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Mac Pro :: How Long Does It Take To Install A New Power Supply?

my Mac Pro decided not to wake up in the morning. Shut down at night. Press the button in the morning. Nothing but a click. Do all of the resets. Clean the Video card. Test the RAM.

Mac Pro, Dual Xeon, 16 GB. 2 x 15K SAS
Other OS
Dead and undependable

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PowerPC :: Mounting The Power-supply From The 2004 On The 2005 Is The Power-supply Compatible Or Not
I have a PowerMac G5 with the first motherboard that is out of order, and another PowerMac

G5 Late 2005

with 2x2.0GHZ

Mounting the powersupply from the 2004 on the 2005 is the powersuply compatible or not?

EDIT: I looked on Mactracker and compared the two:
Max Watts in the first is 604W and 450W on the late 2005.
I want to put a powersuply from a G5 2004 (604W ) on a G5 2005 that had a 450W powersuply is this possible ?

Posted: Dec 29, 2010

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Hardware :: Test A G5 Power Supply Like An ATX Power Supply?
My 2*1.8Mhz G5 tower (second version) shutdown two day ago and refuses to turn up again. I have absolutely no sign of life, not even the external white led or the internal red one. I'm trying to figure out whether it is the power supply of the start button which cause the problem.

Is it possible to test a G5 power supply like an ATX power supply, by connecting two pins which would make the fans start ?

Posted: Feb 12, 2008

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Power Mac G5 :: How Long Does Erase-install Of Leopard Take?
I have been having major difficulties with my G5; started with kernel panic, then I got a crash screen that said "corrupt stack," etc. Couldn't get the thing to boot up, even in Safe mode. Brought in to Genius Bar. Ran a battery of tests, updated Tiger, everything checked out okay, bought Leopard and came home. Under genius's advice, I tried an "erase-install" of Leopard. It seemed to be going okay at first, but at some point after the "checking the dvd" start of the process, everything just kind of quit. My display says "no signal." I thought maybe it just takes a really long time to erase everything, so I've been waiting. Been about an hour. Now, my fans just kicked in REALLY FAST. I'm afraid my computer is about to get airborne. Anyway, is this normal? Or am I having issues AGAIN? I don't know what it would do to my computer to force shut down in the middle of the install process, but on the other hand it doesn't sound like anything is going on, other than the fan (no typical optical drive or processor noises, etc.).

Powermac G5
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Jan 27, 2008

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Mac Pro :: How Hot Is Your MP Power Supply
There has been plenty of discussions in the past re: CPU, HDD and RAM temperature, but what about the power supply on the Mac Pro?

My 08' MP reports 70 degree Celsius while the 09' MP reports 35 degree Celsius, while both machines are reporting an Ambient temperature of 27 degree. Why such a discrepancy?

How about your machine?

Posted: Jul 26, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Power Supply Fan Gone Berserk?
The power supply fan in my 2010 3.2 quad just went beserk. Spinning at 2950 rpm. I suht down and restarted using the four finger solute (command-option-p-r) and it seems normal now.

What could have caused it to spin full speed? Maybe I should buy apple care . . .

Posted: Sep 12, 2010

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Mac Pro :: Power Supply Compatibility With Another System?
Will a 600W power supply from a June 2004 dual 1.8 G5 be compatible with a dual 2.3 early 2005 system (450W)? Are the connectors any different? Will a bigger power supply overload the system? I know that the 600W June 04 power supply can be used with a dual 2.7 early 05 machine (600W) despite a rubber grommet that the 04 doesn't have.

Posted: Feb 16, 2009

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Mac Pro :: MP Power Supply Replacement Procedure?
I need to replace the power supply in my Mac Pro (2008) but I'm stuck at getting the small cover off. I've removed the metal plate that was under the optical drives (POV when looking through the side).

But it seems there's a small cover for the power supply that's similar to the big processor cover for the liquid cooled G5 towers. I can't figure out how to remove that.

Does anyone have a link to a manual or take-apart guide for the Mac Pro?

Posted: Jul 23, 2010

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Mac Pro :: UPS Causing Disturbance To Power Supply
I have been doing a lot of work on upgrading two Mac Pro's over the last few days. I have one attached to an APC UPS 1300VA 780W rated. Normally this Mac Pro is under my desk, so I do not here it. During the process of one of the upgrades I had the Mac Pro sitting right in front of me on my desk. As soon as I powered it up, I could hear this disturbing "hum" or "buzz" coming from the power supply of the Mac Pro. However the Mac Pro seemed to operate fine. I decided to unplug the Mac Pro from the APC UPS and into a regular Tripp-Lite wall surge protector with no UPS. The noise was significantly reduced. Therefore my question to you is:

1. Do you think the fact that the APC is creating the problem or introducing a different signal (maybe not true Sine Wave) than what is required by the Mac Pro?
2. For those that have a newer Nehalem Mac Pro and they have access to the back, how would you rate the "hum"? Is it what you would expect? Now that I have it off the APC UPS, it seems more normal (it is audible, but only with my ear close to it).
3. How well are the power supply units in the Mac Pro designed? Enough to handle immediate loss of power? What about cleaning the power coming in? Sometime the voltage drop across my AC outlet is 110V to 120 V.

Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core Nehalem
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
Intel SSD, EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 285, 2 x Apple 30" Cinema Display

Posted: Aug 28, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Internal Power Supply For Video Card
I am in the process of trying to add a Quadro FX video card to my system. It says it might need additional internal power, but not specifically for my card. Are there any internal power cables in the 2009 Mac Pro? I didn't see any but there may be some hidden ones.

Posted: Sep 28, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Power Supply Fan Dead Or Defective
6 of 8 processors at 100% for 24 hrs/day for nearly a week), my MacPro's "Power Supply 2" temperature suddenly rose to ~207 ?F (~95 ?C).I got a large external fan going through the desktop to bring the temperature down. I also tried to install smcFanControl to see if I could bump up the internal fan speed. Well, I could bump up THREE of the fans (I/O, CPU/Memory, and Exhaust), but it says that the PS fan is steady at just under 600 rpm, despite me cranking it up in the software to anything else (including the max, 2800, and anything less).

Posted: May 17, 2008

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Mac Pro :: How Big Is The Power Supply In The 2006 Model
My UPS is flaking out, and it's a really old one I got from work that was a 'server' class UPS.

I don't want to drop $999 on the thing, as that's what an equivalent of what I was using go for. However I want my battery to last more than oh, 30s so I hope to size it right.

Any experience from anyone running a UPS on one of these things? The UPS sites aren't much help and if the tech specs are to believed if it draws 12A at 120W that's a 1440W requirement for the power supply, and that seems a tiny bit high to me, but I might be wrong.

I'm running the 2.66GHz dual core, the ATI1900XL, and 4 500GB drives in it.

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

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Mac Pro :: 2008 Power Supply Work On 2006?
I tried the "search" box before making this thread. Would like to know if the power supply from a 2008 MacPro work on a 2006 MacPro. If anyone has tried this? My 2006 MacPro shut down suddenly and would not turn on. I use an APC UPS plugged on a power surge outlet. The Mac technician who examined the unit suspected it might be the power supply but Apple may not have in stock the power supply for the Ist Gen MacPro.

Posted: Sep 22, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Get A Large Noise That Seems To Be Coming From Around The Power Supply?
Every time I start up or wake up my mac pro from sleep I get a large noise that seems to be coming from around the power supply. The best way to describe it is that it soudns like a buzzing sound or like one of those large elctrical transformers outside except not as loud. It goes away within 5-10 minutes.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), MacPro 2,1 - 2 x 3ghz Intel Xeon

Posted: Apr 18, 2012

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Power Mac G5 :: G5 Power Supply Beeping/Churping Corrected With Leopard
I made this a new topic because I think it is important enough to do so. Probably most of those that originally complained about this have moved on to the new MacPro but I am sure there are still enough G5 owners out there that still have concerns about this topic.

A clean install of Leopard eliminates the infamous power supply beeping

Its amazing, my G5 is like a new machine; no more of the annoying power supply beep; although, I learned to live with it after a while and didn't even notice it. However, the silence is now very noticeable.

Posted: Nov 8, 2007

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Power Mac G5 :: Dual G5 Logic Board - Power Supply Dilemma?
I have a (late 2005) dual 2.3 that has been dropped 3 Times!It is on it's third power supply. The repair center that was in fault is now replacing the case and logic board. My questions:Does the fact that it has/had a faulty logic board be contributing to the power supply failure?Should I just be done with this machine and move on once the new logic board is installed?

Posted: Mar 1, 2008

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Power Mac G5 :: Power Supply Do Not Clack On 220 Volts Connection
I've got a powermacG5 2x1,8 GHz (late 2004). At the first I changed power supply fan, because they made a lot of noise. After replacement, and rebuilt all part in case. There was no powersupply "clack" on 220 connection, and Computer don't start up on switch on button. So I put the old power supply fan. I was happy because when I connected 220 Volt, I heard power supply "Clac", but when I switch on button start up, led button light on, light off and nothing. Since this moment, power supply don't clack on 220 Volts connection.

PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 Ghz 3Go RAM
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Posted: Oct 9, 2008

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Mac Pro :: Use ATX Power Supply Gigabit / Digital Audio?
Step by step instructions for using an ATX 24-pin power supply in a Gigabit Ethernet/Digital Audio Powermac G4 (one way to do it anyway): First, know that to boot the G4s up, you MUST have at least +12V of power going to the G4's pin #22 spot (white wire) even with the computer turned off. This is called standby power (I didn't know what it meant until a few days ago). ATX power supplies generally only have a +5V SB power source which is not enough. You must use some method of getting the +12V to +28V standby power to the G4's pin #22. I will outline the method I used but there are others (ideally get a ATX power supply with +12V standby, but they are not so easy to find). I am typing this on my G4/533 with an Antec SP-500 power supply. Why do this? With an ATI Radeon 9800 256mb graphics card, three hard drives, a DVD drive, a SCSI card, a USB 2.0 card, a USB 2.0 hub with four devices attached, and a newly aquired G4/1.4 Ghz card (which meant two additional fans for cooling control), I figured the original power supply was overextended. So, here's how it can be done:

1. Make sure the ATX power supply you want to use fits your case and has the power cord hookup in the correct position (lower left corner).
2. Make sure the ATX power supply has a long enough motherboard harness, or else you will need to buy an extension (which you may want to do anyway to avoid mutilating the original power supply's wiring harness).
3. About three inches from the motherboard harness connector (same with all future cuts), cut the ATX wire #8 (gray). Tape the end of the gray wire going to the power supply. You don't use it for anything.
4. Cut wire #12 (orange).
5. Remove 1/2 inch of wire insulation from the stub of gray wire coming from pin 8 in the harness connector and from the long orange wire (that used to go to pin 12) that goes to the power supply and solder them together. Cover with heat shrink tubing (which you must put on before you solder) or electrical tape......

Posted: Dec 18, 2006

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Mac Pro :: Noticeable Click From Power Supply - Machine Turned Off
I've been wondering about this for some time now but never took the time to ask. Why is it when the machine powers down, there is a very noticeable click from the power supply? This happens when it shuts down or goes to sleep mode. Before the Mac Pro, I've always built my own system and none of the OEM PSUs ever did this.

Posted: Nov 10, 2008

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Power Mac G5 :: Using Molex Power Supply For Graphics Card
I hav" a "late 2004" G5 2.0 dual processor. To upgrade graphics card, I find many require a power supply splitter. Do I have a molex 4-pin connector? I can't see the location inside the box.

G5 dual 2.0, 2.5Gb
Mac OS X (10.4.3)

Posted: Oct 8, 2007

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Power Mac G5 :: Remove Blown Power Supply (g5 Dual 2.7)?
My powermac g5 (dual processor 2.7Ghz) has blown it's power supply and i'm struggling to remove it. I'm at the point where i need 'screwdriver' style allen keys to remove the water cooling system (I hope i'm right in thinking that once this is out i can somehow get the power supply out from the bottom of the case).

with the machine lying down, looking down into the cooling system i can see 6 hex style screws (4 in corners, 2 in middle), 4 star style screws (2 at edges, 2 in the middle).

which ones do i need to undo to lift the entire cooling system off? i don't want to risk damaging the cooling system by unscrewing everything i see.

g5 dual 2.7

Posted: Mar 12, 2008

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Power Mac G5 :: How To Remove The Cpu Cover And Also The Power Supply
how to remove the cpu cover and also the power supply from G5?

mac G5
Mac OS X (10.3.x)

Posted: Oct 14, 2008

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Power Mac G5 :: New Power Supply Now Fans Running Continuously
About a week ago, my G5 went dead - no power at all. An Apple certified tech that I know came to my house yesterday to replace the power supply with one (600W version) that I ordered. That got me up and running, but ever since then, ALL my fans have been running at high speeds nonstop. I looked to see if there is a firmware update and tried resetting the CUDA again - same results. Tried setting processor speed to reduced, even tried it on highest - same result. Only way I can get them to stop is to to the computer to sleep or shut it off. The fans were never like this before.

Dual 1.8GHz Power PC G5
Mac OS X (10.4.11)
Dual 1.8GHz Power PC G5

Posted: Sep 20, 2008

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MacBook Pro :: Power Cable For MagSafe Power Supply?
Anyone know where I can buy an extra AC cable for the MagSafe 85W power supply that came with my late 08 MBP? I'd like an extra cable and I'm not interested in ponying up the dough for the entire power supply. I checked the Apple Store and Macmall, but haven't found anything as of yet.

