Mac Mini :: Display Only Showing 1024*768 Resolution / Unable To Remove Vga Display App

Aug 28, 2009

my late 09 mac mini is showing a 3rd display called vga display and when i mirror it only lets me have 1024*768 i was wondering how can i get rid of it i am thinking it came from an app for my ipod touch that lets u have a part of ur macs display on it but i cant get rid of it of the vga still even after i removed the app

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MacBook :: Display Showing Fuzzy Text / Connected Mini Display Port Via VGA Connection

Jun 16, 2009

I have a mid-late 2008 MacBook connected to a Dell U2211H monitor using a Mini DisplayPort -> VGA connection.

When I use 1920x1080, I only get 60 Hz and the display is a fuzzy (text). Also, there are black bars. Why?

Will my issues be solved using a Mini DisplayPort -> DVI connection? Or should I exchange it for the 2209?

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Hardware :: Unable To Get Display / Dell Monitor Connected To Macbook Pro MINI Display

May 21, 2010

I hooked up my macbook pro to a mini display port to a dvi -> hdmi to my tv no problem. However, when I hooked up the mini display -> dell monitor, I get nothing. The screen is black. The weird thing is that my macbook pro recognizes that a second monitor is plugged in... it just won't display anything

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Intel Mac :: 24" Only Showing 2 Display Resolution Options?

Jun 16, 2012

Within the past week something changed after running a Mac software update that resulted in only having 2 display resolution options. The display choices now are limited to 1900 X 1200 and 960 X 600.  I think this happened after having a Mac software update.  I don't know what the updates were other then they were suggested as part of the automatic software updates check. 

Running OS X Lion version 10.7.4.   Graphics =  NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 128 MB. I have rebooted and checked for additional updates put still only seeing 2 choices. why all the other resolution options disappeared? 


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Mac Mini :: Display Resolution - Never Gives Option To Choose

Jul 17, 2009

I have 2 monitors connected to my mac mini. one with the mini displayport to vga, and the other mini dvi to vga. both of the monitors are exactly the same and they used to be set to the same resolution 1440 x 900. however one came unplugged and now it doesn't even give me the option to choose this resolution anymore. Is there anyway to fix this?

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Mac Mini :: Snow Leopard Display Resolution With LCD TV

Sep 15, 2009

I'm thinking about getting a Mini to use as an HTPC with a 42" Sharp Aquos LCD TV. if I connect the two using DVI to HDMI, will Snow Leopard detect that it's an HDTV and allow me to use the new 1080p setting without having to use SwitchRes X or DisplayConfigX? The 1080p setting works on my MBP when in extended desktop mode, but not in mirroring mode (because resolution is limited to the 1440x900 of my screen). I'm hoping that since the Mini has no display, 1080p setting will work out of the box. If someone could confirm that would be great.

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Mac Mini :: Restoring Display Resolution To Default Settings?

May 29, 2012

I'm a new mac user. Just bought a Mac mini with Mac OS X Lion (10.7.4). I was messing around with the resolutions on the display settings. I set the resolution back to the 1080p where it was when I first started messing with it. Now the color is off, the screen is not how it was before I started tampering with resolution settings. I've tried recalibrating the color but its still off. When I start my mac up in Safe Boot the windows and color look normal as if I changed nothing.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Mac Mini :: Mini DMI To S-Video Options Not Showing Up In Display Settings?

Oct 2, 2009

When I plug my Intel iMac into our old Sony Trinitron via the S-Video input no connection can be made. Is this a problem with leopard not recognizing my TV or possibly something else?

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IMac :: 27" Doesn't Display Full Resolution On Apple Cinema Display?

Dec 24, 2009

The title says it all really... Quite a simple problem that I can't find any answer to!

I've hooked up my 30" Apple Cinema Display to the new iMac 27" and the highest resolution I'm getting as an option is 1280x800... The iMac correctly detects the ACD as a Cinema HD display but limits my resolution. Why oh why?!

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Hardware :: 30" Apple Cinema Display - Is That Resolution Available In A Larger Display?

Aug 14, 2009

I own 23 and 30" Cinema Displays. I like the 23 because everything is larger and easier to read than in the 30". I mostly work in Logic and love that I see lots of things on the 30" but the 23" is much easier on my eyes.Is there such a thing as a display with 2560x1600 (like the 30" Apple) but that is LARGER than a 30 inch so I can see everything bigger in Logic??? Maybe a 34 or 37"? Did a search but haven't come up with anything other than other 30" displays.

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Mac :: MacBook Pro New 2010 Display Stuck In Sleep - High Resolution Anti Glare Display

Apr 26, 2010

My brand new 15 inch MacBook Pro was working fine for a week. Today the display went to sleep and when I tried to wake it, it remained dark, items barely visible. I could see the display brightness meter changing, but the brightness did not. Restarting didn't help. Called Apple and they're going to replace the computer. Has this happened to anybody else? Note: I have the hi-res anti-glare display.

