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Mac Pro :: How To Set Router To Limit Bandwidth

How can I set up our router (D-Links 655) to limit our roommate's bandwidth?

MacPro 2.93GHz
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

View 2 Replies (Posted: Aug 6, 2010)

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OS X :: Remove Internet Bandwidth Limit / Set Maximum Upload And Download Speed?
At the moment i'm sharing a house while waiting for some prety serious repair work to be done on mine. therefor im sharing an ADSL line, but its only 568Kbps (ish) and i dont want to use more than my fair share of the somewhat limited bandwidth. Dose anyone know of an app that i can use on my iMac to set a maximum upload and download speed for my connection.

ADSL line -to- BT Voyager Wifi router -to- 1x LAN XP pc and 1x Wifi Vista PC and 1x imac in sig

Posted: Jun 20, 2008

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MobileMe / Sync :: How To Limit The Bandwidth
MobileMe (MM) synchs first thing when started up, which is great. However, accessing the internet during this synch is virtually impossible (checking mail, looking something up, etc). It is not that MM is utilizing all of the processing power. Its as if MM is completely dominating the bandwidth to the internet, making using any other internet application impossible.

MacPro 2008 3.2Ghz
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Mar 26, 2009

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OS X :: Limit Bandwidth For A Single App?
I am trying to limit the upload bandwidth of a program. Are there any apps out there that will allow me to do this?

I have read there is something built into OSX that can do this at the command line level (ipfw or something?)

Posted: Nov 16, 2008

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Applications :: How To Limit Skypes Bandwidth Usage
what i want is to be able to limit skype to use 20kbps or something like that, if its even possible. there are no guides on google, nor any programs that i can use.

Posted: Oct 5, 2008

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Limit Bandwidth Per Application?
I am looking for a way to limit bandwidth per application under Mac OS X Lion ; either with a dedicated app or Terminal command.

I didnt find any tools with Google or App Store : does that mean "limiting bandwith" is a *bad* idea ? 

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Mar 2, 2012

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Server V10.5 Leopard :: How To Limit Bandwidth For AFP
Is there a way to throttle the bandwidth certain IPs get using AFP? I've tried the ipfw in UNIX but that doesn't seem to affect AFP. How to limit bandwidth for AFP?

Xserver G5
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Nov 26, 2009

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Applications :: Any Way To Monitor Router Speed / Bandwidth?
I am able to monitor my wireless network no problem using something as simple as iStat pro but, for example, my xbox is connected to the router via ethernet cable so doesn't appear on any of the apps I have for found for monitoring network traffic. Is there an app that i can use to monitor the source i.e. the router itself, to see what speed/bandwidth the ethernet ports are using?

Posted: Jan 15, 2009

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Final Cut Pro :: Set Maximum Limit To Audio?
Is there a way to set a maximum limit to the audio in the FCP timeline? Example: I don't want the audio to go past the -12 level. I remember my midi software having the ability to draw a audio line on the sequencing software and any audio above the line would be cut off or squashed at that volume. I did try Soundtrack Pro "normalize", but this method also affects the softer audio and squashes the lower levels too. I just want to top off the louder passeges.

Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Jul 16, 2009

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Logic Studio / Pro :: How To Set The Project End Limit
I know you can drag the right 'bracket' on the bar ruler or you can type in a value in the transport under the tempo. But on my system, I can only get it to bar 21601 and no further.

You may be thinking, what am I doing? Composing a 13 hour song?

I just have some files with time stamps on them and a few say they go beyond my project end. I'm hoping there's a setting where I can extend the limit.

Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Aug 1, 2010

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Logic Studio / Pro :: 7 Record Path - How To Limit It To The Set Time
Just come back to use LP7 on another computer. Rec. Path settings/Song time. Regardless if I set this to 1 minute or 1 Hour, the arrange window indicates max rec time, about 70 min. How do I limit it to the time I set, eg, 1 min. I have checked and unchecked the max rec time box but no difference.