Posted: Jun 26, 2009

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Mac Pro :: 8-core Power Supply Making Noise Like Refrigerator Radiator?
This is in reference to a Mac Pro 3,1 8-core purchased around Feb 2008.

Lately, I've noticed a strange noise coming from my power supply that sounds like the noise a refrigerator radiator makes. It's a humming noise that rapidly comes and goes, constantly.

The power supply fan speed was running at 599rpm yesterday, but is running at 629rpm today.

I'm not sure if the problem could've been caused by adding additional ram (12GB, OWC) or an additional HDD (3rd HDD, WD), but I didn't really notice the noise until after adding these components.

What could be the cause of this problem? What are my repair options if necessary (without Apple Care)?

Posted: Nov 23, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Power Supply Not Working / System Shut Down Suddenly And Would Not Turn On
I tried the "search" box before making this thread. Would like to know if the power supply from a 2008 MacPro work on a 2006 MacPro. If anyone has tried this? My 2006 MacPro shut down suddenly and would not turn on. I use an APC UPS plugged on a power surge outlet. The Mac technician who examined the unit suspected it might be the power supply but Apple may not have in stock the power supply for the Ist Gen MacPro.

Posted: Jul 1, 2010

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Power Mac G5 :: External Drive - Power Supply ?
I have a problem with my Lacie External HD, i know it's not an Apple product but it is used with my Apple machines and formatted for Apple OS. Also the folks here are very knowledgeable.

I have a Lacie D2 Triple Interface
The drive is not powering up, I have read online that they are know to have Power supply issues since mine went down. I have used the D2's power cable to power up my other external Lacie Mini drive and it is fine.

So i can rule the power cable out the equation. The tiny green light on the power supply is flickering when plugged into the D2 drive.
No blue light on the drive either.

I am prepared to open the drive up and try to fix the power supply, but is there any online guide to doing this? I can't find anything!

Posted: Jul 2, 2009

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Power Mac G5 :: Power Supply Clicks Twice When Plugged In?
I'm new to Mac however I've been a certified PC tech for many years. I recently purchased my first Mac. It worked fine but needed to have the fans cleaned out. I removed the components and power supply just as I would have done for any PC (I was using heel straps and working on an ESD safe workbench). Upon cleaning the components I reassembled the tower (no left over pieces) and heard two clicks coming from the power supply when I plugged it in and when I unplugged it. After troubleshooting the components individually, and still hearing the two clicks I decided to remove the power supply and test it independently. When I plug in the power supply w/o being attached to the tower I still get the same two clicks (making a relay opening and closing sound) no fans or LEDs come on. Falling back on my years in the industry and common since I decided that the power supply needed to be replaced. After receiving the new (not refurbished) power supply and installing it I'm still getting the same two clicks. At this point due to frustration I break down and call the pros. I called four Mac repair facilities (three third parties and The Mac Store) with a question "is it normal for a G5 power supply that is not connected to the logic board to make a relay open and closing clicking sound" and didn't get much help. Since I'm new to Mac I'm unfamiliar with the characteristics of the hardware. I know that if I were to plug in a normal PC power supply w/o the logic board nothing would happen, but I was told by two of the Mac techs that a Mac power supply would still make the same relay noise w/o being attached to the logic board. The problem is that I have now dropped a fair amount of money in this G5 and I have nothing to show for my investment and I don't know where to go from here. If two of the Mac techs were right then I need to send the new power supply back for an exchange, or if the other two Mac techs were right I need to replace the logic board.

Power Mac G5
Mac OS X (10.5.3)

Posted: Feb 28, 2010

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Power Mac :: G5 2.3ghz Power Supply Removal?
Power supply partially expired on my 2.3GHz G5. Have found a donor. Manual says remove logic board before power supply. But you could remove power supply with board in situ on older G5s...

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.1)

Posted: Mar 2, 2012

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Power Mac G5 :: How To Know If The Power Supply Is Shot
I have G5 with a dual processor, purchased in 2003. I recently bought a new iMac and wanted to give the old G5 to a family member. The G5 just went dead, I think it took it personally.... I have done the resetting of the PMU, I have replaced the lithium battery. Nothing. Is there any way to test the other things to know what's dead? Is the power supply the next logical culprit? I know this computer isn't worth much but I'd like to have it limp along for another year. Any hints or ideas would be appreciated. I have been a huge fan of Discussions but this is my first post.

Posted: Jan 29, 2010

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Mac Pro :: 6-month Old Mac Pro Has Already Had A New Logic Board And Power Supply?
At a cost of $400 in shipping and a one-month wait, my 5-month old Mac Pro got a new power supply and logic board

Now I keep getting kernel panics, runaway kernel_task in Activity Monitor, and corrupted boot drives

External Firewire drives work some of the time, and occasionally my USB devices dont work either

This computer is a nightmare - how do I begin to figure out if this is OS (10.6.4) or hardware related?

