MacBook Air :: AirPort Not Always Connecting To Preferred Network
I have a macbook air, but this seems to apply to any mac's with airport. I connect once to our corporate wireless network, I type in the password and it connects. On occasions, when I start up the computer, it doesn't connect and a window pops up with my network listed but it says "none of your preferred networks are available". When I first connect I do check off remember this network. So why isn't it remembering it?

When I go into system preference and click on network, select airport and click on advanced, that network does appear under the preferred networks. Does anyone know why its not letting me automatically connect the next time? Sometimes its ok, sometimes it doesn't even know I connected to this network before.

Posted: Apr 10, 2008

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MacBook Air :: Connecting With Bose Wireless Sound Link?
How to connect a previously paired macbook air to a bose wireless soundlink? I can pair them, but they will not connect.

MacBook Air

Posted: Mar 4, 2012

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OS X Leopard :: Connecting Network Printer Via Mac
I am new to Mac and my previous computer is PC, my printer is set up to my desktop PC, but I primarily use my macbook. I have been trying to connect to my printer via mac, it says it is connected but when i ask it to print, it asks for an account username and password, my pc, which is running xp home edition, has no account password since only one person uses it. On the pc, sharing is enabled on my printer. On my mac, the print queue says that it is unable to connect to CIFS host.

Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Mar 5, 2009

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Hardware :: Connecting Mac And PC To Network Printer
I have a Dell Desktop running XP connected to a Linksys router. Also, there is a Canon MX700 connected to the router via ethernet. I would like to set this up so that both the Mac and PC can print to the Canon over the network. The Dell prints fine to the Canon, but when I try to enter the IP address of the printer (192.168 etc.) into the macbook, things do not work. A window comes up saying "192.168... is busy. Will try again in 20 second.

Posted: May 20, 2008

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OS X :: Connecting Network Printer Via USB Or Ethernet?
I got my printer connected via usb. Can it be available for the computers that are connected on the same wireless network or I have to connect it via ethernet?

Posted: Dec 27, 2008

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OS X :: Connecting IBook G4 To Network HP 1150 Printer
I have an HP 1150 printer hooked up to my windows server. I am trying to connect to it on my iBookG4, however, there isn't an HP 1150 driver listed under the printer list. I tried to install the driver from the HP website, but HP 1150 still didn't show up in the printer list.

Posted: Nov 28, 2009

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Keynote 09 :: Remotely Work With Adhoc WiFi Network On MBP?
Like the idea, but what if you can't get WiFi? Will it work with an ad hoc mode on a MBP?

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Jan 22, 2011

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Hardware :: How Do I Make My Mac Automatically Connect To An Adhoc Network?
My old TiBook running Tiger did this without a hitch, but now that I'm on Snow Leopard it refuses to automatically connect to any computer-to-computer network.

My new laptop is an aluminum MacBook though I doubt that makes any difference as I know it's an OSX issue.

I've listed it as a preferred network in the AirPort preferences pane, but it doesn't seem to help.

There might be a terminal command to make it do this but I don't know it. Any suggestions?

Posted: Mar 14, 2010

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MacBook Air :: Not Connecting To Wifi / Still Asks Me To Select A Network To Join?
Even though I have my router in preferred network list, my MBA still asks me to select a network to join. It says that none of my preferred network is in range, and only shows my router after I "refresh" the list by clicking on the airport icon. My UMBP connect to my network fine. Is there any way to also make my MBA connect to the network automatically?

Posted: May 19, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Can Permanently Assign An Ip Address To The Adhoc Airport Wireless
I would like to create an airport wirless ad-hoc network, except that it disappears once I reboot. I am wondering if I can set it up on a permanent basis so that it appears automatically on reboot, and also if I can force it to always use the same ip address?

Mac Pro (March 2009); MacBook Air (2.13); Macbook Pro (i7)
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
Mac Pro (March 2009); MacBook Air (2.13); Macbook Pro (i7)

Posted: Dec 27, 2010

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