Applications :: Change All My Contacts In Address Book?

Jan 6, 2011

When I added contacts in my address book on my computer I ticked the "company" button... now I want to change ALL my contacts in the address book at once to not be known as "company".... I have 1600 contacts and do not want to do them one at a time!

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Applications :: Entourage Address Book View - Add Contacts - Change Current Default

Feb 19, 2008

In Entourage�s address book view there are the following categories under the drop down menu:

�Changed in the Past 7 Days
�Due Today.
�Family Category.
�Personal Category.
�Work Category.

How can I add other categories under the address view (eg: friends)? How can I add a view of contacts that have no category association. How can I change the current default views?

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Applications :: Mac Mail Contacts Not In Address Book

Feb 9, 2009

When I send an email Mail autocompletes the address for me giving available options. The options that it gives me are for people in my address book and people that I have sent emails to which are not in my address book. Where does it store the latter? I would like to remove the ones that arent in the address book?

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Applications :: Alphabetizing Contacts In Address Book?

Feb 14, 2009

does anyone know how to alphabetize the contacts?

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Applications :: Syncing Address Book In 10.6 With Gmail Contacts

Sep 15, 2010

This should be easy, brand new SL install and an existing gmail account. I have the email configured. Have calendar configured and syncing. But contacts, when I set up syncing in Address book, nothing syncs. When I exit Address Book and reenter, the option to sync with Google is no longer checked. I re-enable it and it does the same all over again. When I try the process with another account, it works like a charm. So what does that mean? How can I "fix" the gmail account in question to get it syncing?

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Applications :: Restore Lost Address Book Contacts?

Sep 1, 2009

I have lost all of my address book contacts. I have done a search for and can't find any files. There are only two variables I can name that may be at fault. One, I deleted the Address Book widget from my Dashboard the other day. Two, I installed Snow Leopard on Friday. Any ideas of how I can find my lost data? I went into my Time Machine and I can't seem to find it, even in past copies.

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Applications :: Address Book Not Syncing With Google Contacts

Nov 1, 2009

As I do not have any AT&T service and I am stuck on "The Big Red" I am more than likely going to make the jump to the Android bandwagon. So, in preparation I am attempting to set up my Address Book to sync with my Google Contacts and I am not having any luck. I am running Snow Leopard with full updates. I go into the Address Book preferences and check "Synchronize With Google" and enter in my information. And...nothing happens. I found a thread saying you can force sync by clicking on the sync arrows at the top of the screen and going to sync now. This managed to sync about half of my contacts on the first try. I then tried a second time and it synced another quarter of my contacts, leaving about 30 to go. For the contacts it did sync, this system worked perfectly.

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Applications :: Retrieve Lost Address Book Contacts?

Jan 6, 2010

I synced my Nokia 6300 with Address Book and all about 450 contacts were transferred successfully. I used the iSync. In the meantime, I added some 50 more contacts to my cell phone Contacts and wanted to sync them with address book as well. So, I deleted all the existing 450 contacts from the Address Book on my Mac, hoping the next time I sync cellphone with computer, only the new 50 contacts will be transferred to Address Book. Here is what I ended up with: Address Book with only 50 new contacts and CELL PHONE with only 50 SAME contacts! All of the previous 450 contacts just disappeared from my cell phone! Just like that! I was wondering if there is any chance I can retrieve my contacts, it does not matter where to...either cell phone or Address Book on my Mac. Btw, I am using Leopard 10.5.8 and I have searched all over the web, everybody is mentioning some file but I cannot find it anywhere! I even created Automator ShowAllFiles Finder Plug in, the just is not there. Is there any hope for my contacts or should I try to do something?

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Applications :: Duplicate Contacts In Entourage Address Book?

Feb 25, 2010

I have many duplicate contacts in my Entourage address book (same name, different information in some instances). How do I merge those duplicates into just one contact?

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Applications :: Transferring Outlook Contacts To Mac Address Book

Apr 30, 2010

if you have done this before, can you advise what's the best way to export microsoft outlook contacts to mac?

I tried to export the contacts in CSV format but when I imported the file into Mac address book, many fields are missing.

Someone suggests to email contacts out as vCards to myself and open the email from Mac and drag the contacts to the address book. I haven't tried yet but just wonder what's the best way??

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Applications :: Syncing Gmail Contacts And Address Book

Jul 21, 2010

I have about 4000 contacts stored both the gmail contacts and address book, which is in turn synced to my iphone. I want to clean up some dupes and errors, but when I clean them on address book, it restores them from gmail when syncing and vice versa.

