Mac Pro :: PCI Slots - Remove The Bottom Card For The Older Card To Work?

Dec 21, 2008

I'm in need of some guidance. It took me a little while to get my GTX280 into the 1st slot in my mac pro but I'm just wondering,

In order to boot into os x can I just leave the 280 in the 1st slot and put the old 7300 gt in the 2nd slot ?

Then I can turn the power off from the 280 and it will default to the 2nd slot rite? Or must I remove the bottom (280) card for the older card to work?

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Power Mac G5 :: Mac Pro Video Card In Dual 2.0 With Pci - X Slots?

Oct 2, 2007

Will the stock Mac Pro video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT, work in a PowerMac G5 Duallie 2.0 (mid 2004 model) with the pci-x slots? would a Cube G4 Rage 128 video card work in thePM G5? (I bought a G5 without a video card and I need to test it and find a cheap video card for it).

17" MacBook Pro 2.16/120/2gb ram
Mac OS X (10.4.10)
Mac Pro 2.66, 250 & 80gb hdd, 2 DL-SD, 7gn ram, APX & BT

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Desktops :: Adding AirPort Card To Older IMac

Dec 23, 2009

My daughter has an older iMac (with Firewire, but probably about six years old, it runs 10.3.9) and is adding a new iMac to her home. The older one will be for her children's use, and she and her husband will use the new one. Now for the problem. The old iMac doesn't have an Airport card; one would have to be added in order for both iMacs to have internet access.

1. Where can they find an airport card for this iMac?
2. Where can I find instructions for adding this card to the iMac?

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Mac Pro :: How To Remove A Video Card

Feb 15, 2012

I'm giving my son my old 2.8 dual quad care computer. We are getting ready to replace the old ATI 2600 video card with the new 5770. How do I release the old card? I removed the metal hold down in the back. It looks like there's a little clip sticking out of the socket on the left of the card. Do I have to press that to release the card. Just don't want to screw anything up. Should I pull straight up on the card from the top edge?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Pro :: Remove Raid Card From It?

Jun 28, 2012

My Raid Card battery is dead and I'm wondering the point of keeping it. I only used it to raid together 2 hard drives to act as one in my computer. If I take it out will the 2 hard drives I raided cease to function or go on just fine? I did it for the performance boost for read speeds. My PCI slots are maxed and was thinking of opening up the raid card slot to add USB 3.0 ports but I'm also not sure if I can add a normal PCI card in that larger slot.

Info:Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Logic Pro

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Intel Mac :: How To Remove SD Card And DVD From Computer

Mar 22, 2012

How do you properly remove SD/DVD Card and Disk from Computer.

iMac, iOS 5.1

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Cannot Remove A Credit Card From Itunes Billing

Apr 11, 2012

After reviewing suggestions online for removing my credit card from itunes billing the overall suggestion was to check "none " on the credit card panel in my itunes account. There is no "NONE" option.What else can I do to remove this card?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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App Store :: Remove Credit Card Info?

May 29, 2012

How do I remove my credit card info from the apple store?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Remove A Card From Group In Address Book

Apr 24, 2012

I want to remove a card from a group in Address book but the "remove from group" option in my menu is ghosted. I'm not trying to remove from a smart group, just a regular group.  

I tried it from INSIDE the group. If I delete by pressing the delete button, the card is removed from the whole address book.  

how to remove a contact from a group?

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PowerPC :: Upgrade Internal Airport Extreme Card Instead Of Using PC Card Adapter?

May 27, 2009

I would like to upgrade my 17" Powerbook G4 to wireless n, but I'd like to upgrade the internal airport extreme card instead of using a PC Card adapter.

Are there any options for this?Will this airport extreme card from early model MBPs work?

my specs:
17" pwrbk Hi-res
1.67 G4
late 2005 model: Powerbook 5,9

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MacBook Air :: It Won't Recognize Class 10 SD Card From Card Reader Or From Nikon D5100

Mar 2, 2012

I simply can't take any of my pictures off of my SD card. I've tried using the USB cable that came with the camera itself, as well as a USB card reader. iPhoto, and the laptop itself does not recognize the card, or that there is any device mounted at all. I've also tried checking "External Disks" in Finder Preferences, didn't seem to work.

Info:MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Black Nuts

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MacBook Air :: Maximum Storage Capacity Card Available For SD Card Slot?