The extended AHT test reports that all is OK - as does an extended memory test using Applejack

Should I do firmware updates and re-install the 10.6.4 combo pack, or am I just wasting more of my time?

I've got 4 macs and this is the only one that works badly - I think Apple's OS updates are getting as bad as Windows updates

Posted: Aug 2, 2010

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Mac Pro :: How Far Can You Tap The Mac Pro's Power Supply
It has no doubt come to the attention of many that the Radeon 4870 requires two PCIe six-pin power taps off of the motherboard, which is exactly how many  allots. Say we wanted to use a GeForce 8800GT and a 4870 at the same time, which would require a total of three PCIe six-pin power taps. What I've read on the forums here indicates that powering them would be possible, but what ways would work?

As far as I can see, I've got two options:

1) Split one of the 6-pin power taps with a Y-splitter, and use the resulting two taps for one card and the other tap for the other card.

2) Use one of the ODD 4-pin molex power taps, convert it to a 6-pin tap, run it down to the card. But I'm running two optical drives; would it be possible to split one of those power taps into two, then run one out converted to a 6-pin and into the card?

I don't know nearly enough about the motherboards and power sources to know which way would work - if any - and if there is any risk involved. I'm running an early '08 mac pro, but I'm curious if this would work in other models as well. Anybody know enough about the hardware to say?

Posted: Mar 16, 2009

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Mac Pro :: APC Power Supply For Mac Pro + ACD?
i'm in desperate need of an APC backup power supply for my mac pro and acd. the old backup i've got (APC ES350) is not sufficient to power the mac pro and acd. i purchased the ES350 for my powerbook almost 7 years ago.

anyway, every time i have a power failure (it happens quite often), my entire system shuts down. which APC should i buy? i want to ensure that everything still runs for a good while so i can save everything before powering down completely.

Posted: May 8, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Flashed 4870 And Power Supply - Mac Pro 1.1?
I have just ordered a xfx 4870 that will be placed into my mac pro 2006 (1.1). I dont have the infamous power cables from ati so i was wondering if it would be possible to use the power from the optical drive. i have two 6-pin pcie power cables that each connects to a 4-pin molex. i addition to these i have a 4-pin molex Y splitter.

With this setup i should be able to feed the card with power but is this dangerous or will the system be unstable? what will happen

Posted: Jun 6, 2009

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Mac Mini :: Use Power Supply From 1.83GHz CD
Because I'm too lazy to remove the old power supply, I just want to swap out my old mini for my new one. Information: MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz C2D; MacMini CD, iomega minimax (2*) 750Gb HDDs Mac OS X (10.6.2) Dell Mini 9 2GB, 64SSD, 10.5.8 (NBI); iPhone 3Gs 32GB.

Posted: Dec 29, 2009

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Intel Mac :: Power Supply Was Interrupted
Power supply was interrupted. Tried to turn on my mac. Just repeated the SOS code. Nothing comes up on the screen.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.1), Power supply interrupted

Posted: May 22, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Power Supply Cracked
I have a friend who has a power supply where the plastic around the magnetic connector that goes into that mac has cracked rendering the power supply useless as the magnetic connector is no longer attached. Is this in the realm of abuse or does anyone think she has a case to stop by an Apple Store and potentially get a replacement power supply?

Macbook Pro 13" Mid 2009
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
Ipod Nano(1,2,3,4,5), Mini(1,2), Shuffle(1), and Touch(1,2)

Posted: Sep 29, 2010

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Mac Pro :: Mac Pro Power Supply Unit
I was wondering if someone could tell me what power supply is used in the current oct/quad core mac pro. Also in the Power Mac G5 and early versions of the mac pro. I am thinking of buying a Power Mac or early Mac Pro second hand and will upgrade the GPU myself and just want to know what PSU (watts) they have.

Posted: Jul 22, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Finding 12v Power Supply
I am shortly embarking on an extended camping trip and would like/need to recharge 'on the road'; seeking out a mains supply will be difficult.

Can't find anything on Apple's site - is there any third party adapter available, or any other work around.

MacBookPro 13", 2.53GHz, 4GB
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: Apr 27, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Plugging And Unplugging Power Supply
Can anyone tell me if there is a risk to the hard drive by plugging and unplugging the power supply while the computer is on - like if, let's say, I unplug from the power supply in my office to use my laptop in another room?

Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
4GB Memory

Posted: Jan 12, 2011

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