Applications :: PhotoShop Forgets Position And Existence?

May 28, 2008

I use PhotoShop every day and since Leopard I have been using Spaces which saves me a tremendous amount of time. My problem is that PhotoShop does not "see" Spaces at all and it turns the normal everyday pain of working with PhotoShop into something truly excruciating. What I am looking for here are workarounds if anyone has them. My main issue is that PhotoShop forgets the positions and even the existence of almost all palettes, toolbars, etc. if you switch into a different "space." Even though the various palettes are checked as visible, they do not show as such until you uncheck them and then re-check them in the menus. This means about 20 clicks minimum to get the workspace back to where it was when you (foolishly) decided to switch spaces.

I have discovered of course that you can "save the workspace environment" (something I have never had to do before and have absolutely no use for), but PShop puts your saved workspace at the very bottom of a menu containing over 23 items! If you have twenty documents open, the menu then has 43 items, etc. The other alternative is to use the "default" workspace (paradoxically at the *top* of that same menu), and switch to that each time you come back to the program. But this is also a couple of clicks that I don't need, and it doesn't work for me anyway as my usual "workspace" is the default one with only a couple of adjustments (three or four more clicks each time). so even to use the default workspace, I have this tedious four or five click routine to perform every time I switch back to the program. So while we are waiting for Adobe to produce some software with some sort of minimal functionality. Does anyone else have any ideas how I can use Spaces with PShop and have less than five or so wasted clicks every time I want to use the stupid thing?

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OS X :: Finder Is Restarted Completely Forgets The Settings For The Applications Folder

Apr 5, 2009

Attached you'll see two images. The first, 'Applications Folder', is how I want my Applications Folder to look whenever I access it directly (i.e. from the Go menu in the Finder Menu Bar, or from an alias or from the Dock by right-clicking, Open "Applications").

Finder used to remember this appearance perfectly. I can't remember exactly when this started, but now whenever Finder is restarted (killall Finder or a reboot) it completely forgets the settings for the Applications folder and opens it as shown in the second image, 'Finder Bug'. That's the far right of the screen, by the way. Not only does it forget the size and position of the folder's window, it also resets the grid spacing to the default value.

It only does it for this folder...I've already tried removing the .DS_Store file many times, so it's not an issue with that file. I've also run clean-up scripts and repaired permissions. It's bugs like this that still make me long for Tiger.

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Applications :: With Every Computer Reboot ITunes Forgets IPod Touch

May 10, 2010

I just bought a new MacBook Pro and used Migration Assistant to move my old MacBook files to the new machine. Ever since the file migration, my brand new iPod Touch is having a lot of problems connecting to iTunes. Here's the deal: When connected by USB to the new MBP, the iPod charges fine, but is not recognized by iTunes (does not show up at all). After mucking around a bit (unplugging/plugging in, deleting iTunes plists, and repairing disk permissions) I decided to reinstall iTunes. I followed Apple's directions to completely remove iTunes and after reinstalling iTunes the iPod was detected and all was working great again...until I shut down and restarted my computer and the iPod was no longer recognized.

I proceeded to uninstall/reinstall iTunes again. It worked!...until I restarted my computer and iTunes would not recognize the iPod again. Interestingly, each time that I followed Apple's directions to completely remove iTunes, I could not find iTunesHelper running in either Activity Monitor or present in the start-up items of System Preferences as the Apple KB suggested it should be. I should also mention that the new iPod Touch has no problems being detected by iTunes on my old MacBook (the source hard drive for the file migration). This is baffling to say the least. I'm getting ready to forget Migration Assistant, nuke my new MBP's user account and start from scratch.

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Applications :: MS Office For Mac And Window Size And Position

Jan 9, 2009

I'm a mac newbie and I installed Office for Mac '08 today. I don't see an option to have Office remember the window size and position. So every time I open Word, Powerpoint, etc they open so that they take up 60% of the screen. How can I have the programs remember the size and position of the window?

Late '08 MBP.

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Applications :: Excel 2008 - Reset Formula Bar Position?