Posted: Nov 28, 2009

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Mac Mini :: How To Set It To Virtual Router
how to set mac mini to virtual router.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Posted: Jun 12, 2012

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Hardware :: Wired Router Recommendations To Set Up For Mac?
Can anyone recommend a brand of wired routers that is super easy to set up for the Mac?

Posted: Jun 8, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Set Up A Wireless Connection With A 3G Router?
I am able to connect with a ethernet cable, but cannot figure out how to set up the wireless connection.

Info:MacBook Pro with Retina display

Posted: Jul 5, 2012

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Intel Mac :: Set Up A Wireless Router Or Other Devices Connect WIFI Built?
I recently bought a new Imac.  Do I have to set up a wireless router or can my other devices connect thru the Wifi built into the Imac??


Posted: Apr 23, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Set Up Time Machine To Backup To An External Hard Drive On Wireless Router?
I have just set up an external hard drive to my wireless router and am now wanting to set up Time Machine to back up to the hard drive.  I can see the hard drive in Finder and can even send files to it manually.  I just don't see in setting up Time Machine any option to backup to that hard drive. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

Posted: Jun 14, 2012

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OS X :: Cannot Set Password For Buffalo Airstation Router
I reset my Buffalo Airstation WHR-G545 router (by holding the INIT button on he bottom). After plugging in the router and ethernet cable, I turned AirPort "on" on my MacBook Pro. I opened Safari and was taken to my university's Internet registration page--necessary to access the school's Internet hardwire network. I registered my account and then had signal from the router just fine, allowing me to access the Internet as usual.

HOWEVER, the network is unprotected. I have tried several times to change the name of the network from 0016014DFD1A to something else and to give it a WEP password. It never saves my modifications under the Network Profiles window.

How do I give this network a password and change its name?

Posted: Aug 28, 2010

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MacBook Air :: AirPort Express And Router - How To Set It Up
I recently purchased a Macbook and AirPort Express and have connected everything. The problem is it is making my desktop run very slow. I have my internet through Cox and one of the guys there said he thought I could hook up the Airport Express to my regular router (that I had before I purchased the Airport Express) and still have my Macbook be wireless.

Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Apr 27, 2009

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Mac Pro :: 2009 Vs Dell T5550 - Higher Memory Bandwidth
I have configured the most similar options for both workstation. The Quadro Fx 580 is very similar to GT 120, but it has higher memory bandwidth. Standalone, the Quadro Fx 580 512 MB is selling al 250 dollars. The results are:

Posted: Apr 5, 2009

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Hardware :: Set Up A Guest Network With 1st Gen TC + Router?
My current setup is a first gen TC running at 802.11n 5GHz with a Linksys WRT54GS in bridge mode broadcasting 802.11b/g. Both are WPA2 networks, and the setup has been great so far.

When the new AEBS/TC came out, I was looking at the guest network capability and that's got me wondering if there's any way I can create such a network with my setup. I would love to have a network for my DS and PSP to be able to join and would preferably like to have it unsecured to avoid connection issues.

I'm well aware that my TC doesn't have the proper hardware to do that by itself, but is there any way I can create a guest network to allow access to the Internet but not any networked computers on the main network? Would I need a seperate router to do this, or would my current setup be sufficient? What settings would I need, or can this even be done?

Come to think of it, would it just be easier for me to setup an additional gateway using a third router, hide the SSID and have it unsecured? (Although I'd be afraid of compromising my network's security with this method.)

Posted: Mar 6, 2009

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Hardware :: Is AirPort Express Router - Set Up Port Forwarding And Static IP's
I understand what it is used for and how it works (for the most part) but it is actually a router? Can I get into it's settings with a browser to set up port forwarding and static IP's, etc.? I am looking to replace my Dell TrueMobile wireless router and I want to make sure that I have the right idea about the AirPort Express before I buy.

