Applications :: ITunes And IPhoto Libraries Over Airport Extreme Hard Drive?

Apr 26, 2009

I just bought an external hard drive for our airport extreme. Would it be a good idea to have our iphoto and itunes libraries on that hard drive, so that the various computers that we are using can access the libraries wirelessly?

If you think it is a good idea, how would you go about moving the itunes library? I think it's easy enough for iphoto, but itunes seems a bit more complicated?

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Intel Mac :: How To Move IPhoto / Aperture & ITunes Libraries From One Hard Drive

Jun 12, 2012

How to move iPhoto, Aperture, & iTunes libraries from one hard drive to a new external hard drive

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Can Split IPhoto And ITunes Libraries To Different HDDs

Oct 22, 2010

So I want to get new MBA. But going from 500gb hdd MB, will need to set up wireless HDD for my pictures and music. Is it best to do all of it on one external hdd or can I mix n match say podcasts n my favorite pictures on internal hdd n the rest on the external?

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OS X :: Combining Itunes Libraries From Mac And Pc - On External Hard Drive?

Oct 19, 2010

I have two computers, a PC and and Mac. Each has an itunes library. I want to combine both those libraries on an external hard drive that I keep plugged into my mac, and I'm running into some snags. I went out and bout a 2tb hard drive and was able to succesfly "consolidate" my PC itunes library to it. My plan was to plug the hard drive into my mac and do the same thing (consolidate my Mac library to the same folder that I had consolidated my PC library to). However, I quickly found that since the PC is formated as Windows NTFS, MAC can't write to it. It appears that it can read the drive, but not write to it. What format do I need to make the 2tb hard drive so that my MAC can read/write to it, but also that my PC can recognize it so I can transfer all my PC library to it? Is my methodology correct to rech my desired end?

a. consolidate PC itunes library to external hard drive
b. consolidate MAC intunes library to same folder
c. then repopulate my itunes on my MAC with the new itunes library on the external hard drive. Does that sound right?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme USB Hard Drive

Jul 7, 2009

In compensation for the misinformation at the point of sale about my linksys router, enough fighting with Apple scored me a free Airport Extreme Wireless router, overnight delivered. First, let me say, this router is AWESOME. Ok, so the setting up is a bit untraditional, requiring a computer application, as opposed to browser setup navigation, but whatever. This is FAST (wireless n, previous was only g), great for my wired devices, well secured, and overall just great.

So here's my question. I bought a Seagate FreeAgent Go PC edition (and formatted it from NTFS to HFS+ to save money). I have my backup on here (even though my router is right next to my iMac). So I plugged it into the router, and it detected in in the AirPort Utility, but I can't find the "Airport Disk Utility", and it's not on the disc that came with the router. How to I get it so I can mount this volume on either my wired iMac, or my wireless MacBook Pro?

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Software :: USB Hard Drive For Airport Extreme

Oct 7, 2008

I am trying to set up Time Machine to work with two Macs, using a USB drive connected to the Airport Extreme Base Station. I am using an IOMEGA 298.1 GB ST332082 0A drive, which now works fine when directly connected to my PowerMac G5. The drive shows up on the Airport Utility Disks menu, but not on the desktops of the G5 and the Intel MacBook (connected via wireless). From what I can find out, Airport Extreme requires a HD using 512 byte block size, and I am wondering if that could be the problem. Trouble is I don't know the block size of the Iomega HD and haven't been able to find out what it is.

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OS X :: Backing Up My Airport Extreme Hard Drive Off Site?