Mar 19, 2008

The left edge of my excel formula bar is not showing-almost as if it was pushed off the left side of the desktop (see picture). Unfortunately, the only part of the formula bar that allows it to move is now hidden, so I can no longer move the formula bar. I have tried switching the formula bar on and of in "View" and also tried re-loading excel, but it is stuck. Does anybody know how to reset the formula bar position?

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Applications :: Won't Work With ITunes Podcasts Folder Position

Sep 22, 2009

After I did a backup of my iTunes database on my PC and restored it on my new mac I have just discovered that I now have two Podcasts folders, one within the Music folder and another one within my Music:iTunes folder. As far as I can see all the podcasts inside the iTunes program is pointing to the files in the Music:Podcasts folder. Another strange thing is that all the podcast files I have is found in the Music:Podcasts folder but in the Music:iTunes:Podcasts folder only a part of my podcasts are found. Since I'm still new on a Mac I'm a little confused about this . Could any of you please tell me what the default position of the Podcasts folder is in Mac OS?

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Applications :: Resetting ITunes Video Window Position

Mar 9, 2010

Is there a way to reset the position of iTunes video windows? I usually use an external 23" monitor with my MBP and sometimes I move the video I'm watching on iTunes out of the MBP screen (on the external monitor). But, when I use the MBP without external monitor and I try to play iTunes video, the video is out of the screen, basically I can't see it and I can't find a way to move it into the screen (I can see it using expose').

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Applications :: Move Dock Positioning From Current Position?

Jul 24, 2010

Is there any way of moving the dock maybe a quarter of an inch up from its current position? I am running Snow Leopard and the dock is positioned on the bottom.

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Applications :: Finder Window Resets Position To The Left When Dragging In A File?

Sep 12, 2010

I am not sure how to 'title' my exact problem, so I'll explain it as best I can. I've also attached an Illustration of the problem which might explain it better.

I currently have the items in my folders displayed as 'columns'. When I open a new folder, the folders contents are displayed in the next column to the right. So after going a few folders in, the scroll bar on the bottom of the finder window is somewhat large. This is normal.

However the problem is, whenever I drag a document from my desktop into the most recently opened folder, finder resets the scrollbar to the position on the left side, forcing me to drag the window over again every time. This it a rather large annoyance, since the way I work I pull and replace lots of files from the same series of folders.

I just recently upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard (finally), and ever since then I have noticed this strange issue with Finder. It did not happen in Tiger or Leopard.

Is this something that Snow Leopard now does by default now, or am I the only one experiencing this?

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Applications :: ITunes 10 Podcast Sync Bug / Playback Position Is Not Synced Correctly

Dec 16, 2010

basically the bug makes it where the playback position (where you are in a podcast) is not synced correctly between iTunes and your device (iPhone 4 in my case).

Scenario 1: Download a new podcast episode on your Mac/iTunes. Listen to 20 minutes. Sync to iPhone. When you listen to it on your iPhone, it starts at the beginning...not 20 minutes in like it should.

Scenario 2: Download a new podcast episode on your Mac/iTunes. Sync to iPhone. When you listen to it on your iPhone for the first time, it starts randomly somewhere in the middle...not at the start like it should.

This bug didn't exist with iTunes 9. The bug appeared in iTunes 10 and still exists as of version 10.1.1 that was released a couple of days ago.


Any ideas on how to get movement on this from Apple? Already reported it as a bug online as well as posted in the thread on the discussion forum. This bug is PAINFUL for heavy podcast listeners.

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OS X :: Forgets Passwords On Sites

Apr 30, 2008

My computer (newer imac, last gen) has an issue with remembering passwords. It'll forget them in the middle of me using the internet. Usually it forgets what my Gmail password is (using the gmail notifier in the top right corner), it forgets my passwords on sites like this (every week or so) and it forgets certain things i do in certain programs (itll reset everything like i've never used it before).

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OS X :: Forgets Password Every Time

Feb 19, 2010

Answer for [URL:..] no password is being remembered. I turn it on Airport password asked, i have to enter 3 mail account passwords everytime.

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Software :: Spotlight Forgets Privacy?

Nov 5, 2008

I have two external drives which I do not wish Spotlight to index. I add both drives to the privacy list in the system preference panel, but every time I reboot (usually for a system update), Spotlight ties up my computer for several hours indexing these two drives again!