Oct 31, 2010

If you have a 13" 2010 MacBook Air with the SD card slot, and you are looking for a card to expand the capacity of your MacBook Air, what is the max capacity card currently available that you can use in this slot. I hear that they have new cards with capacities of up to 2TB, but are these cards compatible with the SD card slot on the MacBook Air? (SDXC 2TB cards)

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IMac :: Interference Between Airport Card / Wifi - Graphic Card

Apr 24, 2009

How certain are we that (physical?) interference between the airport card/wifi and the graphics card can be cured with a download, and not actual hardware fix/repair? I mean, I know technology is advancing rapidly, but I'm not sure I can believe that a download can solve the issue that the 4850s are experiencing.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Read Micro SD Card Via SD Card Adaptor?

Jul 26, 2010

I have a 2010 13" MBP, and have just realised that I'm unable to read my Micro SD card when I pop it into a SD card adaptor and attempt to read via the inbuilt SD card slot. It works fine on my XP netbook though.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Is it normal? Is there any way around it?

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Mac Pro :: Remove Mac Raid Card From System / Drives Are Not Recognized At Boot Up

Oct 15, 2009

So I have followed a bunch of the 'MacPro with mac raid card users wanting to do bootcamp' threads. I have attempted all the hacking required but have not been successful. I heard that bootcamp 3.1 will fix this problem possibly... so in the mean time I would like to remove my SAS drives and raid card and just use the sata drives that I have to do Mac OS and Windows.

I have removed the card but when I plug the drives in and boot up the machine, the drives are not recognized. Is there some plug that I need to reconnect somewheres?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Remove Bank Card Data From Apple Store?

Mar 27, 2012

How do i remove my credit card data from Apple Store? It is very important that I do NOT use it, due to bank security mesures. 

MacBook Air

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Mac Pro :: Won't Work With Dual 4870's / Can't Work With 2nd Graphic Card

Jul 17, 2009

In the last 2 weeks before my MP shipped, I've asked 3 Apple Geniuses at Apple stores and Apple Tech support about running dual DVI 23" Cinema Displays with 4870's. They ALL said I would need a second card. When I attempted the install, there were only 2 power cord clips on the back face of the main board. Both being used by the onboard Radeon 4870. What to do next? Another call to Apple support offered me a nice Indian girl who I could not really understand. Finally, I called a local non-Apple shop that I frequent for hardware and service issues. The very nice service tech told me to take the 2nd card back, since that original 4870 will drive 2 monitors perfectly, in my case, with a simple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adaptor for the 2nd 23" display.

how would you install any 2nd graphics card, if a 4870 takes up both power clips?

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Mac Pro :: Wireless Card - Can't Find Networks And Airport Card

Apr 14, 2009

I bought my Mac Pro as a refurb from Apple, but it didn't come with the wireless card built in. This didn't bother me because at my old apartment my computer was near the router so I just wired it up by ethernet. I just moved into a new place and my computer isn't within router distance and I don't want to run a bunch of cable. My boss gave me a card to plug into Apple wifi card spot and OSX found the card and showed some airport info, but it didn't find any networks and if I run the Airport Utility it says it can't find an airport card. So I assume it's not compatible. What are my options? Oh yeah, I found this on ebay. Sound reliable? [URL:....]

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How To Redeem Itune Card Without Credit Card Being Charged

Apr 18, 2012

How do I redeem an itune card without my credit card being charged?

iPad 2

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Read SD Card But Will Read CF Card With The Same Card Reader?

Dec 26, 2010

As the title says, I have a card reader that works great with a CF card, but the MBP won't recognize an SD card. This is a new problem for me. I also have an express card adapter for SD that won't read the card, either. I have tried 4 different SD cards, and these exact cards have worked for me in the recent past (within the past 2 months). They work fine in the camera. I also tried connecting the camera via usb, which was unsuccessful. I tried blowing air on the cards and the reader. I cannot get the cards to be read on my wife's macbook. This makes no sense to me, as it worked fine the last time I tried. I find it hard to believe that all cards are corrupt, or the cable is the problem because it reads the CF card.

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OS X :: IMac Card Reader Corrupts SD Card

Dec 4, 2010

I've had a pleasant experience with my imac so far, and it read my SD card fine at first. For some reason I put my SD in the SD card reader and copied the pictures from it. I take it out and put it back in my camera. "The SD card cannot be formatted. It may be defective." Really? I put it back in my iMac. It doesn't mount. I check Finder and Disk Utility. Ya, it's nowhere. I put my other SD card in my iMac. Same issue. Now my camera won't read that one either. I put them in my sister's $300 netbook running Windows 7 Starter. Funny! It reads them! However, my camera still doesn't and my imac still doesn't. I try formatting them. No go. I've tried every format I can. They are just dead. Useless. My sister's computer can read them, and even format them, but something in that stupid iMac made my SD cards defective. I can buy new ones, but should I have to? I can't even see if they'll work through the camera while connected via USB because the camera won't even read them. I bought a Mac to avoid ridiculous problems like this. Was I wrong? Is it just a ticking time bomb like every other computer on the market? Should I immediately go buy a backup drive? If it's doing crazy stuff like this out of the blue, how can I trust it not to randomly crash? I think I overestimated Apple's competence. This should never happen. It actually made my SD cards defective.