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MacBook Pro :: Display Disassemble - How To Remove Display Casing

May 20, 2010

If there's a thread on this, feel free to close this one, but I searched and couldn't find anything. I need a guide on how to remove the display casing on a unibody MBP with an anti glare screen. Specifically, how to remove the actual top shell, where the Apple logo is. The LCD panel itself, I don't need to take apart. Is this possible? If someone has a link to a guide, that would be awesome.

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Mac Mini :: Unable To Get Display Via Tv / Connected Mini DVI To Video Adapter

Mar 28, 2009

Just a warning, I bought a Mac Mini (2009) and wanted it to hook it up to my TV. My TV does not have HDMI or DVI inputs so I bought a Mini DVI to Video adapter from Apple.But I could not get it to work, then I googled for it and it seems this adapter does not work with 2009 Mac's since it does not output an analog signal anymore!


So anyone that wants to hook up his new Mac to an older TV set with the Video adapter, you are warned.I guess i'll have to buy a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter and then a VGA to SVIDEO converter..

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Mac Mini :: Unable To Connect Mini Display Port To Vga Adapter

Apr 12, 2010

So our church just purchased a nice refurb iMac to use for media presentations during weekly worship services. We have a projector with a VGA cable, so I bought a mini display port to VGA adapter from apple so that we can connect our shiny new iMac to our big screen.

However, when we attempt to connect our VGA to our adapter, they don't fit together properly. It's like the screws on the VGA cable aren't long enough to screw into the adapter...thus, the cable won't stay connected to the adapter (it just falls out).

Someone suggested getting an S cable to replace the VGA cable, but Apple tells me there's no adapter to link the S cable to the iMac. I'm absolutely clueless...surely there is a way to connect my wonderful new iMac to the big screen.

Any ideas?

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Hardware :: Mini Display Port To Acer 23.5" Display... Not Using Full Widesreen?

Mar 6, 2009

I'm getting a high resolution, and it looks alright, but it's not fully using the widescreen. That's "aspect" right? Well anyway, I also have a 19" display and it works perfectly. My Xbox, cable box and movies all use the full widescreen on the Acer, but the Macbook with the super amazing Mini DisplayPort doesn't even use the full resolution. What's with that? I thought the reason they had this new port and a $30 adapter was for higher resolutions!

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Intel Mac :: Target Display Mode Does Not Work With Mini Display-Port Cable

Mar 5, 2012

I want to buy the 27" iMac - but only if I can use it as external monitor for my Lenovo laptop when working from home. A the Apple store in London they said that this is possible with a Belkin converter from hdmi to mini display port (with a USB power caple to turn it into an active signal). The laptop also has a displayport.


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PowerPC :: Connect Power Mac G5 To LED Cinema Display With Mini Display Port?

Oct 8, 2009

As the title says, I need a new monitor for my old G5 as the old monitor for it went bust. Apple does not make the old displays that came with the unit anymore and the only available monitor is the new LED ones ? but they all come with mini display ports

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Mac Mini :: External Display - Finding Display Port To DVI Adapter

Apr 25, 2009

I am about to buy a new 24" iMac. I currently have a Dell 2408WFP 1920*1200 display which I would like to use as a second display for the iMac.

Which Mini Dislpayport to DVI adapter do I need? Single-Link or Dual-Link?

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Hardware :: Mini Display Port With Old Apple Studio Display?

May 13, 2009

i have a 15 inch apple studio display which has ADC (was partnered with the cube) and I purchased a DVI adaptor so it now works fine with the DVI port on the macbook pro. I am considering a new mac notebook (not sure which yet) but as these have the new mini display port, is there an adaptor that would slot into the DVI end of my current one, so it would work with the new macbook?

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MacBook Pro :: Add A Mini Display Port Converter To Thunderbolt To Add A Display?

Jun 5, 2012

I use MBP (late 2011). I find the hunderbolt port to be similar to the mini-display port of older mac. I wish to have another display, but not ready to spend $999 over a thunderbolt display from mac. So would like to know if a Mini-diaplay port converter from apple would help me connect a exernal display via the thunderbolt port?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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PowerPC :: I Can't Change The Resolution Back To 1024 X 768 - How To Fix It

Jan 27, 2009

I changed the resolution on my iBook to a resolution that is unsupported. Now when I turn my iBook it loads OSX 10.4 perfectly, then the screen goes black and just before it loads my desktop the screen Flashes Red, Green & Blue etc. I can't change the res back to 1024 x 768.

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PowerPC :: LCD TV / Monitor With 12" IBook (1024 X 768 Resolution)

Jul 26, 2006

I have a 12" iBook w/ 1024 x 768 resolution. I see that the 23" LCD TVs which also claim to function as monitors have a resolution of 1366 x 768. Given that the screen hack will be used on the iBook, will I benefit from the bigger screen? Am I better off with a 20" monitor?

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Mac Mini :: Dual Display Using Mini-DVI And Mini-Display Port?