How do I convince Spotlight to honour the privacy settings on a clean reboot?

Is this some sort of timing issue where the external drives may not be ready when Spotlight starts, so it removes them from the list, and later when they are ready Spotlight notices them and processes them?

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OS X :: Firewall Forgets The Settings That Allow Connection For ITunes?

Jan 3, 2011

I have a problem with firewall under 10.6.5 under both of my macs (MBPRo and MacMini). The system firewall forgets the settings that allow connetction for iTunes, World of Warcraft Launcher, Blizzard Downloader, DropBox app. I have to mention that settings are set for this apps in system preferences / firewall.

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MacBook Pro :: Unibody With 10.6.2 Forgets To Auto - Dim Its Display After About Day

Jan 26, 2010

After about a day of use my Unibody MBP 13" running 10.6.2 forgets how to auto-dim its display. The "automatically adjust brightness" checkbox is still checked, but the display doesn't change brightness even if I put my thumb over the sensor. Checking & unchecking the box makes no difference. Trashing ~ System Preferences .plist makes no difference.

If I switch to another user that user still has auto-dimming working OK. If I log out and in again auto-dim works again for a day or two. So it seems like software and not hardware. I've also reset the SMC, no difference.

- have the same problem?
- know what bit of software handles auto-dim:- is there a process I can quit and relaunch?
- useful suggestions eg about .plist trashing?

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Software :: System Preference Forgets Everything When I Restart

Oct 28, 2010

Ive read tons of threads about system prefs not remembering things and i am still yet to find something that fixes this problem. When i restart, or shut down and reboot, once i enter my password system prefs wont remember a single thing. not my default browser, not the size of my dock or my background. it takes all the songs out of my itunes and forgets all the passwords to my accounts online. it removes icons from my dock for example i added firefox to the computer and when i restart firefox is in the app folder but the icon wont stay on the dock. this is driving me insane. ive repaired permissions countless times.

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Applications :: Finding Free Adobe Photoshop CS4 And Other Applications Licenses ?

May 10, 2009

I have both a mac and a pc

now with my student ID i could get programs for a decent price

however it seems that there is a mac edition and a pc edition license for each program.

i was wondering if there is a way where i can pay once and use both versions. or do i have to buy for both versions

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MacBook Air :: Forgets Display And Keyboard Settings After Restart

Jun 6, 2009

I have a rev. A MBA and it does two odd things. If I set the display to full brightness, then power down and back up, the display doesn't return to full brightness. I have to go into the display preferences pane and move the slider a fraction of an inch to return to full brightness. The "adjust brightness for ambient light" and "reduce brightness on this power source" are disabled, so that isn't it. Also, the MBA forgets the brightness setting for the keyboard when it is powered off and then on again. As best I can determine the keyboard brightness is set to a random level at power up. I've used MacBook Pros for years, so I don't think it's anything I'm doing.

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OS X Mavericks :: Apple Mail Forgets Password For Gmail?

Nov 30, 2014

I've seen this problem documented elsewhere, but none of the "solutions" seem to work. 

I have two-step verification enabled on my Gmail account. I generate a unique application password for Apple Mail, which I enter into the password field in the Mail application. 

Inexplicably, anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 week later, when I attempt to send an e-mail I will be prompted that the password is "wrong." It isn't, because I HAVEN'T CHANGED ANYTHING. The only way I can get the message to go away is to revoke and then re-generate another unique password.

Interestingly, I can receive e-mails into the account with no problem, but it seems the sending part is where Mail gets wonky. I have tried: 

-Removing the e-mail account entirely from Mail and setting it up from scratch

-Deleting all traces of the old password from my Mac, including from Keychain Access (did this combined with the above). 

I am getting tired of this and am two steps from ditching Mail for a more functional e-mail client.

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ITunes :: It Forgets Media Folder Is On External Hard Drive?