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Mac Pro :: Good FW800 Card PCI Express Card?

Oct 20, 2008

Just realized that all the firewire ports on my 8-Core Mac Pro share the same bus. I need to capture video from a HDV camera to a firewire hard drives and I get hickups and slow downs that cause dropped frames. Can anybody share any links to what FW card to get to and where I can buy it from? Anything that does not cost to much? Please only post links of cards you have used or read good reviews using it on a Mac Pro. Also what slot would I put the card in? I want to make sure the slot is not also sharing a bus with something else.

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Mac Pro :: Possible To Edit Nvidia Card Rom To Use With Similar Pc Card?

May 30, 2009

Is this possible to edit mac pro nvidia card rom to use with similar pc card?Such as edit Mac Pro Quadro FX5600 1.5GB rom (G80) to use with PC 8800GTX 768mb (G80) <- same core , difference ram size , difference card model.edit Mac pro GTX285 (GT200b) to use with GTX275 (GT200b) <- same core , difference ram size , difference core settingor edit Mac pro 8800GT (G92) to use with 9800GTX /GTS 250 (G92b) <- nearby core , same ram , difference setting

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App Store :: How To Enter A Card Details When Do Not Have A Card

Apr 9, 2012

i had signed in at the app store but it said to review my account and enter my card number. i don't have a card. i will only in tall the free apps. but it does not allow me to install even the free ones without entering all billing details. how can i enter a card details when i do not have a card!

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PowerPC :: Should/Will A PCI Card Work In PCI-X

Jul 25, 2010

I asked this earlier but, never a decent answer and a few people asking if I have PCI-X and PCI-Express mixed up which made no sense for what was being asked.

I have a PCI USB2.0 card rev2.2 that I removed from my old G4 MDD.

I upgraded to a used G5 2ghz DP (M9032LL/A) system which has "three open full-length PCI-X slots: one 133MHz, 64-bit slot and two 100MHz, 64-bit slots" from what the specs on [URL] says.

I was told that a PCI rev2.x card will work in a PCI-X slot but when I tried the system didn't even power on.

So... should it work? does it matter which PCI-X slot? or was that guy confused between PCI-X and PCI-e?

Hoping it will work because 3 USB ports isn't enough when you have a WACOM, Scanner, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, USB Drive, etc...

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PowerPC :: Will An AGP Card From A G5 Work In A Cube

Oct 28, 2008

Just wanting to know for a friend if the stock 8x AGP card from my G5 Powermac would work in a G4 Cube? I didn't think it would but does anyone know for sure?

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Mac Pro :: Sil3231 ESATA Card Just Won't Work?

Jan 12, 2010

I bought a USB2 + eSATA docking station for my Nehalem MP. The docking station works perfectly well using the USB2 port, but I just can't get the eSATA card to work.I have a cheap sil3231 card, I'm using siliconimage's latest OS X drivers, with a single drive (so no RAID), and it won't mount. I played around with the jumpers, nothing. Can anyone think of something I missed?

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MacBook Pro :: SD Card Reader Does Not Work

Jun 27, 2014

My SD card reader does not work and resetting the SMC has not fixed the problem...what do I do?

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PowerPC :: Will AirPort Extreme Card Work With G4 (10.2.8)?

Jan 13, 2007

I currently own a G4 PowerBook running OS X 10.2.8 (archaic, I know) which I use as a word processor. I want to set it up to recieve my friend's 802.11 wireless signal (with his permission), which is sent out by a base station tied to a Windows machine. Two questions I have:

First, will an Apple PowerBook and Airport card be able to receive a signal from a Windows machine (I don't see why not, but...)?
Secondly, I seem to only be able to find the AirPort Extreme card on the Apple Store. Will the Extreme card plug and play with my notebook, or not? Are there any good third-party cards that I can buy that will work well if not?

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Mac Pro :: Airport Extreme Card & (2007) - Not Work?

Mar 14, 2008

I got a new Mac Pro in December of 2007 that came without an Airport card installed. I'm now looking into getting one to install myself, however I'm a bit confused as to what card to buy. The one available on the Apple website says it is incompatible with Mac Pro's introduced in 2005. So I'm assuming that will not work. I've looked online and have found some like this with model number MB363Z/A.

I THINK this is what I want, however when I enter that model number into google and search a bit I find that some websites have it listed as Airport Extreme Wireless Card for Mac Pro (2008). Now, what I'm wondering is if this will work for my Mac Pro that I got in December of 2007, or not.

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