Mar 4, 2009

So I have a late 2009 Mac Mini hooked up to my Kuro via the mini-DVI to DVI adapter then DVI/HDMI cable to my receiver. I get digital audio out of the Mini via another cable. First question, if I were to use a mini-display port to HDMI adapter would I get both sound & video?

I love using PLEX but my Mac Mini is my only "computer" (I have an iPad). I would like to sit at my desk and use photoshop and other tools. Second question, can I do dual display using the mini-DVI and mini-Display Port jacks at the same time on a Late 2009 Mac Mini?

My gadget loving self has purchased a HP Wireless TV Connect. I was planning to use the dual HDMI output of receiver but I couldn't work on the PC and have someone watch PLEX so that is why I ask about dual screen (essentially extended desktop) using those two ports. The plan is to use a mini-display port to HDMI adapter and connect it to the transmitter of the HP Wireless TV connect and then an Apple display to the receiver. Make the main display the Apple display and the extending desktop running PLEX on that screen the Kuro.

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MacBook Pro :: Setting Up Mbp Dvi Display To Mini Display?

Sep 9, 2010

I have a mac book pro 17" with a Dvi out connection, The man book pro is a few years old, I wanted to get an apple 24" Display, But the apple display has a different connection, Mini Display Port. Does any one know if they sell some kind of Dvi to Mini Display Adapter, And if they do will i be able to use the camera on Apple Display.

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MacBook Pro :: Remove Ethernet And Mini Display Port And Insert HDMI Port?

Aug 11, 2009

How many of you would like to see a HDMI Port? Why the miniDisplay port? Why not remove ethernet jack and miniDisplay port and replace it with a HDMI port. That way one HDMI cable feeds digital video AND audio. Am I the only one thinking of this?

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Mac Mini :: Unable To Get Display On Dell Monitors / Using Standard VGI Cables Connected To VGI Port

Apr 3, 2009

Can anyone suggest what should I do with Mac Mini 1,83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and my two new Dell monitors?I tried them using their standard VGI cables connected to a VGI port on a Mac Mini - both are dead. Not a single flicker.

My Mac bought from a trusted friend and acts as a practically new machine - but not with my monitors.

P.S. I went through several Mac-related forums and there's abundance of issues with "alien" monitors.

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Mac Pro :: Resolution On Second Display?

Sep 15, 2008

I've connected two LG 22 wide displays on my Mac Pro using both dvi and vga connections, because I have a vga splitter to split the image on the second display to three additional displays. The problem is that the recommended resolution for the display is 1680*1050 (which the primary display has ) but I don't have that option on the list of suitable resolutions for the second monitor. I'm totally new on Mac and probably asking an easy question, but I'm out of options now. How do I get the right resolution on the second display?

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OS X :: Can't Find My Display Resolution

Jun 12, 2010

My dad messed with my Macbook somehow, and now my display resolution isn't right. I can't find the resolution I was using (1280x800) in System Preferences. The resolution options are also different than before. I don't recall ever seeing them measured in Hz. Anyone know a quick fix for this?

EDIT: Apparently, the color profile I was using is also missing from System Preferences. (Color LCD)

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Mac Pro :: Changed Display Resolution And Now Can't Log In

Apr 10, 2012

I have a mac pro 2x2.66 intel I'm running os x 10.4.11 (i know i'm going to wipe and install soon) I have a 27" apple led connected with the atlong dp400 first, the issue doesn't seem to be hardware related and is user specific. 

I have two user accounts. I have been using the monitor and converter for a few months now and it's fine.

A couple of days ago, i logged into user1 (screen res is set to 2560) then I logged into user2 (the res was set to 1920) and user2 was fine as usual. I decided to change the resolution to 2560 and the screen flashed but instead of taking me back to the desktop, it logged me out and when i tried to log back in, it hangs while loading the finder. actually, it logs me out once and then the second time, just hangs. it opens a few finder windows that I had open but doesn't load any desktop icons and then, just hangs. 

I can log into my user1 account and even another that I made for guests but never use... I just can't log into user2 now. I have been googling and couldn't find the exact problem but i tried some solutions to things that sound similar. Because it seems to be user specific... By logging in with Terminal, i was able to move some preferences out of the users preferences folder and try to restart. plists like; [URL]

but it hasn't worked...  I'm hoping I'll be able to get into this account, as i have some info I need to export before i wipe this machine and reinstall. and getting access would be the least troublesome way... 

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Mac Pro :: 4870 Mini-Display Port With Standard Display Port Panel

Jul 8, 2009

For anyone wanting to use their Mini Display port connector on their 4870 with a panel that has the standard size display port connector, I've found a source for a cable that works perfectly. It has the mini display port on one end and a full size display port on the other. Cost $19 bucks shipped and works like a champ. The cable is nice and compact, thinner and more flexible than my DVI cable. I'm quite pleased! ( it's the little things.... )

Here is the cable I picked up: Mini Display Port to Display Port cable

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