Posted: Oct 28, 2005

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Software :: Set My Apple Airport Extreme Router To Block Certain Google Talk?
Is there a way to set my Apple Airport Extreme router to block certain Google Talk buddies on my home network? Or do you know of a way this could be done any alternate way?

Posted: Mar 6, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Apple ATI Radeon 5770 1 GB ZML MC742ZM/AHDCP - High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection?
I purchased the ati 5770 video card upgrade in anticipation of moving my household to HD.  Yes, I knw it's been out for awhile, but I had invested in DVR's and so on and wanted to get my money's worth befor addopting new technology. Anyway, poped in the card, booted up, everything is fine. Then today I get an HD video and instead of playing I get a message about my display not being compliant This movie can be played only on displays that support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). I was all set to purchase the 27" apple display, but if it's not going to play purchased video, what's the point?If I had a mini display port monitor attached would it play?  Or am I going to get the same error message?

Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.7.3), Apple ATI Radeon 5770 1 GB

Posted: Mar 25, 2012

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Mac Pro :: Hard Drive Limit?
Does the power mac g4 have the 128 gb hard drive limit? if it does how do i get around it

Posted: Apr 5, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Limit On The Size Capacity Of HD For The Internal Bays
Is there a limit on the size capacity of HD for the internal bays. I intend to replace the three internal 750 GB HD with 2TB HD each.

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Sep 2, 2010

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Mac Pro :: FCP 4GB RAM Limit - Out Of Memory
So my last project - the first one on my new 3.2 octo with 20 GB RAM - and I'm getting out of memory errors in FCP. I thought at first it was a permissions or bad preferences problem, but it turns out that I actually pushed Final Cut too far and it exceeded it's 4GB RAM limit. does anyone have any info from Apple about when they might upgrade FCP to use more RAM?

Posted: Mar 27, 2008

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Mac Pro :: Memory Limit - Systems Recognize 4GB Modules?
I'm in the process of upgrading the memory on my 1st gen Mac Pro. (2 x 3.0 Ghz Xeon). Apple publishes a memory max of 16GB., but I have seen references to these machines running more. My question is, has anyone successfully run larger configurations of memory, and will these systems recognize 4GB modules?

Posted: Dec 27, 2008

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Mac Pro :: Quad FSB Bottleneck Limit For Proc Transplant?
I bought the late 2009 Mac Pro as i really needed it to do my work at uni and be generally more productive as working on my old white polycarb macbook was just not cutting it. Anyrate, so i bought the low end quad core, 2.66Ghz.

Posted: Dec 21, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Using D-link Wireless Router / Can't Set Up LAN Between Imac And Pc
I am having trouble setting up LAN between my iMac and PC. I am using D-link DIR-300 router. Both computers are receiving internet, however on neither on them the other one is in the network. I can see both computers on my routers DHCP client list. I seted up workgroup "HOME" under my airport settings->WINS, but that didn't changed anything.

Intel-based iMac
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Mar 19, 2010

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Software :: Bandwidth Monitor For Mac - Sending And Using
alright my internet company has a 10gb monthly transfer limit, i need a program that will monitor how much bandwidth i am sending and using. not hte speed, but the ammount

Posted: Dec 25, 2007

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Mac Safari :: How Do You Check Your Bandwidth Connection Speed
I am trying to figure out my connection speed to make sure all is working well. Someone told me to look at the Activity Monitor/Network, but I really don't understand the data that it is producing.

I just want a way to know how fast my connection is.

Posted: Nov 30, 2009

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Applications :: Software To Monitor Bandwidth Consumption For Mac?
Is there a software to monitor the Bandwidth consumption for Mac.

I use Bandwidth Monitor Pro for Windows and its good. But I guess they do not have it Mac.

Activity Monitor does a good job of showing the current speed and the total amount of data downloaded / uploaded, but thats just good for one session.

I am looking for some software that helps me view this information over a period of time.