Is there a way to sync were a contact removed from either address book or gmail is removed from the other? I am trialling Spanning Sync but it doesn't seem to operate like that. Also, gmail stores all used email address as contacts by default but I don't want these to be synced across to address book. Is there a way to stop this?

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Applications :: Apple Address Book - Printing Contacts Labels?

Jan 16, 2009

Does the apple address book app print contacts/address labels. What I am trying to do is print out my contacts names/addresses onto the precut address stickers for our wedding/save the date invitations (no calligrapher for us lol). There has to be an easy way to do this from this application? I am running the latest version of address book/leopard fyi.

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Applications :: Syncing Google Apps Contacts And OSX Address Book?

Feb 18, 2009

I check the box and enter my Google Apps address but nothing ever syncs. Even with the iSync in the menu bar and initiating a sync that way.

Does it only work with Gmail?

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Applications :: Listing Contacts By Company Names In Address Book?

Mar 31, 2009

Is there a way to show the company names in "name" column? Address Book (or Contact in iPod Touch) only gives me an option to sort out by the first name or the last name. I prefer sorting out by the company name.

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Applications :: Address Book Not Showing New Synced Contacts From IPhone

May 2, 2010

I added about 20 new contacts and edited about 10 other contacts on my iPhone since the last sync. I just hooked my iPhone up to iTunes, went to "Info" and checked the sync contact field. Then I synced it, but no matter what I do, the new contacts dont show up on my Address Book on my Mac. It asked me for one duplicated entry, where I had to choose one and I choose one. It even says Sync Okay in iTunes.

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Applications :: Merge Address Book Contacts From A G4 Hard Drive To A MacBook?

Feb 14, 2008

A friend's G4 iMac has died - possibly with a fried mainboard - and she didn't have a backup of her Address Book, which is a big problem for her. I've pulled the hard drive and using an IDE-to-USB adapter on my MBP have confirmed that it's still working.

We need to merge the Address Book details from the G4 HD into the Address Book on her MacBook - so at the risk of asking a dumb question, what's the best way of doing this?

I've just taken a look at the Address Book import options, and it looks like "Import... Address Book archive" might be what we want, but do you need to have specifically exported an archive first (which of course she hasn't, and won't be able to do anyway), or by "archive" does it mean "older version of Address Book"? I don't want to try it without getting some kind of clarification first, just in case it wipes the existing contacts from her MacBook rather than simply merge the ones from the old drive.

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Applications :: How To Upload The Old Archive Address Book And Overlap The Duplicate Contacts

Feb 2, 2009

My current address book has roughly 300 contacts. I have an old archived address that has roughly 200 contacts, but some contacts have extra information (ie. bday, notes, etc) that my current address book does not contain.

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Applications :: Cannot Change Address When Ordering IPhoto Book

Feb 10, 2010

Last December I ordered two books through iPhoto, and was very happy with them. Just tried to order another to ship to a friend in the USA and somehow iPhoto won't let me change the address to a US address, just gives me a list of European countries. I'm in England.

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OS X :: Which File Has My Address Book Contacts?

Oct 27, 2010

So i just upgraded my macbook form tiger to snow leopard. I decided to do a clean install as there was plenty on my computer which i didn't want or need. There are two things that if possible i would love to keep and those are my address book contacts and my calendar dates.

I have a Carbon Copy Clone of my computer done just before I upgraded the software on my computer.

So my question is, Is there a way to take a certain file or something and add it to my new address book and calendar rather than imputing all the info again?

Maybe there is another way to do this as well.

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OS X :: Deleting Contacts In Address Book?

May 27, 2009

I've tried out iChat and have added 2 friends and iChat has added 2 more contact entries for each of those buddies. Now I can't delete them, or know how to. I thought I could just right click & delete or just drag to the trash but nothing happens. I'm sure its user error [since I'm new to Mac's] but why can't I delete and/or why would it add another contact for a contact I already have? what's going on here with the contacts and what not. I'd basically like to just add my buddies I already have to the iChat buddies but not sure what I'm doing.

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OS X :: Duplicate Contacts In Address Book

Sep 6, 2009

My sync is going wrong somewhere along the line and creating duplicate lists of some contacts to build up. I deleted them all yesterday afternoon and now have about 20 or so of some contacts. Some do not duplicate at all. I found this thread over at apple [URL] but as my mobile me account contains the duplicates as well cant get the workaround (deleting address book file) to work.

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Mac Pro :: Get Updated Contacts Into Address Book?