Sep 7, 2010

I have an external hard drive hooked up to my airport extreme. I have approximately 5-6 Gbs on it and it is for shared office files. I would like to be able to automatically back this data up off site. I can't seem to be able to do it with mobile me, and I don't want to have to unplugged it and take it off site to back up. Mobile me would have been great.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme NOT Seeing USB Printer Or Hard Drive

Oct 23, 2010

Im super stumped on this one. I had been using my AE with a USB Hub and HD (for TM) for several weeks. My modem went bad- 2 days later it was replaced. Now, its like the USB port on the AE is dead. I determined that the hub was bad and got a new one. Plugging the USB hard drive straight into the USB port worked for a few minutes. Plugging the printer straight into the USB port allowed me to print 1 page and then it disappeared. I need to get everything working through the hub (brand new, confirmed working). Currently, nothing shows up in Airport Utility under Disks or Printers. Ive reset the airport and disabled / re-enabled file sharing.

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Hardware :: Airport Base Extreme And Hard Drive

Dec 11, 2010

I bought a new HDD (1 TB seagate) because I want to hook it up to my airport so that I can start a movies collection. I want to be able to access it from my macbook pro ( via wireless) and from my windows desktop (via wired). But I have a lot of movies in 720p and its larger than 4gb. I understand that the airport can only recognize FAT32 drives but FAT32 cant have files larger than 4gb. Is there a format for my 1tb seagate that I can use that can be read by my airport so that it can store files larger than 4gb and I can access it through my desktop PC and macbook pro.

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Hardware :: Using Airport Extreme/Hard Drive - Disconnection?

Dec 23, 2010

I've been having this problem for awhile- maybe some of your intelligent people can help me.

I have an airport extreme and two 1TB hard drives connect to it through a USB hub.

Every night, I have a program that copies one of the hard drives on to the other. This has worked for the first year that I had the setup.

Recently, when copying, the mounted hard drives will disconnect and I will loose my internet connection. When this happens, the green light on my airport extreme turns to yellow and starts flashing- is it is restarting.

This also occurs if I manually try to copy a large batch of files.

I'm usually decent at debugging computer issues, but this one has me stumped.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme + Hard Drive + Printer

Jan 2, 2009

I have an airport extreme that is currently connected to a printer so that we can print. I want to add a hard drive to back up all the computers with time machine. They are all apple computers running leopard. I was considering buying the time capsule, but was wondering if I used a usb hub and an external drive, would this work as well also. Not trying to run any programs on the hard drive. Just want a back up in case something dies. I guess my question is should I buy a time capsule or will the external HD, usb hub route work as well.

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Hardware :: Connecting XP To Airport Extreme Hard Drive?

Feb 19, 2009

My Airport Extreme network is working fine. The problem is that I'm sharing a hard drive which works fine with the Macs but my obligatory Windows XP computer won't see the hard drive. I have it connected to the network wirelessly and it shows as connected in XP Network places but how do I get it to see the hard drive which I have connected directly to the Airport Extreme Base Station?

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OS X :: Access Airport Extreme Hard Drive Away From Home?

Mar 31, 2009

Just bought an airport express to replace my old 802g router. So far I love it. Hooked up a usb hub and now am sharing an external hard drive and 2 printers throughout my house (1 mac, 2 pc) Here is my question, when I am away from home, lets say at work or in a hotel, etc How can I access my external hard drive that is on my airport extreme? Most likely I will want to be accessing it from a PC. Thanks, and I did search but didnt find an answer

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Hardware :: Use Airport Extreme With USB Hard Drive To Backup Mac?

Aug 11, 2009

i will be getting a 13inch MBP soon and i already have a Airport extreme base station and i was going to get a USB hard drive to plug into the AEBS and use to back up my new mac with time machine but i'm not sure if it's possible. Googling around i found a new story saying apple had updated the AEBS firmware to allow time machine back up but i check in my airport utility and didn't see the option. So has anybody done this before?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Doesn't See Hard Drive

Dec 7, 2009

I just got an airport extreme (brand new). I have an external HDD (lacie rugged) that I use for time machine backups. I normally connect it with firewire 800 but of course AEBS doesn't have fw800 so I used the usb, It will not show up under disks under airport utilities. It works if unplug it and plug it into the usb on my mbp and does fine. So its not a usb issue or not a format issue. I turned on share disks over WAN, but still nothing.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Not Sharing Hard Drive