Posted: Jul 23, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Monitor - What Apps Using Internet Bandwidth?
Under Windows 7, I can monitor what apps are using my internet bandwidth. In Mac OSX, is there a similar way I can monitor it like this: The closest way i've found is using iStat, which puts little meters in my menu bar. So I know when my Mac is downloading or uploading something, but I don't know what is doing it?! For example, I want to see a list off all the apps running on my Mac, and then which ones are using the internet and how much. So if youtube was uploading a video in Safari, but I was downloading files with Firefox, I would be able to know that.

13" MacBook Pro/4GB RAM/320GB HD - 500MHz iBook G3/640 RAM/160GB HD/WiFi
Other OS
OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on the MacBook Pro, and OS X 10.4.11 Tiger on the iBook

Posted: Sep 27, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: WiFi Bandwidth - 144Mbit Connection
I have a 80Mbit cable connection and a Netgear WNDR3700 n band router. Using my ISP's speed test, my desktop achieves the full 80 on the lan, my sons n band compaq laptop can achieve 70+ from his bedroom (thick walls), but my MacBook Pro caps at 20! When I open the airport config on the mac, it says the it is a 144Mbit connection which seems a bit of a strange number to me and yes it does have the n band compatibility indication in the config. Placing the laptop next to the router makes no difference. Plug in a cable and it full speed. There are no other 5G routers in the area, on 2.4 I am the only one on channel 1 and the nearest is 6 for that eliminates the 3 band overlap. I have tied switching off the 2.4 network and the 5G network alternately. - no difference. The MBP is mid 2009 running snow leopard.

Mac Book Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Jul 16, 2010

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Mac Mini :: Create LAN Using A Non-internet Connected Router As Well As Be Hardlined To Internet Ready Router?
What I'm trying to do is set up the apple tvs to be connected to a router that is not connected to the internet, which we'll call Router B.The Mac Mini has all the movies and TV Shows on the iTunes account is hardlined into another router that is connected to the internet, which we'll call Router A.Is it possible to have the Mac Mini hardlined into Router A (to have an internet connection) and simultaneously connected wirelessly to Router B (so the AppleTVs can pull from the Mac Mini iTunes.)?Or vice versa, hardlined into Router B (non internet connection) and Wireless to Router A (internet connection).

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Mar 13, 2012

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Snow Leopard :: Peripheral Communicate With Mac Via FW 800 / 400 Bandwidth
I'm just upgrading to a Mac that only has FW800, but one of my peripherals (Apogee Duet Soundcard) only has FW400. Now I've purchased the the requisite 800 t0 400 adapter, but my question is this: Will my soundcard (or any other peripheral) be communicating with my Mac with FW800 bandwidth or 400?

Mac Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Jun 1, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: Way To Set Mac Mini To Automatically Log Out At A Set Time Each Day?
I'm wondering if there is a way to set my Mac Mini to automatically log out at a set time each day. Any suggestions?

Macbook Pro, MacBook, Mac Mini, iBook
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Jan 27, 2009

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Mac QuickTime :: Poster Frame Set In System Doesn't Stay Set After Export?
I drag my fcp cut into QT Pro. I set the Poster Frame. I choose 'Go to poster frame' to make sure it's set. Then I export it for ipod and open it in itunes and the poster frame is wrong. This has happened twice.

Posted: Oct 29, 2010

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Hardware :: Pushing A Mac To The Limit
Was thinking about this last night while reaching for the cable to hook up an iphone, realising that I'm already running an external monitor, external hard disk, ipod, iphone, speakers, printer + a few others.

Posted: Oct 14, 2009

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MobileMe / Restore :: BTTM Says Router Not UPnP - Compact But Router Says It Is
I'm using a D-Link DI-624 (revC, firmware 2.76) router, which is a supported router per Apple, and the router configuration page is saying UPnP is active, but when I try to start up BTMM, I get the message that BTMM isn't working properly because it needs a router that supports UPnP. I have an Apple-approved router that supports UPnP and that says it's configured to do so, and a BTMM that says it doesn't and/or isn't.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Aug 29, 2009

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