Jun 17, 2012

I have all my updated contacts in my iphone and i have already synced it to my macbook however address book isnt updating the contacts. How do I get address book to sync with the updated contacts in itunes?

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ICloud :: Address Book Has No Contacts

Jul 2, 2012

After transferring to iCloud, my address book has no contacts. Why and how can I get them back?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook :: Getting Contacts From IPhone To Address Book

Oct 27, 2010

I am trying to move all of my contacts from my iphone to the address book on my macbook. I have carried out a back up and then tried a sync choosing the "merge info" option along the way. I have retained all the contacts on my phone but cannot get them to appear in my address book on my mac. When I look at my contacts on the iphone - when I check in the groups tab I now have two listing under "from my mac" these are the single contact i made up in order to merge and "all from my mac" which contains this single contact along with the standard apple contact that always appears. It seems the info is going to the phone but not back into my address book.

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OS X :: How To Sync Address Book With Google Contacts On MBP

Nov 1, 2009

My iphone and google contacts sync well. now i'm trying to sync my Address Book on my Macbook Pro with google contacts and nothing happens. I've entered my email and PW in preferences too.

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OS X :: Address Book Disappeared While Adding New Contacts

Jan 20, 2010

I was in the middle of adding new contacts and two very strange things happened.

1) After adding the second to last contact, I clicked on "All" to start dragging contacts into a new group and there were all these blank address cards in amongst my regular addresses - as if I had accidentally held down apple N and created a whole bunch of new cards inadvertently - but I had not done this - I was adding people one by one - all morning and it had been going just fine.

2) I still had a couple contacts to add so I thought, well I'll just fill in one of these blank cards - don't know where they came from, maybe I did something, so I better just use them - BIG MISTAKE - poof! Address Book is now gone - completely empty and in Mail, all my address history is also gone.

I clicked undo till I couldn't und anymore and although it said 'undoing new entry', undoing x, undoing y - nothing was really changing - everything was still gone.

Apple freak BF then fiddled and fiddled and after half and hour found the meta data files with all kinds of gobbledy gook numbers and letters in the prefix but can't get them back into Address Book to open...

Why has this happened - it felt like some sort of viral attack but I though macs don't get those - what other weird stuff is going on in there and can I prevent this weirdness from corrupting other programs - mail? calendar? Is that possible or silly? And of course most importantly can I get my addresses back?

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OS X :: Export Address Book Contacts To SIM Card?

Feb 20, 2010

My iPhone is out of action until an unlock comes out for baseband 5.12.01.

I am using a different phone but want to get all my Mac address book contacts onto my SIM card for that phone.

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OS X :: Adding Multiple Contacts To Address Book?

Jun 24, 2010

I am new to mac mail so I am slowly adding all of my contacts. However, is there a way to add multiple contacts at once. Say I received an email where 50 others in the To: Can I add all of these people at once, or do I have to right click and add each one individually?

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Software :: Lost Contacts In Address Book OS X 10.4

Jan 4, 2009

From a disk crash I have lost my address book contacts. I have files that I think are the v-cards (from a backup) but address book does not think they are valid v-cards and will not import them.

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Software :: Address Book Blank - All Contacts Gone

Jun 23, 2010

I opened Address Book to find it blank - All my contacts were gone. If I search Spotlight my contacts still appear by name but when I hover the mouse I don't see the path, just the contact name and number. If I click on the contact from spotlight - Address Book opens...blank. This wouldn't be a total loss as I have all my contacts written down. But I can't add contacts back to Address Book - I tick the add button and nothing. The add contact button is untickable. I already repaired disk permissions. It does appear that my contacts are in the metadata folder. I deleted the AddressBook-v22.abcddb file and opened Address Book but it was still blank and I still could not add my contacts back. I noticed that the file did rebuild itself. I restarted and still nothing changed.

There is a second file, AddressBook-v22~.abcddb, I deleted that as well and it did not rebuild itself and had no effect. I did make a copy of the complete folder. I can only think of a few things I've done since I last checked Address Book, but I don't see how it would create this problem
- Deleted my windows partition through bootcamp
- RTan disk permissions for the first time
- Had my contacts placed on my ipod

I don't think there was anything else. Oh, yes - I purged my computer of all hidden google related files. I had already done this before but it turned out there were more more more. I did Not have my contacts synced with a google account nor do I do any syncing with any mobile devices/clouds at all. In the guest account I also could not add a contact. The same problem with my, admin, account. So it appears to be system wide. Import is not an available option, its grayed out. As is just about everything else.

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