May 26, 2010

I just bought a new 15" MBP and Airport Extreme Base Station. I blugged a USB hub into it and 3 external hard drives into that. It will recognize 2 of them but not the 3rd. The only difference I can see is that the 3rd is a 2 bay enclose with 2 500GB's JBODed into 1 drive. The other 2 are single drive enclosures.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Hard Drive Not Showing Up

Jul 29, 2010

-15" i5 mbp
- Airport extreme base station
- 1tb (mac os journled) WD Mybook (or whatever they are called)
- file sharing under airport utility is turned on

I can't see the drive either in the list of available drives in the airport utility setup, or in any side panel. I plugged the drive in via USB directly to the laptop and it recognized it fine to use for time machine...

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Hardware :: Backing Up A Airport Extreme Hard Drive?

Aug 3, 2010

Our office is using our Airport Extreme Hard Drive to share our company folders and documents. The entire file size is about 5 GB. What would be the best way to back up this Airport Extreme Hard Drive to an outside location?

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Hardware :: Can't Hook Up Airport Extreme To Hard Drive

Jan 24, 2011

I have my airport extreme configured properly (I have it joining my main wireless network--i live with roommates, so we have a 'house' wireless network but I wanted a work hard drive available to me wirelessly) and updated, and when I use the airport utility I can see my hard drive and it looks like it's configured right. The first time I set up this whole system, I just plugged in the hard drive and it popped right up on my computer. Then, I went into manual setup on airport utility and decided to change the disc password from "use airport password" to "use disk password".

Since then, while my hard drive still shows up as a shared device, when I click on it, rather than taking me to the hard drive, it just says "connecting..." forever. there is also a little button that says "connect as", but it does nothing when i click it. I've tried every combination resetting, removing passwords, creating accounts, etc, and still I haven't been able to access my drive since that first time. Does anyone know what the problem is? alternatively, does anyone have step-by-step directions for how to get my airport extreme to 'join' my wireless network so that I can see my hard drive and access it wirelessly while still staying connected to my 'house' network? Ideally, I would prefer to just use the airport as the main router, but because of roommates (the cable is in one guy's room, he won't let anyone else in or use a different router--plus, then my hard drive would be in his room) this isn't an option. Another one of my roommates has his setup just like I want mine, but he can't figure out what's going on with it not connecting.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Broken By Connected Hard Drive

Oct 5, 2010

my brand new dual-band Airport Extreme has been working great for the last 2 weeks since I bought it. Today I connected an external hard drive (WD Passport 500Gb) via a USB hub, and it was working great for a few Gb of file transfers.

About an hour later, I transferred another file, and the Airport ceased to work halfway through; I went to check and the Airport was completely dead. No lights, hard reset does nothing.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme - Hard Drive Connected Via USB Or Ethernet?

Nov 9, 2010

im planning on getting an airport extreme + hard drive for time machine backups & file storage. would it be best to just get a usb hard drive [URL] or a hard drive w/ an ethernet port [URL]?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Write To USB Hard Drive - Slow?

Dec 17, 2010

Admittedly new to the world of wireless networking. Have my 1TB LaCie USB hard drive plugged into my AirPort Extreme. I had high hopes of keeping my iPhoto and iTunes libraries on this hard drive for access downstairs with my MacBook. Got it all setup tonight, and attempted to put a 1.5GB file from my MacBook on the hard drive. According to Finder it was going to take 8 hours to complete the transfer! Does this sound right? I realize USB is slow, but I didn't think that slow. The Belkin-N300 router I had before was faster than this on the USB sharing side.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Support Usb Printer + Hard Drive?

Apr 10, 2009

Can I connect a USB hard drive and printer to it at the same time ?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Attached Hard Drive - Keep Mounted?