May 9, 2012

I have recently started using a Time Capsule with an external hard drive attached. I have moved my music and video to the external hard drive to free up space on my MacBook Pro hard drive. I have set up iTunes to play from the external hard drive (which works fine), however, although I have changed the location of the iTune media folder in Preferences it keeps reverting to the iTunes media folder on my Mac's hard drive.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Applications :: Photoshop CS5 X64 - Is It Actually X64

Jun 4, 2010

I run a MacBook (White) 2.16 Ghz 2007 model, which is running x64 Snow Leopard. When I open Photoshop CS5, the splash screen shows it is x64. So I wait for it to load, and based on Apple Developer news and articles, you can't have a 64-bit Carbon framework application. I knew that with Carbon framework applications, you can't drag a window around by its titlebar when it's not responding, or frozen. With the 64-bit enabled Cocoa framework you can. When it was loading, I tried dragging the titlebar, and it wouldn't work, so I thought maybe it isn't 64-bit after all. I inspected the program with Xray, and it told me it was Carbon. I was confused. Is Adobe having the Mac users on or is just my computer playing up?

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Applications :: Can Use Photoshop CS3 For Mac Mini

Oct 14, 2010

Beginning Photography school and we are using Photoshop CS3. I currently have a PC laptop, which will not handle photoshop. I am looking to get a Mac Mini and was wondering if Photoshop CS3 will bog it down too much or will I be ok. Which Mac Mini would you recommend?

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Applications :: How To Uninstall Photoshop CS3

Nov 18, 2007

I deleted PS cs3 and wanted to reinstall it but when I go to install it it tells me to use a different installer. It also says that photoshop is intalled which it isnt. I have all the other applications like illustrator and stuff. How do I completely get rid of photoshop? I also dont have the original installer because im traveling.

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Applications :: Using CS4 Photoshop - How To Do Gpu Enhancment

Dec 17, 2008

So I have CS4, and it's been wonderful on my new 24" iMac. After the latest 10.5.6 update, it started giving me this message every time I open Photoshop:

Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver, and has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements. Check the video card manufacturer's website for latest software.

GPU enhancements can be enabled in the Performance panel of Preferences.

This never happened before 10.5.6. A coincidence? Or did something change? Why does it keep giving me this message?

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Applications :: Photoshop F Key Action Gone

May 2, 2009

does anyone know how to use the function key actions within photoshop? I really would like to think i'm simply missing something rather than apple did something silly like overriding applications choice for f keys.

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Applications :: How To Install Photoshop CS3

May 22, 2009

how to install Photoshop CS3.

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Applications :: Installing Photoshop On Mac

Apr 17, 2010

I hadn't got round to installing Photoshop on my Mac and I misplaced my discs while moving house. If I download a trial version and use my licence key, am I getting the full product? What is a safe site to download a Photoshop demo? My license key is for CS3.

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Applications :: Photoshop Elements 8 Incompatible?

Dec 18, 2010

I am having a problem with Photoshop Elements 8. The software will not open on my iMac for it says that I am missing applications or something around that ballpark. Once I come home from my gf's house I will be able to give you guys/girls the exact message I get when trying to open PSE8. I do not know if the PSE8 is compatible with my current iMac due to its model/year/specs etc. I purchased my iMac around the year of late 2006 early 2007. Should PSE8 be compatible with my iMac or not?

I believe it should, but yet I do not know the reason why it will not open. I recently purchased the Bamboo Pen & Touch for my gf and it came with the PSE8 software. I Installed the PSE8 on her iMac (Which she purchased the Black Friday that passed.) But before installing the PSE8 on the iMac, the Bamboo installer was installed first. Maybe I need to install the Bamboo installer before installing the PSE8 software that was included with the Tablet product?

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Applications :: Pixelmator Or Photoshop - Which One Easy To Use

Jan 12, 2011

I have PhotoShop on my Mac at the moment, but don't really do much with it - just the basics like cropping, resizing etc. Was thinking of swapping over to Pixelmator instead - it seems much easier to use with plenty of online tutorials.

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Applications :: How To Uninstall Photoshop Elements 3

Sep 3, 2005

I would like to uninstall Photoshop Elements 3 as I have CS2 now. I checked Adobe web site; but their site does not say if I can just drag the folder icon for Photoshop Elements to the trash can or not. Do I need to go through the proper uninstallation step for this? Or, can I just drag it to the trash can?

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