Apr 23, 2009

I got this big hard drive and attached it to my Airport Extreme. I can get to it just fine, however, I would ideally like to make it so this drive is ALWAYS mounted on my computer. I've got my iTunes and iPhoto libraries on here, and it seems like every time I wake my computer or reboot, I need to reconnect to the drive, otherwise iTunes/iPhoto freak out because they can't find it. Is there a way I can tell my Mac to stay connected to the drive, and automatically look for it if it's not mounted?

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Hardware :: Connect Iphone To Hard Drive On Airport Extreme?

Jul 14, 2009

I use a hard drive on my local network for all the mac users in the house. Is there a way to connect the iphone to the hard drive files?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme - Remote Hard Drive Access

Oct 29, 2009

I am new to this forum, but not new to the apple scene. I realise that you can remotely access the hard drive while connected to the WLAN. But, can you access the connected hard drive remotely over the internet using only the Airport Extreme Base Station?

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Hardware :: Hard Drive For Airport Extreme And Time Machine

May 7, 2010

I realise this has been asked before, though as you can understand I'm looking for updated info - hence the new thread. I'm looking to purchase a hard drive to attach to my Airport Extreme (first version of their n wireless model, a couple of years old) in order to gain a hard drive that I can back up my MacBook Pro to wirelessly via Time Machine. I know that Apple says that I should be able to buy a USB drive and attach it and it would 'just work', but recently I purchased an Iomega Prestige 1.5TB and tried it, but it was not recognised / would not mount when I attached it to the Airport Extreme - despite having followed all the instructions to reformat it before trying. Since then I discovered that many others had encountered the same problem with that particular drive. I'm wondering what your advice would be as to what drive I should purchase to achieve my goal? I understand that a NAS drive could be a possibility - in addition to SOME USB drives. I suppose I'd like to try and keep the price down - �90-150 if possible, which is why I'm not, at present, considering a Time Capsule (in addition to the fact that I already have the Airport Extreme).

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ITunes For Mac :: Move Media And Libraries To External Hard Drive / When Keep Organized Deselected

Jun 29, 2014

step by step directions for moving the actual media ‘files’, ie the mp3s, as well as the necessary library files, to an external drive, when ‘keep media organized’ and ‘copy files to media folder’ are NOT SELECTED?I am running OS X 10.6.8 and iTunes 10 [and prefer a solution which does not require updating software. I prefer to maintain my own customized  folder and file structure for my mp3s; and have therefore deselected

1] Keep iTUnes Media folder organized  and 2] Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library. All the directions in the various posts seem to require selecting these options.  Is this critical for success?

From the many posts I have read, it seems there’s more to it than just drag and drop, that I need to ensure that iTunes is ‘pointed’ to somewhere? Not the mp3s themselves, but to a ‘library” [is that yet another copy of the mp3s? somewhere on my hard drive?].

Additionally, over the years I have moved about 45GB of mp3s to ‘storage’ external hard drives to create more space on my laptop. Not ideal interim solution.  I am again low on space and have decided to buy new external drive for holding all of my mp3s, ie the 45 GB in ‘storage’ and the remaining 75 GB from my laptop.  Ideally, I would like to also keep all my artwork, playlists and ratings and the like [which I guess are in the ‘libraries’???]

Am I correct, that I will need to also move to the new external hard drive that folder which holds the .itl and .xml files and which is named ‘iTunes’???  and then there is another step to link the ‘media’ to the ‘library’ to ‘itunes’?

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Hardware :: Stream Airport Extreme Video With External Hard Drive?

Jun 15, 2009

I have an Airport Extreme with a external hard drive connected to it. I have video on it and would like to be able to watch it on my computer wirelessly. This works to a point but becomes choppy and skips a lot... what can I do to fix this. My computer is a new MBP so it is going through a n connect..

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme With An Attached External Hard Drive Function?

Jun 23, 2009

does an airport extreme with an attached external hard drive function exactly the same as a time capsule? i would like to know if there are any minute differences because i am in the market for one.

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